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[CT] Team Euskaltel-Bavaria
Luis Leon Sanchez


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EdwinParra Bustamante6776687068727351596967627072.67
Julian DavidArredondo6873726271726751627477686272.25
Juan SebastianTamayo Martinez6772736168687254617068646371.75
SamuelSƔnchez Gonzalez6669736468666551606268716469.67
Juan JoseLobato del Valle6862665767676952737361676568.08



Vuelta a Mallorca
Tour of the Middle East

Tour de San Luis
Tour de Langkawi
Volta ao Algarve
Tour de Beauce

Tour d'Rwanda

GP Oudenaarde
Ruta America del Sur
Tour de Bretagne

Rund um den Eschborn-Frankfurt
Vuelta la Communidad de Mardid
GP Onda-Boavista

Transfagarasan GP
Giro del Capo
Tour d'Andorra
Rutas de America

Tour de Pologne
Tour de Algerie
Hill Classic
Tour de Slovenie
Tour d'Indonesia

Vuelta a Burgos
Volta a Portugal
Tour d'Azerbaijan

GP Montreal
Cauberg Classic

Classico RCN
GP Yekaterinburg
Tour of Utah
Zuri Metzgete



Top 3 GC, Tour de Pologne
Win GC, Tour de Azerbaijan
10 Stage Wins
Top 3, CT Team Standings
Top 5, Individual Rider Standings


Wins: 1 (Classic), 9 (Stages), 2 (GC), 4 (U25, KOM, Points)
Stage 5Tour de San LuisVassilis Adamou
Stage 6Tour de San LuisDenis Menchov
KOMVolta ao AlgarveJulian David Arredondo
Stage 6Tour de BeauceJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
Stage 3Giro del CapoAmaƫl Moinard
KOMTour de PologneRafael Infantino
Stage 1Tour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
GCTour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
U25Tour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
Stage 2Tour de SlovenieArnold Jeannesson
Stage 2Tour d'IndonesiaJulian David Arredondo
GCTour d'IndonesiaJulian David Arredondo
Stage 3Vuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
PointsVuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
RaceCauberg ClassicHaritz Orbe
Stage 2Tour of UtahMoises DueƱas


22ndGCTour d'AndorraArnold Jeannesson
4thStage 4Volta a PortugalJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
2ndStage 5Volta a PortugalJulian David Arredondo
2ndStage 8Volta a PortugalHugo Sabido
2ndStage 9Volta a PortugalRafael Infantino
8thGCVolta a PortugalRafael Infantino
9thGCVolta a PortugalJulian David Arredondo
10thStage 4Vuelta a MallorcaDelio Fernandez
18thGCVuelta a MallorcaDelio Fernandez
10thGP Onda-BoavistaAmaƫl Moinard
1stStage 5Tour de San LuisVassilis Adamou
1stStage 6Tour de San LuisDenis Menchov
9thStage 6Tour de San LuisArnold Jeanesson
7thGCTour de San LuisVassilis Adamou
9thStage 4Tour de BeauceVassilis Adamou
1stStage 6Tour de BeauceJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
7thStage 4Tour d'RwandaDelio Fernandez
7thGCTour d'RwandaDelio Fernandez
8thStage 6Tour de BretagneAmaƫl Moinard
6thStage 1Tour of the Middle EastAmaƫl Moinard
6thStage 2Tour of the Middle EastAmaƫl Moinard
8thStage 4Tour of the Middle EastEdwin Parra Bustamante
6thStage 8Tour of the Middle EastEdwin Parra Bustamante
10thStage 9Tour of the Middle EastDelio Fernandez
7thStage 12Tour of the Middle EastDelio Fernandez
7thStage 2Giro del CapoDelio Fernandez
1stStage 3Giro del CapoAmaƫl Moinard
7thStage 4Giro del CapoAmaƫl Moinard
2ndStage 5Giro del CapoArnold Jeanesson
5thStage 5Giro del CapoFrancisco Colorado
6thStage 5Giro del CapoVassilis Adamou
9thStage 5Giro del CapoDenis Menchov
5thGCGiro del CapoAmaƫl Moinard
5thACA CycleVanadzorJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
5thStage 1Tour de SlovenieVassilis Adamou
1stStage 2Tour de SlovenieArnold Jeanesson
4thStage 3Tour de SlovenieArnold Jeanesson
10thStage 3Tour de SlovenieEdwin Parra Bustamante
4thGCTour de SlovenieArnold Jeanesson
9thGCTour de SlovenieEdwin Parra Bustamante
8thStage 1Tour d'IndonesiaAmaƫl Moinard
1stStage 2Tour d'IndonesiaJulian David Arredondo
6thStage 2Tour d'IndonesiaAmaƫl Moinard
10thStage 4Tour d'IndonesiaJulian David Arredondo
5thStage 5Tour d'IndonesiaJulian David Arredondo
1stGCTour d'IndonesiaJulian David Arredondo
1stTeamsTour d'IndonesiaEuskaltel-Bavaria
7thStage 1Vuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
4thStage 2Vuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
1stStage 3Vuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
6thStage 5Vuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
6thGCVuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
9thGCVuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
1stPointsVuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
3rdStage 1Classico RCNMoises DueƱas
7thStage 2Classico RCNMoises DueƱas
10thStage 5Classico RCNMoises DueƱas
5thGCClassico RCNMoises DueƱas
4thStage 3Tour de LangkawiAmaƫl Moinard
6thStage 3Tour de LangkawiDelio Fernandez
4thStage 10Tour de LangkawiDelio Fernandez
9thGCTour de LangkawiDelio Fernandez
9thStage 1Volta ao AlgarveDelio Fernandez
9thStage 2Volta ao AlgarveDelio Fernandez
4thStage 3Volta ao AlgarveAmaƫl Moinard
7thStage 3Volta ao AlgarveJulian David Arredondo
1stKOMVolta ao AlgarveJulian David Arredondo
5thGCVolta ao AlgarveAmaƫl Moinard
9thStage 4Ruta America del SurVassilis Adamou
5thEschborn-FrankfurtCarlos Verona
7thStage 2Tour de PologneDelio Fernandez
8thStage 3Tour de PologneDelio Fernandez
2ndStage 4Tour de PologneRafael Infantino
9thStage 6Tour de PologneDelio Fernandez
10thStage 7Tour de PologneDelio Fernandez
1stKOMTour de PologneRafael Infantino
1stStage 1Tour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
10thStage 4Tour d'AlgerieJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
1stGCTour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
1stYouthTour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
1stTeamTour d'AlgerieEuskaltel-Bavaria
2ndStage 2Tour de AzerbaijanMoises DueƱas
4thStage 2Tour de AzerbaijanFrancisco Colorado
9thStage 4Tour de AzerbaijanArnold Jeannesson
5thStage 5Tour de AzerbaijanVassilis Adamou
1stCauberg ClassicHaritz Orbe
1stStage 2Tour of UtahMoises DueƱas
2ndStage 3Tour of UtahArnold Jeannesson
5thStage 3Tour of UtahMoises DueƱas
7thStage 4Tour of UtahArnold Jeannesson
6thStage 5Tour of UtahArnold Jeannesson
7thGCTour of UtahMoises DueƱas
8thGCTour of UtahArnold Jeannesson

