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The Comeback
Is the next stage a long TT or another short wierd stage?
kqyt wrote:
Is the next stage a long TT or another short wierd stage?

A short weird stage. Wink

Sorry for the slow pace here, I've been backed up with homework and the man-game is rather distracting. But, then I again I don't want this to end too quickly.

I've schedule out the rest of the remaining reports to finish by the end of month.

(Just in time for the March Story of the Month competition.) Pfft
Nice timing for the Story of the Month competition Pfft

When I last left you I had perhaps raced the best stage of my life.


It was a fantastic win, however nobody was there to witness it as
the American fans had boycotted the rest of the race after
a Frenchman, Romain Feillu, won the 1st stage.

Even the news reporters were deeming it as the 1st attack by the on soil.
A little far-fetched, but I guess they do have to sell the news nowadays.

But, back to me. I'm now in yellow, so will the fans come back to support me
or will they stay away and continue to shun me for using PEDs?

There is only one way to find out...

Here is the conclusion of the Tour of Utah.

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---


If I stay alert then this short 55km stage shouldn't matter in terms of GC.


I line up at the start line, I can see a few fans. That's cool.
But, as we got to the final lap around Salt Lake City...


The whole city was out on the street cheering me on! This is incredible!
Never underestimate what nationalistic pride can do during war time.
I'm going to take it they have forgiven me for my past mistake?

Probably not completely, but I'll take it because I have never
had this many people cheering me on before.


My team wasn't strong enough to pull back the morning breakaway,
but I didn't loss any time to my GC rivals so no harm done.

The Queen stage is up tomorrow, hopefully the fan support remains the same.

1Jesse SergentBissell Cycling1h15'16
2Anders NewburyLivestrongs.t.
3Martin VelitsCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
4Cameron CogburnHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 11
5Alexandre PliuschinTDCs.t.

6David VeilleuxAir Canada+ 39
7Evan HuffmanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
8Kirk CarlsenPepsi Pro Cycling+ 55
9Rob BrittonBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
10Joseph DombrowskiNike - Oracles.t.
11Travis NewtonFox Cyclings.t.
12Lucas EuserUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
13Kristof VandewalleExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
14René MandriSantanders.t.
15Cristiano SalernoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
16Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&Ts.t.
17Lawson CraddockFox Cycling+ 1'21
18Jakob RathePepsi Pro Cycling+ 1'30
19Chris BartonPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
20Bjorn SelanderOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
21Matthew BrammeierExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
22Sergio HernandezPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
23Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
24Stefan DeniflExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
25David BoilyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
26Ian FieldsExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
27Alex HowesTarget - AT&Ts.t.
28Guillaume BoivinAir Canadas.t.
29RĂ©my CusinAir Canadas.t.
30Adam BlytheTarget - AT&Ts.t.
31Guy EastPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
32Michael RogersUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
33Ryan AndersonAir Canadas.t.
34Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
35Romain FeilluAir Canadas.t.
36Maxwell DurtschiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
37Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
38Jeffry RomeroSantanders.t.
39Bob JungelsExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
40Sebastian SalasBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
41Chad BeyerFox Cyclings.t.
42Rory SutherlandTDCs.t.
43Andy GuptillOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
44Craig LewisBissell Cyclings.t.
45Wesley SulzbergerUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
46Gavin MannionPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
47Kiel ReijnenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
48Alexander BoydExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
49Taylor TollesonExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
50Alister RatcliffOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
51Calvin WatsonUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
52Ian MarshallFox Cyclings.t.
53Nathaniel EnglishOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
54Larry WarbasseFox Cyclings.t.
55Graham HowardBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
56Gatis SmukulisSantanders.t.
57Alexandre DarvilleFox Cyclings.t.
58Sylvain ChavanelAir Canadas.t.
59James StemperBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
60Dominique RollinAir Canada+ 2'13
61Jan KellerTarget - AT&Ts.t.
62John VasquezFox Cyclings.t.
63Bobby LeaExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
64James OramTarget - AT&Ts.t.
65Sterling MagnellPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
66Joey RosskopfUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
67Paul EvansFox Cyclings.t.
68Geoffrey SoupeAir Canadas.t.
69Vicente Muñoz GonzålezSantanders.t.
70Mark RileyNike - Oracles.t.
71Rinaldo NocentiniCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
72Antonio LucciCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
73Matthew WilliamsonBissell Cyclings.t.
74Chad HagaNike - Oracles.t.
75Dayer QuintanaSantanders.t.
76Martin GilbertBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
77Edward KingLivestrongs.t.
78Jonathan Patrick McCartyTarget - AT&Ts.t.
79Sergey LagutinTDCs.t.
80Bruno MaltarTDCs.t.
81Sam BewleyTDCs.t.
82Roberto De PatreCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
83Luca BarlaCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
84Francisco GarcĂ­a NicolĂĄsSantanders.t.
85Matija KvasinaTDCs.t.
86Lachlan NorrisBissell Cyclings.t.
87Federico RocchettiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
88Freddy CruzNike - Oracles.t.
89Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
90John MurphyNike - Oracles.t.
91Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
92Connor O'LearyBissell Cyclings.t.
93Gert JoeaarSantanders.t.
94Nick ReistadLivestrongs.t.
95Philip MooneyHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
96Benjamin BradshawBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
97James WilliamsonTDCs.t.
98Ken HansonNike - Oracles.t.
99Kevin MullervyLivestrongs.t.
100Branden RussellLivestrongs.t.
101Nathan KingBissell Cyclings.t.
102Kalle KriitTarget - AT&Ts.t.
103Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
104Weston LuzadderHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
105Patrick BevinBissell Cyclings.t.
106Vidal CelisSantanders.t.
107Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
108Ian MoirBissell Cyclings.t.
109Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 3'53
110Michael FriedmanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
111Chad WilsonTarget - AT&Ts.t.
112Peter RileyNike - Oracles.t.
113Joseph SchmalzLivestrongs.t.
114Michael ShererPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
115Peter KingNike - Oracles.t.
116Phil SoutherlandTDC+ 5'32
117Svein TuftBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
118Shane GravesHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 6'34


