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The Comeback
I knew he was doped!
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



I don't think he doped, I think be banged another woman Pfft


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Mresuperstar wrote:
They, however, don't know the whole the story.[/center]

Would you kindly tell us the whole story starting from day 1 of 1276
Gig 'em Aggies

Fast N' Loud Cycling Project - ICL
Jeez, knew it!
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
"Landismo never dies" - Landa


My 1st Grand Tour, this is what the big stage feels like.
What an honor to be taking part the 2015 Vuelta a Espana.

Not only was I on a home team, but expectations were high
because of my surprise podium finish in California.

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---


I get the honor of leading the team off the start line for the opening TTT.


Stage 2 and I decide I might try and go after the King of the Mountains.


My efforts get me the jersey to wear on Stage 3!


By Stage 4, I come to realize that I'm not strong enough to truly
go after the KoM jersey. It was fun while it lasted but I just don't have
the stamina to ride in the breakaway every single day.


So, I'm told to look after our captain Sergio Henao for the next week.


Henao is doing well, a top 10 overall looks even possible.
He even wins a mountain top finish on Stage 13 beating rival Betancur.

I sit in the peloton and rest up, waiting for a good breakaway stage.


That day would come on Stage 18. A typical breakaway stage.

Luis Leon Sanchez and I jump into the breakaway together.
LLS won the stage yesterday so he decides to use
his remaining energy to protect me today.


20kms to go, the breakaway of 10 is going to make it to the finish.
14 minute lead over the peloton and they are starting to attack each other.

But, I can't worry about Henao now. LLS is trying to close down a late attack from Steven Kruijswijk, and seconds later an attack by Maxim Iglinskiy.


There's the banner, LLS has dragged me as close as possible.
The rest is up to me. The crowd is in a frenzy, this is my moment.


Kruijswijk and Iglinskiy started to play cat and mouse with each other...
They haven't realized I'm coming from behind!


The slashing of water from my wheels finally catches their attention.
Now it's a mad dash to the line. The spectators are yelling so much I can't think.


LLS looks on. His efforts will get him a 4th place after his win on Stage 17.
So, can I bring Santander back-to-back wins here at the Vuelta?






I can't believe it! I charged in from behind and stole the stage!

"Travis Newton wins Stage 18 of the 2015 Vuelta a Espana!"

The only thing that could have made today any better was if Chloe and the kids were here in Noja with me and not back at our apartment in Barcelona.

At least Santander, Spain is just a few miles west, so big party there tonight!


After not getting much sleep I didn't have the motivation
to try another breakaway on Stage 19 or Stage 20,
so I rode into Madrid with my head held high after my victory three days ago.

Fans were even taking pictures of me. Some people were even calling
my victory salute the most memorable one of the entire Tour.


As much as I was enjoying my limelight, the team had a great tour as well.
Our Captain, Sergio Henao, finished 5th overall with a stage win.


And our sprinter Juan José Lobato,
capped off the Vuelta by winning the final stage here in Madrid.



General Classification

1Carlos BetancurSky Procycling84h12'44
2Be√Īat IntxaustiMovistar Team+ 2'48
3Daniel MorenoKatusha Team+ 4'55
4Rui CostaLotto Belisol+ 9'01
5Sergio HenaoSantander+ 12'29
6Jan BakelantsBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 13'12
7Diego UlissiSky Procyclings.t.
8Janier AcevedoOrica - GreenEdge+ 16'11
9Mikel NieveEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 20'11
10Tejay Van GarderenAstana Pro Team+ 20'36

11Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 20'41
12Kanstantsin SiutsouSky Procycling+ 21'22
13Luis León SánchezSantander+ 22'49
14Giovanni ViscontiBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 26'48
15Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 26'59
16Yury TrofimovMovistar Team+ 28'11
17Peter KennaughAstana Pro Team+ 29'10
18Matthias FrankCannondale Pro Cycling+ 36'20
19Peter SaganVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 36'41
20Matteo MontagutiLampre - Merida+ 36'52
21Philippe GilbertBMC Racing Team+ 40'52
22Tony GallopinRadioShack - Leopard+ 42'44
23Eros CapecchiMovistar Team+ 44'04
24Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling+ 45'48
25André CardosoAstana Pro Team+ 46'56
26Emanuele SellaLampre - Merida+ 48'01
27Jonathan CastroviejoEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 48'10
28Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cycling+ 49'03
29John Darwin AtapumaRadioShack - Leopard+ 51'31
30Chris Anker S√łrensenPhonak+ 55'07
31Steve MorabitoPhonak+ 55'31
32Maxim IglinskiyRadioShack - Leopard+ 55'56
33Johann TschoppPhonak+ 1h00'36
34Simone StortoniLampre - Merida+ 1h02'38
35Mikel LandaMovistar Team+ 1h06'26
36Mattia CattaneoLampre - Merida+ 1h09'43
37Steven KruijswijkBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 1h11'34
38Matthew BuscheBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 1h12'02
39Jes√ļs Del NeroEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h12'35
40Mauro SantambrogioLampre - Merida+ 1h12'50
41Michael AlbasiniBMC Racing Team+ 1h16'33
42John DegenkolbOrica - GreenEdge+ 1h16'54
43Simon GerransGarmin - Sharp+ 1h17'47
44Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Team+ 1h18'33
45Andy SchleckRadioShack - Leopard+ 1h19'18
46Kristof VandewalleOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 1h20'50
47Stef ClementBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 1h22'49
48Daryl ImpeyBMC Racing Team+ 1h26'33
49Ian StannardSky Procycling+ 1h26'35
50Stephen CummingsGarmin - Sharp+ 1h29'57
51Cayetano SarmientoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 1h30'45
52Sébastien ReichenbachPhonak+ 1h32'40
53Silvère AckermannBMC Racing Team+ 1h33'21
54Alberto LosadaKatusha Team+ 1h33'46
55Sergey FirsanovKatusha Team+ 1h33'53
56Javier MorenoSantander+ 1h35'46
57Cristiano SalernoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 1h36'04
58Jes√ļs HerradaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h36'49
59Tim WellensLotto Belisol+ 1h37'53
60Bart De ClercqRadioShack - Leopard+ 1h42'04
61Francisco José VentosoMovistar Team+ 1h43'47
62Gorka IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h46'39
63Sylvain ChavanelOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 1h47'10
64Pierrick FédrigoAG2R La Mondiale+ 1h47'33
65Fabio TaborreVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 1h48'03
66Enrico GasparottoAstana Pro Team+ 1h49'59
67Simon GeschkeTeam Argos - Shimano+ 1h51'01
68Alexandr KolobnevTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h53'47
69Amets TxurrukaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h54'03
70Marcel WyssPhonak+ 1h54'36
71Jes√ļs Hern√°ndezOrica - GreenEdge+ 1h55'17
72Fredrik KessiakoffLampre - Merida+ 1h55'27
73Alexander KristoffKatusha Team+ 2h00'03
74Adriano MaloriBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 2h01'06
75Fränk SchleckRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h06'29
76Valerio AgnoliAstana Pro Team+ 2h06'48
77Travis NewtonSantander+ 2h09'28
78Francesco GinanniVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 2h09'44
79Taylor PhinneyRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h09'50
80Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 2h10'37
81Mads ChristensenTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 2h11'45
82Paul MartensBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 2h12'49
83Ben HermansRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h14'36
84Petr IgnatenkoKatusha Team+ 2h16'04
85Danilo WyssBMC Racing Team+ 2h16'19
86André GreipelBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 2h17'20
87Ian BoswellSky Procycling+ 2h17'52
88Luke DurbridgeOrica - GreenEdge+ 2h19'41
89Jonathan Tiernan-LockeSky Procycling+ 2h22'03
90Marcel KittelTeam Argos - Shimano+ 2h25'43
91Jackson RodríguezSky Procycling+ 2h28'03
92Samuel S√°nchezSantander+ 2h31'59
93Nicolas EdetAG2R La Mondiale+ 2h33'14
94Sylvain GeorgesLa Pomme Marseille+ 2h33'37
95Anthony RouxAG2R La Mondiale+ 2h39'44
96Heinrich HausslerPhonak+ 2h40'49
97Lucas Sebasti√°n HaedoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h43'42
98Lloyd MondoryAG2R La Mondiale+ 2h48'13
99Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h52'49
100Simone PonziAstana Pro Team+ 2h58'46
101Mark CavendishOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 3h00'15
102Fabio SabatiniOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 3h07'38
103Steve ChainelAG2R La Mondiale+ 3h09'00
104Leigh HowardOrica - GreenEdge+ 3h09'45
105John GadretAG2R La Mondiale+ 3h10'26
106Yukiya ArashiroTeam Europcar+ 3h11'00
107Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 3h13'43
108Manuele MoriLampre - Merida+ 3h15'05
109Mauro FinettoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 3h18'20
110Jakob RatheGarmin - Sharp+ 3h22'52
111Elia VivianiCannondale Pro Cycling+ 3h23'01
112Nikolas MaesOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 3h24'47
113Vitaliy PopkovVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 3h27'27
114Guillaume BoivinCannondale Pro Cycling+ 3h28'19
115Omar FraileSantander+ 3h29'47
116Maxime MéderelLa Pomme Marseille+ 3h32'30
117Pierpaolo De NegriVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 3h34'32
118Marcus BurghardtPhonak+ 3h38'04
119Ben SwiftGarmin - Sharp+ 3h40'15
120Yoann PaillotTeam Europcar+ 3h45'06
121Aleksejs SaramotinsPhonak+ 3h46'26
122Nacer BouhanniAG2R La Mondiale+ 3h46'28
123Matti BreschelTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 3h48'19
124Bryan CoquardTeam Europcar+ 3h54'52
125Ruslan TleubayevAstana Pro Team+ 3h56'01
126Paul PouxLa Pomme Marseille+ 3h56'06
127Vladimir KarpetsMovistar Team+ 4h01'23
128Manuele BoaroTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 4h04'18
129Alex DowsettTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 4h05'41
130Ramon SinkeldamTeam Argos - Shimano+ 4h10'51
131Yohann GèneTeam Europcar+ 4h19'19
132Michael SchärBMC Racing Team+ 4h20'58
133Matteo PelucchiPhonak+ 4h21'22
134Samuel DumoulinAG2R La Mondiale+ 4h25'07
135Juan José LobatoSantander+ 4h26'52
136Andrew FennOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 4h31'29
137Thomas DekkerGarmin - Sharp+ 4h41'30
138Alexey TsatevitchKatusha Team+ 4h42'43
139Justin JulesLa Pomme Marseille+ 4h42'50
140Alexander PorsevKatusha Team+ 4h45'27
141Vicente ReynèsEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 4h46'10
142Jonathan CantwellTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 4h48'09
143J√©r√īme CousinTeam Europcar+ 4h48'54
144Johan VansummerenOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 4h49'10
145Davide ViganòLampre - Merida+ 4h53'12
146Arnaud GérardLa Pomme Marseille+ 4h53'47
147Steele Von HoffGarmin - Sharp+ 4h56'52
148Olegs MelehsLa Pomme Marseille+ 4h57'13
149Marcel SiebergKatusha Team+ 4h57'42
150Allan DavisOrica - GreenEdge+ 4h59'03
151Gaetan BilleLotto Belisol+ 4h59'55
152Davide AppollonioKatusha Team+ 4h59'59
153Anthony GeslinTeam Europcar+ 5h00'49
154Tony HurelTeam Europcar+ 5h03'58
155Robert WagnerTeam Argos - Shimano+ 5h04'29
156Maarten WynantsLotto Belisol+ 5h06'30
157Lars Ytting BakLotto Belisol+ 5h06'40
158Theo BosBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 5h08'36
159Borut BoŇĺicAstana Pro Team+ 5h08'55
160Klaas LodewyckBMC Racing Team+ 5h11'55
161Stijn VandenberghTeam Argos - Shimano+ 5h12'31
162Caleb EwanOrica - GreenEdge+ 5h14'26
163Rafael SerranoMovistar Team+ 5h15'33
164Marko KumpTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 5h15'46
165Roger KlugeTeam Argos - Shimano+ 5h16'28
166Mathieu DrujonAG2R La Mondiale+ 5h17'41
167Angelo TulikTeam Europcar+ 5h18'06
168Travis MeyerOrica - GreenEdge+ 5h18'38
169Andrea GuardiniAstana Pro Team+ 5h20'56
170Björn ThurauTeam Europcar+ 5h24'51
171Adam BlytheBMC Racing Team+ 5h26'52
172Jonas VangenechtenLotto Belisol+ 5h27'44
173Toms SkujinsLa Pomme Marseille+ 5h28'17
174Gert SteegmansLotto Belisol+ 5h28'56
175Tom LeezerTeam Argos - Shimano+ 5h29'30
176Brett LancasterTeam Argos - Shimano+ 5h29'55
177Frederique RobertLotto Belisol+ 5h35'02
178Enrique SanzSantander+ 5h35'10
179Dylan GroenewegenTeam Argos - Shimano+ 5h36'45
180Barry MarkusTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 5h38'49
181Leonardo GiordaniVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 5h42'39
182Nick NuyensGarmin - Sharp+ 5h43'31
183Taiji NishitaniGarmin - Sharp+ 5h45'08
184Grégory RastRadioShack - Leopard+ 5h45'41
185Baden CookeOrica - GreenEdge+ 5h47'58
186Matteo TosattoTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 5h51'53
187Robert HunterGarmin - Sharp+ 5h52'23
188Kevin HulsmansVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 6h11'58
189Beno√ģt SinnerLa Pomme Marseille+ 6h13'27
190Greg HendersonLotto Belisol+ 6h17'33
191Jes√ļs HerreroSantander+ 6h19'13
192Fulvio MassariLampre - Merida+ 6h48'15
193Bruno UrrutiaMovistar Team+ 7h34'13


