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Change WC city???
Is it possible to change the city that organises ther Worlds? Because i'm in 2010 and the worlds list so far has been:
07: Stuttgart
08: Varese (those where set because they are irl)
09: then Stuttgart was chosen again
10: and again...
11: and again? well stuttgart and one other city are selected and one of them will be announced and the end of the season. probably stuttgart again... Sad

well, as you can see, I've had enough Stuttgart so I'd like another city to have the worlds. so is there anyway I can change it?
That's because the game only has 2 wc's
Do you have PCM-Spain Pack installed?
Perhaps you can create more versions of the World, and name them v2, v3, etc...

I'm not sure if this is possible but you can try it at least...
I don't know if you need to do that to make it work because the varese WC stage file is only named world_varese...

Give me some minutes and I'll give you some WC stages in other cities...
p3druh attached the following file:
wc.rar [23.1kB / 90 Downloads]

Edited by p3druh on 12-02-2008 19:01
Takitdown wrote:
That's because the game only has 2 wc's

Thats completely wrong.

Go to CM_Stages and scroll down to the bottom, theres loads of world_cityname.xml files.
SportingNonsense wrote:
Takitdown wrote:
That's because the game only has 2 wc's

Thats completely wrong.

Go to CM_Stages and scroll down to the bottom, theres loads of world_cityname.xml files.

your right lol, but almost nobody gets to 2010 so we wont see that bug many often
Edited by Takitdown on 12-02-2008 19:05
Yep, it must be a bug...
I got the pcm spain pack, which got more then enough worlds versions. but is there any way I can change the city it is held this year? it must be possible one way or another... I wish Addy was still here.... he'd know the answer Sad
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I don't think it's possible to change it - the selection is hard-coded as far as I can tell.
PM sent to you mrlol

but for the benefit for others

anyway in Hannes Convertor...

1. Open up STA_race and find the World Championships (RR and/or TT) and change their fkIDcountry to whatever country you like (using the STA_country table)

2. then look accross to find the fkIDfirst_stage and fkIDlast_stage, these should be the same as it's only 1 stage, anyway note this number.

3. Open STA_stage, find the fkIDstage number, change the gene_sz_stage_name to a different city

4. then scroll across until you need to enter the .xml file, (gene_sz_stage_xml), either enter the new stage you want or overwrite the original world champ xml and keep the same name.

5. you will need to change the gene_f_mountain, gene_f_uphillsprint, etc. to suit the course you choose

6. You also need to change the gene_f_distance to the correct distance and maybe alter the weather if you can be bothered. Also you must go back to STA_race and to the World Championships... and change the gene_i_number_flat/hill/etc to the correct one (put a 1 in the box to select that terrain)

that should be about it

probably not the best explanation ever, if it needs clearing up just ask
I thought you were gone?
Macquet wrote:

"We all know that wasn't the real footage of the Worlds anyway. That was just the staged footage to perpetuate the coverup that it was actually Vinokourov that won the race."
t-baum wrote:
I thought you were gone?

Typical Addy, just being helpful Wink
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Addy's lacking motivation, but he will of course be here when he feels like it Smile
I think I found the 'bug' which caused my game to keep choosing Stuttgart. in Sta_country there is a table gene_first_possible_ch_year. most of them are ste at 2012 so I guess there aint gonna be an other country organizing it before 2012 Sad

I'm gonna try some things now and let you know.

edit: the worlds are in Belgium now Grin it worked, and now I'll never have to play the stupid stuttgart again Pfft I allso think it worked to chance the first year belgium can organise the worlds to 2011, but I'll find out next season if that worked.
Edited by mrlol on 15-02-2008 17:41
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