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The Comeback
The potential of those riders is quite lacking Frown
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
Sarah Palin, 08-03-14 (CPAC, on Russian aggression) : "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke"


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I agree. That's not exactly a team for promotion. More like demotion. I'd be surprised if they don't to be honest There best guy is 73 at his specialty. Doesn't look good.
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



Uh, look at Craddock's & Brown's TT stats bbl Wink
But still, I agree.
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Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

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I knew Craddock!

and that's a personal achievement cause I'm not to well know with the non-dutch/non-top riders Embarassed

edit: I meant I knew that Craddock was in the team when this was posted

??? Travis Newton - L.C. - L.W.

Edited by SSJ2Luigi on 26-01-2014 20:41
Oh wow Luigi, congratz Wink

I knew 6 of them Pfft
But well, I'm a stat maker, so that's not fair Pfft

Edit: nvm.
Be clear Luigi Pfft
Edited by Jesleyh on 26-01-2014 20:56

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

PCMdaily Awards: 12x nomination, 9x runner-up, 0x win.
Honestly knew 5 not counting Travis
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



Who's Travis?
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
Sarah Palin, 08-03-14 (CPAC, on Russian aggression) : "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke"


Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!
Good luck with the season Smile
Nice looking team and i look forward to the guys racing the American circuit Smile
@Jesleyh: Time sure does fly. I also can't wait to see what Evans will achieve in his career, his potential is through the roof.

@Miguel98 & Matthew21rp: About time Travis had a team he actually fit into for a change. Wink

@547984: Yes, the next episode will explain why. Pfft

@BBL: It's going to be challenge that's for sure. Travis is going to have to pull his weight for the team to stay in the PCT.

@SSJ2Luigi: I figured that's the guy you knew. Wasn't that hard since Travis has seen a lot of Craddock while he has in the CT. Will be nice to have him on the same team.

@Jakstar22: Thanks, should be a fun one. Smile

@sutty68: As I'm I. It's been a bit too long since Travis has raced on the professional circuit. Frown


This episode is brought to you by...

YouTube Video

Cutest thing ever happened tonight as we were all sitting down
to watch a new episode of Chloe's breakout show "New Girl".

Lil' Zooey, who is nearly 3 years old now, started pointing out
Chloe on the television screen and copying her movements.

I know she is a bit too young to be watching the show
but she gets so happy when she sees her mommy on the television.

We might just have another actress in the family.

Also I can't forget to mention Joseph, he is just starting to walk around.
Soon I'll have him up on a bike and following in my slipstream.

At least I hope. My dad wanted me to be a farmer, how did that turn out?

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---

The UCI is out to get me, it's not enough that they banned me for a season.

I just got word from headquarters that Fox Pro Cycling only got accepted to participate in one race from January to March: Valley of the Sun Stage Race.

It was hard enough trying to form a team and now the race organizers
are kicking us while we are down. Relegation is certain if this bullshit keeps up.

Pardon my language. But this is my only outlet
since I can't swear in front of the kids.

On the bright side of life, I got me fitness plan and race schedule for the season.


(Highly depending upon the UCI if they decide to screw the team over again.)

My Race Schedule

February 15-17Valley of the Sun Stage Race
April 10-13Volkswagen Sea Otter Classic
April 15-19Giro del Trentino
April 25-28Joe Martin Stage Race
May 1-4Tour of the Gila
May 12-19Amgen Tour of California
June 20-23Tour of America's Dairyland
June 24/26National Championships
July 7-20Tour of Qinghai Lake
August 2-4Tour of Elk Grove
August 6-11Tour of Utah
August 19-25USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Edited by Mresuperstar on 27-01-2014 22:53
Damn UCI, always screwing over everyone...
Mobil - Aeropostal Ciclismo Manager at the Man-Game

Mobil Aeropostal HQ

Ian Butler
Travis certainly is a ray of sunshine, isn't he? With all the luck he's had in his life, it amazes me he's still alive at this point Pfft
Good luck for the seaason
Travis's life certainly isn't easy. He'll show those UCI idiots when he starts winning races (hopefully) though Smile
Apparently Travis really likes his schedule.

Why is he not excited about the AToC?
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
Sarah Palin, 08-03-14 (CPAC, on Russian aggression) : "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke"


Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!
547984 wrote:
Why is he not excited about the AToC?

Excited to race... not excited about the reception he's probably going to get. :lol:
Let's hope Travis takes the American races by storm and gets the fans back on side Smile

This episode is brought to you by...

YouTube Video

Rumors have it that New Girl is a lock to get renewed for a 2nd season!
We celebrated with a game of True American after we put the kids to bed.

It's great news for Chloe, but what does that mean for the cycling team?
We haven't even raced yet and the show hardly needs our publicity.

After taking Chloe out for Valentine's day (Hey, I have to step up
my game before this Nick Miller actor steals my girl...) and celebrating
Zooey's 3rd birthday, it was time for the first race of the season.

February 15-17, 2017 : Valley of the Sun Stage Race


Craddock has had a good history with this race with a 3rd and a 6th,
but it's the man that finished 2nd in 2013 that will lead our squad.


It erks me to see Bissell 1st on the startlist with a top contender in Sergent.
A former team that I was kick off of because Chloe's father assaulted me.
I wonder what he has been up to lately, Chloe hasn't talked much about him.


Again, Nathan Brown is the leader because of the opening time trial.
I get a free role but I probably won't try anything since my form is awful.

