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The Comeback
Well, at least he's recovering from his injury Wink

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

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Ian Butler
Good that you're not making Travis evolve too much Wink

(wow, evolve makes it sound too much like pokémon) Pfft

"Travis, I'm going to make this simple. I'm bring you to Santander with me.
There is no pressure on you to race anymore this season."

Sounded to good to be true,
but Alonso hasn't let me down before so I trusted him.

"Who is else going to be on this new PCT team? Anyone else from Desigual?"

"I have bought out the contacts for Silvestre, Henao, Fraile, and Herrero."

Great group of guys, I enjoy riding with them. Glad to be apart of that group.

"Well, you can't start a team with 5 guys. Who else you got committed?"

"Okay, but don't tell anybody, all the details have been fully disclosed yet.
Here is a list of a few riders I got coming in... hopefully:





"Alonso what are you doing to me?
I'm the only American and I'll probably be the worst guy on the team."

"Yeah sorry about that but, that's all on Santander.
I had nothing to do with that. Also, I should probably be up front with you
and say they aren't going to re-sign you at the end of next season."

Great I'm going to get stuck carrying water bottles all next season.
How I'm I going to attract teams into give me a contract by doing that?

But there is nothing I can do, I have this stupid buy-out clause in my contract.
I just need to train and get better if I want to get noticed next season.

"If that's the case then, signed me up for the Vuelta Ciclista a Leon.
My leg should be able to handle one more race this season."

I knew you should have signed for Garmin. Now you're stuck carrying bottles anyway and you don't have a place to grow, cause they'll let you go anyway. I fricking new it from the beginning!
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



A great team. Trav won't be the worse. I reckon a mountain helper at the worse.

And I'm looking forward to Trav racing this next race. He'll own it
Sousa and Erviti!? Slouches, Travis is so much better...
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I think Travis should sign for Jelly BellyWink
Gig 'em Aggies

Fast N' Loud Cycling Project - ICL
Ian Butler
Wow... Travis will suck Pfft

Just kidding, but it's a tough one here. Though on the other hand, he can learn a lot from those guys Wink
Don't think Alonso knows what he is doing Frown
Not the best team for Travis.. hoped for an American team or South American... imo, this doesn¬īt suits Travis in any way.. Sad
@All: Thanks for all the feedback. I love reading all of your opinions. Wink


With the news coming in that I'm going to race for Santander next year
I have to get better at all costs, no matter if my leg is still slightly injured.
August 2-5, 2014 : Vuelta Ciclista a Leon


Lobato, Rojas, Rowe, and Craddock are top favourites.


Pereyra is going to lead the team as I get a free role.

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---


Two flat stages to start the tour, two hilly stages to finish it.


The stage comes down to a bunch sprint and I get caught out of the lead group.
I'm starting to have doubts that maybe I should just
thrown in the towel for the season.

Even worse is the fact Pereyra loses 20 minutes on the stage because of a split.
That technically makes me the team leader now.


José Joaquín Rojas gets the win, Silvestre finishes 13th.

1José Joaquín RojasCaja Rural - Seguros RGA2h57'39
2Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
3Sondre Holst EngerTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
4Evaldas SiskeviciusEtixx - iHNeds.t.
5Gediminas BagdonasTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.

