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The 2013 season in retrospective. Your thoughts and comments.
With the lack of a more captivating title, I wanted to ask you anyhow on how you experienced the 2013 cycling year.

-What were the best moments of the year?
-What were the worst?
-What or who was the most surprising?
-What or who was the most disappointing?

And finally: how did it compare to your expectations? Early 2013, we had two threads where people predicted what would happen in the 2013 cycling year.


Did your predictions come out? What happened/didn't happen in the end?

Time to discuss!
Best Moments:
Yates Stage win in the Tour of Britain
Utter Failure of Wiggins
The peloton being lapped in a Tour Series race
Epic MSR
Crosswinds in Le Tour

Worst Moments:
Collapse of Euskaltel
The fact Beijing still exists as a race
Any time Sagan wins
Sub-par WC's
More fallout from doping sh*t

Andy Schleck (in a good way)

Overall racing quality (most people race too negatively, creating mostly crap races)

I was not too far off with my predictions. Yeah i didn't get them all, but close enough on most of them to call it a success.
Best moment :
- Cancellara winning Tour of Flandres and Paris-Roubaix
- Nibali taking blue jersey after 6th stage at Tirreno Adriatico
- Tour de France in Corsica

Worst moments :
- Euskatel disappearing
- Froome victory at Ax 3 Domaines, victory which started polemics and reduced the Tour attractiveness
- UCI circus before elections
- Sagan’s celebrations
- Rui Costa winning WC

Surprising :
- Quintana and all Colombian riders
- Stybar
- Warren Barguil

Disappointing :
- Lotto Belisol results
- Van Gardener
Best moments:
Nibali win Giro d'Italia
Froome lose Tirreno - Adriatico
The duel Nibali-Horner on the Angliru

Worst moments:
Froome victory at Tour the France
Valverde at World Championship
Saint-Girons -> Bagnères-de-Bigorre

Zdenek Stybar
Nairo Quintana
Sep Vanmarcke in Paris-Roubaix

Alberto Contador
Tom Boonen
Best moments:
-Costa winning WC
-Froome's attack on Ventoux
-Vanmarcke and Stybar doing great at PR

Worst moments:
-Stybar's fall on PR
-Horner winning Vuelta

-Kittel and Argos
-Quintana and Columbians

-Van Garderen

Manager of www.dodaj.rs/f/41/er/4zELHZA1/nor.pngTeam Nordeus www.dodaj.rs/f/41/er/4zELHZA1/nor.png
Garmin's Classics
Fabian at PR and Flanders
Nibali at the Giro
Horner vs Nibali on the Angliru

Froome on Ventoux (and his Alpe d'Huez too)
Doping (really DiLuca?)

Kwiatowski (did reasonably well at both Flanders and TDF GC)
Simon Clarke
Blanco doing well in the early season (as they were Blanco, pre-Belkin)
Ciolek winning MSR

Van Garderen[/strike]
BMC in general
Sky-bots and TDF
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Avin Wargunnson
Best moments:
- Sagan continues his quest to be a legend
- Stybar is great on the road too
- König at Vuelta
- Epic MSR
- Success of Etixx-IhNed project
- Nibbles at Giro
- Mohoric does the sucessive junior/U23 double
- Kreuziger being great teammate

Worst moments:
- Stybar's fall on PR
- Horner winning Vuelta
- Froome winning Tour, together with Horner another win of doping in cycling, not much have changed Sad
- Giro being somewhat devalved on value because of bad weather
- Quite boring WC and several other major races
- Cancellara/Ciolek denying Sagan the monument wins
- Tour de Pologne coverage and new system try-out confusion.

- Kittel being so awesome at Tour
- Vanmarcke/Stybar/Vandenbergh at Roubaix
- Quintana really being the best climber also in senior category
- Barguil at Vuelta
- Kwiatek
- Dan Martin
- Costa being WC

- Contador is done
- Sky bar Froome and Porte at Tour
- De Gendt
- Schlecks
- British team at WC
I'll be back
Cancellara RvV and PR
Mollema in Vuelta

Vini Fantini
Sky dominating the Tour

Jan Bakelants
Ivan Santaromita
Tom Dumoulin
Michal Kwiatkowski
Cadel Evans
Warren Barguil
Nikolas Maes

