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The Comeback
Loving this story so far, can't believe there is only one ep left in the first season
Thanks everybody, it really motivates me to keep releasing multiple episodes a day because I know I have consistent readers wanting the next installment. Smile

And for those that haven't looked, in the first post I have put the links for all of the episodes so far (in case you want to quickly go back and reread or to catch up on the story) and I'm also revealing the up and coming episode titles as I complete them (to give you possible hints at what could be coming next.) Wink
Just read every single part until now. I like that they are fairly short, but well written. A story well written on 100 words per part is far better than a mediocre story on maybe 500 words per part. Keep them coming, but don't burn yourself out! Smile Also, the first post decision is a good one. I like it, at least.
This is awesome. You got a job and a constant flow of money and food. PLus an apartment. Remember to continue cycling though Wink
Avin Wargunnson
I like it, i like it very much! Grin
But it has to be fictional, hasnt it? It sounds like a Hollywood movie. Pfft
I'll be back
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Ian Butler
Avin Wargunnson wrote:
I like it, i like it very much! Grin
But it has to be fictional, hasnt it? It sounds like a Hollywood movie. Pfft

I would agree, but Hollywood would never make a movie about cycling Pfft
Well, and for us 'consistent readers' it's really motivating that you keep bringing out multiple episodes per day Pfft

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The agreement was simple. All I needed to do was show Kyle that
I had potential as a cyclist because he had never seen me ride before.
I could tell he wanted to stop being a waiter and do something with his degree,
but he just didn't want to throw his personal money on the line
without seeing if he could get a return on his investment.

So, I asked him that if I could impressed him enough at my next race
would he consider being my own personal manager/promoter. He agreed.
I even let him pick out my next race as I was confident on all types of terrain.

Kyle picked out an individual time trial race being held the day before
the start of the 2009 Amgen Tour of California as the race was for the local
amateurs to test their skills against the clock to compare themselves to the
professionals running the same course the next day to kick off their tour.

I was used to individuals time trials making this the perfect scenario for me.
Sure I was still I little bit nervous but last week I finally broke into the top 5
for the 1st time since I started racing here in California.
It was a small payday but it surely helped my confidence for this race.

And for those keep track, this was going to be my 12th race of Californian soil
and I was now approaching seven months away from my family.
I hadn't made much progress but this was my chance to keep moving forward.
If I didn't do anything soon a trip back home started to look more likely.

Kyle had what I needed, knowledge in publicity and of course money.
All I needed to do was impress him in a discipline I trained myself in as a kid.

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---

All the best amateur riders in California were here at this event
as cycling had taken over the state for the next week.


This was my chance to shine.

Good luck with this time trial Wink
Nice piece of writing again and good luckWink
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WinkGood luck with the TT
Ian Butler
Major cliffhanger Grin
Fucking cliffhangers Pfft. great story by the way Smile
Thanks to fcancellara / Jakstar for the avatar

"Irishmen sound like a bunch of Scots slightly more drunk than they already were" - Dag Jensen, 30-06-13
Hah, that's the Sacramento Prologue on Pcm09, used that for so many custom races Wink

Keep it up!
I think after this final episode we are all waiting for the 2nd season Wink
Anyway great story which I really enjoy to read.

The course was 2.4 miles long and dead straight.
Back home that wouldn't even stretch the length of our cornfield.
I left the start house rather early in the day which ultimately helped me
as the temperature soared into triple digits later in the afternoon.


One thing was for sure, I didn't match at all.
I took to the course with my Discovery jersey, Garmin water bottle and socks,
and my Trek bike which now had red stripes painted on to cover up
some the dents I got from carrying my bike up down the stairs at my apartment.


But all that was stuff that could be fix with a little extra cash.
So, back to my time trial as I was feeling great through my first mile.


Then I started to hear the crowd at the finish which only made me go faster.
It made me feel like a kid again with my grandpa's Schwinn trying to push
my bike as fast as it could go so I could make it to school on time.


And before I knew it I had hit the line with a time of 4'52".
It was by far the best time of the day so far,
but there were over 150 riders still left to go.

I settled in as it was going to be a long nervous wait.

Get that win!
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Ian Butler
OH! You're annoying, always with the big question mark at the end of an episode Pfft

People say my stories are soap series, but this is worse Grin

But seriously, greatly written Wink
Edited by Ian Butler on 14-06-2013 17:46
Love the attire.

And so the wait begins...
Never read better stroy. Really.
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