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The Comeback
Ian Butler
He's got plenty of choice, let's not worry Smile
Of those two, i'd say Garmin. 2 year security, great support capabilities, and if they cut your contract short you will get bigger compensation payout Wink

But wait, hope someone like UHC comes along. Or perhaps even further a field... Europe or Australia...
Optum, more money , better role in team , he still has time to show what he has. But let Travis choose it himself . Wink
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I like Optum's offerWink more money and better role, Travis can always Move to WT
once that contract ends

It should come with a no training camps clausePfft
Gig 'em Aggies

Fast N' Loud Cycling Project - ICL
Optum looks good, though the 1 year contract doesn't really show a lot of trust.
But well, guess he has to prove himself again Wink
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Garmin is very tempting, but would Travis be happy being a helper Frown

It may lead to better things in the future though Wink
The Hobbit
Definitely Optum for me. More money for the family, and more chances for prize money in a leading role. Also only one year so the quick switch to Garmin later is on!
I think Garmin (auto correct Pfft) in is the best bet. He'll be under guidance from Jonathan Vaughters and he'll have the ability to race in Europe. He's strong enough for the European scene, but I'm sure he'll get the chance to ride for himself in a few smaller American races. Besides, there's a chance he can ride in a GT in his 2nd season Wink If that offers came to me personally, I'd get over the fewer cash and choose Garmin Pfft
Edited by aidanvn13 on 12-11-2013 16:54
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The Hobbit
Sorry for going off topic, but...
Did we ever find out why that guy who bought his bike ripped him off, I don't remember finding out, or will all be revealed?
@All: Looks like we have mixed opinions, I like that. Pfft

@Ian Butler: Yep those were only the first offers, they may be more to come. Or not. We will see shortly.

@welker3257: Yeah training camps aren't to friendly to Travis. Wink

@The Hobbit: You mean Paul? Nope Travis wasn't seen him since.
But maybe some day they will run across each other paths again.

Optum, as you can make another comeback earlier Pfft

"Chloe, I'm home. Please tell me you hashed things out with your dad.
I would like to know that I can take care of you and our child
without having the fear every where I go I could get beat up by your father."

Chloe walks out of the kitchen and hands me an ice pack for my eye.

"Travis, I told him. And now he wants me to come back home.
He doesn't trust me out here with you."

"So, what? That's it? You gave in and your going home? Are we over?"


"No Travis. I told him no. I told him I'm 24 years old and can make my own decision even if he disagrees with me. But now we have to make this work.
I'm officially all-in. We are in this together, there's no way out. And I'm scared."

"I'm glad you let go. It's hard, I went through it with my family. Thank you.
Don't worry your dad will come around eventually, my parents did at least.

We will make this work. I promise you. You have nothing to be scared of."

I give Chloe a hug and a peck on the lips. Then my phone starts to ring.

"Hey, what's up Kyle?"

"Any chance you know how to speak Spanish?
I just got a contract offer that I think you shouldn't pass up!"

Edited by Mresuperstar on 13-11-2013 00:07
Alonso new team... come on be different please
Nice to know that Chloe is in this long term Smile
I swear I saw the Alonso twist coming...
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Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!
Caja Rural here we come Pfft
RIP Burry Stander
16/09/1987 – 03/01/2013

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The Hobbit
Bet it's Orbea, also... 24? Meh, Orbea is good, because they're pretty bad... So you could probably be a free role.
He's going to smuggle bikes across the Mexican border Pfft
Manager of Minions
@TheManxMissile & @547984: See next episode. Pfft

@sutty68: Yep, and looks like you guys will have to put up (or enjoy) more pictures of her. Wink

@aidanvn13: Not quite.

@The Hobbit: Nope. But I was thinking of maybe doing a custom CSC-Orbea team but went against it because I think keeping my man-game team out of this would be best. Even though I love ANF's jersey for the upcoming season.

@Marcovdw: Get back in the box minion. You are thinking way too far outside of the box... :lol:


"Have you heard of the company called Desigual?"

"Seagull? What did you say?"

"Yeah, I haven't heard of them either but apparently they're funding
a new continental cycling team out of their headquarters in Spain.
Fernando Alonso is appartenly involved in the project as well."

"I'm listening. What are the details?"

"They send me this graphic of riders that are verbally committed.
Hold on a second I will send it to your email, go take a look."


"Looks like a nice team. But what's in it for me?"

"That's the best part. Full leadership role, 2 years, $4,800 a month,
and they will help you get set-up with an apartment in Barcelona, Spain."

"Kyle, I don't have to hear any more. Sign me up!
Chloe, pack your bags up again. We're going to Spain!"

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