I need to be at my best to have any chance of holding off Joseph Dombrowski.


My team has to be strong as well, and they are. We pick up the breakaway
as we power up the cat. 1 climb before the real climb to the finish.


But, I'm not going to wait until then. I have trained my downhill ability so much
and now it's time to prove I'm the best complete stage racer in the USA.

Come and get me Dombrowski! Pfft


Here he comes... Rolling Eyes


As we reach the downhill it's a lead group of 4.
Dombrowski, Mandri, Warbasse, and me.


I had the numbers on my side but Warbasse is gassed and drops off.
Wait, why I'm I wasting my energy leading this fools?


That's better. Dombromski needs 5+ minutes for yellow, Madri only needs 2'30".
Game on!


Joe doesn't mess around and quickly puts in a hard attack.


I'm struggling. Not sure if it's good thing that a devil is yelling at me to go faster.


Dombromski is just too good. Mandri is right behind him for 2nd. Start the clock.


Tick, tick, tick... I stop the clock at 1'13". Great! I keep yellow easily.
One more stage to go and it isn't going to get any easier.

1Joseph DombrowskiNike - Oracle4h54'08
2René MandriSantander+ 12
3Travis NewtonFox Cycling+ 1'13
4Larry WarbasseFox Cycling+ 2'57
5Lucas EuserUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 3'34