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---


More than likely the winner will be decided here in this 23km TT
with two flat circuits to following in the coming days.


I've made it back! Some didn't think it was possible but here I am.
The crowd greets me with heavy boos, at least they know who I am (I guess).


I felt good coming out of the gate but my form canceled that out quickly.
I cross the line for 8th. But, their are over 100 riders left to finish.
By the end of the day I finish 38th. Not great, but not horrible either.


Our captain Nathan Brown does a lot better than me,
however does comes up short to just take 10th place on the stage.


No doubt about the winner, Sergent is a step above the rest here.

1Jesse SergentBissell Cycling30'38
2Andriy GrivkoAmore & Vita+ 24
3Maxim BelkovAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 35
4Ed ClancyAlpro+ 39
5Riccardo ZoidlRothaus+ 40

6Mateusz NowakOrlen Oil+ 47
7Michael SchärAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 49
8Zakkari DempsterVictoria Bitter+ 52
9Hugo HouleBontrager Cycling Team+ 55
10Nathan BrownFox Cycling+ 56
11Denys KostyukAmore & Vita+ 1'04
12Nathaniel EnglishOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 1'05
13Philip MooneyHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1'06
14Hayden RoulstonTDC+ 1'07
15Ian BibbyMadison Genesis+ 1'08
16Stephen CummingsTeam Raleigh+ 1'10
17Volodymyr DyudyaAmore & Vita+ 1'11
18Thomas BerkhoutTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
19Jaka KnezAdria Mobil+ 1'14
20Mateusz TaciakOrlen Oil+ 1'15
21Guy EastPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
22Christian MeierOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
23Tiziano Dall'AntoniaNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 1'17
24Joshua EdmonsonAlpro+ 1'21
25Ricardo Van der VeldeTEAM Spyker Cars+ 1'22
26Steven LampierGio-Gois.t.
27Vladyslav KravchenkoAmore & Vitas.t.
28Steven CozzaLivestrongs.t.
29Robert BengschRothaus+ 1'23
30Davide MalacarneGio-Gois.t.
31Juan Villegas4-72 Colombia+ 1'24
32Andres Diaz4-72 Colombias.t.
33Luigi MilettaNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
34Michael FreibergVictoria Bitter+ 1'25
35Dan CampbellAlpro+ 1'26
36Martijn MaaskantTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
37Vitaliy ButsAmore & Vitas.t.
38Travis NewtonFox Cycling+ 1'27
39Andreas HenigTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
40Samuel HarrisonMadison Genesiss.t.
41William Aranzazu4-72 Colombias.t.
42Jonathan DibbenGio-Goi+ 1'28
43James StemperBontrager Cycling Team+ 1'29
44Ronan Van ZandbeekTEAM Spyker Cars+ 1'30
45Jonathan BellisTeam Raleighs.t.
46Edward KingLivestrongs.t.
47Matvey ZubovItera - Katusha+ 1'32
48Sterling MagnellPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
49Robert PartridgeMadison Genesiss.t.
50Michael CumingTeam Raleigh+ 1'33
51Phillip GaimonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 1'34
52Simon RichardsonAlpro+ 1'35
53Jarosław MaryczOrlen Oil+ 1'36
54Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1'37
55Ryan EastmanBissell Cyclings.t.
56Miguel Rubiano4-72 Colombias.t.
57Kiel ReijnenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 1'38
58Christian KuxRothauss.t.
59Chris OpieMadison Genesis+ 1'39
60Michael FriedmanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
61Eduard Beltran4-72 Colombias.t.
62Alexandre PliuschinTDC+ 1'40
63Bruno MaltarTDCs.t.
64Matej MohoričAdria Mobils.t.
65Ben GreenwoodTeam UK Youth+ 1'41
66Tomasz NoseAdria Mobil+ 1'42
67Christofer StevensonTeam UK Youth+ 1'45
68Jan TratnikAdria Mobils.t.
69Branden RussellLivestrongs.t.
70Ivan KovalevItera - Katushas.t.
71Jakob RathePepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
72Erik BaskaAdria Mobils.t.
73Sergej FuchsTeam Quantec - Indeland+ 1'47
74Trent LoweVictoria Bitter+ 1'48
75Grega BoleAdria Mobils.t.
76Nathan KingBissell Cyclings.t.
77Nick Van der LijkeTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
78Christopher SchmiegRothaus+ 1'49
79Graham HowardBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
80Neil ColemanGio-Goi+ 1'50
81Jonathan MouldTeam UK Youth+ 1'51
82Jure KocjanAdria Mobils.t.
83Anders NewburyLivestrongs.t.
84Tomas Swift MetcalfeAlpro+ 1'52
85Piotr SztobrynOrlen Oils.t.
86Ricardo Van DongenTEAM Spyker Cars+ 1'53
87Will RoutleyTDCs.t.
88Simon ZahnerAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 1'54
89Adam SempleVictoria Bitters.t.
90Philipp RiesTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
91Mark ChristianTeam Raleighs.t.
92Mauro FinettoNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
93Phil BauhausOrlen Oils.t.
94Iljo KeisseTDCs.t.
95Marco HallerRothauss.t.
96Ever Rivera4-72 Colombia+ 1'55
97Alain LauenerAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
98Timothy KennaughMadison Genesis+ 1'56