Van Garderen
Thomas de Gendt
Fränk Schleck
Jurgen van den Broeck
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'But why were [...] they helped to get to space? To find answers, we must look at predictions not of science, but of science-fiction.'
Ancient Aliens
Avin Wargunnson
And i was completely right with my prediction of Sagan finishing 2nd at MSR and RvV, and he won the major classic like i predicted, just it was G-W, not AGR like i expected. Smile

But i failed miserably with Contador winning Tour, i thought he is not done yet...
I'll be back
Best: Horner vs Nibali in the Angliru
Simon Gerrans in Yellow

Worst: Election crap
Lost coverage at Giro and days cancelled

Surprising: Kittle

Disappointing: BMC
JVB crash

Best: Giro Stage 20
Crosswinds stage at the Tour
Cancellara going group to group at Paris-Roubaix
Ciolek at MSR

Worst: TDF AX3 Domaines
Giro Stage 14, didn't see anything bit Santambrogio winning due to weather
No teams crisis

Suprises: Stybar

Disappointing: Vini Fantini Doping
BMC at the tour

Gig 'em Aggies

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-Best Moments:
Mohoric winning the U23 WC
Nibali winning the Giro
Cancellara winning Paris-Roubaix
Epic win by Ciolek in MSR
Sagan continuing to evolve.

-Worst Moments:
The WC results(Purito deserved it more...)
Horner winning the Vuelta
Sky dominating the TDF(I am a fan of Sky but srsly this is too boring)

Quintana(Awesome TDF by him)
Andy Schleck(He will be back in a few years)
Kittel(A future superstar)
Barguil at the Vuelta(he was just awesome)

Doping...(Di Luca)
From the thread you linked to:

Spilak23 wrote:
Pozzato will win in San Remo but fail on the cobbles and in Amstel. Depending if the Italians let him start in Firenze, he will become world champion.

Gilbert will be back in his 2011 form sweeping the Ardennes.

Marko Kump and Enrico Battaglin will be two of the best breakout riders.

Simon Spilak will win a WT race.

I was spot on with Battaglin and Spilak. Failed the others.

The epic conditions between March and June made this quite the season for Spilak. I'm happy with that Pfft
-Best moments
Paris Roubaix, the entire finale. The best race of this year in my opinion. The moment when Cancellara tried to shake Sep using the traffic hill in the middle of the road but failed.... and then sur place on the velodrome! Brilliant.

The last 10k of the WC, the look on Purito's face when Rui was with him... that's drama.
Echelon stage in the Tour.
Dutch NC was quite good too. Nice emotional win for Hoogerland.
Sagan doing a wheelie on the Ventoux.
Tony Martin's 'almost' win at the Vuelta.
Excellent performances by Mathieu van der Poel and Marianne Vos.
Cookson getting elected President.

-Worst moments
The demise of Vacansoleil-DCM, my favourite team.
Horner at the Vuelta.
The UCI election itself and events leading up to it.
Froome's girlfriend at the Tour.
Froome at the Tour.

Kittel with 4 Tour stage wins.
Garmin's strong performance as a whole.
Ciolek at MSR.
Mollema and LTD riding such a good Tour.
Not many positives this year apart from Di Luca, Santambrogio and Novikov.
The Orica-GreenEDGE bus at the Tour.

RVV. Turned boring since 2012.
Vacansoleil performance, especially Poels and De Gendt.

Expectations I had:
I think Froome had his Gilbert year in 2012, and will disappoint in 2013.
Wishful thinking

Giro: Nibali
Tour: Contador
Vuelta: Rodriguez

Giro correct, Tour was wishful thinking (see previous), Vuelta I'm glad I was wrong.

Cancellara will be more successful than Boonen in this year's cobbled classics. Vanmarcke will score a top3 in RVV or P-R.
Completely correct! Grin

Hilly classics, really don't know. Gilbert and Rodriguez probably. There will be at least one big name who gets caught with a banned substance, but not doping, in his blood, like Contador's steaks or Frank's xipamide. The Tour will be decided in the first week as a result of mass crashes.

Kelderman will be a revelation this year, with either a stage win or a Top 3-5 in one of the big or small stage races.
Not this year, maybe next year although he won't be such a revelation anymore then. This year it was Quintana.