6Stefan DeniflExxonMobil - Geberit+ 4'23
7Chad HagaNike - Oracle+ 4'36
8Alex HowesTarget - AT&T+ 5'25
9Gavin MannionPepsi Pro Cycling+ 5'37
10Matija KvasinaTDC+ 6'09
11Bob JungelsExxonMobil - Geberit+ 6'30
12Lawson CraddockFox Cyclings.t.
13Kristof VandewalleExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
14Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&T+ 7'10
15Cristiano SalernoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 7'30
16Vicente Muñoz GonzålezSantander+ 9'01
17Rob BrittonBontrager Cycling Team+ 9'12
18Craig LewisBissell Cycling+ 9'21
19Paul EvansFox Cycling+ 9'31
20Chad BeyerFox Cyclings.t.
21Sylvain ChavanelAir Canadas.t.
22Edward KingLivestrongs.t.
23David VeilleuxAir Canadas.t.
24Mark RileyNike - Oracles.t.
25Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
26David BoilyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
27Jakob RathePepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
28Chris BartonPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
29Ryan AndersonAir Canadas.t.
30Geoffrey SoupeAir Canadas.t.
31Ian FieldsExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
32Alexandre PliuschinTDC+ 10'55
33Sebastian SalasBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
34Evan HuffmanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
35Nathaniel EnglishOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 11'21
36Guillaume BoivinAir Canada+ 13'05
37Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 13'19
38Roberto De PatreCannondale Pro Cycling+ 14'06
39Alexander BoydExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
40RĂ©my CusinAir Canada+ 16'20
41Dayer QuintanaSantander+ 17'30
42Kiel ReijnenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 18'59
43James StemperBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
44Jeffry RomeroSantander+ 19'28
45Martin VelitsCannondale Pro Cycling+ 20'16
46Kirk CarlsenPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
47Chad WilsonTarget - AT&Ts.t.
48Graham HowardBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
49Lachlan NorrisBissell Cyclings.t.
50Michael RogersUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
51Philip MooneyHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
52Cameron CogburnHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
53Sergey LagutinTDC+ 21'03
54Rory SutherlandTDCs.t.
55Wesley SulzbergerUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
56Kevin MullervyLivestrongs.t.
57Branden RussellLivestrongs.t.
58Dominique RollinAir Canadas.t.
59Adam BlytheTarget - AT&Ts.t.
60Sam BewleyTDCs.t.
61Gatis SmukulisSantanders.t.
62Joey RosskopfUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
63Nathan KingBissell Cyclings.t.
64Romain FeilluAir Canadas.t.
65Jesse SergentBissell Cyclings.t.
66Calvin WatsonUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
67Kalle KriitTarget - AT&Ts.t.
68Alexandre DarvilleFox Cyclings.t.
69Sergio HernandezPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
70John MurphyNike - Oracles.t.
71Nick ReistadLivestrongs.t.
72Gert JoeaarSantanders.t.
73Patrick BevinBissell Cyclings.t.
74Anders NewburyLivestrongs.t.
75Francisco GarcĂ­a NicolĂĄsSantanders.t.
76Guy EastPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
77Luca BarlaCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
78Taylor TollesonExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
79Antonio LucciCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
80Bjorn SelanderOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 22'58
81James OramTarget - AT&Ts.t.
82Andy GuptillOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
83Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
84Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
85Federico RocchettiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
86Jonathan Patrick McCartyTarget - AT&Ts.t.
87Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
88Ian MoirBissell Cyclings.t.
89Weston LuzadderHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
90Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
91Matthew WilliamsonBissell Cyclings.t.
92Bruno MaltarTDCs.t.
93Ken HansonNike - Oracles.t.
94Alister RatcliffOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
95James WilliamsonTDCs.t.
96Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
97Sterling MagnellPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
98Martin GilbertBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
99Jan KellerTarget - AT&Ts.t.
100Maxwell DurtschiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
101Joseph SchmalzLivestrongs.t.
102Bobby LeaExxonMobil - Geberit+ 27'09
103Matthew BrammeierExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
104Ian MarshallFox Cyclings.t.
105Benjamin BradshawBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
106Freddy CruzNike - Oracles.t.
107John VasquezFox Cyclings.t.
108Connor O'LearyBissell Cycling+ 28'06
109Rinaldo NocentiniCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
110Phil SoutherlandTDC+ 28'31
111Michael FriedmanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
112Peter RileyNike - Oracles.t.
113Michael ShererPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
114Vidal CelisSantanders.t.
115Svein TuftBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
116Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
117Peter KingNike - Oracles.t.
118Shane GravesHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 34'14


I have a 1'30" lead over 2nd place Mandri and about 4 minutes on Dombrowski.
Trying to stop me from winning my 2nd stage race of the season is
the Park City climb and a dangerous downhill leading into the finish.


The team didn't even bother putting effort in the chasing the breakaway.


We were more concerned about dominating the pace on the final climb.