99Ryan ParnesOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
100Emanuele VonaNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 1'57
101Charles AvisOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 1'58
102Luke RoweTeam Raleighs.t.
103Roman MaikinItera - Katushas.t.
104Oleksandr PolivodaAmore & Vita+ 1'59
105Timon SeubertRothauss.t.
106Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
107Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 2'00
108Dimitri KrivtsovAmore & Vitas.t.
109Lachlan NorrisBissell Cyclings.t.
110Alexander KhatuntsevItera - Katushas.t.
111Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
112Benjamin BradshawBontrager Cycling Team+ 2'01
113Chris BartonPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
114Steele Von HoffVictoria Bitter+ 2'02
115Sebastian SalasBontrager Cycling Team+ 2'03
116Robin ChaigneauTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
117Peter WilliamsGio-Goi+ 2'04
118Bartosz HuzarskiOrlen Oils.t.
119Marek RutkiewiczOrlen Oil+ 2'05
120Sebastian MayRothaus+ 2'06
121Nikita EskovItera - Katusha+ 2'07
122Maxwell DurtschiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
123Matthew JonesTeam Raleigh+ 2'08
124Thomas MurrayMadison Genesis+ 2'09
125Wesley SulzbergerUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
126Carson MillerOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 2'10
127Bernardo RiccioNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
128Luke Grivell-MellorGio-Gois.t.
129Daniel FleemanAlpros.t.
130Spencer BeamerPepsi Pro Cycling+ 2'11
131Sergey LagutinTDCs.t.
132James WilliamsonTDC+ 2'12
133Nick ReistadLivestrong+ 2'13
134Mirko SelvaggiNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
135Maksym AverinAmore & Vita+ 2'14
136Daniel ShandAlpro+ 2'15
137Matt CronshawTeam UK Youths.t.
138Alex PetersTeam Raleigh+ 2'16
139Connor O'LearyBissell Cyclings.t.
140Weston LuzadderHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
141Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
142David WilliamsUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 2'17
143Michael ShererPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
144Andrea FediGio-Gois.t.
145Jaime Castañeda4-72 Colombias.t.
146Philipp WalslebenRothaus+ 2'18
147Daniel SummerhillBissell Cycling+ 2'19
148Dean WindsorVictoria Bitters.t.
149Liam HolohanMadison Genesiss.t.
150Christopher RothTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
151Russell HamptonAlpro+ 2'20
152Joe EldridgePepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
153Grant IrwynVictoria Bitters.t.
154Timothy RoeVictoria Bitters.t.
155Lucas Sebastián HaedoPepsi Pro Cycling+ 2'21
156Johim AriesenTEAM Spyker Cars+ 2'22
157Sebastian Henao4-72 Colombia+ 2'23
158Tommy NankervisBissell Cycling+ 2'25
159Sebastian ForkeTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
160Simon PellaudAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 2'27
161Stiven FanelliNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
162Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobil+ 2'28
163Dennis PohlTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
164Rob BrittonBontrager Cycling Team+ 2'30
165Owain DoullTeam UK Youths.t.
166Fabio PiscopielloNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 2'31
167Carter JonesFox Cyclings.t.
168Rahsaan BahatiHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
169Mike RudlingMadison Genesis+ 2'32
170Thomas WronaFox Cyclings.t.
171Marco BrusTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
172Eric BoilyUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
173Sergey KolesnikovItera - Katusha+ 2'33
174Thom van der WoudeTeam Quantec - Indeland+ 2'35
175Kevin RobertsBissell Cyclings.t.
176Noah GasserAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 2'37
177Robert BushFox Cyclings.t.
178Rafael AndriatoAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
179Sergei ChuchumashevItera - Katusha+ 2'38
180Alister RatcliffOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
181Antonio DanielsLivestrong+ 2'41
182Kyle BurnsTeam UK Youth+ 2'43
183Matthew HarperFox Cycling+ 2'46
184Thomas MosesGio-Goi+ 2'47
185Phil SoutherlandTDC+ 2'48
186Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
187Stephen AdamsTeam UK Youth+ 2'49
188Tommy ProulxBontrager Cycling Team+ 2'51
189Oliver HofstetterAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 2'52
190Jason BrownUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 2'53
191Frank TraviesoHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 2'58
192Robert DudaOrlen Oil+ 3'00
193James MossTeam Raleighs.t.
194Nathan PhillipsFox Cyclings.t.
195Peter FemalUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 3'10
196Andrey IvanovItera - Katusha+ 3'27
197Rik BrickTeam UK Youth+ 3'33
198Daniel HollowayFox Cycling+ 3'40


