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The Comeback
Form Points Taken

Form - Mountain (x2), Acceleration

+1 Mountain as well from me Wink

And liking the flying cow he he Pfft
That didn't go quite as expected.. I think Travis should have gone a bit more aggressive in both stages. Why waste energy with others in your wheel if you can put in a small attack and make them also suffer the wind Pfft If not that, just let others do the pacemaking (I don't think the break would be much dangerous anyway). But 1'14 is definitely not much time, specially since stage 7 is only 85 kms long, which should suit more Travis. He can definitely take the yellow jersey back, but he'll need to be in a superb day, let's hope for that Smile

ps.: flying cow :lol: Any power station nearby? Pfft
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Flying cow :lol:


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Notsure if there can be more. you said 3 and 5 and one 2 and 1 have been taken.

So just in case

+1 Mountain
Holy cow, it jumped over the moon!

I've lowered my goal. 75 DH is sufficient for me once all is said and done
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Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!

Besides the 2015 Vuelta a Espana (which I technically didn't participate in),
this is the longest tour I have ever ridden. It's starting to wear me down.

I'm so sore. I'm struggling to get any sleep and it doesn't help that
we were required to sleep on the team bus a few nights because
the hotels couldn't accommodate for all 25 teams racing.

I just want to go home.

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---


I can't even describe the profile, it hurts just looking at it.


Fox going to try a different tactic today by
getting Ian Marshall in the breakaway.


The breakaway has a 4 minutes lead as we start the long climb to the finish.


Bastian Bürgel makes the first move. I decide to counter.

Our DS has been telling me that I've been making it too easy on the
other favourites by riding my own tempo on the front, so I took his advice
and I'm putting the pressure on them for a change so they have to chase me.


And I get a little gap. But look who is on my wheel. Just great. Rolling Eyes


I drag us up the road to the breakaway where Marshall is there to help me out.


After Marshall gives me everything he has left I look over at Kudus,
"It's your turn, I'm not bringing you all the way to the top."

I don't think he understood a word I said so I start hand gesturing.


I don't think he understood what that meant either. What the hell?!?
He has left me behind with 10kms to go! I don't have the energy to keep up.


When did Kudus turn into Chris Froome? This is unbelievable.
Somebody please hook him up to a drug test after this stage.


He is too good to even celebrate. I don't even know what to say.


2 minutes later I come to line for 2nd. I'm happy with that. Although,
I'm not too happy about seeing Caruso and Merino right behind for 3rd and 4th.

1Merhawi KudusTelkom - Ecobank2h17'40
2Travis NewtonFox Cycling+ 2'11
3Damiano CarusoKatusha+ 2'19
4Pedro MerinoOrbea+ 2'25
5Jonathan MonsalveAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 3'33

6Riccardo ZoidlRothaus+ 3'36
7André CardosoMovistar Team+ 3'41
8Pedro SequeraAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 3'54
9Josué MoyanoDesigual Cycling+ 4'01
10Matteo MontagutiVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 4'03
11Bastian BürgelGetronics+ 4'22
12Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&T+ 4'59
13Jackson RodríguezAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 5'01
14Donato De IesoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 5'03
15Javier MorenoMovistar Teams.t.
16Gorka IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 5'05
17Stefano PirazziAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
18Tiago MachadoOrbea+ 5'06
19Jesús EzquerraOrbea+ 5'07
20Valerio AgnoliAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 5'13
21Dennis Van NiekerkTelkom - Ecobank+ 5'15
22Cayetano SarmientoColombias.t.
23Thomas RohreggerRothauss.t.
24Jacobus VenterTelkom - Ecobank+ 5'18
25Juan ChamorroColombia+ 5'21
26Arkaitz DuránOrbea+ 5'24
27Alexander RybakovRusVelo+ 5'27
28Tobias LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
29Roman KlimovChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 5'30
30Paul VossTeam NSP - Ghost+ 5'31
31Frank OsorioColombia+ 5'35
32David ArroyoOrbea+ 5'42
33Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 6'56
34Óscar PujolMovistar Teams.t.
35Carlos VeronaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 6'59
36Cristiano SandriTEAM Italo+ 7'01
37Michael ValgrenChristina Watches - Onfone+ 7'03
38Darren LillTelkom - Ecobank+ 7'24
39Jonathan FumeauxAdecco+ 7'28
40Evgeny ShalunovKatusha+ 7'30
41Simone StortoniVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 7'39
42Sergio MantecónOrbea+ 7'45
43Daniel DíazDesigual Cycling+ 7'52
44Francesco BongiornoVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 7'58
45Fernando OrjuelaColombia+ 8'04
46Elia FavilliVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 8'09
47Fredrik LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 8'30
48Håvard BlikraTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 8'32
49Eugenio BenedettiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
50Garikoitz BravoEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 8'34
51Eric PedrosaMovistar Team+ 8'36
52Dimitry KozontchukRusVelo+ 8'40
53Eduard VorganovRusVelo+ 9'13
54Jérôme BaugniesBelfius+ 9'59
55Edwin ParraColombia+ 10'02
56Ilnur ZakarinRusVelos.t.
57Damiano CunegoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 10'05
58Marcel FischerGetronicss.t.
59Rob RuijghAB Texel+ 10'08
60Pello BilbaoOrbeas.t.
61Nicolas ParedesColombia+ 10'09
62Biao LiuChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 10'10
63Tobias KnaupTeam NSP - Ghost+ 10'12
64Sep VermeirenBelfiuss.t.
65Marcel AreggerAdecco+ 10'17
66Jorge AzanzaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 10'20
67José Luis RoldánMovistar Teams.t.
68José Carlos ValdezDesigual Cyclings.t.
69Bert-Jan LindemanAB Texel+ 10'24
70Magnus CortChristina Watches - Onfone+ 10'25
71Magno Prado NazaretDesigual Cycling+ 10'28
72Tiesj BenootBelfius+ 10'31
73Danilo WyssAdeccos.t.
74Salvatore CongiuKatusha+ 10'49
75Andreas SchillingerRothaus+ 10'51
76Ian MarshallFox Cyclings.t.
77Rafael SerranoMovistar Team+ 10'53
78Daniel TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobank+ 10'56
79Miguel MínguezEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 10'57
80Tomasz NoseAdria Mobil+ 11'18
81Julian KernTeam NSP - Ghost+ 11'20
82Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 11'22
83Sven ForbergerGetronics+ 11'24
84Walter ProchTEAM Italo+ 11'46
85Cristiano FumagalliVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 11'48
86Egoitz GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 11'50
87Avi BitonChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 11'51
88Truls KorsaethTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 11'52
89Pim LigthartAB Texel+ 11'54
90Philip LindauTarget - AT&T+ 11'55
91Andrea MasciarelliTEAM Italo+ 11'57
92Eduardo SepulvedaDesigual Cyclings.t.
93Raul HilarioEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 11'59
94Marco CattaneoTEAM Italos.t.
95Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 12'00
96Patrick BerghTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
97Andrey KlyuevRusVelo+ 12'34
98Patrick StrømmenTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 12'36
99Robert VrecerAdria Mobil+ 12'37
100Jesse AnthonyTarget - AT&Ts.t.
101Christian KuxRothauss.t.
102Sebastian MayRothaus+ 12'41
103Michel KochGetronicss.t.
104Ramón DomeneMovistar Teams.t.
105Fabricio FerrariDesigual Cycling+ 12'42
106Patrik SinkewitzGetronics+ 12'44
107Tim DeclercqBelfiuss.t.
108Peter Van DijkAB Texel+ 12'46
109Sandro IbarraColombias.t.
110Temesgen TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobank+ 12'48
111Evgeni SokolovKatusha+ 12'50
112Thomas Riber-SellebjergChristina Watches - Onfone+ 14'58
113Louis MeintjesChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 15'01
114Matthias BertlingTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
115Matteo PelucchiVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 15'03
116Gijs Van HoeckeBelfius+ 15'05
117Dirk BellemakersAB Texel+ 15'07
118Erik BaskaAdria Mobils.t.
119Chad WilsonTarget - AT&T+ 15'09
120Julian LangerGetronicss.t.
121Boris ShpilevskiRusVelo+ 15'12
122Nick AitkenTarget - AT&T+ 15'13
123Nolan HoffmanTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
124Vegard BreenTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
125Bruno GuggisbergTarget - AT&T+ 15'15
126Matej MohoričAdria Mobil+ 15'16
127Svein Erik VoldTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
128Mario GonzálezMovistar Teams.t.
129Martin ReimerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
130Patrick LaneTarget - AT&T+ 15'18
131José Miguel MasíasColombia+ 15'21
132Zsolt DerChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 15'23
133Jonas Aaen JørgensenChristina Watches - Onfone+ 15'24
134Vladimir KerkezAdria Mobil+ 15'26
135Joshua BerryFox Cycling+ 15'29
136Marco ColedanTEAM Italo+ 15'32
137Jesper MørkøvChristina Watches - Onfone+ 15'33
138Blaz FurdiAdria Mobil+ 15'36
139David BovetTarget - AT&T+ 15'37
140Martin KohlerAdecco+ 15'42
141Evgeniy KovalevKatusha+ 15'44
142Nathan BrownFox Cycling+ 15'45
143Andrea TrevisanKatusha+ 15'46
144Cheng JiChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 15'50
145So Loi WaChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 15'52
146Peter ErdinAdecco+ 15'53
147Klemen StimulakAdria Mobil+ 15'54
148Sung Baek ParkDesigual Cycling+ 16'00
149Pierpaolo De NegriAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 16'01
150Mikhail AkimovKatusha+ 16'02
151Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 16'05
152Thomas WronaFox Cycling+ 16'08
153Ivan GarciaOrbeas.t.
154Niels ScheunemanAB Texel+ 16'14
155Mikkel SlothChristina Watches - Onfone+ 16'15
156Danny Van PoppelAB Texel+ 16'17
157Olivier PardiniBelfius+ 16'19
158Valerey ValyninKatusha+ 16'21
159Mario de LucaTEAM Italo+ 16'23
160Ryan BaumanFox Cyclings.t.
161John VasquezFox Cycling+ 16'26
162Jonathan BertrandBelfius+ 16'33
163Michael Van StaeyenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
164Dieter BouvryTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 16'34
165Benjamin VerraesTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 16'36
166Laurens De VreeseTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 16'37
167Roberto FigueirasAdecco+ 16'43
168Niels WytinckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 16'49
169Daniel HoffmannRothaus+ 16'51
170Wouter WippertAB Texel+ 17'20
171Gonçalo NunesDesigual Cycling+ 17'23
172Michael BerlingChristina Watches - Onfone+ 19'27
173Dominique StarkAdecco+ 19'30
174Daniele ColliTEAM Italo+ 19'33
175Artur ErshovRusVelo+ 19'36
176Daniel HoelgaardTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 19'39
177Enrico RossiTEAM Italo+ 19'42
178Stig BroeckxTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 19'43
179Dylan TeunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
180Derek SheltonHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 19'45
181Holger BurkhardtGetronics+ 19'46
182Kurt HovelynckBelfius+ 19'48
183Tino ThömelRothauss.t.
184Morten HøbergChristina Watches - Onfone+ 19'50
185Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 19'52
186Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobils.t.
187Renat LyubimovRusVelo+ 19'54
188Philipp WalslebenRothaus+ 19'55
189Robert BushFox Cycling+ 19'57
190Michael SchwarzmannTeam NSP - Ghost+ 22'46
191Tino MeierTeam NSP - Ghost+ 22'49
192Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 22'52
193Joël FreyAdecco+ 22'55
194Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 22'56
195Robbe GoddaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 22'58
196Philipp KleinGetronics+ 23'00
197Leung Chun KwanChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
198Daniel HoltHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 23'03