What is this!?! Domb and Mandri can't keep up.


5kms from the top. Warbasse is firing on all cylinders. I look back and
see the Mandri struggling so I tell Larry to leave me and go for the stage win.
He worked so hard for me all tour it's the least I could do for him.

See Craddock, teammates can all get along if you play nice. Cool


I just wish somebody would have told me over the race radio how
far the breakaway was actually ahead of the race. Embarassed
The cameras even missed them crossing over the line.


Warbasse comes home for 9th. 8 minutes behind the winner.


Oh well. It doesn't matter because Mandri and Dombrowski couldn't catch me!

I have won the 2017 Tour of Utah!!!!!!!! Banana

As you would expect I had to take a drug test right after I got off my bike. Rolling Eyes


And I passed it with flying colors!

You were scared there for a second weren't you?

1Jesse SergentBissell Cycling3h28'26
2Ian FieldsExxonMobil - Geberit+ 31
3Chris BartonPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
4Nathaniel EnglishOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
5Kiel ReijnenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.

6Cameron CogburnHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1'53
7Anders NewburyLivestrongs.t.
8Antonio LucciCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2'41
9Larry WarbasseFox Cycling+ 8'38
10Travis NewtonFox Cycling+ 9'30
11Joseph DombrowskiNike - Oracle+ 10'09
12René MandriSantanders.t.
13Lucas EuserUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 11'26
14Alex HowesTarget - AT&Ts.t.
15Gavin MannionPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
16Lawson CraddockFox Cyclings.t.
17Chad BeyerFox Cyclings.t.
18Stefan DeniflExxonMobil - Geberit+ 12'04
19Rob BrittonBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
20Cristiano SalernoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
21Craig LewisBissell Cyclings.t.
22Chad HagaNike - Oracles.t.
23David BoilyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 14'24
24David VeilleuxAir Canada+ 15'56
25Jakob RathePepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
26Kristof VandewalleExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
27Matija KvasinaTDCs.t.
28Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&Ts.t.
29Alexandre PliuschinTDC+ 16'29
30Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
31Vicente Muñoz GonzålezSantanders.t.
32Romain FeilluAir Canada+ 19'55
33Ryan AndersonAir Canadas.t.
34Federico RocchettiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
35Geoffrey SoupeAir Canadas.t.
36Francisco GarcĂ­a NicolĂĄsSantanders.t.
37Jeffry RomeroSantanders.t.
38Dayer QuintanaSantanders.t.
39Mark RileyNike - Oracles.t.
40Wesley SulzbergerUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
41Guy EastPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
42Patrick BevinBissell Cyclings.t.
43Lachlan NorrisBissell Cyclings.t.
44Gatis SmukulisSantanders.t.
45Matthew BrammeierExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
46Graham HowardBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
47Roberto De PatreCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
48John MurphyNike - Oracles.t.
49Martin GilbertBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
50James StemperBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
51Gert JoeaarSantanders.t.
52Sebastian SalasBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
53Matthew WilliamsonBissell Cyclings.t.
54Sergio HernandezPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
55Luca BarlaCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
56Joseph SchmalzLivestrongs.t.
57Bob JungelsExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
58Ken HansonNike - Oracles.t.
59Sylvain ChavanelAir Canadas.t.
60Kevin MullervyLivestrongs.t.
61Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
62Branden RussellLivestrongs.t.
63RĂ©my CusinAir Canadas.t.
64Sterling MagnellPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
65Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
66Martin VelitsCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
67Benjamin BradshawBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
68Rinaldo NocentiniCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
69Andy GuptillOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
70Dominique RollinAir Canadas.t.
71Freddy CruzNike - Oracles.t.
72Vidal CelisSantanders.t.
73Alexander BoydExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
74Taylor TollesonExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
75Kalle KriitTarget - AT&Ts.t.
76Chad WilsonTarget - AT&Ts.t.
77Bjorn SelanderOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
78Michael ShererPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
79Rory SutherlandTDCs.t.
80Jonathan Patrick McCartyTarget - AT&Ts.t.
81Maxwell DurtschiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
82Michael RogersUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
83Joey RosskopfUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
84Alister RatcliffOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
85Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
86Bobby LeaExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
87Sergey LagutinTDCs.t.
88Evan HuffmanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
89Nathan KingBissell Cyclings.t.
90Paul EvansFox Cyclings.t.
91Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
92James OramTarget - AT&Ts.t.
93Bruno MaltarTDCs.t.
94Sam BewleyTDCs.t.
95Ian MoirBissell Cyclings.t.
96Svein TuftBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
97Guillaume BoivinAir Canadas.t.
98James WilliamsonTDCs.t.
99Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
100Edward KingLivestrongs.t.
101Michael FriedmanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
102Kirk CarlsenPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
103Adam BlytheTarget - AT&Ts.t.
104Weston LuzadderHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
105Ian MarshallFox Cyclings.t.
106Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
107Phil SoutherlandTDCs.t.
108Philip MooneyHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
109Calvin WatsonUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
110Connor O'LearyBissell Cyclings.t.
111Peter KingNike - Oracles.t.
112Peter RileyNike - Oracles.t.
113John VasquezFox Cycling+ 21'30
114Alexandre DarvilleFox Cyclings.t.
115Shane GravesHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
116Jan KellerTarget - AT&T+ 22'04
117Nick ReistadLivestrong+ 23'33
118Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 24'17