A little speed bump shouldn't cause too much problems but
it does make this stage more interesting than the pan flat stage tomorrow.


A three man breakaway gets away, but they are caught before the finish.


So, we lineup for the bunch sprint. That's Brown mixing things up.


He is no match for Steele Von Hoff, who beats Phil Bauhaus in a photo finish.


Brown does however fight to get a surprising top 10 by finishing 8th.

1Steele Von HoffVictoria Bitter3h26'12
2Phil BauhausOrlen Oils.t.
3Marco HallerRothauss.t.
4Ed ClancyAlpros.t.
5Iljo KeisseTDCs.t.

6Zakkari DempsterVictoria Bitters.t.
7Mateusz NowakOrlen Oils.t.
8Nathan BrownFox Cyclings.t.
9Hugo HouleBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
10Thomas BerkhoutTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
11Tommy NankervisBissell Cyclings.t.
12Jarosław MaryczOrlen Oils.t.
13Oliver HofstetterAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
14Dean WindsorVictoria Bitters.t.
15Volodymyr DyudyaAmore & Vitas.t.
16Jure KocjanAdria Mobils.t.
17Piotr SztobrynOrlen Oils.t.
18Andriy GrivkoAmore & Vitas.t.
19Maxim BelkovAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
20Michael FreibergVictoria Bitters.t.
21Michael SchärAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
22Jesse SergentBissell Cyclings.t.
23Grant IrwynVictoria Bitters.t.
24Adam SempleVictoria Bitters.t.
25Marek RutkiewiczOrlen Oils.t.
26Ricardo Van DongenTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
27Hayden RoulstonTDCs.t.
28Ronan Van ZandbeekTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
29Nick Van der LijkeTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
30Riccardo ZoidlRothauss.t.
31Denys KostyukAmore & Vitas.t.
32Nathan KingBissell Cyclings.t.
33Matej MohoričAdria Mobils.t.
34Dan CampbellAlpros.t.
35Davide MalacarneGio-Gois.t.
36James WilliamsonTDCs.t.
37Sterling MagnellPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
38Mauro FinettoNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
39Ricardo Van der VeldeTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
40Samuel HarrisonMadison Genesiss.t.
41Steven LampierGio-Gois.t.
42Christopher SchmiegRothauss.t.
43Nathaniel EnglishOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
44Martijn MaaskantTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
45Steven CozzaLivestrongs.t.
46Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
47Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
48Guy EastPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
49Jaka KnezAdria Mobils.t.
50Trent LoweVictoria Bitters.t.
51Tiziano Dall'AntoniaNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
52Ivan KovalevItera - Katushas.t.
53Sebastian MayRothauss.t.
54Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
55Robin ChaigneauTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
56Timothy RoeVictoria Bitters.t.
57Vladyslav KravchenkoAmore & Vitas.t.
58Robert BengschRothauss.t.
59Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
60Simon RichardsonAlpros.t.
61William Aranzazu4-72 Colombias.t.
62Travis NewtonFox Cyclings.t.
63Nathan PhillipsFox Cyclings.t.
64Robert BushFox Cyclings.t.
65Bruno MaltarTDCs.t.
66Emanuele VonaNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
67Miguel Rubiano4-72 Colombias.t.
68Andreas HenigTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
69Juan Villegas4-72 Colombias.t.
70Branden RussellLivestrongs.t.
71Andres Diaz4-72 Colombias.t.
72Eduard Beltran4-72 Colombias.t.
73Luigi MilettaNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
74Luke Grivell-MellorGio-Goi+ 2'41
75Anders NewburyLivestrong+ 3'34
76Sergej FuchsTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
77Alex PetersTeam Raleigh+ 3'55
78Matthew JonesTeam Raleighs.t.
79Mark ChristianTeam Raleighs.t.
80James MossTeam Raleighs.t.
81Jonathan BellisTeam Raleighs.t.
82Stephen CummingsTeam Raleighs.t.
83Robert PartridgeMadison Genesiss.t.
84Michael CumingTeam Raleighs.t.
85Phillip GaimonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
86Ian BibbyMadison Genesiss.t.
87Christian MeierOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
88Jakob RathePepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
89Philip MooneyHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
90Mateusz TaciakOrlen Oils.t.
91Joshua EdmonsonAlpros.t.
92Kiel ReijnenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
93Edward KingLivestrongs.t.
94Grega BoleAdria Mobils.t.
95Michael FriedmanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
96Alain LauenerAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
97Luke RoweTeam Raleighs.t.
98Erik BaskaAdria Mobils.t.