Getting through the first 50kms will be the hard part.


Then I get to sit back, rest, and watch Pim Ligthart win in a bunch sprint.

1Pim LigthartAB Texel5h07'02
2Matteo PelucchiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
3Elia FavilliVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
4Gorka IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
5Michael Van StaeyenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.

6Merhawi KudusTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
7Tiesj BenootBelfiuss.t.
8Pello BilbaoOrbeas.t.
9Artur ErshovRusVelos.t.
10Egoitz GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
11Donato De IesoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
12Javier MorenoMovistar Teams.t.
13Erik BaskaAdria Mobils.t.
14André CardosoMovistar Teams.t.
15Pedro SequeraAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
16Jonas Aaen JørgensenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
17Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
18Peter ErdinAdeccos.t.
19Roman KlimovChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
20Tino ThömelRothauss.t.
21Håvard BlikraTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
22Jesús EzquerraOrbeas.t.
23Josué MoyanoDesigual Cyclings.t.
24Jonathan MonsalveAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
25Damiano CarusoKatushas.t.
26Daniel HoelgaardTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
27Riccardo ZoidlRothauss.t.
28Jonathan FumeauxAdeccos.t.
29Benjamin VerraesTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
30Blaz FurdiAdria Mobils.t.
31Ilnur ZakarinRusVelos.t.
32Paul VossTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
33Dennis Van NiekerkTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
34Fredrik LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
35Evgeny ShalunovKatushas.t.
36Cayetano SarmientoColombias.t.
37Danilo WyssAdeccos.t.
38Thomas RohreggerRothauss.t.
39Michael ValgrenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
40Pedro MerinoOrbeas.t.
41Matteo MontagutiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
42Matej MohoričAdria Mobils.t.
43Avi BitonChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
44Eduard VorganovRusVelos.t.
45Jackson RodríguezAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
46Arkaitz DuránOrbeas.t.
47Tobias LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
48Alexander RybakovRusVelos.t.
49Stefano PirazziAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
50José Carlos ValdezDesigual Cyclings.t.
51Vegard BreenTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
52Wouter WippertAB Texels.t.
53Pierpaolo De NegriAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
54Simone StortoniVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
55Carlos VeronaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
56Dimitry KozontchukRusVelos.t.
57Tiago MachadoOrbeas.t.
58Francesco BongiornoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
59Valerio AgnoliAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
60Jacobus VenterTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
61Sung Baek ParkDesigual Cyclings.t.
62Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobils.t.
63Evgeni SokolovKatushas.t.
64Danny Van PoppelAB Texels.t.
65Marcel FischerGetronicss.t.
66Mikhail AkimovKatushas.t.
67Óscar PujolMovistar Teams.t.
68Cristiano SandriTEAM Italos.t.
69Olivier PardiniBelfiuss.t.
70Juan ChamorroColombias.t.
71Marcel AreggerAdeccos.t.
72Evgeniy KovalevKatushas.t.
73Rob RuijghAB Texels.t.
74Cristiano FumagalliVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
75Fernando OrjuelaColombias.t.
76Michael SchwarzmannTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
77Laurens De VreeseTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
78Frank OsorioColombias.t.
79Martin KohlerAdeccos.t.
80Daniele ColliTEAM Italos.t.
81Bert-Jan LindemanAB Texels.t.
82Nathan BrownFox Cyclings.t.
83Travis NewtonFox Cyclings.t.
84Ramón DomeneMovistar Teams.t.
85Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&Ts.t.
86Jesse AnthonyTarget - AT&Ts.t.
87Julian KernTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
88Nolan HoffmanTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
89Louis MeintjesChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
90Philip LindauTarget - AT&Ts.t.
91Nicolas ParedesColombias.t.
92Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
93Sergio MantecónOrbeas.t.
94Bastian BürgelGetronicss.t.
95Sebastian MayRothauss.t.
96Rafael SerranoMovistar Teams.t.
97Stig BroeckxTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
98Darren LillTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
99Enrico RossiTEAM Italos.t.
100Michel KochGetronicss.t.
101Jesper MørkøvChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
102Gijs Van HoeckeBelfiuss.t.
103Klemen StimulakAdria Mobils.t.
104Tim DeclercqBelfiuss.t.
105Marco ColedanTEAM Italos.t.
106Edwin ParraColombias.t.
107Daniel TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
108Patrick LaneTarget - AT&Ts.t.
109Mario GonzálezMovistar Teams.t.
110Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
111Cheng JiChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
112Christian KuxRothauss.t.
113Andrea MasciarelliTEAM Italos.t.
114Fabricio FerrariDesigual Cyclings.t.
115Marco CattaneoTEAM Italos.t.
116Bruno GuggisbergTarget - AT&Ts.t.
117Biao LiuChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
118Dirk BellemakersAB Texels.t.
119Joshua BerryFox Cyclings.t.
120Jonathan BertrandBelfiuss.t.
121Walter ProchTEAM Italos.t.
122Tobias KnaupTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
123Joël FreyAdeccos.t.
124Philipp KleinGetronicss.t.
125Tomasz NoseAdria Mobils.t.
126José Luis RoldánMovistar Teams.t.
127Boris ShpilevskiRusVelos.t.
128Dieter BouvryTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
129Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
130Morten HøbergChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
131Niels ScheunemanAB Texels.t.
132Sven ForbergerGetronicss.t.
133Valerey ValyninKatushas.t.
134Dylan TeunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
135Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
136Robert VrecerAdria Mobils.t.
137Tino MeierTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
138Martin ReimerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
139Niels WytinckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
140Daniel DíazDesigual Cycling+ 3'12
141Truls KorsaethTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
142Garikoitz BravoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
143Svein Erik VoldTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
144Magno Prado NazaretDesigual Cyclings.t.
145Jérôme BaugniesBelfiuss.t.
146Eduardo SepulvedaDesigual Cyclings.t.
147Miguel MínguezEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
148Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
149Magnus CortChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
150Damiano CunegoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
151Andrey KlyuevRusVelos.t.
152Holger BurkhardtGetronicss.t.
153Thomas Riber-SellebjergChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
154José Miguel MasíasColombias.t.
155Matthias BertlingTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
156Vladimir KerkezAdria Mobils.t.
157Jorge AzanzaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
158Patrik SinkewitzGetronicss.t.
159Eugenio BenedettiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
160Robert BushFox Cyclings.t.
161Ian MarshallFox Cyclings.t.
162Eric PedrosaMovistar Teams.t.
163Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
164Dominique StarkAdeccos.t.
165Philipp WalslebenRothauss.t.
166Sep VermeirenBelfius+ 5'24
167Kurt HovelynckBelfiuss.t.
168Salvatore CongiuKatushas.t.
169Nick AitkenTarget - AT&Ts.t.
170Michael BerlingChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
171Zsolt DerChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 5'56
172Andreas SchillingerRothauss.t.
173John VasquezFox Cyclings.t.
174Patrick StrømmenTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 7'37
175David ArroyoOrbeas.t.
176Temesgen TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
177Chad WilsonTarget - AT&T+ 10'48
178Daniel HoltHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
179Ryan BaumanFox Cyclings.t.
180Daniel HoffmannRothauss.t.
181Gonçalo NunesDesigual Cyclings.t.
182Andrea TrevisanKatushas.t.
183Renat LyubimovRusVelos.t.
184Patrick BerghTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
185Thomas WronaFox Cyclings.t.
186Peter Van DijkAB Texels.t.
187Sandro IbarraColombias.t.
188Roberto FigueirasAdecco+ 12'01
189Julian LangerGetronics+ 16'36
190Leung Chun KwanChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
191Ivan GarciaOrbeas.t.
192Robbe GoddaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 21'37
193Mikkel SlothChristina Watches - Onfone+ 23'07
194Derek SheltonHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 24'21
195Raul HilarioEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.