6Carlos BarberoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
7Alexandre LemairEtixx - iHNeds.t.
8Jon AberasturiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
9Luke RoweUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
10Maksym AverinTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
11Caleb EwanBissell Cyclings.t.
12Vicente ReynèsEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
13Fabio SilvestreDesigual Cyclings.t.
14Marcel MeisenSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
15Enrique MataCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
16Marco ZanottiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
17André SteensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
18André SchulzeEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
19Ricardo GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
20Christian Moberg J√łrgensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
21Florian SenechalEtixx - iHNeds.t.
22Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
23André CardosoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
24Daniel HoelgaardEtixx - iHNeds.t.
25Dimitri KrivtsovISD Continental Teams.t.
26Niels De VosTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
27Martin GilbertBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
28Jay McCarthyDrapac Cyclings.t.
29Patrik SinkewitzMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
30Alessandro BisoltiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
31Riccardo ZoidlTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
32Josué MoyanoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
33Luca PierfeliciMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
34Eloy TeruelBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
35Michael ValgrenTeam Cult Energys.t.
36Lawson CraddockBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
37Krisztian LovassyUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
38Gregory BrenesTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
39Ben GastauerTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
40Gustavo DomínguezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
41Sven Erik Bystr√łmTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
42Tom√°Ň° KoudelaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
43David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
44Peter KusztorUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
45Enrique SalgueiroBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
46Dan CravenSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
47Tobias LudvigssonSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
48Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
49Adam PhelanDrapac Cyclings.t.
50Lachlan NorrisISD Continental Teams.t.
51Andrea MasciarelliUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
52Matthias BertlingTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
53Rubén PérezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
54Yuriy AgarkovISD Continental Teams.t.
55Juan Carlos RiutortBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
56Sven KraussTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
57H√•vard BlikraTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
58Tormod JacobsenTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
59Edson Calderon4-72 Colombias.t.
60Patrick LaneSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
61Gianluca BrambillaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
62Daniel Jarst√łTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
63Pavel ZittaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
64Myron SimpsonTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
65David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
66Tino ThömelTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
67Samuel SpokesEtixx - iHNeds.t.
68Thomas BonninTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
69Matija KvasinaTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
70Mitchell DockerTeam Gourmetfein Simplon+ 1'57
71Wim StroetingaUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
72Haritz OrbeEuskadis.t.
73Mauro Abel RichezeBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
74Markus EibeggerTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
75Aitor Hern√°ndezEuskadis.t.
76Antonio Di BattistaAmore & Vitas.t.
77Ronan Van ZandbeekUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
78Daniel MestreBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
79Patrick Str√łmmenTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
80Uri MartinsAmore & Vitas.t.
81Patrick ClausenTeam Cult Energys.t.
82Higinio Fern√°ndezDesigual Cyclings.t.
83Darren LapthorneDrapac Cyclings.t.
84Preben Van HeckeCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
85Adri√°n S√°ez de ArregiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
86ŇĀukasz BodnarCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
87Enrico RossiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
88Kasper JebjergTeam Cult Energys.t.
89Sjef De WildeTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
90Kasper Linde J√łrgensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
91Alberto Di LorenzoMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
92Juan Quintero4-72 Colombias.t.
93Michael TorcklerBissell Cyclings.t.
94Travis NewtonDesigual Cyclings.t.
95Ruben SilvaDesigual Cyclings.t.
96Stan GodrieRabobank Development Team+ 22'18
97Phillip GaimonBissell Cyclings.t.
98Coen VermeltfoortRabobank Development Teams.t.
99Albert TimmerUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
100René HooghiemsterTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
101Kai ReusUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
102Unai IparragirreEuskadis.t.
103Anton MikailovAmore & Vitas.t.
104Samuel CaldeiraSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
105Vitaliy PopkovISD Continental Teams.t.
106Jan SokolTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
107Dylan van BaarleRabobank Development Teams.t.
108Mateusz NowakCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
109Robin ChaigneauUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
110Tural IsgandarovSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
111Marco MinnaardRabobank Development Teams.t.
112Oleksandr MartynenkoISD Continental Teams.t.
113Daniel HollowayAmore & Vitas.t.
114Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
115Johnnie WalkerDrapac Cyclings.t.
116JarosŇāaw MaryczCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
117Artur DetkoCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
118David BlancoSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
119Cody O'ReillyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
120Mats BoeveUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
121Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
122Ricardo van DongenRabobank Development Teams.t.
123Manuel OrtegaBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
124Federico RocchettiUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
125Dennis PohlTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
126Martijn TusveldRabobank Development Teams.t.
127Dmytro GrabovskyyISD Continental Teams.t.
128Julian KyerBissell Cyclings.t.
129Carlo WestphalTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
130Roy CurversUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
131Esteban PlazaEuskadis.t.
132Janis DakterisTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
133Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
134Etienne van EmpelRabobank Development Teams.t.
135Johan CoenenTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
136Frank PippBissell Cyclings.t.
137Botond HolloUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
138ŇĀukasz OwsianCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
139Ever Rivera4-72 Colombias.t.
140Jeremy VennellBissell Cyclings.t.
141Andrew DahlheimBissell Cyclings.t.
142Gianfranco ViscontiUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
143Ruben ZepuntkeRabobank Development Teams.t.
144Fernando Orjuela4-72 Colombias.t.
145Igor RomeroEuskadis.t.
146Maksym VasilyevISD Continental Teams.t.
147Andzs FlaksisBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
148Sergio MantecónBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
149Volodymyr StarchykAmore & Vitas.t.
150Emanuel KiserlovskiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
151Jes√ļs Del PinoBurgos BH - Castilla y Le√≥ns.t.
152Sven ForbergerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
153Simone MasciarelliUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
154Sven J. HartmannTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
155Danail PetrovDrapac Cyclings.t.
156Roberto AndradeBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
157Nikolay MihaylovCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
158Tomasz LisowiczCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
159Kirk CarlsenBissell Cyclings.t.
160José BeldaBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
161Sergej FuchsTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
162Jonas SchmeiserTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
163Dmytro VolovodISD Continental Teams.t.
164Daniel Durango4-72 Colombias.t.
165Jesus Casta√Īo4-72 Colombias.t.
166Andreu DurangoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
167Gerold HenrichsenTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
168Antonio TestaMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
169Anton StorchousAmore & Vitas.t.
170Illart ZuazubiskarEuskadis.t.
171Sergey SevostianovAmore & Vitas.t.
172Robbie SquireAmore & Vitas.t.
173Sascha WeberTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
174Efren CarazoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
175Christian HelmigTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
176Jose Galindo4-72 Colombias.t.
177Tommy ProulxBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
178Thomas BlomTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
179Cameron BrownDrapac Cyclings.t.
180Stephan RabitschTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
181Steve HoffmannTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
182Stefan KleinTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
183Sven KoehlerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
184Pau AristondoBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
185Andreas MiessenTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
186Francisco José López Estévez4-72 Colombias.t.
187Robert BushDesigual Cyclings.t.
188Rico Dene RogersSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
189Jes√ļs HerreroDesigual Cyclings.t.
190Andres PereyraDesigual Cyclings.t.
191Marlón PérezDesigual Cyclings.t.