General Classification

1Travis NewtonFox Cycling24h17'07
2René MandriSantander+ 3'02
3Joseph DombrowskiNike - Oracle+ 4'39
4Larry WarbasseFox Cycling+ 5'17
5Lucas EuserUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 6'51
6Stefan DeniflExxonMobil - Geberit+ 10'27
7Alex HowesTarget - AT&T+ 10'51
8Gavin MannionPepsi Pro Cycling+ 11'03
9Chris BartonPepsi Pro Cycling+ 11'35
10Lawson CraddockFox Cycling+ 11'47

11Cristiano SalernoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 12'59
12Nathaniel EnglishOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 13'21
13Ian FieldsExxonMobil - Geberit+ 14'06
14Chad HagaNike - Oracle+ 17'02
15Jesse SergentBissell Cycling+ 20'28
16Chad BeyerFox Cycling+ 20'36
17Craig LewisBissell Cycling+ 21'04
18Kiel ReijnenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 21'07
19Matija KvasinaTDC+ 22'27
20Kristof VandewalleExxonMobil - Geberit+ 23'32
21David BoilyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 23'34
22Patrick SchellingTarget - AT&T+ 24'12
23David VeilleuxAir Canada+ 24'15
24Bob JungelsExxonMobil - Geberit+ 26'04
25Antonio LucciCannondale Pro Cycling+ 26'08
26Jakob RathePepsi Pro Cycling+ 27'08
27Rob BrittonBontrager Cycling Team+ 27'14
28Alexandre PliuschinTDC+ 27'46
29Vicente Muñoz GonzålezSantander+ 27'54
30Cameron CogburnHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 27'56
31Anders NewburyLivestrong+ 28'18
32Ryan AndersonAir Canada+ 31'07
33Sylvain ChavanelAir Canadas.t.
34Evan HuffmanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 31'40
35Geoffrey SoupeAir Canada+ 31'50
36Edward KingLivestrongs.t.
37Sebastian SalasBontrager Cycling Team+ 32'31
38Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cycling+ 32'33
39Guillaume BoivinAir Canada+ 34'41
40Paul EvansFox Cycling+ 36'21
41Mark RileyNike - Oracle+ 37'19
42Ian MacGregorHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 37'52
43Alexander BoydExxonMobil - Geberit+ 39'36
44Dayer QuintanaSantander+ 39'43
45Martin VelitsCannondale Pro Cycling+ 40'14
46Kirk CarlsenPepsi Pro Cycling+ 41'09
47Kevin MullervyLivestrong+ 41'10
48RĂ©my CusinAir Canada+ 41'23
49Michael RogersUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 41'52
50Romain FeilluAir Canada+ 42'17
51Adam BlytheTarget - AT&T+ 42'27
52Lachlan NorrisBissell Cycling+ 42'35
53Wesley SulzbergerUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 42'39
54Rory SutherlandTDCs.t.
55Taylor TollesonExxonMobil - Geberits.t.
56Calvin WatsonUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
57Roberto De PatreCannondale Pro Cycling+ 42'54
58Sam BewleyTDC+ 43'18
59Dominique RollinAir Canada+ 43'22
60Luca BarlaCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
61Patrick BevinBissell Cyclings.t.
62Joey RosskopfUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
63Kalle KriitTarget - AT&Ts.t.
64Sergey LagutinTDCs.t.
65Alexandre DarvilleFox Cycling+ 44'14
66Chad WilsonTarget - AT&T+ 44'15
67Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 44'18
68Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 44'34
69Bjorn SelanderOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
70Andy GuptillOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
