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The Comeback

This episode is brought to you by...

Chloe's First Late Night Talk Show Appearance


While I went off to my next race Chloe got to appear on Conan.
She basically just talked about the success of the 1st season of New Girl
but this strange conversation also popped up while their were chatting.

I think I might be the cause of this irrational fear.

Off to Italy! The first of two times I get to go out of the country this season.
It's going to be a tough test because it's a HC rated race but
I'm coming into good form. So let's see what happens!

April 15-19, 2017 : Giro del Trentino


Yeah, we got our work cut out for us. A top 10 would be cool.


The GC favourites are Kangert, Van den Broeck, Polanc.
The trio is by far the best climbers in the peloton.


The team brings Craddock back from Sea Otter Classic win and
Warbasse in his 1st race of the season. And me of course.
We have our own trio attack. Rolling Eyes

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---


An interesting downhill finish to start this 5 stage tour.


Let the record show that Paul Evans protected me, Travis Newton,
in his first professional stage as a pro. This kid is going to do great things.
He is oozing with potential, I wish I could capture some of it.


Not many tactics come into play today with it being the 1st stage and all.
A few attacks on the final climb create a lead group of 5.


Craddock uses all his energy on the downhill to try and drag them back.
I just sit in the peloton all day saving energy for the TTT tomorrow.


One guy slips through Craddock's chase and gets a solo win.
It's the Italian British Airways rider Salvatore Puccio.


Everybody else comes in 54 seconds later, including me.

(For some weird reason the export didn't work on all three stages. Sad )

1Salvatore PuccioBritish Airways3h01'02"
2Luca DodiCeramica Flaminia+ 54"
3Francesco RedaCannondales.t.
4Louis MeintjesChampion Systems.t.
5Floris GoesinnenSkils.t.

21Larry WarbasseFox Cyclings.t.
33Lawson CraddockFox Cyclings.t.
63Travis NewtonFox Cyclings.t.


(Simulated because TTT are still unplayable on PCM Angry )

4 teams have a chance at winning this thing: Sporza, Target, Astana, and Fox.


Astana is the weakest link of the 4 teams. 28 seconds lost to the winners.


Sporza is way better, but takes 2nd. They finish only 4 seconds off the winners.

Those winners are...


Not us. We take 3rd. But, we also only loses 4 seconds to the winners: Target.
Craddock and Brown really carried the team today. I also did my fair share.

1Target - AT&T18'02"
3Fox Pro Cyclings.t.


The first of two key mountain stages. I'm excited but also really nervous.


I get the green light to join the breakaway! I'm joined by Cristiano Monguzzi.
We are working well together and have a 10 minute gap by the sprint point.


At the top of the cat.1 climb we are dominating the race, 16 minute gap!


50kms to go, 19 minute gap! That's not a typo. This is amazing!


30kms to go and Monguzzi ditches me. I'm fairly exhausted
and the final climb is still to come. Luckily, I still got a 17 minute gap.


I hit the climb, 10,000 meters with a 10 minute advantage over the peloton.


Behind a group of 4 has formed, they are severely cutting into my gap.
Diego Rosa, Alessandro De Marchi, Tanel Kangert, and Jurgen Van den Broeck.


Craddock is leading the chase group behind them.


5kms to go, 5 minute lead over the group of 4. Monguzzi is long gone up ahead,
so I have to try and keep 2nd place. A minute per Km sounds easy enough.


Not quite. They catch me with 1.2kms to go. Agh, but I did give it my all.


Monguzzi holds out and gets a fantastic solo victory, and the yellow jersey!


I drag my body over the line for 6th. Sooooooooo tireeeeeed.


Craddock, in the youth jersey, comes in about 2'30 after me.

1Cristiano MonguzziAndroni Giocattoli6h16'46"
2Tanel KangertTarget - AT&T4'56"
3Jurgen Van den BroeckSporzas.t.
4Diego RosaCannondale5'17"
5Alessandro De MarchiKatusha5'31"

6Travis NewtonFox Cycling6'37"
18Lawson CraddockFox Cycling9'01"
34Luis WatkinsFox Cycling15'15"
64Paul EvansFox Cycling21'40"
65Larry WarbasseFox Cyclings.t.

