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PCM.daily » Pro Cycling Manager 2013 » PCM 13: Technical issues
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Exporting modded .cdb, errors in Excel editor
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Posted on 29-01-2020 04:29
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Hey guys,

I need help getting my modded PCMDaily DB to work.

Basically, what I did was this:

-Take the PCMDaily2013DB for PCM13
-Update the starting year to 2017
-Changed some minor things like reputation levels of sponsors

I recreated a DB for that and it worked so far. I called it Test.cdb. You can find it here: https://sdrv.ms/19...

Next, I got the DYN_cyclist and DYN_Team tables from my PCM11 Save, and tried to mod them accordingly, to make them work in my PCM13 game. I removed the columns from my PCM11 save that are no longer in PCM13, and emptied out others to make it look like a starting .cdb for PCM13. You can find the modded tables here: https://sdrv.ms/Js...

Finally, I tried to put them into my PCM13 start .cdb, by pasting the new tables over in Excel Editor, replacing the old ones. However, when I then try to build the .cdb, it gives an error on both DYN_cyclist and DYN_team. You can see how I did it and try it here: https://sdrv.ms/1h...

I want to find out what's causing the error so I can fix it. My question is:
-Can someone explain to me how I can find what's causing it?
-Or can someone find the error so I can fix it?

Thanks in advance!
What error do you get? I am on vacation, so I cannot try to build the cdb.
I simply get this:


Same for DYN_team.

If it would give me more information, I would know where to look, but right now I have no idea what's causing the error.
This error means, that Excel cannot create the XML file, so there must be something wrong with the data. Make sure that there are no empty rows or columns. Also make sure that you did not delete any columns by mistake. Finally it is important that the data type of one column is correct across all rows (You cannot enter text if the column should contain numbers, list of numbers have to complete: opening braket, number, semicolon, number (and so on), closing braket)
Edited by Lachi on 29-12-2013 18:25
Thanks man.

So does that meat it has to be the format or the syntax?

I'm asking this because I basically imported my entire rider and team list across, and edited things quite a bit, because I had to make new teams (copied over from the original 2013 DB), assign riders to them, and link the teams to PCM13 sponsors. Could the error also be because I linked something in a wrong way? Like for example a rider assigned to a non-existent team or some other non-existent value?


Another example: Since I ported all the riders over from my PCM11 save, there were riders that are not with a picture in the PCMDailyDB for PMC13, because they retired in real life.

However, these riders do still have a picture in PCM11, and coming from there, they still have a value in gene_sz_tga_photo, even though in PCM13 there is no picture for them. Could things like these be a cause?
Edited by ShortsNL on 28-12-2013 00:23
No, the editor doesn't check for links, double ID's or anything. The only thing that matters is that the type of data is correct. For example, the editor can expect a number, letters or (numbers) or something else. If this is incorrect, it can crash/not export.
I now tried to test your excel "test new.xlsm" but you messed up somehow.
I am not sure what you did but as I said before, Microsoft Excel cannot export the data of the sheets DYN_cyclist and DYN_team to XML.

You might be able to fix it by re-linking the columns of these sheets to the XML source as follows:
1.Open the Excel file
2.Open the XML Source task pane
(Read "Using the XML Source task pane" in the link below /
Ask google if you don't see the Developer tab in your Excel)
3.Select DYN_cyclist
4.Navigate to the sheet DYN_cyclist
5.Link all columns in that sheet to the source by:
5.a)Selecting the column
5.b)Double clicking the matching name in the source
6.Verify whether you can export the data through the mapped XML *
(as explained in "Using the XML Source task pane")
7.Repeat steps 3 to 6 for DYN_team
* In case the data is not exportable, read what I and CrueTrue wrote

More info about about XML in Excel can be found here: https://office.mic...06396.aspx
Lachi, you are the greatest.

It just worked. I couldn't get round to doing it, and just did it. It worked straightaway. I booted up the CDB and everything looks like I wanted it to. I can't believe I just successfully ported my carreer from PCM11 to PCM13 Grin

Thanks so much man. I don't think anyone else could have helped me like you did, and you did it. Your knowledge once again astounds me man. You've got my vote for most helpful forum member next year.

Please, stay supporting the community with your editors, planners and technical support. I can't tell you how much you're helped me over the years, with all these things. And once again, you pull through for me.

Amazing man, just amazing. Thanks so much.
You're welcome.

Enjoy your career.
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