Let's try not to get caught out in a major split again.


I just can't do it. I can feel the strain in my leg getting worse each day now.


In a close finish, Sondre Holst Enger over José Joaquín Rojas.

1Sondre Holst EngerTeam √ėster Hus - Ridley3h06'53
2José Joaquín RojasCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
3Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
4Gediminas BagdonasTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
5Luke RoweUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.

6Caleb EwanBissell Cyclings.t.
7Vicente ReynèsEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
8Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
9Carlos BarberoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
10Fabio SilvestreDesigual Cyclings.t.
11Maksym AverinTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
12Samuel SpokesEtixx - iHNeds.t.
13Gianluca BrambillaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
14Enrique MataCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
15Patrik SinkewitzMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
16Riccardo ZoidlTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
17André CardosoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
18Emanuel KiserlovskiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
19Patrick LaneSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
20Ricardo GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
21Jon AberasturiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
22Enrico RossiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
23Kasper Linde J√łrgensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
24André SteensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
25Marcel MeisenSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
26Vitaliy PopkovISD Continental Teams.t.
27Rubén PérezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
28Pavel ZittaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
29Dan CravenSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
30Patrick ClausenTeam Cult Energys.t.
31Luca PierfeliciMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
32David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
33Michael ValgrenTeam Cult Energys.t.
34Mauro Abel RichezeBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
35Alessandro BisoltiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
36Dimitri KrivtsovISD Continental Teams.t.
37Lachlan NorrisISD Continental Teams.t.
38Martin GilbertBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
39Gregory BrenesTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
40Andrea MasciarelliUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
41Krisztian LovassyUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
42Myron SimpsonTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
43David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
44Ben GastauerTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
45Sven KraussTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
46Uri MartinsAmore & Vitas.t.
47Jay McCarthyDrapac Cyclings.t.
48Tino ThömelTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
49Darren LapthorneDrapac Cyclings.t.
50Daniel Jarst√łTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
51Lawson CraddockBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
52Manuel OrtegaBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
53Samuel CaldeiraSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
54Yuriy AgarkovISD Continental Teams.t.
55Antonio Di BattistaAmore & Vitas.t.
56Thomas BonninTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
57Daniel MestreBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
58Enrique SalgueiroBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
59Matija KvasinaTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
60Dennis PohlTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
61Stephan RabitschTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
62Kasper JebjergTeam Cult Energys.t.
63Stan GodrieRabobank Development Teams.t.
64Christian Moberg J√łrgensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
65Sjef De WildeTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
66Daniel HollowayAmore & Vitas.t.
67Matthias BertlingTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
68Peter KusztorUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
69Tobias LudvigssonSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
70Edson Calderon4-72 Colombias.t.
71Carlo WestphalTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
72Coen VermeltfoortRabobank Development Teams.t.
73Haritz OrbeEuskadis.t.
74Marco MinnaardRabobank Development Teams.t.
75Robin ChaigneauUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
76Mitchell DockerTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
77Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
78Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
79Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
80Federico RocchettiUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
81Alberto Di LorenzoMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
82Jan SokolTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
83Juan Carlos RiutortBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
84Frank PippBissell Cyclings.t.
85Aitor Hern√°ndezEuskadis.t.
86Rico Dene RogersSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
87Esteban PlazaEuskadis.t.
88Juan Quintero4-72 Colombias.t.
89Michael TorcklerBissell Cyclings.t.
90René HooghiemsterTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