General Classification

1Cristiano MonguzziAndroni Giocattoli9h37'56"
2Tanel KangertTarget - AT&T3'32"
3Jurgen Van den BroeckSporza3'41"
4Diego RosaCannondale4'35"
5Alessandro De MarchiKatusha5'21"
6Travis NewtonFox Cycling5'35"
7Matteo RabottiniSporza5'42"
8Michal GolasAstana6'06"
9Jack BauerExxonMobil6'23"
10Tim WellensLotto Belisol6'49"

11Lawson CraddockFox Cycling7'54"
31Luis WatkinsFox Cycling14'08"
54Larry WarbasseFox Cycling20'33"
55Chad BeyerFox Cyclings.t.


+2 EXP for the efforts on stage 3 as they deserve to be rewarded.
The stage jumped me up the leader board into 6th overall after all. Grin

The next race update will include the last 2 stages of the Giro del Trentino:



My training is in your hands for the rest of my career.
After each race I can receive both EXP and Form Points.
EXP is a permanent stat gains while Form is temporary (the next race update).
A maximum of 3 EXP and 5 Form can be rewarded after each stage.

After any stage I receive EXP or Form points
you guys get to decided where I put those stat gains to use.

All you have to do is comment on which category you want
1 of the stat gains to go (Ex. Mountain, Sprint, Flat, etc.)
The EXP points are used up first followed by the Form.

Each member can only say one category for themselves.
And it will go until all the points are used up.

If you have any questions about my training, leave a question below.
It looks confusing at first but it's rather simple,
and this will be the only method for me to progress talent wise.

Current Stats


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+1 Hill


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+1 cob
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RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



2'30 ahead of Craddock, that should put Travis as co-leader at least? Smile Great result on stage 3, but I think it'll be tough to hold on the good GC placement, specially because a 2-man breakaway on a 220 kms stage should make him even more tired for the next stages. The mid-race improvements of COB and SP should also come in much handy Pfft +1 MO, and good luck Smile
Hey, I'm not boosting his permanent stats of mountain here for 2 stages. I agree with the mtn form. Wink
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



+1 dh, wanted exp but form will do

@bbl: Let's hope our efforts can prolong this story. Pfft

lluuiiggii wrote:
but I think it'll be tough to hold on the good GC placement, specially because a 2-man breakaway on a 220 kms stage should make him even more tired for the next stages.

I agree, Travis has no stamina whatsoever. Wink
Edited by 547984 on 31-01-2014 02:48
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
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A good race from Trav. Keep it up!
+1 MO form.

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

PCMdaily Awards: 12x nomination, 9x runner-up, 0x win.
So close!!!
But a great effort from Travis Smile
Lets hope that the last two stages can get Travis on to the podium Smile
EXP / Form Points Taken

EXP - Hill, Cobbles / Form - Mountain (x2), Downhill

@lluuiiggii: We will see how it goes. If Travis can survive the hilly stage 4 then we may have a team captain controversy with Craddock.

@547984: "Let's hope our efforts can prolong this story." :lol:

@sutty68: Podium? Travis will be lucky to hold onto a Top 10. Wink


This episode is brought to you by...

(Part 2) Chloe's First Late Night Talk Show Appearance


I told Chloe not to do it. I head off to Italy and what does she do?
She does it and doesn't even tell me. I have to hear about it on Conan.

I get we aren't married anymore but she should have listened to me.
We can't look after two kids and two puppies, we don't have time.
Last time I checked, we still live in the same apartment.

Here are the last two stage of the Giro del Trentino.
I'm looking to hold onto a rare Top 10 in a prestigious HC race.

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---


Very similar downhill finish as the first stage except
more climbing before we get to that point.


After protecting me on Stage 1 and 3, Paul Evans gets in his first pro breakaway.


Not much happening during the course of the day so...
Let's jump right to the final climb. Evans has been dropped from the break,
who are looking like they could steal a win with a 2 minute gap on the peloton.


Behind it's Craddock leading the charge as all the favourites are in this group,
well all except for one. Polanc attacked and joined the break on the final climb.