After a rest day following stage 8 it's back to the road for an easy flat stage.


Spoke to soon, this is anything but easy. 60mph crosswinds!


On the final tiny hill before the finish the winds shift, I'm at the front.
I make a hasty decision to take this opportunity... big risk here.


And it doesn't pay off. Frown The wind whips right back into my face.
I wasted a lot of energy that I'm going to want back tomorrow.

That's not the worse news. Fox loses 3 men (including mountain helper Berry)
because they didn't make the time limit after being caught out
of the peloton 15kms into the stage.


The breakaway uses the wind to it's advantage, giving Jesse Anthony the win.

1Jesse AnthonyTarget - AT&T2h38'25
2Blaz FurdiAdria Mobils.t.
3Marco ColedanTEAM Italos.t.
4Håvard BlikraTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
5Bastian BürgelGetronicss.t.

1Jesse AnthonyTarget - AT&T2h38'25
2Blaz FurdiAdria Mobils.t.
3Marco ColedanTEAM Italos.t.
4Håvard BlikraTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
5Bastian BürgelGetronicss.t.
6Ilnur ZakarinRusVelos.t.
7Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
8Andreas SchillingerRothauss.t.
9Pim LigthartAB Texel+ 46
10Michael Van StaeyenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1'01
11Wouter WippertAB Texels.t.
12Danny Van PoppelAB Texels.t.
13Elia FavilliVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
14Merhawi KudusTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
15Matteo PelucchiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
16Damiano CarusoKatushas.t.
17Pedro MerinoOrbeas.t.
18Benjamin VerraesTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
19Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
20Pedro SequeraAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
21Pierpaolo De NegriAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
22Travis NewtonFox Cyclings.t.
23Jesús EzquerraOrbeas.t.
24Daniel TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
25Thomas RohreggerRothauss.t.
26Riccardo ZoidlRothauss.t.
27André CardosoMovistar Teams.t.
28Josué MoyanoDesigual Cyclings.t.
29Javier MorenoMovistar Teams.t.
30Roman KlimovChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
31Dennis Van NiekerkTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
32Sebastian MayRothauss.t.
33Niels WytinckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
34Bert-Jan LindemanAB Texels.t.
35Stig BroeckxTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
36Dylan TeunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
37Laurens De VreeseTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
38Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&Ts.t.
39Jonathan MonsalveAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
40Eric PedrosaMovistar Teams.t.
41Evgeny ShalunovKatushas.t.
42Pello BilbaoOrbeas.t.
43Tiago MachadoOrbeas.t.
44Arkaitz DuránOrbeas.t.
45Daniel DíazDesigual Cyclings.t.
46Nick AitkenTarget - AT&Ts.t.
47Donato De IesoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
48Stefano PirazziAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
49Matteo MontagutiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
50Niels ScheunemanAB Texels.t.
51Dieter BouvryTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 2'16
52Rob RuijghAB Texels.t.
53Dirk BellemakersAB Texels.t.
54Temesgen TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
55Nathan BrownFox Cycling+ 2'41
56Edwin ParraColombia+ 3'13
57Fernando OrjuelaColombias.t.
58Alexander RybakovRusVelos.t.
59Egoitz GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
60Jonas Aaen JørgensenChristina Watches - Onfone+ 3'47
61Patrick BerghTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
62Matej MohoričAdria Mobils.t.
63Gorka IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
64Jérôme BaugniesBelfiuss.t.
65Jonathan BertrandBelfiuss.t.
66Kurt HovelynckBelfiuss.t.
67Tim DeclercqBelfiuss.t.
68Gijs Van HoeckeBelfiuss.t.
69Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobils.t.
70Tiesj BenootBelfiuss.t.
71Cayetano SarmientoColombias.t.
72Sung Baek ParkDesigual Cyclings.t.
73Paul VossTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
74Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
75Martin ReimerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
76Olivier PardiniBelfiuss.t.
77Michael ValgrenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
78Cristiano FumagalliVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
79Jacobus VenterTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
80Tino ThömelRothauss.t.
81Simone StortoniVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
82Daniele ColliTEAM Italos.t.
83Óscar PujolMovistar Teams.t.
84Michael SchwarzmannTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
85Carlos VeronaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
86José Luis RoldánMovistar Teams.t.
87Damiano CunegoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
88Robert BushFox Cyclings.t.
89Magnus CortChristina Watches - Onfone+ 4'59
90Erik BaskaAdria Mobils.t.
91Danilo WyssAdeccos.t.
92Peter ErdinAdeccos.t.
93José Carlos ValdezDesigual Cycling+ 5'34
94Jesper MørkøvChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
95Walter ProchTEAM Italos.t.
96Zsolt DerChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
97Andrea MasciarelliTEAM Italos.t.
98Enrico RossiTEAM Italos.t.
99Svein Erik VoldTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
100Ramón DomeneMovistar Teams.t.
101Daniel HoelgaardTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
102Avi BitonChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
103Mario GonzálezMovistar Teams.t.
104Fredrik LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
105Artur ErshovRusVelos.t.
106Christian KuxRothauss.t.
107Francesco BongiornoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
108Marcel FischerGetronicss.t.
109Philipp KleinGetronicss.t.
110Fabricio FerrariDesigual Cyclings.t.
111Nolan HoffmanTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
112Julian KernTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
113Valerey ValyninKatushas.t.
114Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
115Eduardo SepulvedaDesigual Cyclings.t.
116Tino MeierTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
117Michael BerlingChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
118Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
119Evgeni SokolovKatushas.t.
120Morten HøbergChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
121Magno Prado NazaretDesigual Cyclings.t.
122Mikhail AkimovKatushas.t.
123Tobias LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
124Vegard BreenTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
125Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
126Jonathan FumeauxAdeccos.t.
127Marcel AreggerAdeccos.t.
128Philip LindauTarget - AT&Ts.t.
129Louis MeintjesChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
130Sergio MantecónOrbeas.t.
131Philipp WalslebenRothauss.t.
132Sven ForbergerGetronicss.t.
133Cheng JiChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
134Valerio AgnoliAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
135Holger BurkhardtGetronicss.t.
136Darren LillTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
137Michel KochGetronicss.t.
138Rafael SerranoMovistar Teams.t.
139Garikoitz BravoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
140Nicolas ParedesColombias.t.
141Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
142Vladimir KerkezAdria Mobils.t.
143Bruno GuggisbergTarget - AT&Ts.t.
144Eduard VorganovRusVelos.t.
145Patrick LaneTarget - AT&Ts.t.
146Jackson RodríguezAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
147Klemen StimulakAdria Mobils.t.
148Dimitry KozontchukRusVelos.t.
149Thomas Riber-SellebjergChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
150Juan ChamorroColombias.t.
151Matthias BertlingTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
152Marco CattaneoTEAM Italos.t.
153Tobias KnaupTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
154Miguel MínguezEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
155Daniel HoltHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
156Boris ShpilevskiRusVelos.t.
157Patrik SinkewitzGetronicss.t.
158Biao LiuChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
159Frank OsorioColombias.t.
160Chad WilsonTarget - AT&Ts.t.
161Robert VrecerAdria Mobils.t.
162Martin KohlerAdeccos.t.
163Andrey KlyuevRusVelos.t.
164José Miguel MasíasColombias.t.
165Renat LyubimovRusVelos.t.
166Tomasz NoseAdria Mobils.t.
167Ryan BaumanFox Cyclings.t.
168Jorge AzanzaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
169Peter Van DijkAB Texels.t.
170Roberto FigueirasAdeccos.t.
171Leung Chun KwanChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
172Ivan GarciaOrbeas.t.
173Gonçalo NunesDesigual Cyclings.t.
174Cristiano SandriTEAM Italos.t.
175Raul HilarioEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
176David ArroyoOrbeas.t.
177Sandro IbarraColombias.t.
178Julian LangerGetronicss.t.
179Andrea TrevisanKatushas.t.
180Salvatore CongiuKatushas.t.
181Daniel HoffmannRothauss.t.
182Mikkel SlothChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
183Sep VermeirenBelfiuss.t.
184Derek SheltonHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
185Eugenio BenedettiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
186Evgeniy KovalevKatusha+ 7'40
187Dominique StarkAdeccos.t.
188Joël FreyAdeccos.t.
189Truls KorsaethTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
190Patrick StrømmenTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
191Robbe GoddaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
192Ian MarshallFox Cycling+ 8'13

General Classification

1Merhawi KudusTelkom - Ecobank36h19'08
2Damiano CarusoKatusha+ 2'55
3Pedro MerinoOrbea+ 2'57
4Travis NewtonFox Cycling+ 3'33
5Riccardo ZoidlRothaus+ 5'54
6André CardosoMovistar Team+ 5'59
7Jonathan MonsalveAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 6'06
8Pedro SequeraAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 6'12
9Josué MoyanoDesigual Cycling+ 6'19
10Matteo MontagutiVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 6'21