99Christian KuxRothauss.t.
100Jan TratnikAdria Mobils.t.
101Oleksandr PolivodaAmore & Vitas.t.
102Matthew HarperFox Cyclings.t.
103Tomas Swift MetcalfeAlpros.t.
104Philipp RiesTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
105Will RoutleyTDCs.t.
106Timon SeubertRothauss.t.
107Simon ZahnerAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
108Ever Rivera4-72 Colombias.t.
109Timothy KennaughMadison Genesiss.t.
110Sebastian SalasBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
111Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
112Lucas Sebastián HaedoPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
113Mirko SelvaggiNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
114Charles AvisOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
115Wesley SulzbergerUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
116Rafael AndriatoAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
117Jaime Castañeda4-72 Colombias.t.
118Carson MillerOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
119Weston LuzadderHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
120Sergey LagutinTDCs.t.
121Thomas MurrayMadison Genesiss.t.
122Simon PellaudAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
123Christopher RothTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
124David WilliamsUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
125Nick ReistadLivestrongs.t.
126Bartosz HuzarskiOrlen Oils.t.
127Daniel ShandAlpros.t.
128Rob BrittonBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
129Liam HolohanMadison Genesiss.t.
130Joe EldridgePepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
131Jonathan DibbenGio-Gois.t.
132Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobils.t.
133Fabio PiscopielloNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
134Noah GasserAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
135Thom van der WoudeTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
136Thomas MosesGio-Gois.t.
137Robert DudaOrlen Oils.t.
138Kevin RobertsBissell Cyclings.t.
139Philipp WalslebenRothauss.t.
140Alister RatcliffOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
141Frank TraviesoHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
142Peter FemalUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
143Mike RudlingMadison Genesiss.t.
144Tommy ProulxBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
145Daniel HollowayFox Cyclings.t.
146Roman MaikinItera - Katusha+ 5'05
147Sergey KolesnikovItera - Katushas.t.
148Matt CronshawTeam UK Youth+ 5'30
149Stephen AdamsTeam UK Youths.t.
150Marco BrusTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
151Johim AriesenTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
152Chris BartonPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
153Benjamin BradshawBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
154Sebastian Henao4-72 Colombias.t.
155Alexandre PliuschinTDCs.t.
156Alexander KhatuntsevItera - Katushas.t.
157Chris OpieMadison Genesiss.t.
158Tomasz NoseAdria Mobils.t.
159Rahsaan BahatiHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
160Maksym AverinAmore & Vitas.t.
161Peter WilliamsGio-Gois.t.
162James StemperBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
163Andrea FediGio-Gois.t.
164Ryan EastmanBissell Cyclings.t.
165Graham HowardBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
166Christofer StevensonTeam UK Youths.t.
167Antonio DanielsLivestrongs.t.
168Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
169Neil ColemanGio-Gois.t.
170Jonathan MouldTeam UK Youths.t.
171Daniel FleemanAlpros.t.
172Jason BrownUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
173Owain DoullTeam UK Youths.t.
174Lachlan NorrisBissell Cyclings.t.
175Nikita EskovItera - Katushas.t.
176Phil SoutherlandTDCs.t.
177Ben GreenwoodTeam UK Youths.t.
178Bernardo RiccioNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
179Kyle BurnsTeam UK Youths.t.
180Ryan ParnesOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
181Daniel SummerhillBissell Cyclings.t.
182Vitaliy ButsAmore & Vitas.t.
183Eric BoilyUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
184Dimitri KrivtsovAmore & Vitas.t.
185Matvey ZubovItera - Katushas.t.
186Connor O'LearyBissell Cyclings.t.
187Carter JonesFox Cyclings.t.
188Rik BrickTeam UK Youths.t.
189Andrey IvanovItera - Katushas.t.
190Sergei ChuchumashevItera - Katusha+ 7'00
191Michael ShererPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
192Dennis PohlTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
193Spencer BeamerPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
194Thomas WronaFox Cyclings.t.