Sprint Points

1Carlos BetancurSky Procycling166
2Be√Īat IntxaustiMovistar Team135
3Peter SaganVini Fantini - Selle Italia124
4Daniel MorenoKatusha Team114
5Luis León SánchezSantander103

6André GreipelBelkin Pro Cycling Team92
7Rui CostaLotto Belisol87
8John DegenkolbOrica - GreenEdge87
9Marcel KittelTeam Argos - Shimano84
10Sergio HenaoSantander77
11Pierrick FédrigoAG2R La Mondiale68
12Mark CavendishOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team68
13Kanstantsin SiutsouSky Procycling66
14Philippe GilbertBMC Racing Team66
15Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadi63
16Maxim IglinskiyRadioShack - Leopard61
17Tejay Van GarderenAstana Pro Team59
18Janier AcevedoOrica - GreenEdge58
19Silvère AckermannBMC Racing Team56
20Diego UlissiSky Procycling56
21Jan BakelantsBelkin Pro Cycling Team53
22Alexandr KolobnevTeam Saxo - Tinkoff53
23Kristof VandewalleOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team46
24Taylor PhinneyRadioShack - Leopard45
25Michael AlbasiniBMC Racing Team44
26Yukiya ArashiroTeam Europcar44
27Alexander KristoffKatusha Team42
28Elia VivianiCannondale Pro Cycling42
29Tony GallopinRadioShack - Leopard41
30Yury TrofimovMovistar Team39
31Jonathan CastroviejoEuskaltel - Euskadi38
32Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling34
33Emanuele SellaLampre - Merida33
34Travis NewtonSantander33
35Guillaume BoivinCannondale Pro Cycling33
36Enrico GasparottoAstana Pro Team32
37Mikel NieveEuskaltel - Euskadi32
38Mauro SantambrogioLampre - Merida32
39Juan José LobatoSantander30
40Javier MorenoSantander29
41Fredrik KessiakoffLampre - Merida29
42Nacer BouhanniAG2R La Mondiale27
43Matteo MontagutiLampre - Merida26
44Fabio TaborreVini Fantini - Selle Italia26
45Peter KennaughAstana Pro Team25
46Bryan CoquardTeam Europcar25
47Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italia24
48John Darwin AtapumaRadioShack - Leopard22
49Andrea GuardiniAstana Pro Team20
50Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi19
51Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cycling19
52Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team19
53Steven KruijswijkBelkin Pro Cycling Team18
54Lars Ytting BakLotto Belisol18
55Eros CapecchiMovistar Team17
56Leigh HowardOrica - GreenEdge17
57Mads ChristensenTeam Saxo - Tinkoff16
58Aleksejs SaramotinsPhonak15
59Simon GerransGarmin - Sharp14
60Sergey FirsanovKatusha Team14
61Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Team12
62Jes√ļs HerradaEuskaltel - Euskadi12
63Olegs MelehsLa Pomme Marseille12
64Sylvain ChavanelOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team11
65Johann TschoppPhonak9
66Simon GeschkeTeam Argos - Shimano9
67Chris Anker S√łrensenPhonak8
68Ramon SinkeldamTeam Argos - Shimano8
69Steele Von HoffGarmin - Sharp7
70Steve MorabitoPhonak6
71Stephen CummingsGarmin - Sharp6
72Björn ThurauTeam Europcar6
73Giovanni ViscontiBelkin Pro Cycling Team5
74Steve ChainelAG2R La Mondiale5
75André CardosoAstana Pro Team4
76Anthony RouxAG2R La Mondiale4
77Fabio SabatiniOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team4
78Pierpaolo De NegriVini Fantini - Selle Italia4
79Theo BosBelkin Pro Cycling Team4
80Nick NuyensGarmin - Sharp4
81Simone StortoniLampre - Merida3
82Andy SchleckRadioShack - Leopard3
83Daryl ImpeyBMC Racing Team3
84Matti BreschelTeam Saxo - Tinkoff3
85Alex DowsettTeam Saxo - Tinkoff3
86Heinrich HausslerPhonak2
87Toms SkujinsLa Pomme Marseille2
88Barry MarkusTeam Saxo - Tinkoff2
89Mattia CattaneoLampre - Merida1
90Stef ClementBelkin Pro Cycling Team1
91Adriano MaloriBelkin Pro Cycling Team1
92Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cycling1
93Paul PouxLa Pomme Marseille1
94Anthony GeslinTeam Europcar1