91Adri√°n S√°ez de ArregiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
92Albert TimmerUnivé - Streekgids.nl+ 2'20
93Mats BoeveUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
94Wim StroetingaUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
95Julian KyerBissell Cyclings.t.
96Adam PhelanDrapac Cyclings.t.
97Simone MasciarelliUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
98Artur DetkoCCC Polsat - Polkowice+ 3'27
99JarosŇāaw MaryczCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
100Mateusz NowakCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
101Preben Van HeckeCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
102Eloy TeruelBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
103ŇĀukasz BodnarCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
104Ronan Van ZandbeekUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
105H√•vard BlikraTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
106Josué MoyanoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
107Ricardo van DongenRabobank Development Team+ 4'08
108Oleksandr MartynenkoISD Continental Teams.t.
109Tormod JacobsenTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
110Niels De VosTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
111André SchulzeEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
112Martijn TusveldRabobank Development Teams.t.
113Sven Erik Bystr√łmTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
114Marco ZanottiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
115Johnnie WalkerDrapac Cyclings.t.
116Dylan van BaarleRabobank Development Teams.t.
117Volodymyr StarchykAmore & Vitas.t.
118Unai IparragirreEuskadis.t.
119Janis DakterisTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
120Andres PereyraDesigual Cyclings.t.
121Patrick Str√łmmenTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
122Marlón PérezDesigual Cyclings.t.
123Higinio Fern√°ndezDesigual Cyclings.t.
124Florian SenechalEtixx - iHNed+ 6'22
125Daniel HoelgaardEtixx - iHNeds.t.
126Alexandre LemairEtixx - iHNeds.t.
127Tom√°Ň° KoudelaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
128Evaldas SiskeviciusEtixx - iHNeds.t.
129Gustavo DomínguezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
130Cody O'ReillyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
131ŇĀukasz OwsianCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
132Dmytro GrabovskyyISD Continental Teams.t.
133Tural IsgandarovSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
134Roy CurversUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
135Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
136Kai ReusUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
137Sven ForbergerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
138Andrew DahlheimBissell Cyclings.t.
139Phillip GaimonBissell Cyclings.t.
140Johan CoenenTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
141Travis NewtonDesigual Cyclings.t.
142Gianfranco ViscontiUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
143Igor RomeroEuskadis.t.
144Jeremy VennellBissell Cyclings.t.
145Ever Rivera4-72 Colombias.t.
146Jes√ļs HerreroDesigual Cyclings.t.
147Botond HolloUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
148Ruben ZepuntkeRabobank Development Teams.t.
149Fernando Orjuela4-72 Colombias.t.
150Etienne van EmpelRabobank Development Teams.t.
151Sergio MantecónBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
152Nikolay MihaylovCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
153Kirk CarlsenBissell Cyclings.t.
154Sergej FuchsTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
155Danail PetrovDrapac Cyclings.t.
156David BlancoSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
157Maksym VasilyevISD Continental Teams.t.
158Andzs FlaksisBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
159Tomasz LisowiczCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
160Robbie SquireAmore & Vitas.t.
161Anton MikailovAmore & Vitas.t.
162Roberto AndradeBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
163Illart ZuazubiskarEuskadis.t.
164Andreu DurangoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
165Daniel Durango4-72 Colombias.t.
166Jesus Casta√Īo4-72 Colombias.t.
167Dmytro VolovodISD Continental Teams.t.
168José BeldaBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
169Sascha WeberTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
170Jes√ļs Del PinoBurgos BH - Castilla y Le√≥ns.t.
171Antonio TestaMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
172Sven J. HartmannTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
173Jonas SchmeiserTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
174Anton StorchousAmore & Vitas.t.
175Gerold HenrichsenTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
176Efren CarazoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
177Jose Galindo4-72 Colombias.t.
178Sergey SevostianovAmore & Vitas.t.
179Steve HoffmannTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
180Christian HelmigTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
181Thomas BlomTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
182Pau AristondoBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
183Cameron BrownDrapac Cyclings.t.
184Sven KoehlerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
185Andreas MiessenTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
186Stefan KleinTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
187Francisco José López Estévez4-72 Colombias.t.
188Tommy ProulxBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
189Ruben SilvaDesigual Cyclings.t.
190Robert BushDesigual Cyclings.t.
191Markus EibeggerTeam Gourmetfein Simplon+ 8'00