Jump right to the sprint finish. Brown tries to catch everyone off guard.


Doesn't work. Steele Von Hoff blitzes the field and even gets a 18 second gap.
The Aussie gets the new CT team Victoria Bitter season off with a bang.

1Steele Von HoffVictoria Bitter1h26'47
2Iljo KeisseTDC+ 18
3Robin ChaigneauTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
4Luke RoweTeam Raleighs.t.
5Marco HallerRothauss.t.

6Zakkari DempsterVictoria Bitters.t.
7Ed ClancyAlpros.t.
8Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
9Maksym AverinAmore & Vitas.t.
10Lucas Sebastián HaedoPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
11Mateusz NowakOrlen Oils.t.
12Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
13Jure KocjanAdria Mobils.t.
14Ivan KovalevItera - Katushas.t.
15James WilliamsonTDCs.t.
16Jesse SergentBissell Cyclings.t.
17Phil BauhausOrlen Oils.t.
18Sergey KolesnikovItera - Katushas.t.
19Jarosław MaryczOrlen Oils.t.
20Piotr SztobrynOrlen Oils.t.
21Stephen AdamsTeam UK Youths.t.
22Ricardo Van DongenTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
23Grant IrwynVictoria Bitters.t.
24Hayden RoulstonTDCs.t.
25Phillip GaimonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
26Riccardo ZoidlRothauss.t.
27Nathan BrownFox Cyclings.t.
28Michael SchärAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
29Hugo HouleBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
30Dean WindsorVictoria Bitters.t.
31Thomas BerkhoutTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
32Michael FreibergVictoria Bitters.t.
33Maxim BelkovAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
34Travis NewtonFox Cyclings.t.
35Denys KostyukAmore & Vitas.t.
36Ryan EastmanBissell Cyclings.t.
37Ricardo Van der VeldeTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
38Nathan KingBissell Cyclings.t.
39Tiziano Dall'AntoniaNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
40Rob BrittonBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
41Guy EastPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
42Robert BushFox Cyclings.t.
43Davide MalacarneGio-Gois.t.
44Nathaniel EnglishOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
45Daniel SummerhillBissell Cyclings.t.
46Samuel HarrisonMadison Genesiss.t.
47Simon RichardsonAlpros.t.
48Robert BengschRothauss.t.
49Martijn MaaskantTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
50Timothy RoeVictoria Bitters.t.
51Simon ZahnerAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
52Jaka KnezAdria Mobils.t.
53Ronan Van ZandbeekTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
54Trent LoweVictoria Bitters.t.
55Steven CozzaLivestrongs.t.
56Alain LauenerAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
57Sebastian SalasBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
58Joshua EdmonsonAlpros.t.
59Bruno MaltarTDCs.t.
60Marek RutkiewiczOrlen Oils.t.
61Daniel HollowayFox Cyclings.t.
62Robert DudaOrlen Oils.t.
63Matt CronshawTeam UK Youths.t.
64Wesley SulzbergerUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
65Bartosz HuzarskiOrlen Oils.t.
66Luigi MilettaNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
67Roman MaikinItera - Katushas.t.
68Lachlan NorrisBissell Cyclings.t.
69Mateusz TaciakOrlen Oils.t.
70Alexander KhatuntsevItera - Katushas.t.
71Daniel ShandAlpros.t.
72Alister RatcliffOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
73Philipp WalslebenRothauss.t.
74Daniel FleemanAlpros.t.
75Connor O'LearyBissell Cyclings.t.
76Andreas HenigTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
77Juan Villegas4-72 Colombias.t.
78Sergey LagutinTDCs.t.
79Dennis PohlTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
80Jakob RathePepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
81Charles AvisOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
82William Aranzazu4-72 Colombias.t.
83Thomas WronaFox Cyclings.t.
84Owain DoullTeam UK Youths.t.
85Michael FriedmanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
86Matej MohoričAdria Mobils.t.
87Chris OpieMadison Genesiss.t.
88Christofer StevensonTeam UK Youths.t.
89Kevin RobertsBissell Cyclings.t.
90Kiel ReijnenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
91Benjamin BradshawBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
92Jonathan MouldTeam UK Youths.t.
93Tomas Swift MetcalfeAlpros.t.
94Carter JonesFox Cyclings.t.
95Nick Van der LijkeTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
96Fabio PiscopielloNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
97Emanuele VonaNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
98Spencer BeamerPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
99Eric BoilyUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
100James StemperBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
101David WilliamsUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
102Will RoutleyTDCs.t.
103Joe EldridgePepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
104Peter FemalUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
105Tommy NankervisBissell Cyclings.t.
106Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
107Philipp RiesTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
108Tommy ProulxBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
109Dimitri KrivtsovAmore & Vitas.t.
110Christopher RothTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
111Matvey ZubovItera - Katushas.t.
112Christian KuxRothauss.t.
113Graham HowardBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
114Ben GreenwoodTeam UK Youths.t.
115Tomasz NoseAdria Mobils.t.
116Kyle BurnsTeam UK Youths.t.
117Sterling MagnellPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
118Jonathan BellisTeam Raleighs.t.
119Steven LampierGio-Gois.t.
120Carson MillerOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
121Stephen CummingsTeam Raleighs.t.
122Liam HolohanMadison Genesiss.t.
123Mauro FinettoNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
124Robert PartridgeMadison Genesiss.t.
125Alexandre PliuschinTDCs.t.
126Thomas MurrayMadison Genesiss.t.
127Andres Diaz4-72 Colombias.t.
128Andrea FediGio-Gois.t.
129Thomas MosesGio-Gois.t.
130Phil SoutherlandTDCs.t.
131Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobils.t.
132Luke Grivell-MellorGio-Gois.t.
133Jonathan DibbenGio-Gois.t.
134Vladyslav KravchenkoAmore & Vitas.t.
135Christian MeierOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
136Eduard Beltran4-72 Colombias.t.
137Dan CampbellAlpros.t.
138Grega BoleAdria Mobils.t.
139Miguel Rubiano4-72 Colombias.t.
140Matthew HarperFox Cyclings.t.
141Chris BartonPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
142Michael ShererPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
143James MossTeam Raleighs.t.
144Christopher SchmiegRothauss.t.
145Rahsaan BahatiHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
146Nick ReistadLivestrongs.t.
147Jan TratnikAdria Mobils.t.
148Thom van der WoudeTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
149Matthew JonesTeam Raleighs.t.
150Mark ChristianTeam Raleighs.t.
151Sergej FuchsTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
152Ryan ParnesOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
153Jason BrownUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
154Mirko SelvaggiNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
155Marco BrusTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
156Jaime Castañeda4-72 Colombias.t.
157Sebastian Henao4-72 Colombias.t.
158Weston LuzadderHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
159Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
160Alex PetersTeam Raleighs.t.
161Peter WilliamsGio-Gois.t.
162Sergei ChuchumashevItera - Katushas.t.
163Ever Rivera4-72 Colombias.t.
164Andrey IvanovItera - Katushas.t.
165Mike RudlingMadison Genesiss.t.
166Timothy KennaughMadison Genesiss.t.
167Philip MooneyHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
168Branden RussellLivestrongs.t.
169Michael CumingTeam Raleighs.t.
170Anders NewburyLivestrongs.t.
171Edward KingLivestrongs.t.
172Neil ColemanGio-Gois.t.
173Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
174Frank TraviesoHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
175Antonio DanielsLivestrongs.t.
176Rik BrickTeam UK Youths.t.
177Ian BibbyMadison Genesiss.t.
178Bernardo RiccioNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
179Nathan PhillipsFox Cycling+ 3'59
180Vitaliy ButsAmore & Vitas.t.
181Andriy GrivkoAmore & Vitas.t.
182Volodymyr DyudyaAmore & Vitas.t.
183Oleksandr PolivodaAmore & Vitas.t.
184Johim AriesenTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
185Sebastian MayRothauss.t.
186Simon PellaudAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 5'14
187Noah GasserAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
188Oliver HofstetterAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
189Rafael AndriatoAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
190Adam SempleVictoria Bitters.t.
191Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
192Nikita EskovItera - Katusha+ 5'47
193Erik BaskaAdria Mobils.t.
194Timon SeubertRothauss.t.