The Euskaltel-Bavaria Team was formed after getting acceptance into the World of Cycling. The Basque Country cycling supporters were all very disappointed about the disbanding of the Euskaltel-Euskadi Team and thus Euskaltel decided to rejoin the cycling scene as a Co-Sponsor of the new team with Colombian Beer Company, Bavaria. The team hopes to adopt the attacking style of climbing of the Basque and Colombian Riders.

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 22-03-2015 05:03
Liking it Smile Is the team region focused?

Luis Leon Sanchez
Basque Country is the most important region. Colombia is just in general, no region. And the few Portuguese will be from anywhere in Portugal.
Welcome to the region where no rider goes cheap and good bargains are hard to come by.

Good luck, can't wait to see what kind of team you will be able to achieve. Smile
Bavaria made by the same people as Fosters and Peroni... which i didn't know. Learn something new everyday.
Basque rides are few and some will be tough to shift, best of luck. Colombia (South America) is now very popular, fortunately there is a solid number of targets for you.
Always been surprised by the relative lack of Spanish (and French) teams so best of luck
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Mresuperstar wrote:
Good luck, can't wait to see what kind of team you will be able to achieve. Smile

Surely one of the best teams ever, according to his posts and wishes in other HQ threads. Pfft

Good luck!
Manager of www.dodaj.rs/f/41/er/4zELHZA1/nor.pngTeam Nordeus www.dodaj.rs/f/41/er/4zELHZA1/nor.png
Cool to have Euskaltel in the game. I miss those crazy orange bastards already. Please tell me your jersey is going to be orange.