King of the Mountains

1Silvère AckermannBMC Racing Team47
2Mauro SantambrogioLampre - Merida45
3Pierrick FédrigoAG2R La Mondiale44
4Carlos BetancurSky Procycling36
5Luis León SánchezSantander35

6Kristof VandewalleOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team33
7Daniel MorenoKatusha Team32
8Peter SaganVini Fantini - Selle Italia29
9Emanuele SellaLampre - Merida28
10Javier MorenoSantander28
11Johann TschoppPhonak25
12Simon GerransGarmin - Sharp20
13Fredrik KessiakoffLampre - Merida19
14Be√Īat IntxaustiMovistar Team18
15Fabio TaborreVini Fantini - Selle Italia16
16Anthony RouxAG2R La Mondiale16
17Yukiya ArashiroTeam Europcar15
18John Darwin AtapumaRadioShack - Leopard12
19Alexandr KolobnevTeam Saxo - Tinkoff9
20Matteo MontagutiLampre - Merida8
21Philippe GilbertBMC Racing Team7
22Jan BakelantsBelkin Pro Cycling Team6
23Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadi6
24Eros CapecchiMovistar Team6
25Enrico GasparottoAstana Pro Team6
26Guillaume BoivinCannondale Pro Cycling6
27Steven KruijswijkBelkin Pro Cycling Team5
28Michael AlbasiniBMC Racing Team5
29Travis NewtonSantander5
30Rui CostaLotto Belisol4
31Janier AcevedoOrica - GreenEdge4
32Mikel NieveEuskaltel - Euskadi4
33Daniele RattoVini Fantini - Selle Italia4
34Mads ChristensenTeam Saxo - Tinkoff4
35Maxim IglinskiyRadioShack - Leopard3
36Mattia CattaneoLampre - Merida3
37Cayetano SarmientoCannondale Pro Cycling3
38Sergey FirsanovKatusha Team3
39Simon GeschkeTeam Argos - Shimano2
40Luke DurbridgeOrica - GreenEdge2
41Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team2
42Lars Ytting BakLotto Belisol2
43Edvald Boasson HagenSky Procycling1
44Adriano MaloriBelkin Pro Cycling Team1
45Samuel S√°nchezSantander1


Youth Classification

Peter SaganVini Fantini - Selle Italia84h49'25 (1)
Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cycling+ 12'22 (2)
Mattia CattaneoLampre - Merida+ 33'02 (3)
Jes√ļs HerradaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h00'08 (4)
Tim WellensLotto Belisol+ 1h01'12 (5)


Best Team

Sky Procycling252h33'06 (1)
Euskaltel - Euskadi+ 21'53 (2)
Belkin Pro Cycling Team+ 27'46 (3)


4 Stage Wins + 5th and 13th Overall = Overwhelming Favourites For Promotion.

After 64 days of racing the team has told me my season is finished.

What a great year it was, by far my best as a professional cyclist.
I just hope I can carry this momentum to Garmin with me for the 2016 season.