General Classification

1Jesse SergentBissell Cycling5h23'55
2Maxim BelkovAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 35
3Ed ClancyAlpro+ 39
4Riccardo ZoidlRothaus+ 40
5Mateusz NowakOrlen Oil+ 47
6Michael SchärAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 49
7Zakkari DempsterVictoria Bitter+ 52
8Hugo HouleBontrager Cycling Team+ 55
9Nathan BrownFox Cycling+ 56
10Denys KostyukAmore & Vita+ 1'04

11Steele Von HoffVictoria Bitters.t.
12Nathaniel EnglishOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 1'05
13Hayden RoulstonTDC+ 1'07
14Thomas BerkhoutTEAM Spyker Cars+ 1'11
15Jaka KnezAdria Mobil+ 1'14
16Guy EastPepsi Pro Cycling+ 1'15
17Tiziano Dall'AntoniaNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 1'17
18Ricardo Van der VeldeTEAM Spyker Cars+ 1'22
19Steven CozzaLivestrongs.t.
20Steven LampierGio-Gois.t.
21Vladyslav KravchenkoAmore & Vitas.t.
22Davide MalacarneGio-Goi+ 1'23
23Robert BengschRothauss.t.
24Miguel Rubiano4-72 Colombias.t.
25Luigi MilettaNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 1'24
26Juan Villegas4-72 Colombias.t.
27Andres Diaz4-72 Colombias.t.
28Michael FreibergVictoria Bitter+ 1'25
29Martijn MaaskantTEAM Spyker Cars+ 1'26
30Dan CampbellAlpros.t.
31Samuel HarrisonMadison Genesis+ 1'27
32Travis NewtonFox Cyclings.t.
33Andreas HenigTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
34William Aranzazu4-72 Colombias.t.
35Julian KyerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
36Ronan Van ZandbeekTEAM Spyker Cars+ 1'30
37Sterling MagnellPepsi Pro Cycling+ 1'32
38Simon RichardsonAlpro+ 1'35
39Jarosław MaryczOrlen Oil+ 1'36
40Eduard Beltran4-72 Colombia+ 1'39
41Matej MohoričAdria Mobil+ 1'40
42Bruno MaltarTDCs.t.
43Iljo KeisseTDC+ 1'42
44Phil BauhausOrlen Oils.t.
45Ivan KovalevItera - Katusha+ 1'45
46Branden RussellLivestrongs.t.
47Marco HallerRothaus+ 1'46
48Nathan KingBissell Cycling+ 1'48
49Trent LoweVictoria Bitters.t.
50Nick Van der LijkeTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
51Christopher SchmiegRothaus+ 1'49
52Jure KocjanAdria Mobil+ 1'51
53Piotr SztobrynOrlen Oil+ 1'52
54Ricardo Van DongenTEAM Spyker Cars+ 1'53
55Mauro FinettoNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 1'54
56Robin ChaigneauTeam Quantec - Indeland+ 1'55
57Emanuele VonaNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 1'57
58Marek RutkiewiczOrlen Oil+ 2'05
59James WilliamsonTDC+ 2'12
60Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 2'16
61Dean WindsorVictoria Bitter+ 2'19
62Grant IrwynVictoria Bitter+ 2'20
63Timothy RoeVictoria Bitters.t.
64Tommy NankervisBissell Cycling+ 2'25
65Robert BushFox Cycling+ 2'37
66Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Team+ 2'48
67Andriy GrivkoAmore & Vita+ 4'05
68Luke Grivell-MellorGio-Goi+ 4'45
69Volodymyr DyudyaAmore & Vita+ 4'52
70Philip MooneyHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 5'01
71Ian BibbyMadison Genesis+ 5'03
72Stephen CummingsTeam Raleigh+ 5'05
73Mateusz TaciakOrlen Oil+ 5'10
74Christian MeierOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
75Joshua EdmonsonAlpro+ 5'14
76Sergej FuchsTeam Quantec - Indeland+ 5'17
77Jonathan DibbenGio-Goi+ 5'23
78Anders NewburyLivestrongs.t.
79Jonathan BellisTeam Raleigh+ 5'25
80Edward KingLivestrongs.t.
81Robert PartridgeMadison Genesis+ 5'27
82Michael CumingTeam Raleigh+ 5'28
83Phillip GaimonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 5'29
84Kiel ReijnenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 5'33
85Christian KuxRothauss.t.
86Michael FriedmanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 5'34
87Jakob RathePepsi Pro Cycling+ 5'40
88Jan TratnikAdria Mobils.t.
89Grega BoleAdria Mobil+ 5'43
90Tomas Swift MetcalfeAlpro+ 5'47
91Sebastian MayRothauss.t.
92Will RoutleyTDC+ 5'48
93Simon ZahnerAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 5'49
94Philipp RiesTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
95Mark ChristianTeam Raleighs.t.
96Alain LauenerAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 5'50
97Ever Rivera4-72 Colombias.t.
98Timothy KennaughMadison Genesis+ 5'51
99Luke RoweTeam Raleigh+ 5'53
100Charles AvisOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
101Adam CarrHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 5'54
102Wesley SulzbergerUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 5'56
103Sebastian SalasBontrager Cycling Team+ 5'58
104Bartosz HuzarskiOrlen Oil+ 5'59
105Matthew JonesTeam Raleigh+ 6'03
106Carson MillerOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
107Thomas MurrayMadison Genesis+ 6'04
108Sergey LagutinTDC+ 6'06
109Mirko SelvaggiNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 6'08
110Nick ReistadLivestrongs.t.
111Daniel ShandAlpro+ 6'10
112Alex PetersTeam Raleigh+ 6'11
113Weston LuzadderHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
114David WilliamsUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 6'12
115Jaime Castañeda4-72 Colombias.t.
116Philipp WalslebenRothaus+ 6'13
117Christopher RothTeam Quantec - Indeland+ 6'14