Bavaria is (quite logically) a popular name for beer related companies. Our second largest brewery is called Bavaria as well: https://en.wikiped...erlands%29
Avin Wargunnson
Orange is back! Grin
Good luck in this explosive region!
I'll be back
Luis Leon Sanchez
The Jersey is now in the PCM Shirt Database and is in post 1 of the HQ.
We decided to stay with the eye catching orange of the Euskaltel Euskadi team as we feel it would be wrong to have any other main colour.
Luis Leon Sanchez
Top Targets for 2014

Igor Anton: The very strong, well known Climber is one of two big targets for the team for the upcoming transfer period. We are hoping to make some sort of direct transfer deal.
Mikel Nieve: Like Anton, Nieve is another Basque Climber. Although he is not as strong as Anton he is still a big target for the team.
Sammy Sanchez: He may be old but he was the icon of Basque cycling throughout his career and continues to be as he ages.
Daniel Navarro: A strong climber, especially at a CT level, who will be a perfect leader for the team for the first couple of seasons. A direct transfer will be the ideal situation here.
Izagirre Brothers: Both Gorka and Ion are both big targets for the team. They are both young and full of potential, with Ion being a perfect CT Stage Race Rider.
Jaime Suaza: A very strong Colombian Climber, although it may be a little difficult to bring him to the team.
Wilson Marrentes- He may not be the strongest of riders but he will be a very solid domestique for the team.
Nairo Quintana: Probably not a huge surprise to see the young climbers name here. With great potential and a possible stats update he will certainly be as strong as he is in real life. If we can get hold of him that will make our Colombian Sponsor very happy.

Obviously there are many strong young talents and riders to be added to the database but for now these are the riders that we do not mind sharing our interest in.
We also know that some of these riders are quite possibly out of reach but we will try where we can.

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 28-02-2014 05:02
Aren't those names a bit optimistic for a CT team?
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Luis Leon Sanchez
A few of them are hopefully targets for future seasons, not necessarily this season.
Some interesting names, but I image your budget will only allow for 2-3 of those riders. So, I'm glad to see Anton at the top of the list, we will be in talks although I would rather flip Anton for some valuable riders than just cash. Therefore we might run into some problems. But, we will see. Wink
Why do you think Quintana might have his stats updated? That's only done to free agents. Not to mention, I'd be massively surprised if Crue were to let go of a talent like him.

Best of luck with the optimistic plans anyway. Sanchez and Marentes could definitely end up with your team, I think Wink
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/kzi.png Manager of Kazzinc Procycling i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/kzi.png


I guess he meant a level gain.
Luis Leon Sanchez
2014 Goals:

Win GC, Tour de Azerbaijan
Top 3 GC, Tour de Pologne
10 Stage Wins
Top 3, CT Team Standings
Top 5, CT Individual Rider Standings

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 05-03-2014 04:09
Luis Leon Sanchez wrote:
2014 Goals:

Top 3 GC, Tour de Azerbaijan
Top 3 GC, Tour de Pologne
10 Stage Wins
Top 3, CT Team Standings
Top 5, CT Individual Rider Standings

Good to see ambitious goals on team standings, and I think the first I've spotted in CT so far on individual rider commitment. Tbh, I can't currently make up my mind whether to go for it or be more conservative - still thinking through.

One thing I do notice though is that you don't have a win goal, my reading of this:

ProContinental and Continental teams have the same goals rules to follow:
All teams must have at least 1 'Win' Goal - This means winning a classic or Stage Race outright

is that there has to be an out-right win goal I'm afraid (?).

Good luck for the new season, I think we are all going to need some as PT and PCT are going to own us during transfers!
Manager of ISA - Hexacta in the MG
Luis Leon Sanchez
I have changed my Azerbaijan goal to a win goal. So I must win Azerbaijan at all costs Smile
Luis Leon Sanchez
Important C2HC races for the 2014 Season

Band 1

Band 1 has quite a few teams but we should be able to score points in Ruta America del Sur which is quite a hilly stage race. The Volta ao Algarve is the only other important race in this band and that is because our Sponsor Onda wants a result here. The hilly stages 2 and 3 should provide a few opportunities for the team.

Ruta America del Sur

Volta ao Algarve

Band 2

Band 2 contains by far the most important races of our season and is also going to have the max 24 teams at each race. This will make it difficult but we are up for the challenge. One of our goals is to win the mountainous Tour de Azerbaijan, we have seen that other teams also have this as a goal so we are looking forward to an exciting race. Our other race goal is to get a top 5/3 GC in the Tour de Pologne, this hilly mountainous race suits the team and we are hoping to get our goal here. The Tour of Utah will also be targeted by the team due to the very mountainous stages. We do not have a goal here but if we want to do well in the rankings then we need a good result here.

Tour de Azerbaijan

Tour de Pologne

Tour of Utah

Band 3

The races in band 3 will only have 15 teams at them so this will provide us with good opportunities to score points. The flattish stage races of Tour de Langkawi and Tour de Algerie will still be of interest to the team as there are still a few hilly stages. breakaway attempts may also be successful due to smaller numbers of riders and teams. The Mountainous Classic , Vuelta la Comunidad de Madrid should also be a good chance for a win, with only 15 teams and it being in the teams home country we can definitely hope for a good result here.

Tour de Langkawi

Tour de Algerie

Vuelta la Comunidad de Madrid

Luis Leon Sanchez
The Coaches and Staff

Miguel Indurain

Joaquin Gomes

Unnamed Fitness and Gym Trainer

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