I iced my leg all night, let's see if I'm any better today.


I'm feeling so good I try to start the morning breakaway.
What a difference a day makes.


Wait, I take that back. I last just 25kms up front.


Which means the team has to rely on Pereyra for a good stage result.


That's not going to happen with this start list. André Steensen with the win.
Pereyra fights his way to finish 14th.


I come home 3'15" behind Steensen for 84th place.

1André SteensenTeam Cult Energy4h07'20
2Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 12
3José Joaquín RojasCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
4Riccardo ZoidlTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
5Gianluca BrambillaEtixx - iHNeds.t.

6Luca PierfeliciMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
7Dan CravenSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 47
8Sondre Holst EngerTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
9Lachlan NorrisISD Continental Teams.t.
10David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
11Andrea MasciarelliUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
12Patrik SinkewitzMeridiana Kamen Team+ 1'10
13Enrique SalgueiroBanco BIC - Carmim+ 1'30
14Andres PereyraDesigual Cyclings.t.
15André CardosoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
16Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
17Pavel ZittaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
18Michael ValgrenTeam Cult Energys.t.
19Alessandro BisoltiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
20David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
21Matija KvasinaTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
22Tobias LudvigssonSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
23Gregory BrenesTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
24Matthias BertlingTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
25Carlos BarberoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
26Edson Calderon4-72 Colombias.t.
27Darren LapthorneDrapac Cyclings.t.
28Jay McCarthyDrapac Cyclings.t.
29Enrico RossiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
30Peter KusztorUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
31Dimitri KrivtsovISD Continental Teams.t.
32Robbie SquireAmore & Vitas.t.
33Rubén PérezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
34Marcel MeisenSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
35Yuriy AgarkovISD Continental Teams.t.
36Josué MoyanoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
37Enrique MataCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
38Ben GastauerTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
39Thomas BonninTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
40Mitchell DockerTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
41Sergio MantecónBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
42Aitor Hern√°ndezEuskadis.t.
43Sven KraussTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
44Luke RoweUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
45Ricardo GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
46Evaldas SiskeviciusEtixx - iHNeds.t.
47Vicente ReynèsEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
48Sergej FuchsTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
49Esteban PlazaEuskadis.t.
50Ever Rivera4-72 Colombias.t.
51Kai ReusUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
52Adam PhelanDrapac Cyclings.t.
53Jon AberasturiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
54Antonio Di BattistaAmore & Vitas.t.
55Patrick ClausenTeam Cult Energys.t.
56Samuel SpokesEtixx - iHNeds.t.
57David BlancoSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
58Caleb EwanBissell Cyclings.t.
59Danail PetrovDrapac Cyclings.t.
60Dmytro GrabovskyyISD Continental Teams.t.
61Daniel Jarst√łTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
62Adri√°n S√°ez de ArregiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
63Gustavo DomínguezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
64JarosŇāaw MaryczCCC Polsat - Polkowice+ 3'15
65Manuel OrtegaBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
66Gediminas BagdonasTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
67Maksym AverinTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
68Preben Van HeckeCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
69Albert TimmerUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
70H√•vard BlikraTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
71Christian Moberg J√łrgensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
72Kasper JebjergTeam Cult Energys.t.
73Martijn TusveldRabobank Development Teams.t.
74Tino ThömelTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
75Fernando Orjuela4-72 Colombias.t.
76Haritz OrbeEuskadis.t.
77Kirk CarlsenBissell Cyclings.t.
78ŇĀukasz OwsianCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
79Emanuel KiserlovskiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
80Krisztian LovassyUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
81Daniel HoelgaardEtixx - iHNeds.t.
82Janis DakterisTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
83Ruben SilvaDesigual Cyclings.t.
84Travis NewtonDesigual Cyclings.t.
85Sven ForbergerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
86Lawson CraddockBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
87Nikolay MihaylovCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
88Phillip GaimonBissell Cyclings.t.
89Alberto Di LorenzoMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
90Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