11Donato De IesoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 7'21
12Javier MorenoMovistar Team+ 7'36
13Stefano PirazziAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 7'38
14Tiago MachadoOrbea+ 7'39
15Jesús EzquerraOrbea+ 7'40
16Thomas RohreggerRothaus+ 7'48
17Dennis Van NiekerkTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
18Arkaitz DuránOrbea+ 7'57
19Roman KlimovChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 8'03
20Gorka IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 9'04
21Alexander RybakovRusVelo+ 10'46
22Jackson RodríguezAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 12'07
23Valerio AgnoliAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 12'19
24Óscar PujolMovistar Team+ 12'53
25Simone StortoniVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 12'58
26Cayetano SarmientoColombia+ 13'01
27Elia FavilliVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 13'42
28Paul VossTeam NSP - Ghost+ 14'02
29Jacobus VenterTelkom - Ecobank+ 14'09
30Michael ValgrenChristina Watches - Onfone+ 14'52
31Ilnur ZakarinRusVelo+ 15'06
32Carlos VeronaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 16'09
33Dimitry KozontchukRusVelo+ 17'52
34Cristiano SandriTEAM Italo+ 17'58
35Darren LillTelkom - Ecobank+ 18'19
36Bastian BürgelGetronics+ 18'24
37Francesco BongiornoVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 18'36
38Juan ChamorroColombia+ 18'50
39Frank OsorioColombia+ 19'10
40Tobias LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 19'23
41Jonathan FumeauxAdecco+ 19'34
42Eduard VorganovRusVelo+ 19'51
43Daniel DíazDesigual Cycling+ 20'28
44Eric PedrosaMovistar Team+ 21'12
45Sergio MantecónOrbea+ 21'42
46Evgeny ShalunovKatusha+ 22'39
47Fernando OrjuelaColombia+ 23'41
48Håvard BlikraTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 25'23
49Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 27'09
50Pello BilbaoOrbea+ 27'16
51Fredrik LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 28'43
52Tobias KnaupTeam NSP - Ghost+ 29'38
53Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 30'53
54Pim LigthartAB Texel+ 32'44
55Tiesj BenootBelfius+ 32'47
56Rob RuijghAB Texel+ 32'48
57Damiano CunegoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 33'11
58Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&T+ 33'28
59Eugenio BenedettiVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 33'47
60Biao LiuChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 34'17
61José Luis RoldánMovistar Team+ 34'31
62Bert-Jan LindemanAB Texel+ 35'04
63David ArroyoOrbea+ 35'27
64Jérôme BaugniesBelfius+ 35'31
65Garikoitz BravoEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 35'53
66Marcel FischerGetronics+ 36'03
67Matteo PelucchiVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 36'08
68Marcel AreggerAdecco+ 36'15
69Daniel TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobank+ 36'35
70Tim DeclercqBelfius+ 36'55
71Tomasz NoseAdria Mobil+ 37'16
72Louis MeintjesChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 37'59
73Rafael SerranoMovistar Team+ 38'35
74Cristiano FumagalliVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 39'56
75Magno Prado NazaretDesigual Cycling+ 40'06
76Jesse AnthonyTarget - AT&T+ 40'12
77Andreas SchillingerRothaus+ 40'36
78Julian KernTeam NSP - Ghost+ 41'32
79Egoitz GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 41'55
80Danilo WyssAdecco+ 42'34
81Truls KorsaethTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 43'08
82Sep VermeirenBelfius+ 43'18
83Avi BitonChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 43'34
84Walter ProchTEAM Italo+ 45'20
85Marco CattaneoTEAM Italo+ 45'34
86Dirk BellemakersAB Texel+ 45'55
87Michel KochGetronics+ 46'06
88Fabricio FerrariDesigual Cycling+ 46'16
89Jonas Aaen JørgensenChristina Watches - Onfone+ 46'27
90Magnus CortChristina Watches - Onfone+ 46'31
91Jorge AzanzaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 46'50
92Sebastian MayRothaus+ 46'54
93Erik BaskaAdria Mobil+ 46'58
94Nicolas ParedesColombia+ 47'01
95Miguel MínguezEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 47'35
96Andrea MasciarelliTEAM Italo+ 48'02
97Edwin ParraColombia+ 48'54
98Zsolt DerChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 50'36
99Christian KuxRothaus+ 50'43
100José Carlos ValdezDesigual Cycling+ 51'14
101Mario GonzálezMovistar Team+ 51'21
102Robert VrecerAdria Mobils.t.
103Sven ForbergerGetronics+ 51'56
104Martin KohlerAdecco+ 52'17
105Thomas Riber-SellebjergChristina Watches - Onfone+ 52'39
106Marco ColedanTEAM Italo+ 52'42
107Philip LindauTarget - AT&T+ 53'06
108Ramón DomeneMovistar Team+ 54'19
109Matej MohoričAdria Mobil+ 54'23
110Olivier PardiniBelfius+ 55'23
111Bruno GuggisbergTarget - AT&T+ 55'30
112Pierpaolo De NegriAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 55'50
113Andrey KlyuevRusVelo+ 56'00
114Danny Van PoppelAB Texel+ 56'06
115Benjamin VerraesTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 56'25
116Evgeni SokolovKatusha+ 56'32
117Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 57'12
118Martin ReimerTeam NSP - Ghost+ 57'51
119Vegard BreenTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 57'56
120Blaz FurdiAdria Mobil+ 58'13
121Eduardo SepulvedaDesigual Cycling+ 58'40
122Boris ShpilevskiRusVelo+ 59'34
123Nolan HoffmanTelkom - Ecobank+ 59'35
124Niels ScheunemanAB Texel+ 1h00'12
125Michael Van StaeyenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h00'29
126Evgeniy KovalevKatusha+ 1h01'32
127Gijs Van HoeckeBelfius+ 1h01'49
128Peter ErdinAdecco+ 1h03'49
129Klemen StimulakAdria Mobil+ 1h04'25
130Laurens De VreeseTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h04'29
131Svein Erik VoldTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 1h06'19
132Mikhail AkimovKatusha+ 1h06'22
133Patrick LaneTarget - AT&T+ 1h06'54
134Matthias BertlingTeam NSP - Ghost+ 1h07'05
135Nathan BrownFox Cycling+ 1h07'24
136Peter Van DijkAB Texel+ 1h07'56
137Daniel HoelgaardTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 1h08'10
138José Miguel MasíasColombia+ 1h08'53
139Jesper MørkøvChristina Watches - Onfone+ 1h09'16
140Enrico RossiTEAM Italo+ 1h10'02
141Tino ThömelRothaus+ 1h10'26
142Niels WytinckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h10'39
143Ian MarshallFox Cycling+ 1h11'01
144Wouter WippertAB Texel+ 1h11'10
145Dieter BouvryTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h11'39
146Salvatore CongiuKatusha+ 1h13'02
147Jonathan BertrandBelfius+ 1h13'09
148Stig BroeckxTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h13'33
149Ryan BaumanFox Cycling+ 1h14'36
150Sung Baek ParkDesigual Cycling+ 1h14'56
151Valerey ValyninKatusha+ 1h15'12
152Dylan TeunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h15'13
153Cheng JiChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 1h15'55
154Daniele ColliTEAM Italo+ 1h16'09
155Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobil+ 1h16'28
156Patrick StrømmenTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 1h16'39
157Patrick BerghTelkom - Ecobank+ 1h17'31
158Temesgen TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobank+ 1h18'09
159Michael SchwarzmannTeam NSP - Ghost+ 1h19'22
160Vladimir KerkezAdria Mobil+ 1h19'57
161Robert BushFox Cycling+ 1h20'27
162Nick AitkenTarget - AT&T+ 1h20'37
163Dominique StarkAdecco+ 1h22'35
164Artur ErshovRusVelo+ 1h24'53
165Morten HøbergChristina Watches - Onfone+ 1h26'44
166Patrik SinkewitzGetronics+ 1h27'13
167Michael BerlingChristina Watches - Onfone+ 1h30'57
168Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1h31'28
169Chad WilsonTarget - AT&T+ 1h33'22
170Ivan GarciaOrbea+ 1h34'03
171Kurt HovelynckBelfius+ 1h34'36
172Andrea TrevisanKatusha+ 1h35'48
173Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1h38'34
174Joël FreyAdecco+ 1h43'02
175Raul HilarioEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h43'47
176Philipp WalslebenRothaus+ 1h44'33
177Julian LangerGetronics+ 1h45'08
178Sandro IbarraColombia+ 1h46'15
179Philipp KleinGetronics+ 1h46'51
180Roberto FigueirasAdecco+ 1h49'22
181Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1h52'04
182Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1h53'12
183Holger BurkhardtGetronics+ 1h56'20
184Tino MeierTeam NSP - Ghost+ 1h57'42
185Mikkel SlothChristina Watches - Onfone+ 2h01'51
186Renat LyubimovRusVelo+ 2h08'06
187Gonçalo NunesDesigual Cycling+ 2h10'30
188Daniel HoffmannRothaus+ 2h13'24
189Daniel HoltHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 2h18'43
190Leung Chun KwanChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 2h22'38
191Derek SheltonHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 2h27'53
192Robbe GoddaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 2h34'26


+1 EXP for the 2nd on Stage 7 and another point tacked onto the form.

