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need help with mountain stages
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Posted on 08-12-2022 19:06
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Yes, thats rigth... I suck at mountain stages.... Sad
Even on easy I cant seem to win them so so I usually never win a grand tour Sad

Everytime when the favourites attack, I counter and then there are 2 things that often happen. Other attack longer, and then just ride away and even with 99 dot I can catch up, or there's a little groupe with favourite and then they put a high pace to give me some red bars and then they attack one after another and I end up one or two minutes behind the winner....

Allso when I try to ride to the attack groupe with the dot on 99% and protected by my complete team, I dont seem to catch up, and soon the teammates drop away and I lose more and more time...

Does anyone have any tips for me how to win a mountain stage and a Grand Tour???
Well, I suck pretty at mo, but I prefer to ride on dot with high percentage at the beginning of the mountain, placing a demarrage costs to much energy IMO, also it's not bad to have one rider in the early breakWink
Team Champion manager
What are your stats for your rider? If they are not at least 77 on MO you will have no chance of keeping pace. Also, what is your fitness? You will need to be in the 80's or 90's in a grand tour to do well.
single player mode in the giro with Di luca against simoni, evans, valverde likes
-- Mountains: Make sure you protect your rider (see above). At some point on the 2nd-to-last or last mountain the favorites will attack. Do not follow them unless you have the green bar flashing, but even then, be careful -- in general do not attack on mountains because you will lose energy too quickly; you can lose 2 bars of red in an instant. This will cripple you later. Instead, 15-20kmkm from the top set free effort to a level that puts your heart rate somewhere between 166 and 173. As you climb, watch your red levels -- in a mountain-top finish you can afford to have your bar nearly fill up, whereas if there is a downhill (and especially if there is flat after the downhill) you should keep one or two red bars free for your final effort. Basically, you want to climb as quickly as you can without cracking and while saving energy for the finishing straight/downhill/sprint. You will catch most other riders, sometimes all of them, without attacking.

The AI has a tendency to have the leaders attack on the second-to-last climb. Knowing this, you need to consider whether you will follow that attack, pre-empt it by riding away under free effort, or catch the riders later by chasing them down. What you do should depend on your assessment of the relative strength of the field against which you're racing, and on your personal prefrences--all strategies can win. But if for example Cunego has been very strong letting him get away on the next-to-last climb means quite simply that you won't catch him. You're better off trying to get away slowly via free effort and making him work to catch you. On the other hand, if the other GC contenders have shown weakness then you should attack (either via the attack button or free effort) early -- I've even done so on the third-to-last climb -- in order to put them in difficulty.

Even if you are losing, do not put so much effort that you crack completely (fill up all 4 red bars). Save your effort for another day, for the TT, etc.

-- In both hills and mountains, if your heart rate is above 166 the effort you make chews up your blue bar before really starting to create red. That means that on a downhill before a final climb, if you have extra food you should eat it so that you will have more blue at the bottom, allowing you to climb faster.
thats for pcm '06 I think. because in 07 you cant see if the green bar is flashing...

and when I do free effort with heart reat 166 - 173 I'm staying in the pack....
I follow the advice from PC06 except that I put it on free effort at the bottom of the climb (2nd to last or last mountain) The goal is to pull away from the pack so that when the GC contenders attack they have to catch up to you. When they attack their heart rates goes up so when the attack is finished they will have to drop their effort so that their red bars do not fill up. The goal is to be close to them when their attack is finished. If successful you should be able to pass them once their attack is finished and they will not be able to hang with you since their heart rate is so high from attacking.

The trick is to pull away from them on free effort or otherwise they will just "wheel suck" an then eventually attack past you. It works very well for me but not always.
I'm gonna try a stage now and I'll see...
What works for me is when the main riders attack I latch on with my best rider and if it is A large group i sit on the back and if it's small i only go out 75% or 85%.
My favorite strategy is have a few riders are good in the mountains and do a group attack with them all and then have your smaller riders do pace work by themselves on 99%.
these works for me:
1. attack when the other favourites attacks, but just so you get a little hatch to the peloton. then set the percent to 99, and use the dot.

2. when the favourites attacks, you just set the percent to 99 and use the dot.

i have won the tour by Sastre with those tactics Grin
Guido Mukk
Halvorlt wrote:
these works for me:
1. attack when the other favourites attacks, but just so you get a little hatch to the peloton. then set the percent to 99, and use the dot.

2. when the favourites attacks, you just set the percent to 99 and use the dot.

i have won the tour by Sastre with those tactics Grin

This dot command is a little broken..a little cheating taste every time when I use it.
if you has strong enough rider for mountains..just wait when favorites atack and counter.
Ofcorse you need to be well positioned before that.
Edited by Guido Mukk on 13-02-2008 17:57
I protect my mountain man with 2 riders from the start line, counter attack the favourites when they go on the last hill, and then when they finish attacking set the pace with the dot, usually about 85% if theres around 15k left. Your rider should just pull away and can create massive gaps with this tactic.

It does require your rider to have a mountain stat of at least 80 and fitness of at least 85.

This may be stupid but wats the dot thing.
Guido Mukk
down there..at the left corner..dot and arrow it is..
Edited by Guido Mukk on 13-02-2008 18:16
oh yeah I use that too
I don't. It's cheating Wink
CrueTrue wrote:
I don't. It's cheating Wink

Everyone keeps saying that... Why?
It's helpful though.
I don't really attack in mountain stages, I just protect my leader with almost the entire team, and reaching the final climb here they go making a gap...
Because it's overpowered of course. Thats why everything and your mom is considered cheating.

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