71Alister RatcliffOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
72Maxwell DurtschiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
73Matthew WilliamsonBissell Cycling+ 45'17
74Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
75Jonathan Patrick McCartyTarget - AT&Ts.t.
76James OramTarget - AT&Ts.t.
77Ken HansonNike - Oracles.t.
78James WilliamsonTDCs.t.
79Jeffry RomeroSantander+ 46'33
80Graham HowardBontrager Cycling Team+ 46'44
81Sergio HernandezPepsi Pro Cycling+ 47'03
82James StemperBontrager Cycling Team+ 47'08
83Gert JoeaarSantander+ 47'18
84Jan KellerTarget - AT&T+ 47'26
85Guy EastPepsi Pro Cycling+ 48'08
86Gatis SmukulisSantanders.t.
87Nathan KingBissell Cycling+ 48'17
88Matthew BrammeierExxonMobil - Geberit+ 48'45
89Francisco GarcĂ­a NicolĂĄsSantander+ 48'51
90John MurphyNike - Oracles.t.
91Sterling MagnellPepsi Pro Cycling+ 49'13
92Bobby LeaExxonMobil - Geberit+ 49'28
93Ian MoirBissell Cycling+ 49'41
94Bruno MaltarTDC+ 50'46
95Federico RocchettiCannondale Pro Cycling+ 51'50
96Martin GilbertBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
97Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
98Nick ReistadLivestrong+ 52'29
99Michael FriedmanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 52'30
100Branden RussellLivestrong+ 52'46
101Philip MooneyHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 54'14
102Benjamin BradshawBontrager Cycling Team+ 54'20
103Ian MarshallFox Cycling+ 55'18
104Weston LuzadderHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 55'51
105Rinaldo NocentiniCannondale Pro Cycling+ 55'54
106Freddy CruzNike - Oracle+ 56'01
107John VasquezFox Cycling+ 56'32
108Vidal CelisSantander+ 57'23
109Michael ShererPepsi Pro Cycling+ 59'03
110Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1h00'36
111Connor O'LearyBissell Cycling+ 1h01'23
112Peter RileyNike - Oracle+ 1h03'04
113Joseph SchmalzLivestrong+ 1h08'37
114Svein TuftBontrager Cycling Team+ 1h10'17
115Phil SoutherlandTDC+ 1h10'24
116Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1h18'24
117Peter KingNike - Oracle+ 1h18'49
118Shane GravesHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1h52'54


No doubt about the EXP points, but my form is rapidly dropping.

After I'm done signing autographs and taking selfies with my "fans"
I'm off to Colorado for my final race of the season.

The next race report will include Stages 1-3 of USA Pro Cycling Challenge:



My training is now in your hands for the rest of my career.
After each race I can receive both EXP and Form Points.
EXP is a permanent stat gains while Form is temporary (the next race update).
A maximum of 3 EXP and 5 Form can be rewarded after each stage.

After any stage I receive EXP or Form points
you guys get to decided where I put those stat gains to use.

All you have to do is comment on which category you want
1 of the stat gains to go (Ex. Mountain, Sprint, Flat, etc.)
The EXP points are used up first followed by the Form.

Each member can only say one category for themselves.
And it will go until all the points are used up.

If you have any questions about my training, leave a question below.
It looks confusing at first but it's rather simple,
and this will be the only method for me to progress talent wise.