The next race update will finish the Tour of Qinghai Lake:



My training is in your hands for the rest of my career.
After each race I can receive both EXP and Form Points.
EXP is a permanent stat gains while Form is temporary (the next race update).
A maximum of 3 EXP and 5 Form can be rewarded after each stage.

After any stage I receive EXP or Form points
you guys get to decided where I put those stat gains to use.

All you have to do is comment on which category you want
1 of the stat gains to go (Ex. Mountain, Sprint, Flat, etc.)
The EXP points are used up first followed by the Form.

Each member can only say one category for themselves.
And it will go until all the points are used up.

If you have any questions about my training, leave a question below.
It looks confusing at first but it's rather simple,
and this will be the only method for me to progress talent wise.

Current Stats / Schedule


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Now, let's read the report Pfft

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

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Hill going up abit on the GC good luck in the rest of the stages.
Hilll form Smile
RIP Burry Stander
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The Hobbit
Good riding, shame Kudus was such an ideot, but I guess that's sport for you.
+DH form

Attack on downhill next stage!!
Kudus being really, really strong.
What's his MO stat?


Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

PCMdaily Awards: 12x nomination, 9x runner-up, 0x win.
EXP / Form Points Taken

EXP - Hill / Form - Hill (x2), Stamina, Acceleration

Jesleyh wrote:
Kudus being really, really strong.
What's his MO stat?

78. Wink
Ah, it makes sense then Grin

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

PCMdaily Awards: 12x nomination, 9x runner-up, 0x win.
Jesleyh wrote:
Ah, it makes sense then Grin

Still, Travis with the form points was on 76. I just can't believe he rode away that easily. BTS: Trav had like nothing left in his red and yellow bars at that point. Wink

Let's get this over with, it's been a long two weeks here in China.
I don't recall ever being this homesick and missing my family so much.
This sure doesn't feel like I'm in Kansas anymore.

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---


The last key stage left. After this stage, three "flat" stages wrap-up the tour.


There are 2 lead groups on the road as we each inch closer to the final climb.


When we finally do get there I'm not wasting anytime. Here we go!
I'm going to try the same tactics I used (and worked) on stage 7.


This time, however, it fails and the peloton is quick to put me back in my place.


I'm not going to settle for this, right at the top I'm off again. Downhill attack!


It seems to be working, I'm closing in on the two breakaway riders remaining.


False hope. Kudos rallies the troops and reels me back in with 5kms to go.


But his guys didn't have the energy to pull back the remaining breakaway.
So, the win goes to Paul Voss. 1'09" out in front of the peloton.

1Paul VossTeam NSP - Ghost4h39'09
2Pedro SequeraAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 56
3Riccardo ZoidlRothauss.t.
4Gorka IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1'09
5Merhawi KudusTelkom - Ecobanks.t.

6Jonathan MonsalveAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
7Pedro MerinoOrbeas.t.
8Jesús EzquerraOrbeas.t.
9Francesco BongiornoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
10Dennis Van NiekerkTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
11Arkaitz DuránOrbeas.t.
12Pello BilbaoOrbeas.t.
13Óscar PujolMovistar Teams.t.
14Alexander RybakovRusVelos.t.
15André CardosoMovistar Teams.t.
16Jacobus VenterTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
17Donato De IesoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
18Tiago MachadoOrbeas.t.
19Tobias LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
20Garikoitz BravoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
21Sergio MantecónOrbeas.t.
22Josué MoyanoDesigual Cyclings.t.
23Ilnur ZakarinRusVelos.t.
24Matej MohoričAdria Mobils.t.
25Håvard BlikraTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
26Cayetano SarmientoColombias.t.
27Travis NewtonFox Cyclings.t.
28Magno Prado NazaretDesigual Cyclings.t.
29Darren LillTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
30David ArroyoOrbeas.t.
31Damiano CarusoKatushas.t.
32Andreas SchillingerRothauss.t.
33Tiesj BenootBelfiuss.t.
34Javier MorenoMovistar Teams.t.
35Erik BaskaAdria Mobils.t.
36Thomas RohreggerRothauss.t.
37Stefano PirazziAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
38Roman KlimovChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
39Jérôme BaugniesBelfiuss.t.
40José Luis RoldánMovistar Teams.t.
41Carlos VeronaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
42Daniel TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
43Rafael SerranoMovistar Teams.t.
44Eduard VorganovRusVelos.t.
45Eric PedrosaMovistar Teams.t.
46Matteo MontagutiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
47Daniel DíazDesigual Cyclings.t.
48Fredrik LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
49José Carlos ValdezDesigual Cyclings.t.
50Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
51Evgeny ShalunovKatushas.t.
52Michael ValgrenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
53Dimitry KozontchukRusVelos.t.
54Jackson RodríguezAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
55Louis MeintjesChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
56Miguel MínguezEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
57Avi BitonChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
58Nathan BrownFox Cyclings.t.
59Valerio AgnoliAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
60Damiano CunegoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
61Marcel AreggerAdeccos.t.
62Simone StortoniVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
63Jonathan FumeauxAdeccos.t.
64Julian KernTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
65Juan ChamorroColombias.t.
66Sep VermeirenBelfiuss.t.
67Nicolas ParedesColombias.t.
68Truls KorsaethTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
69Fernando OrjuelaColombias.t.
70Jorge AzanzaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
71Marcel FischerGetronicss.t.
72Sven ForbergerGetronicss.t.
73Edwin ParraColombias.t.
74Thomas Riber-SellebjergChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
75Magnus CortChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
76Philip LindauTarget - AT&Ts.t.
77Frank OsorioColombias.t.
78Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&Ts.t.
79Bastian BürgelGetronicss.t.
80Elia FavilliVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
81Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
82Matteo PelucchiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
83Rob RuijghAB Texels.t.
84Pim LigthartAB Texels.t.
85Tobias KnaupTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
86Bert-Jan LindemanAB Texels.t.
87Danilo WyssAdeccos.t.
88Egoitz GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
89Jesse AnthonyTarget - AT&Ts.t.
90Biao LiuChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
91Eugenio BenedettiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
92Fabricio FerrariDesigual Cycling+ 4'55
93Zsolt DerChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
94Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
95Klemen StimulakAdria Mobils.t.
96Vegard BreenTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
97Tim DeclercqBelfiuss.t.
98Andrey KlyuevRusVelos.t.
99Andrea MasciarelliTEAM Italos.t.
100Cristiano SandriTEAM Italos.t.
101Michel KochGetronicss.t.
102Walter ProchTEAM Italos.t.
103Cristiano FumagalliVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
104Tomasz NoseAdria Mobils.t.
105Ramón DomeneMovistar Teams.t.
106Salvatore CongiuKatushas.t.
107Tino ThömelRothauss.t.
108Marco CattaneoTEAM Italos.t.
109Christian KuxRothaus+ 5'42
110Eduardo SepulvedaDesigual Cyclings.t.
111Gijs Van HoeckeBelfiuss.t.
112Patrik SinkewitzGetronicss.t.
113Marco ColedanTEAM Italos.t.
114Robert VrecerAdria Mobils.t.
115Dirk BellemakersAB Texels.t.
116Bruno GuggisbergTarget - AT&Ts.t.
117Svein Erik VoldTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
118Sebastian MayRothauss.t.
119Matthias BertlingTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
120Mario GonzálezMovistar Teams.t.
121Boris ShpilevskiRusVelos.t.
122Valerey ValyninKatushas.t.
123Olivier PardiniBelfiuss.t.
124Patrick StrømmenTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
125Peter Van DijkAB Texels.t.
126Patrick BerghTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
127Danny Van PoppelAB Texel+ 6'28
128Blaz FurdiAdria Mobils.t.
129Benjamin VerraesTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
130Martin KohlerAdeccos.t.
131Stig BroeckxTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
132Laurens De VreeseTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
133José Miguel MasíasColombias.t.
134Evgeni SokolovKatushas.t.
135Enrico RossiTEAM Italos.t.
136Vladimir KerkezAdria Mobils.t.
137Nolan HoffmanTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
138Cheng JiChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
139Pierpaolo De NegriAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
140Patrick LaneTarget - AT&Ts.t.
141Martin ReimerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
142Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
143Artur ErshovRusVelos.t.
144Dieter BouvryTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
145Nick AitkenTarget - AT&Ts.t.
146Evgeniy KovalevKatushas.t.
147Jonas Aaen JørgensenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
148Mikhail AkimovKatushas.t.
149Daniel HoelgaardTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
150Jesper MørkøvChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
151Andrea TrevisanKatushas.t.
152Julian LangerGetronicss.t.
153Peter ErdinAdeccos.t.
154Niels ScheunemanAB Texels.t.
155Temesgen TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
156Dylan TeunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
157Wouter WippertAB Texels.t.
158Jonathan BertrandBelfiuss.t.
159Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobils.t.
160Sung Baek ParkDesigual Cyclings.t.
161Raul HilarioEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
162Niels WytinckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
163Morten HøbergChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
164Michael SchwarzmannTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
165Dominique StarkAdeccos.t.
166Chad WilsonTarget - AT&Ts.t.
167Daniele ColliTEAM Italos.t.
168Ivan GarciaOrbeas.t.
169Michael Van StaeyenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
170Ryan BaumanFox Cyclings.t.
171Ian MarshallFox Cyclings.t.
172Sandro IbarraColombia+ 9'06
173Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
174Tino MeierTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
175Joël FreyAdecco+ 10'34
176Roberto FigueirasAdeccos.t.
177Kurt HovelynckBelfiuss.t.
178Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
179Michael BerlingChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
180Philipp WalslebenRothauss.t.
181Holger BurkhardtGetronicss.t.
182Daniel HoltHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
183Gonçalo NunesDesigual Cyclings.t.
184Philipp KleinGetronicss.t.
185Daniel HoffmannRothauss.t.
186Renat LyubimovRusVelos.t.
187Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
188Derek SheltonHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
189Leung Chun KwanChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
190Mikkel SlothChristina Watches - Onfone+ 15'28
191Robert BushFox Cyclings.t.
192Robbe GoddaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.