What a Great Vuelta for Travis and the team, Congratulations Grin
That whole Grand Tour and everything in it seemed like it was just really wasted with no XP and now focus with the whole big picture parody or whatever.
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



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Great stage-win for Travis!

@Baseball Well, it looks like Travis developed, didn't he? Wink

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

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If Betancur goes to Sky irl, I will quit watching cycling, they would REALLY win everythingPfft
Gig 'em Aggies

Fast N' Loud Cycling Project - ICL
welker3257 wrote:
If Betancur goes to Sky irl, I will quit watching cycling, they would REALLY win everythingPfft

Well, Froome went to Saxo Bank so they needed a replacement.
What a Vuelta for the team and true stellar performance by Travis!
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
"Landismo never dies" - Landa

I am only here to monitor his Downhill stat and it looks like he has improved that somewhat. Wink
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Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!

"Mr. Newton, what is your plea?"

I couldn't hide any more. It was time for everything to be put out on the table.


"Thereby the UCI bans Travis Newton from competing in
2016 professional road race season without pay.
All results from the 2015 season will be nullified."


I looked over to Chloe, her head was buried in her hands as she wept.
There went our family income for the year, however we knew it was coming.
It wasn't as much as a shook as it was heartbreaking.

Go ahead, judge me for taking PED's... I have heard it all already.
But, I had to support my family somehow and
I still believe that was my only option.

I just needed to impress the pro teams at AToC and get a PT contract.
After that I wasn't going to use them ever again. And I didn't.
It was a one time thing, and I got caught.

You probably won't believe me but,
my performance at the Vuelta a Espana was clean.
But that doesn't matter, all my results from 2015 season were voided.


It was a stupid mistake, yet looking back on it... I would do it again.
I couldn't make it at the PCT level, I top out as an above average CT cyclist.
I'm not ashamed of that because it's 1 step further than
what my grandfather achieved before he broke his leg and quit.

Being an above average CT cyclist doesn't make enough money
to support my wife, two kids, and my folks back in Kansas.

Maybe a stats drop? Frown

But like bbl said earlier, time for an office job. Pfft
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
Sarah Palin, 08-03-14 (CPAC, on Russian aggression) : "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke"


Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!
Ian Butler
Just used this one time?
Clean in the Vuelta victory?

Heard that before Pfft
Maybe its time for Travis to become a Team Manager instead Wink
Judge you for taking PEDs. Of course I fricking will you cheat! You had to support your family! That's your own fricking problem! Other people have to support their families too and now that can't because they rode clean and lost you selfish bastard! "Oh, I only doped that one time." The most fricking important race ever in your career you dimwit! And like you're even telling the truth anyway. Only the on time. The hell it was. "Boohoo I'm not a good cyclist..." Then get a freaking other job and stop ruining the fricking sport for everyone else! You have a unrealistic dream so you smear your failures and sorrows on everybody else's fortune. Rot in fricking hell where you belong. You're a lying cheat and deserve nothing less.
Edited by baseballlover312 on 28-12-2013 01:51
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



Mr.Newton, how do you wish to respond to baseballlover312's recent criticism of you? Pfft
baseballlover312, 06-03-14 : "Nuke Moscow...Don't worry Russia, we've got plenty of love to go around your cities"
Sarah Palin, 08-03-14 (CPAC, on Russian aggression) : "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke"


Big thanks to jdog for making this AMAZING userbar!
The Hobbit
Yay, he and Dennis can be cheating friends Smile
Seriously though, where can the story go from here? He has to take a year off, and without pay his family is stuffed, so when he gets back everything will be gone, and he'll only be able to find dodgy contracts.
I'm sure you'll think of something, you always do.
After a bit of catching up, once again I have to say: excellent job with the latest reports. Season 11 quality and style has been great to follow, specially after you've watched the movie (which I did thanks to the link you posted on the disclaimer Pfft) - it's nice to understand the references (I'd missed Joseph completely though) and the movie is great too.

Now to Travis: bad Travis Pfft In a way you could imagine it happening with the money stuff he kept talking about and with the Tunnel episode too. But as bblover said, knowing the whole situation doesn't really make it less wrong. Very curious for what happens next (or already happened, in the crazy timeline Pfft), also concerning the Chloe part - perhaps there's room for a non-cycling twist too, not sure how's her positioning on all this (not to forget the movie plot...). To sum up: great readings in S11, keep it up! Smile
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