91Tom√°Ň° KoudelaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
92Federico RocchettiUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
93Daniel MestreBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
94Gianfranco ViscontiUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
95Stan GodrieRabobank Development Teams.t.
96Efren CarazoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
97Jeremy VennellBissell Cyclings.t.
98Andrew DahlheimBissell Cyclings.t.
99Oleksandr MartynenkoISD Continental Teams.t.
100Patrick LaneSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
101Vitaliy PopkovISD Continental Teams.t.
102Mateusz NowakCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
103Sven Erik Bystr√łmTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
104Dylan van BaarleRabobank Development Teams.t.
105Alexandre LemairEtixx - iHNeds.t.
106Marco ZanottiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
107Kasper Linde J√łrgensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
108Artur DetkoCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
109Martin GilbertBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
110Carlo WestphalTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
111Dmytro VolovodISD Continental Teams.t.
112Mats BoeveUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
113Sascha WeberTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
114Roy CurversUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
115Michael TorcklerBissell Cyclings.t.
116Simone MasciarelliUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
117Jan SokolTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
118Florian SenechalEtixx - iHNeds.t.
119Jesus Casta√Īo4-72 Colombias.t.
120Mauro Abel RichezeBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
121Markus EibeggerTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
122Eloy TeruelBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
123Myron SimpsonTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
124Uri MartinsAmore & Vita+ 5'03
125Robin ChaigneauUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
126Niels De VosTeam √ėster Hus - Ridley+ 5'20
127Tormod JacobsenTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
128Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 6'53
129Antonio TestaMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
130Igor RomeroEuskadis.t.
131Juan Quintero4-72 Colombias.t.
132Sjef De WildeTeam Differdange - Losch+ 7'14
133André SchulzeEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
134Juan Carlos RiutortBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
135Samuel CaldeiraSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 7'35
136Botond HolloUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
137Daniel HollowayAmore & Vitas.t.
138Marco MinnaardRabobank Development Teams.t.
139René HooghiemsterTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
140José BeldaBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
141Ricardo van DongenRabobank Development Teams.t.
142Andreu DurangoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
143Anton StorchousAmore & Vitas.t.
144Daniel Durango4-72 Colombias.t.
145Dennis PohlTeam Quantec - Indeland+ 7'58
146Robert BushDesigual Cyclings.t.
147Unai IparragirreEuskadis.t.
148ŇĀukasz BodnarCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
149Higinio Fern√°ndezDesigual Cyclings.t.
150Rico Dene RogersSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
151Jes√ļs Del PinoBurgos BH - Castilla y Le√≥ns.t.
152Stephan RabitschTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
153Patrick Str√łmmenTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
154Etienne van EmpelRabobank Development Team+ 8'29
155Frank PippBissell Cyclings.t.
156Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
157Volodymyr StarchykAmore & Vitas.t.
158Illart ZuazubiskarEuskadis.t.
159Anton MikailovAmore & Vitas.t.
160Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
161Tomasz LisowiczCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
162Tural IsgandarovSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 9'05
163Coen VermeltfoortRabobank Development Teams.t.
164Johan CoenenTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
165Jose Galindo4-72 Colombias.t.
166Wim StroetingaUnivé - Streekgids.nl+ 9'23
167Julian KyerBissell Cyclings.t.
168Ruben ZepuntkeRabobank Development Teams.t.
169Andzs FlaksisBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
170Sergey SevostianovAmore & Vitas.t.
171Marlón PérezDesigual Cyclings.t.
172Fabio SilvestreDesigual Cyclings.t.
173Gerold HenrichsenTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
174Andreas MiessenTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
175Maksym VasilyevISD Continental Teams.t.
176Christian HelmigTeam Differdange - Losch+ 9'51
177Jonas SchmeiserTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
178Pau AristondoBanco BIC - Carmim+ 10'16
179Thomas BlomTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
180Sven KoehlerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
181Steve HoffmannTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
182Cody O'ReillyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
183Francisco José López Estévez4-72 Colombias.t.
184Cameron BrownDrapac Cycling+ 10'33
185Johnnie WalkerDrapac Cycling+ 10'44
186Sven J. HartmannTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
187Ronan Van ZandbeekUnivé - Streekgids.nl+ 12'08
188Roberto AndradeBanco BIC - Carmim+ 12'42
189Stefan KleinTeam Quantec - Indeland+ 15'59
190Jes√ļs HerreroDesigual Cyclings.t.
191Tommy ProulxBontrager Cycling Teams.t.