I've thrown everything at Kudos and haven't got anywhere. Let's try again.


No action on the climb and it's a little too far out from the finish,
so I decide it's not worth it and position myself up nicely for the sprint.


Five of us sprint away from the field. I take 5th but I'm more concerned
about the gap that opened up behind me. Is this the break I needed?


It's pretty big. My estimate 20-25 seconds. The race officials estimations,
same time. Wow, nothing is going my way lately. This really sucks.
Only two more stages and I can get out of here and go home.


Flat but another tricky speed bump along the way.


It's a small breakaway of two riders to start. But nobody care about them...


Your here to see me. I attack on the final time up the speed bump.
I'm starting to think this is rather pointless but mind as well keep fighting.


There is small but visible gap, but there is still 5kms to go.


The sprinters quickly make the gap disappear. I was right.
I'm wasting my time with all these useless attacks getting nowhere.


I watch on and slip back to finish 11th as Elia Favilli gets the stage win.

1Elia FavilliVini Fantini - Selle Italia2h43'36
2Matteo PelucchiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
3Pello BilbaoOrbeas.t.
4Pedro MerinoOrbeas.t.
5Merhawi KudusTelkom - Ecobanks.t.

6Michael Van StaeyenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
7Damiano CarusoKatushas.t.
8Riccardo ZoidlRothauss.t.
9Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
10Pim LigthartAB Texels.t.
11Travis NewtonFox Cyclings.t.
12Gorka IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
13Evgeny ShalunovKatushas.t.
14Matej MohoričAdria Mobils.t.
15Pedro SequeraAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
16Fredrik LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
17Matteo MontagutiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
18Egoitz GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
19Donato De IesoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
20Roman KlimovChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
21Javier MorenoMovistar Teams.t.
22Jesús EzquerraOrbeas.t.
23André CardosoMovistar Teams.t.
24Jonathan MonsalveAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
25Sergio MantecónOrbeas.t.
26Bert-Jan LindemanAB Texels.t.
27Josué MoyanoDesigual Cyclings.t.
28Dennis Van NiekerkTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
29Valerio AgnoliAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
30Thomas RohreggerRothauss.t.
31Olivier PardiniBelfiuss.t.
32Andreas SchillingerRothauss.t.
33Ryan BaumanFox Cyclings.t.
34Paul VossTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
35Laurens De VreeseTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
36Jonas Aaen JørgensenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
37Arkaitz DuránOrbeas.t.
38Jérôme BaugniesBelfiuss.t.
39Francesco BongiornoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
40Dirk BellemakersAB Texels.t.
41Tiesj BenootBelfiuss.t.
42Michael ValgrenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
43Tobias LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
44Tiago MachadoOrbeas.t.
45Simone StortoniVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
46Rob RuijghAB Texels.t.
47Daniel DíazDesigual Cycling+ 1'47
48Alexander RybakovRusVelos.t.
49Danilo WyssAdecco+ 2'13
50Avi BitonChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
51Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&Ts.t.
52Danny Van PoppelAB Texels.t.
53Benjamin VerraesTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
54Wouter WippertAB Texels.t.
55Carlos VeronaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
56Peter ErdinAdeccos.t.
57Cristiano FumagalliVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
58Tino ThömelRothauss.t.
59Magnus CortChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
60Daniel HoelgaardTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
61Pierpaolo De NegriAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
62Marcel FischerGetronicss.t.
63Jonathan FumeauxAdeccos.t.
64Eduardo SepulvedaDesigual Cyclings.t.
65Dimitry KozontchukRusVelos.t.
66Stefano PirazziAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
67Fabricio FerrariDesigual Cyclings.t.
68Håvard BlikraTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
69Jackson RodríguezAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
70Ilnur ZakarinRusVelos.t.
71Nolan HoffmanTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
72Bastian BürgelGetronicss.t.
73Zsolt DerChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
74Cayetano SarmientoColombias.t.
75Jacobus VenterTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
76Damiano CunegoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
77Jesse AnthonyTarget - AT&Ts.t.
78Nathan BrownFox Cyclings.t.
79Óscar PujolMovistar Teams.t.
80Edwin ParraColombias.t.
81Blaz FurdiAdria Mobils.t.
82Vegard BreenTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
83Sebastian MayRothauss.t.
84Michael SchwarzmannTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
85Julian KernTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
86Juan ChamorroColombias.t.
87José Carlos ValdezDesigual Cyclings.t.
88Evgeniy KovalevKatushas.t.
89Erik BaskaAdria Mobils.t.
90Darren LillTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
91Daniel TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
92Sung Baek ParkDesigual Cyclings.t.
93Stig BroeckxTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
94Dieter BouvryTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
95Tim DeclercqBelfiuss.t.
96Niels ScheunemanAB Texels.t.
97Niels WytinckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
98Dylan TeunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
99Frank OsorioColombias.t.
100Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobil+ 3'59
101Martin ReimerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
102Morten HøbergChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
103Marco ColedanTEAM Italos.t.
104Mario GonzálezMovistar Teams.t.
105Cheng JiChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
106Peter Van DijkAB Texels.t.
107Gijs Van HoeckeBelfiuss.t.
108Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 4'32
109Thomas Riber-SellebjergChristina Watches - Onfone+ 5'46
110Martin KohlerAdeccos.t.
111Christian KuxRothauss.t.
112Enrico RossiTEAM Italos.t.
113Nick AitkenTarget - AT&Ts.t.
114Klemen StimulakAdria Mobils.t.
115Rafael SerranoMovistar Teams.t.
116Ramón DomeneMovistar Teams.t.
117Marcel AreggerAdeccos.t.
118Eric PedrosaMovistar Teams.t.
119Mikhail AkimovKatushas.t.
120Jonathan BertrandBelfiuss.t.
121Evgeni SokolovKatushas.t.
122Jesper MørkøvChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
123Artur ErshovRusVelos.t.
124Daniele ColliTEAM Italos.t.
125Garikoitz BravoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
126Magno Prado NazaretDesigual Cyclings.t.
127Fernando OrjuelaColombias.t.
128Valerey ValyninKatushas.t.
129Andrey KlyuevRusVelos.t.
130Louis MeintjesChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
131Walter ProchTEAM Italos.t.
132Vladimir KerkezAdria Mobils.t.
133Kurt HovelynckBelfiuss.t.
134José Luis RoldánMovistar Teams.t.
135Tino MeierTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
136Andrea MasciarelliTEAM Italos.t.
137Patrick LaneTarget - AT&Ts.t.
138Bruno GuggisbergTarget - AT&Ts.t.
139Cristiano SandriTEAM Italos.t.
140Roberto FigueirasAdeccos.t.
141Marco CattaneoTEAM Italos.t.
142Philipp KleinGetronicss.t.
143Boris ShpilevskiRusVelos.t.
144Sven ForbergerGetronicss.t.
145Philip LindauTarget - AT&Ts.t.
146Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
147Michael BerlingChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
148Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
149Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
150Eduard VorganovRusVelos.t.
151Philipp WalslebenRothauss.t.
152Temesgen TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
153Sep VermeirenBelfiuss.t.
154Patrick BerghTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
155Eugenio BenedettiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
156Nicolas ParedesColombia+ 7'03
157Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
158Truls KorsaethTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
159Joël FreyAdeccos.t.
160Tobias KnaupTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
161Matthias BertlingTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
162Michel KochGetronicss.t.
163Robbe GoddaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
164Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 7'37
165Biao LiuChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
166Dominique StarkAdecco+ 8'03
167Holger BurkhardtGetronicss.t.
168Miguel MínguezEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
169Patrik SinkewitzGetronicss.t.
170Svein Erik VoldTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
171Jorge AzanzaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
172José Miguel MasíasColombias.t.
173Robert VrecerAdria Mobils.t.
174Ivan GarciaOrbeas.t.
175Ian MarshallFox Cycling+ 8'42
176Daniel HoltHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
177Chad WilsonTarget - AT&Ts.t.
178Patrick StrømmenTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
179Julian LangerGetronicss.t.
180Robert BushFox Cyclings.t.
181Tomasz NoseAdria Mobil+ 9'37
182Renat LyubimovRusVelos.t.
183Raul HilarioEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 10'09
184Sandro IbarraColombias.t.
185Gonçalo NunesDesigual Cyclings.t.
186Andrea TrevisanKatushas.t.
187David ArroyoOrbeas.t.
188Salvatore CongiuKatushas.t.
189Leung Chun KwanChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
190Daniel HoffmannRothauss.t.
191Mikkel SlothChristina Watches - Onfone+ 13'22
192Derek SheltonHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 17'43


Foreign land, foreign people, foreign customs. I can't take it anymore.
1 short stage left before I hop onto a flight and head back to Los Angeles.

Sorry, if my constant complaining about wanting to go home is annoying,
but I really really hate it here. Beside the scenery, everything has been terrible.