The break uses the downhill finish to perfection as Roman Klimov takes the win.


57 seconds later the chase group comes in.
Polanc is the only GC contender to gain time.
So, I will gladly keep my 6th overall for another day!

(The export function just doesn't work for this race it seems.
I keep getting this "Worksheet Setting" error. Frown )

1Roman KlimovChampion System4h34'58"
2Angelo PaganiBardiani Valvoles.t.
3Rob RuijghAB Texels.t.
4Enrico ZenCeramica Flaminias.t.
5Jan PolancVini Fantinis.t.

16Travis NewtonFox Cycling57"
38Lawson CraddockFox Cyclings.t.
46Paul EvansFox Cyclings.t.
49Larry WarbasseFox Cyclings.t.


I barely have anything left in the tank and this is the final stage.
I'm going to die. Not literally, well... maybe considering my luck in the past. Pfft
But, then again I'm writing this blog post so I didn't die.



The team tries something different today by setting a false tempo on the front.
That way I can stay fresh for as long as possible.


It works wonders. We lead the peloton all the way to the cat. 2 climb.
Then we send Craddock off on the attack to try and make something happen.


But that doesn't work. The original breakaway and Craddock are picked up
by the remaining 30 man peloton as we make our way to the final climb.


Adios, there goes Tanel Kangert! I'll just tell you now.
I won't see him again until after the race.


Kangert's attack rips the lead group apart. We are all separated by
how well we can climb. Which drops me in one of the last groups to form
out of the 30 riders that were left when we started the climb.

I do however have Craddock protecting me and
the pink leader's jersey of Monguzzi by my side.


Kangert went "Beast Mode" and never looked back.
He takes the stage and overall victory for Target - AT&T here in Italy.


Almost 2 minutes later come Van den Broeck and Polanc to claim podium spots.


With 3kms to go I tell Craddock to race for himself.
Monguzzi and I crawl up the climb together.

We both losing a remarkable 10 minutes to Tanel Kangert
even though we were fighting for 20th place on the stage.

The end result: I lose my top 10 overall by two places, but I still beat Craddock.

1Tanel KangertTarget - AT&T4h06'08"
2Jurgen Van den BroeckSporza1'42"
3Jan PolancVini Fantini1'50"
4Domenino PozzovivoCannondale4'56"
5Matteo RabottiniSporza5'29"

17Lawson CraddockFox Cycling9'00"
21Travis NewtonFox Cycling10'05"
24Larry WarbasseFox Cycling11'28"

General Classification

1Tanel KangertTarget - AT&T18h23'11"
2Jurgen Van den BroeckSporza1'59"
3Jan PolancVini Fantini5'43"
4Chritiano MonguzziAndroni Giocattoli6'53"
5Matteo RabottiniSporza7'59"
6Diego RosaCannondale9'10"
7Domenino PozzovivoCannondale9'41"
8Peter KennaughBritish Airways10'22"
9Tim WellensLotto Belisol11'39"
10Enrico BattaglinVini Fantini11'47"

12Travis NewtonFox Cycling12'28"
16Lawson CraddockFox Cycling13'42"
34Larry WarbasseFox Cycling28'49"


Disappointing to lose my top 10 overall but 12th isn't bad at all. +1 EXP.

The next race update will include the Joe Martin Stage Race:


Current Stats/Results


+ HI

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

PCMdaily Awards: 12x nomination, 9x runner-up, 0x win.
The Hobbit
+1 hill decent result too, let's hope he keeps improving
Ian Butler
+1 REC form
I would agree with Ian. His secondary stats need some improvement.

But nice that Travis is solidifying himself as a leader. Grin
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
Sarah Palin, 08-03-14 (CPAC, on Russian aggression) : "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke"


Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!
It's form boost Wink @Numbers


Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

PCMdaily Awards: 12x nomination, 9x runner-up, 0x win.
Good racing by Travis in Italy. Smile
Mobil - Aeropostal Ciclismo Manager at the Man-Game

Mobil Aeropostal HQ

Shame Travis didn't get top 10 but 12th is still very good Smile
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