The last stage. I'm really starting to think this was a bad idea.


No plans for me today, just ride at the front of the peloton
and see how long I can last for.


And I actually make it all the way to the finish, that's an improvement.


But, I wasn't going to have any effect on the outcome. Stage win to Luke Rowe.


I finish 46th, 78th overall. This might be the last picture in a Desigual jersey.

I'm going to rest for the next few days and make my decision.
Alonso has given me the option to race the Vuelta a Burgos or start my offseason training camps earlier in the hopes of being in top shape for 2015.

1Luke RoweUnivé - Streekgids.nl3h16'19
2Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
3Evaldas SiskeviciusEtixx - iHNeds.t.
4Sondre Holst EngerTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
5José Joaquín RojasCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.

6Caleb EwanBissell Cyclings.t.
7Carlos BarberoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
8Marco ZanottiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
9Maksym AverinTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
10Dan CravenSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
11Rubén PérezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
12David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
13André CardosoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
14Gregory BrenesTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
15Tobias LudvigssonSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
16Riccardo ZoidlTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
17Luca PierfeliciMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
18Enrique MataCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
19Gianluca BrambillaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
20Gustavo DomínguezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
21Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
22Marcel MeisenSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
23André SteensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
24Andrea MasciarelliUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
25Sergio MantecónBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
26Haritz OrbeEuskadis.t.
27Ricardo GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
28Yuriy AgarkovISD Continental Teams.t.
29Lachlan NorrisISD Continental Teams.t.
30Michael ValgrenTeam Cult Energys.t.
31Krisztian LovassyUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
32Matija KvasinaTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
33Patrik SinkewitzMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
34Ben GastauerTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
35Thomas BonninTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
36Sven KraussTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
37Dimitri KrivtsovISD Continental Teams.t.
38Jon AberasturiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
39Mitchell DockerTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
40Jay McCarthyDrapac Cyclings.t.
41Kai ReusUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
42Alberto Di LorenzoMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
43Peter KusztorUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
44Josué MoyanoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
45Tino ThömelTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
46Travis NewtonDesigual Cyclings.t.
47Enrique SalgueiroBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
48Darren LapthorneDrapac Cyclings.t.
49David BlancoSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
50Martin GilbertBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
51Alessandro BisoltiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
52Edson Calderon4-72 Colombias.t.
53Enrico RossiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
54Christian Moberg J√łrgensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
55Patrick ClausenTeam Cult Energys.t.
56Matthias BertlingTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
57Samuel CaldeiraSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
58Daniel MestreBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
59David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
60Preben Van HeckeCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
61Albert TimmerUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
62Andres PereyraDesigual Cyclings.t.
63Jan SokolTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
64H√•vard BlikraTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
65Vitaliy PopkovISD Continental Teams.t.
66Aitor Hern√°ndezEuskadis.t.
67Patrick LaneSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
68Lawson CraddockBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
69Antonio TestaMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
70Vicente ReynèsEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
71Emanuel KiserlovskiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
72Michael TorcklerBissell Cyclings.t.
73Sergej FuchsTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
74Gediminas BagdonasTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
75Mateusz NowakCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
76JarosŇāaw MaryczCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
77Daniel Jarst√łTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
78Alexandre LemairEtixx - iHNeds.t.
79Esteban PlazaEuskadis.t.
80Rico Dene RogersSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