Jump to 5kms to go, let's go to another bunch sprint.
The breakaway is fighting to hang on in the distance.


And they do, which is a shame because I was the best sprinter out of the peloton. Like I said nothing in the past 10 days has gone my way.
Luckily I still do get to leave China with a 4th place overall.

Click my heels together 3 times and bring home. Preferably to LA and
not Kansas; but somewhere, over the rainbow, where the skies are blue.

There's no place like home; there's no place like home;
there's no place like home...

1Blaz FurdiAdria Mobil2h06'11
2Ramón DomeneMovistar Teams.t.
3Jonathan FumeauxAdeccos.t.
4Fabricio FerrariDesigual Cyclings.t.
5Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.

6Travis NewtonFox Cyclings.t.
7Matteo PelucchiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
8Pim LigthartAB Texels.t.
9Marco CattaneoTEAM Italos.t.
10Michael Van StaeyenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
11Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
12Matej MohoričAdria Mobils.t.
13Louis MeintjesChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
14Benjamin VerraesTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
15Merhawi KudusTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
16Egoitz GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
17Wouter WippertAB Texels.t.
18Pello BilbaoOrbeas.t.
19Elia FavilliVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
20Riccardo ZoidlRothauss.t.
21Pedro MerinoOrbeas.t.
22Jonathan MonsalveAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
23Jonas Aaen JørgensenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
24Danny Van PoppelAB Texels.t.
25Valerio AgnoliAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
26Mario GonzálezMovistar Teams.t.
27Matteo MontagutiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
28Pedro SequeraAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
29Jonathan BertrandBelfiuss.t.
30André CardosoMovistar Teams.t.
31Sebastian MayRothauss.t.
32Laurens De VreeseTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
33Javier MorenoMovistar Teams.t.
34Jérôme BaugniesBelfiuss.t.
35Danilo WyssAdeccos.t.
36Jesús EzquerraOrbeas.t.
37Donato De IesoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
38Paul VossTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
39Daniel TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
40Josué MoyanoDesigual Cyclings.t.
41Daniel DíazDesigual Cyclings.t.
42Damiano CarusoKatushas.t.
43Artur ErshovRusVelos.t.
44Dennis Van NiekerkTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
45Bert-Jan LindemanAB Texels.t.
46Tiesj BenootBelfiuss.t.
47Michael ValgrenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
48Gorka IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
49Tino ThömelRothauss.t.
50Arkaitz DuránOrbeas.t.
51Tiago MachadoOrbeas.t.
52Thomas RohreggerRothauss.t.
53Stefano PirazziAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
54Olivier PardiniBelfiuss.t.
55Stig BroeckxTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
56Håvard BlikraTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
57Pierpaolo De NegriAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
58Tobias LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
59Nolan HoffmanTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
60Francesco BongiornoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
61Simone StortoniVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
62Gijs Van HoeckeBelfiuss.t.
63Fredrik LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
64Tim DeclercqBelfiuss.t.
65Dylan TeunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
66Dieter BouvryTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
67Carlos VeronaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
68Alexander RybakovRusVelos.t.
69Vegard BreenTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
70Erik BaskaAdria Mobils.t.
71Niels ScheunemanAB Texels.t.
72Óscar PujolMovistar Teams.t.
73Cayetano SarmientoColombias.t.
74Rob RuijghAB Texels.t.
75Marcel FischerGetronicss.t.
76Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&Ts.t.
77Dimitry KozontchukRusVelos.t.
78Jacobus VenterTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
79Roman KlimovChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
80Kurt HovelynckBelfiuss.t.
81Cristiano FumagalliVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
82Fernando OrjuelaColombias.t.
83Evgeny ShalunovKatushas.t.
84Jesper MørkøvChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
85Sung Baek ParkDesigual Cyclings.t.
86Dirk BellemakersAB Texels.t.
87Daniel HoelgaardTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
88Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
89Avi BitonChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
90Niels WytinckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
91Nathan BrownFox Cyclings.t.
92Bastian BürgelGetronicss.t.
93Eduardo SepulvedaDesigual Cyclings.t.
94Ilnur ZakarinRusVelos.t.
95Martin ReimerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
96Julian KernTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
97Darren LillTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
98Edwin ParraColombias.t.
99Magnus CortChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
100Morten HøbergChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
101Michael SchwarzmannTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
102Juan ChamorroColombias.t.
103Daniele ColliTEAM Italo+ 2'32
104Philip LindauTarget - AT&Ts.t.
105Jackson RodríguezAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
106Enrico RossiTEAM Italos.t.
107Rafael SerranoMovistar Teams.t.
108Martin KohlerAdeccos.t.
109Frank OsorioColombias.t.
110Peter ErdinAdeccos.t.
111Patrick LaneTarget - AT&Ts.t.
112Damiano CunegoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuelas.t.
113Ian MarshallFox Cyclings.t.
114José Carlos ValdezDesigual Cycling+ 3'06
115Marco ColedanTEAM Italos.t.
116Jesse AnthonyTarget - AT&Ts.t.
117Nick AitkenTarget - AT&Ts.t.
118Truls KorsaethTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 4'23
119Sergio MantecónOrbeas.t.
120Magno Prado NazaretDesigual Cyclings.t.
121Michel KochGetronicss.t.
122Evgeniy KovalevKatushas.t.
123Marcel AreggerAdeccos.t.
124Philipp KleinGetronicss.t.
125Christian KuxRothauss.t.
126Evgeni SokolovKatushas.t.
127Cheng JiChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
128Mikhail AkimovKatushas.t.
129Boris ShpilevskiRusVelos.t.
130Andreas SchillingerRothauss.t.
131Walter ProchTEAM Italos.t.
132Temesgen TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
133Joël FreyAdeccos.t.
134José Luis RoldánMovistar Teams.t.
135Sven ForbergerGetronicss.t.
136Eduard VorganovRusVelos.t.
137Thomas Riber-SellebjergChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
138Andrey KlyuevRusVelos.t.
139Valerey ValyninKatushas.t.
140Bruno GuggisbergTarget - AT&Ts.t.
141Andrea MasciarelliTEAM Italos.t.
142Tobias KnaupTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
143Nicolas ParedesColombias.t.
144Peter Van DijkAB Texels.t.
145Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
146Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
147Klemen StimulakAdria Mobils.t.
148Zsolt DerChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
149Jorge AzanzaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
150Tomasz NoseAdria Mobils.t.
151Svein Erik VoldTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
152Biao LiuChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
153Miguel MínguezEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
154Cristiano SandriTEAM Italos.t.
155Dominique StarkAdeccos.t.
156Philipp WalslebenRothauss.t.
157Michael BerlingChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
158Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
159Vladimir KerkezAdria Mobils.t.
160Eric PedrosaMovistar Teams.t.
161Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobils.t.
162José Miguel MasíasColombias.t.
163Patrik SinkewitzGetronicss.t.
164Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
165Tino MeierTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
166Sep VermeirenBelfiuss.t.
167Holger BurkhardtGetronicss.t.
168Matthias BertlingTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
169Patrick StrømmenTeam Øster Hus - Ridleys.t.
170Leung Chun KwanChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
171Robert VrecerAdria Mobils.t.
172Chad WilsonTarget - AT&Ts.t.
173Patrick BerghTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
174Ryan BaumanFox Cyclings.t.
175David ArroyoOrbeas.t.
176Renat LyubimovRusVelos.t.
177Julian LangerGetronicss.t.
178Robert BushFox Cyclings.t.
179Eugenio BenedettiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
180Raul HilarioEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
181Robbe GoddaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
182Derek SheltonHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
183Salvatore CongiuKatusha+ 7'12
184Daniel HoltHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
185Roberto FigueirasAdecco+ 7'42
186Garikoitz BravoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
187Ivan GarciaOrbea+ 8'27
188Daniel HoffmannRothauss.t.
189Andrea TrevisanKatushas.t.
190Gonçalo NunesDesigual Cycling+ 8'58
191Sandro IbarraColombias.t.
192Mikkel SlothChristina Watches - Onfone+ 10'33

General Classification

1Merhawi KudusTelkom - Ecobank48h31'26
2Damiano CarusoKatusha+ 2'55
3Pedro MerinoOrbea+ 2'57
4Travis NewtonFox Cycling+ 3'33
5Riccardo ZoidlRothaus+ 5'33
6Pedro SequeraAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 5'47
7André CardosoMovistar Team+ 5'59
8Jonathan MonsalveAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 6'06
9Josué MoyanoDesigual Cycling+ 6'19
10Matteo MontagutiVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 6'21