I'm hoping De Gendt and Poels will perform well this year.
Nope Sad

Edited by ShortsNL on 21-10-2013 13:02
Easily predictable things (Froome winning the Tour, Cancellara RVV and Roubaix, Schleck being shit all season) aside, my guesses were all pretty far off Pfft

There are obviously tons of good/bad moments, so I'll just go for a small selection:

Positive things:

Crosswinds at the Tour (my absolute favourite moment)
No more McQuaid!
Wiggins unable to reach 2012 level (thank god he didn't win the Giro)
MSR was pretty cool
Ulissi dominating the smaller Italian classics
Kwiatkowski becoming an amazing rider

Negative things:

Horner (he's not a Vuelta winner in my eyes)
Froome (duh)
Valverde screwing over Purito at the worlds (Costa deserved it though)
Luigi sweeping the cobbled classics
Edited by Pellizotti2 on 21-10-2013 14:40
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Positive things:
-Costa winning WC
-Spilak won a stage at Tour of Romandie Pfft
-fight between Horner and Nibali on Angliru

Negative things:
-Froome win TDF
-Nibali lost Vuelta
-everything about Sagan
-JAni Brajkovic's predictions about good results this year

-Mohoric at WC


-What were the best moments of the year?
Paris-Roubaix was very good
Bakelants in TDF
Sagan movies
Nibali and Rodriguez killing each other, Valverde being a moron and Costa taking the WC.

-What were the worst?
Froome pretty much everywhere
Horner in Vuelta
Milan - San Remo organisation
Boonen and his injury plagued season

-What or who was the most surprising?
Stybar, Dennis, Quintana, Vandenbergh a bit as well
Orica Greenedge bus ofc

-What or who was the most disappointing?
Vanmarcke losing that sprint
De Gendt, just so much potential in that guy
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
- Nibali's ambush to win Tirreno over a stronger Froome
- Martin's Catalunya and LBL victories
- Paris - Roubaix providing yet another time the best one day racing, and ҆tybar being awesome
- The route change works well at AGR
- Crosswinds stage in the Tour. In general good racing for the standard of the Tour
- Elissonde winning atop the Angliru
- Costa's masterclass on how to take profit of Valverde's tactical prowess
- Quintana _O_ (too bad he rides for Vomistar)
- Goodbye McQuaid!

- Subpar racing in general
- RvV still with that joke of a route
- The mutilated Giro.
- Froome and Horner piss on the fans' faces and say it's raining

- Kwiatek's awesomeness
- Kittel being the fastest sprinter in the Tour
- Ciolek taking half MSR
- Belkin seems to crash less frequently
- Barguil's breakthrough. I expected it to happen, but not so brilliantly

- Gilbert, they must be happy at BMC with dat wage
- Tommeke
- van Garderen
- De Gendt
- That no one at Flanders Classics seems to give a shit about their biggest asset going from awesome to crap. I mean they already have the Scheldeprijs, they needn't more shit races

I'm sure I'm forgetting some in all categories, but that's about it. Smile
I'm lazy as fuck, so yeah.

Costa becoming WC
Wiggo failing hard
Gilbert failing really hard

Froome and Horner deciding to take a big, large crap into the fan's
Santambrogio positive and later events
Purito failing to win another GT

McQuaid leaving
Kittel Cool

EBH, Gilbert (altough expected it)
What were the best moments of the year?
- Quintana winning Stage 20 of TdF, as well as KoTM and finishing 2nd
- Milan - Sanremo, great race with an MTN monument victory
- Crosswinds in the Tour
- Barguil's stage wins at the Vuelta
- Betancur having a great season

What were the worst?
- Horner winning the Vuelta at 42...
- Purito failing to win a GT once more
- Purito not winning the Worlds
- Froome's Tour stage wins
- Vini Fantini

What or who was the most surprising?
- Kittel at the Tour
- Costa at the Tour and the Worlds
- Kwiatek in the classics
- Stybar
- Ciolek at Milan - Sanremo

What or who was the most disappointing?
- Cav, couldn't beat Kittel with a leadout
- Van Garderen at the Tour
- Wiggo, though I don't really care

Overall not the best season, especially the GT's. there were a few great races dotted around though, and quite a few of my favourite riders broke through. Hopefully 2014 can be a bit better, and Horner will get dealt with (ridiculous really).
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