118Liam HolohanMadison Genesiss.t.
119Joe EldridgePepsi Pro Cycling+ 6'15
120Lucas Sebastián HaedoPepsi Pro Cycling+ 6'16
121Aldo Ino IlesicAdria Mobil+ 6'23
122Rob BrittonBontrager Cycling Team+ 6'25
123Fabio PiscopielloNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 6'26
124Mike RudlingMadison Genesis+ 6'27
125Kevin RobertsBissell Cycling+ 6'30
126Thom van der WoudeTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
127Alister RatcliffOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 6'33
128Matthew HarperFox Cycling+ 6'41
129Nathan PhillipsFox Cyclings.t.
130Thomas MosesGio-Goi+ 6'42
131Tommy ProulxBontrager Cycling Team+ 6'46
132Adam SempleVictoria Bitter+ 6'50
133Frank TraviesoHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 6'53
134Robert DudaOrlen Oil+ 6'55
135James MossTeam Raleighs.t.
136Justin WilliamsHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 6'56
137James StemperBontrager Cycling Team+ 6'59
138Matvey ZubovItera - Katusha+ 7'02
139Roman MaikinItera - Katusha+ 7'03
140Peter FemalUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 7'05
141Ryan EastmanBissell Cycling+ 7'07
142Chris OpieMadison Genesis+ 7'09
143Alexandre PliuschinTDC+ 7'10
144Ben GreenwoodTeam UK Youth+ 7'11
145Tomasz NoseAdria Mobil+ 7'12
146Christofer StevensonTeam UK Youth+ 7'15
147Graham HowardBontrager Cycling Team+ 7'19
148Neil ColemanGio-Goi+ 7'20
149Jonathan MouldTeam UK Youth+ 7'21
150Ryan ParnesOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 7'26
151Alexander KhatuntsevItera - Katusha+ 7'30
152Lachlan NorrisBissell Cyclings.t.
153Dimitri KrivtsovAmore & Vitas.t.
154Christian ParrettHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
155Benjamin BradshawBontrager Cycling Team+ 7'31
156Chris BartonPepsi Pro Cyclings.t.
157Peter WilliamsGio-Goi+ 7'34
158Daniel HollowayFox Cycling+ 7'35
159Sergey KolesnikovItera - Katusha+ 7'38
160Daniel FleemanAlpro+ 7'40
161Bernardo RiccioNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
162Maksym AverinAmore & Vita+ 7'44
163Matt CronshawTeam UK Youth+ 7'45
164Connor O'LearyBissell Cycling+ 7'46
165Andrea FediGio-Goi+ 7'47
166Oliver HofstetterAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 7'48
167Daniel SummerhillBissell Cycling+ 7'49
168Sebastian Henao4-72 Colombia+ 7'53
169Owain DoullTeam UK Youth+ 8'00
170Carter JonesFox Cycling+ 8'01
171Rahsaan BahatiHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
172Eric BoilyUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 8'02
173Marco BrusTEAM Spyker Carss.t.
174Antonio DanielsLivestrong+ 8'11
175Kyle BurnsTeam UK Youth+ 8'13
176Phil SoutherlandTDC+ 8'18
177Stephen AdamsTeam UK Youth+ 8'19
178Jason BrownUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 8'23
179Andrey IvanovItera - Katusha+ 8'57
180Rik BrickTeam UK Youth+ 9'03
181Spencer BeamerPepsi Pro Cycling+ 9'11
182Michael ShererPepsi Pro Cycling+ 9'17
183Dennis PohlTeam Quantec - Indeland+ 9'28
184Thomas WronaFox Cycling+ 9'32
185Oleksandr PolivodaAmore & Vita+ 9'35
186Sergei ChuchumashevItera - Katusha+ 9'38
187Vitaliy ButsAmore & Vita+ 10'37
188Erik BaskaAdria Mobil+ 11'09
189Simon PellaudAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 11'18
190Timon SeubertRothaus+ 11'23
191Rafael AndriatoAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 11'28
192Noah GasserAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
193Johim AriesenTEAM Spyker Cars+ 11'33
194Nikita EskovItera - Katusha+ 13'06


Great feeling to be back in the peloton after my one year ban.

Looking forward to better results at Volkswagen Sea Otter Classic.
The place where I got my first professional stage win in 2014.



My training is in your hands for the rest of my career.
After each race I can receive both EXP and Form Points.
EXP is a permanent stat gains while Form is temporary (the next race update).
A maximum of 3 EXP and 5 Form can be rewarded after each stage.

After any stage I receive EXP or Form points
you guys get to decided where I put those stat gains to use.

All you have to do is comment on which category you want
1 of the stat gains to go (Ex. Mountain, Sprint, Flat, etc.)
The EXP points are used up first followed by the Form.

Each member can only say one category for themselves.
And it will go until all the points are used up.

If you have any questions about my training, leave a question below.
It looks confusing at first but it's rather simple,
and this will be the only method for me to progress talent wise.

Current Stats


9th for Fox and 32th for Travis is definitely not bad considering the whole team is in bad shape. To be honest I imagined that by mid-February at least a couple of riders would be in better form Pfft Oh, and that sprint by Von Hoff in stage 3 Shock

Let's hope Travis can find some more form and hopefully repeat the good memories in the Sea Otter Classic. To leave numbers happy, let's add 1 point in downh... no,no, time trial it is Pfft
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