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Riders not growing?
Hey guys,

I am in the end of February now with my first season on PCM13. I am using a carreer that started in 2018 with stats from my PCM11 save.

Since I started my season, none of my riders have grown at all. Not a single point. All stats are identical to when I started. My question is: how come?

Evolution of attributes is at 0.5. I am using legendary trainers with 10/10 skill at maximum efficiency. Still, nothing.

Is this because it's the starting year or something? Anything I can do?
You should give it some time.
There is a random factor for development, and riders do not often develop before March, I think.
Also, their stats only develop at certain points, once in X days(X varies), so it might not have been reached, or the rider hadn't got enough 'points' to develop when that point arrived for them.

Point is, I think you could wait a bit.
If you are really worried, you can always attach your .cdb and I think I know how I can see if it works.

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I've made a post explaining rider's growth last year: https://www.pcmdai...d_id=25052
If growth would be too fast, you end up with loads of riders with high stats after 2-3 years which makes for less realistic racing.
I should have replied to this earlier, but I didnt. I have read your post last year, and I was reminded by it when I read Jesley's reply.

I looked in the save, and it turned out the growth values were fine. They just didn't hit their threshold yet! Right now they are growing just fine.

I should have replied when I realized this, but I guess i was too lazy to do so. Still, thanks man, especially for all that data you uncovered!
Time for an update.

I am now in mid June, still in my first season on PMC13. In mid April (2 months ago), I set the growth rate from 0.5 to 1.

In PCM11, it was at 0,5, and all my riders would grow quite quickly. I remember one rider growing from 72-74 MO to 79MO at the start of the Vuelta. Other riders would also show growth speeds of 1-2 points in most stats.

Right now, I think the average stat growth is much less. Even at value 1 for the last two months, maybe only 30% of my riders have experienced a growth of 1 in several stats. Most of them haven't had any growth at all.

I think I will be lucky if all my riders grow only 1 point in most of their stats on average, by the end of the season. And that is while playing on evolution rate of 1 for 65% of the season, with legendary lvl 10 trainers as mentioned above. Also I checked my riders in the save, no more than normal have slower than average development speeds this year (there is a value in the DB for individual yearly growth).

So to me it looks like the growth speed is definitely reduced.

I looked on the internet and found nothing, only a topic on the official forums in French with two users noticing the same, but the thread was inconclusive.

So my question: If you have had a multi-season carreer on PCM13, what are your experiences in rider growth?
Just a quick bump, I hope to get some answers.
#So my question: If you have had a multi-season carreer on PCM13, what are your experiences in rider growth?

Depends on the riders potential, training program for the rider and also the trainer..
A rider like Pozzovivo has a big potential in mo, then i practice him in mo and assign a trainer with mo expertize.
He will prob. grow 2-3 in 1 season if his potential are high
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I had no problems with rider growth. I played the same season twice, first with a grow rate of 0.7 and then with 0.4 because the development in the first season was too fast.
Edited by Lachi on 17-06-2014 10:58
I rather experienced the opposite.
Low 0.3 growth rate, had a scouted 70 MO rider reach 79 by July (with a 10 trainer), and four riders aged 23 or less have the tied best hill stat at 82 already with Herklotz, Benoot, Van der Poel and a regen. The former three are still at PCT teams, so probably haven't had a top top trainer yet.

This just astounds me. Either that means something is really wrong with my game, or it's just another random bug from Cyanide.

I don't want to reinstall.... I don't think it will fix it Sad Any ideas guys? Maybe a value in the db or save somewhere that I missed?
Did you check the growth setting in the options, maybe something messed up.

Did you check the values in the columns mentioned in the post of sierramike (year_progression, gene_i_day_progress, capital_f_xxx)? Did you check in the weeklysaves, if the numbers in the capital_f_xxx columns did grow over time?

Did you check with another career (starting in 2013), maybe it is a problem which only occurs when you start at another year.

If you edited your trainers in, maybe you should fire them, sign new trainers and then edit them to have the same name, stats and wage as the old ones.
Sometimes riders grow even without trainers.

“When it’s hurting you, that’s when you can make a difference”
Are you sure? In previous games, every rider had a trainer assigned, even if you could not see it in the game but it was visible in the database.

But if you mean "You don't have to assign a trainer" then you are right.
Edited by Lachi on 17-06-2014 15:16
Well, I think the conern may come from STA_cyclist_progression.
I suppose values are directly related to training progression and as you can see, lowest value is 0,25 and highest value is 2 (8 times the minimal values).
I decided to increase some low values in my database but did not test it yet.
sylvao attached the following image:
I have the same issue where stats don't grow whatsoever using with FCD 2014.

There are values in the capital_f_* column, but in the Stat Evolution table the riders have the exact same value in January and March to the last decimal.

I had this issue in PCM12 and earlier as the evolution speed was set to 0 whenever I changed it in the options, but I could always fix in Dyn_Manager. Now that table does no longer exist, is it stored elsewhere?

Update: After shifting around evolution bar and testing a couple of times I finally got it back and working at 0.5.

But if anyone knows where the setting is stored I'd still want to know. I searched in both My documents and game folder for files that were changed today (which would include the settings) and nothing relevant except the cdb came up.
Edited by dacascos on 13-08-2014 21:39
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