11Donato De IesoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 7'21
12Javier MorenoMovistar Team+ 7'36
13Tiago MachadoOrbea+ 7'39
14Jesús EzquerraOrbea+ 7'40
15Thomas RohreggerRothaus+ 7'48
16Dennis Van NiekerkTelkom - Ecobanks.t.
17Arkaitz DuránOrbea+ 7'57
18Roman KlimovChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 8'03
19Gorka IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 9'04
20Stefano PirazziAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 9'51
21Valerio AgnoliAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 12'19
22Paul VossTeam NSP - Ghost+ 12'33
23Alexander RybakovRusVelos.t.
24Simone StortoniVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 12'58
25Elia FavilliVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 13'22
26Michael ValgrenChristina Watches - Onfone+ 14'52
27Óscar PujolMovistar Team+ 15'06
28Cayetano SarmientoColombia+ 15'14
29Jacobus VenterTelkom - Ecobank+ 16'22
30Jackson RodríguezAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 16'52
31Ilnur ZakarinRusVelo+ 17'19
32Carlos VeronaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 18'22
33Francesco BongiornoVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 18'36
34Tobias LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 19'23
35Dimitry KozontchukRusVelo+ 20'05
36Bastian BürgelGetronics+ 20'29
37Darren LillTelkom - Ecobank+ 20'32
38Juan ChamorroColombia+ 21'03
39Jonathan FumeauxAdecco+ 21'37
40Daniel DíazDesigual Cycling+ 22'15
41Evgeny ShalunovKatusha+ 22'39
42Frank OsorioColombia+ 23'55
43Sergio MantecónOrbea+ 25'59
44Pello BilbaoOrbea+ 27'06
45Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 27'09
46Håvard BlikraTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 27'36
47Fredrik LudvigssonTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 28'39
48Fernando OrjuelaColombia+ 29'27
49Eduard VorganovRusVelo+ 30'00
50Cristiano SandriTEAM Italo+ 31'53
51Pim LigthartAB Texel+ 32'44
52Tiesj BenootBelfius+ 32'47
53Rob RuijghAB Texel+ 32'48
54Eric PedrosaMovistar Team+ 34'42
55Bert-Jan LindemanAB Texel+ 35'04
56Jérôme BaugniesBelfius+ 35'19
57Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&T+ 35'41
58Matteo PelucchiVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 35'42
59Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 36'31
60Damiano CunegoAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 37'56
61Marcel FischerGetronics+ 38'16
62Daniel TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobank+ 38'48
63Tobias KnaupTeam NSP - Ghost+ 41'04
64Egoitz GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 41'45
65Tim DeclercqBelfius+ 42'54
66Julian KernTeam NSP - Ghost+ 43'45
67Louis MeintjesChampion System Pro Cycling Teams.t.
68Eugenio BenedettiVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 43'56
69José Luis RoldánMovistar Team+ 44'40
70Danilo WyssAdecco+ 44'47
71Andreas SchillingerRothaus+ 44'59
72Jesse AnthonyTarget - AT&T+ 45'25
73Avi BitonChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 45'47
74Cristiano FumagalliVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 45'55
75Biao LiuChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 46'17
76Marcel AreggerAdecco+ 46'24
77Rafael SerranoMovistar Team+ 46'53
78Magnus CortChristina Watches - Onfone+ 48'44
79Erik BaskaAdria Mobil+ 49'11
80Garikoitz BravoEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 49'21
81David ArroyoOrbea+ 49'59
82Magno Prado NazaretDesigual Cycling+ 50'15
83Dirk BellemakersAB Texel+ 50'28
84Edwin ParraColombia+ 51'01
85Jonas Aaen JørgensenChristina Watches - Onfone+ 51'26
86Fabricio FerrariDesigual Cycling+ 52'07
87Sep VermeirenBelfius+ 53'27
88Sebastian MayRothaus+ 53'40
89Matej MohoričAdria Mobil+ 54'23
90Truls KorsaethTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 54'34
91Tomasz NoseAdria Mobil+ 55'02
92Marco CattaneoTEAM Italo+ 55'06
93José Carlos ValdezDesigual Cycling+ 56'33
94Nicolas ParedesColombia+ 58'27
95Walter ProchTEAM Italo+ 59'15
96Jorge AzanzaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 59'16
97Mario GonzálezMovistar Team+ 59'53
98Olivier PardiniBelfius+ 59'56
99Miguel MínguezEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h00'01
100Zsolt DerChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 1h00'58
101Michel KochGetronics+ 1h01'18
102Philip LindauTarget - AT&T+ 1h01'24
103Andrea MasciarelliTEAM Italo+ 1h01'57
104Sven ForbergerGetronics+ 1h02'01
105Thomas Riber-SellebjergChristina Watches - Onfone+ 1h02'48
106Pierpaolo De NegriAndroni Giocattoli - Venezuela+ 1h03'22
107Danny Van PoppelAB Texel+ 1h03'38
108Vegard BreenTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 1h03'55
109Benjamin VerraesTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h03'57
110Marco ColedanTEAM Italo+ 1h04'20
111Blaz FurdiAdria Mobil+ 1h05'23
112Christian KuxRothaus+ 1h05'25
113Eduardo SepulvedaDesigual Cycling+ 1h05'26
114Michael Van StaeyenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h05'48
115Martin KohlerAdecco+ 1h05'54
116Nolan HoffmanTelkom - Ecobank+ 1h07'07
117Martin ReimerTeam NSP - Ghost+ 1h07'09
118Niels ScheunemanAB Texel+ 1h07'44
119Ramón DomeneMovistar Team+ 1h08'05
120Robert VrecerAdria Mobil+ 1h08'20
121Laurens De VreeseTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h09'48
122Andrey KlyuevRusVelo+ 1h09'55
123Bruno GuggisbergTarget - AT&T+ 1h10'12
124Gijs Van HoeckeBelfius+ 1h10'21
125Evgeni SokolovKatusha+ 1h12'00
126Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1h12'58
127Evgeniy KovalevKatusha+ 1h13'27
128Peter ErdinAdecco+ 1h13'53
129Nathan BrownFox Cycling+ 1h14'15
130Boris ShpilevskiRusVelo+ 1h14'16
131Daniel HoelgaardTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 1h15'42
132Tino ThömelRothaus+ 1h16'25
133Klemen StimulakAdria Mobil+ 1h18'20
134Wouter WippertAB Texel+ 1h18'42
135Dieter BouvryTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h19'11
136Jesper MørkøvChristina Watches - Onfone+ 1h20'21
137Patrick LaneTarget - AT&T+ 1h20'31
138Peter Van DijkAB Texel+ 1h20'51
139Stig BroeckxTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h21'05
140Mikhail AkimovKatusha+ 1h21'50
141Sung Baek ParkDesigual Cycling+ 1h22'28
142Dylan TeunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h22'45
143Niels WytinckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1h22'49
144Matthias BertlingTeam NSP - Ghost+ 1h23'04
145Svein Erik VoldTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 1h23'18
146Enrico RossiTEAM Italo+ 1h23'39
147Ryan BaumanFox Cycling+ 1h24'18
148José Miguel MasíasColombia+ 1h26'38
149Michael SchwarzmannTeam NSP - Ghost+ 1h26'54
150Ian MarshallFox Cycling+ 1h27'34
151Jonathan BertrandBelfius+ 1h28'52
152Cheng JiChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 1h29'24
153Valerey ValyninKatusha+ 1h29'54
154Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobil+ 1h30'09
155Patrick BerghTelkom - Ecobank+ 1h32'13
156Temesgen TeklehaimanotTelkom - Ecobank+ 1h33'37
157Daniele ColliTEAM Italo+ 1h34'24
158Nick AitkenTarget - AT&T+ 1h34'48
159Vladimir KerkezAdria Mobil+ 1h35'25
160Artur ErshovRusVelo+ 1h35'58
161Morten HøbergChristina Watches - Onfone+ 1h36'02
162Salvatore CongiuKatusha+ 1h38'47
163Dominique StarkAdecco+ 1h40'20
164Patrick StrømmenTeam Øster Hus - Ridley+ 1h41'32
165Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1h43'57
166Patrik SinkewitzGetronics+ 1h44'12
167Robert BushFox Cycling+ 1h47'51
168Michael BerlingChristina Watches - Onfone+ 1h50'31
169Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1h55'19
170Chad WilsonTarget - AT&T+ 1h56'24
171Kurt HovelynckBelfius+ 1h57'02
172Ivan GarciaOrbea+ 2h00'30
173Andrea TrevisanKatusha+ 2h06'58
174Julian LangerGetronics+ 2h08'10
175Joël FreyAdecco+ 2h08'31
176Raul HilarioEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 2h10'53
177Philipp KleinGetronics+ 2h11'03
178Philipp WalslebenRothaus+ 2h11'22
179Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 2h16'16
180Roberto FigueirasAdecco+ 2h19'30
181Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 2h20'01
182Sandro IbarraColombia+ 2h20'34
183Tino MeierTeam NSP - Ghost+ 2h23'03
184Holger BurkhardtGetronics+ 2h25'26
185Renat LyubimovRusVelo+ 2h40'41
186Gonçalo NunesDesigual Cycling+ 2h48'12
187Mikkel SlothChristina Watches - Onfone+ 2h49'15
188Daniel HoffmannRothaus+ 2h50'35
189Daniel HoltHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 2h51'17
190Leung Chun KwanChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 2h55'45
191Derek SheltonHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 3h08'34
192Robbe GoddaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 3h12'46


+1 EXP for the 4th Overall, but my form is rapidly dropping.

The next race update will be the complete Tour of Elk Grove:



My training is in your hands for the rest of my career.
After each race I can receive both EXP and Form Points.
EXP is a permanent stat gains while Form is temporary (the next race update).
A maximum of 3 EXP and 5 Form can be rewarded after each stage.

After any stage I receive EXP or Form points
you guys get to decided where I put those stat gains to use.

All you have to do is comment on which category you want
1 of the stat gains to go (Ex. Mountain, Sprint, Flat, etc.)
The EXP points are used up first followed by the Form.

Each member can only say one category for themselves.
And it will go until all the points are used up.

If you have any questions about my training, leave a question below.
It looks confusing at first but it's rather simple,
and this will be the only method for me to progress talent wise.

Current Stats / Results


+1 DH Pfft

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