Current Stats / Form / Schedule

Hell yeah!
Those gaps at the last stage Shock

+1 MO

Remember guys, he already has 70 DH Pfft

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

PCMdaily Awards: 12x nomination, 9x runner-up, 0x win.
RIP Burry Stander
16/09/1987 – 03/01/2013

DH, even from my mobile phone at school Wink

A Decisive win as wellGotta thank the dh stat
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
Sarah Palin, 08-03-14 (CPAC, on Russian aggression) : "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke"


Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!
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Posted on 29-05-2020 08:50
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RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



The Hobbit
+1 prl
What a win, incredible job.
@jesl: Remember my goal was 75.Pfft
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
Sarah Palin, 08-03-14 (CPAC, on Russian aggression) : "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke"


Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!
A Brilliant victory for Travis at Utah Banana and Great to see that the crowd came out to cheer him on too Smile
Great win against "the Mandri". He sure sounds like one badass bikerider!

Also, loving the story, so thank you for that. Sad to see it end soon, but that's not my call to make (though I wouldn't mind it continuing just a little longer!). Keep up the very good work.
EXP / Form Points Taken

EXP - Mountain (x2), Downhill / Form - Downhill, Prologue

@All: Thanks everybody again for the kind words, I'm very happy I could pull out a great win (which wasn't scripted) with the story coming to a close. The next episode is another narrative piece that is already finished so I think I'm going to post that tonight and then it will be a day or so before I get to the USAPCC. Wink (Or sooner because I have basically already finished my man-game transfer for CSC-Orbea.)

Edited by Mresuperstar on 19-03-2014 00:05
That's not fair, Mre. You gave 3 exp points and neglected to take my Downhill point. Come on FrownPfft
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
Sarah Palin, 08-03-14 (CPAC, on Russian aggression) : "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke"


Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!
547984 wrote:
That's not fair, Mre. You gave 3 exp points and neglected to take my Downhill point. Come on FrownPfft

Oh whoops, I just forget to type your downhill point... Trying to multi-task.

#TheGooseIsLoose and this:


One final picture... ... ... Glad that's finally over with.
I got on my bike and starting riding back to the team bus,
but before I couldn't get there and relax I was stopped once again.

This time by an old acquaintance.

"What are you doing in Utah?" He responded, "I wanted your autograph."

Funny guy. His sarcasm always had a way of catching me off guard.

"Seriously, though. Why? I haven't seen you since the funeral."

"I was driving through and thought I should stop by.
I got a gift for you and it's taking up space in my hauler."


Paul went into the back of his semi-truck and pulled out a Schwinn bicycle.
It looked very familiar but it was brand new. I looked at him and ask.

"What's that?"

"What do you mean, it's your grandfather's Schwinn. I had it refurbished."

"But I auctioned that off to some stranger. How did you get back?"

"That stranger was a fellow truck driver I got to buy it for me.
I know you wanted to get rid of it and continue on your journey and
I didn't want to interfere with that, especially right after your dad passed.

But, this bicycle is part of your family history and it truly belongs with you.
So, can you please take it back and promise not to get rid of it again?"


I couldn't say no to that. As much as I hate to admit it,
perhaps the Schwinn is more valuable than it's extravagant monetary worth.

It took my dad (through the help of Paul) over a decade to help me accept that.
I fought this notion even after my dad passed away and it finally clicked.
Some things are more valuable than cold hard cash...

This Schwinn isn't just a bike, it's a piece of history. It's our family heirloom.


When I first met Paul, I thought he had a half a brain. I mean,
he picked me up on the side of the road and drove me from Kansas to California.

But, as it turns out, he (and my dad) were watching over me the entire time.
Protecting me and the family history. A scarecrow watching over it's cornfield.

The Schwinn's back!!! Grin
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
Sarah Palin, 08-03-14 (CPAC, on Russian aggression) : "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke"


Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!
Paul is an angel in disguise Grin
Yay, the Schwinn makes another cameo appearance!
"America. Show a nipple on television and the whole country goes ape-shit." -DubbelDekker
Ian Butler
Travis is lucky to have that strange truck driver. Saved him on many an occasion already Smile
Also, nice overall victory there. Must feel good after a long struggle.
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