81Antonio Di BattistaAmore & Vitas.t.
82Pavel ZittaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
83Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
84Robbie SquireAmore & Vitas.t.
85Kasper JebjergTeam Cult Energys.t.
86Kasper Linde J√łrgensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
87Florian SenechalEtixx - iHNeds.t.
88Ever Rivera4-72 Colombias.t.
89Dylan van BaarleRabobank Development Teams.t.
90Efren CarazoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
91Kirk CarlsenBissell Cyclings.t.
92Danail PetrovDrapac Cyclings.t.
93Martijn TusveldRabobank Development Teams.t.
94Adri√°n S√°ez de ArregiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
95Nikolay MihaylovCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
96Samuel SpokesEtixx - iHNeds.t.
97Adam PhelanDrapac Cyclings.t.
98Markus EibeggerTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
99Tural IsgandarovSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
100Phillip GaimonBissell Cycling+ 2'03
101Coen VermeltfoortRabobank Development Team+ 4'23
102Artur DetkoCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
103Andrew DahlheimBissell Cyclings.t.
104Oleksandr MartynenkoISD Continental Teams.t.
105Eloy TeruelBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
106Ruben ZepuntkeRabobank Development Teams.t.
107Dmytro GrabovskyyISD Continental Teams.t.
108Robin ChaigneauUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
109Stan GodrieRabobank Development Teams.t.
110Uri MartinsAmore & Vitas.t.
111Unai IparragirreEuskadis.t.
112Marco MinnaardRabobank Development Teams.t.
113Manuel OrtegaBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
114Gianfranco ViscontiUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
115Federico RocchettiUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
116Mats BoeveUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
117Volodymyr StarchykAmore & Vitas.t.
118Mauro Abel RichezeBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
119André SchulzeEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
120Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
121Dennis PohlTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
122Sjef De WildeTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
123Ricardo van DongenRabobank Development Teams.t.
124Tom√°Ň° KoudelaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
125Frank PippBissell Cyclings.t.
126Juan Quintero4-72 Colombias.t.
127Carlo WestphalTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
128Jeremy VennellBissell Cyclings.t.
129René HooghiemsterTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
130Daniel HoelgaardEtixx - iHNeds.t.
131Roy CurversUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
132Botond HolloUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
133Myron SimpsonTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
134ŇĀukasz OwsianCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
135Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
136Johan CoenenTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
137Igor RomeroEuskadis.t.
138Janis DakterisTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
139Sven Erik Bystr√łmTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
140Sven ForbergerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
141Anton MikailovAmore & Vitas.t.
142Etienne van EmpelRabobank Development Teams.t.
143Tomasz LisowiczCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
144Jesus Casta√Īo4-72 Colombias.t.
145Fernando Orjuela4-72 Colombias.t.
146Illart ZuazubiskarEuskadis.t.
147José BeldaBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
148Sascha WeberTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
149ŇĀukasz BodnarCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
150Jes√ļs Del PinoBurgos BH - Castilla y Le√≥ns.t.
151Ronan Van ZandbeekUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
152Simone MasciarelliUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
153Dmytro VolovodISD Continental Teams.t.
154Andreu DurangoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
155Daniel Durango4-72 Colombias.t.
156Anton StorchousAmore & Vitas.t.
157Stephan RabitschTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
158Marlón PérezDesigual Cyclings.t.
159Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Team+ 5'59
160Tormod JacobsenTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
161Daniel HollowayAmore & Vita+ 7'00
162Julian KyerBissell Cyclings.t.
163Niels De VosTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
164Juan Carlos RiutortBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
165Jes√ļs HerreroDesigual Cyclings.t.
166Sergey SevostianovAmore & Vita+ 7'55
167Jonas SchmeiserTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
168Roberto AndradeBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
169Wim StroetingaUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
170Christian HelmigTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
171Pau AristondoBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
172Gerold HenrichsenTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
173Cody O'ReillyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
174Andzs FlaksisBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
175Andreas MiessenTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
176Jose Galindo4-72 Colombias.t.
177Maksym VasilyevISD Continental Teams.t.
178Steve HoffmannTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
179Thomas BlomTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
180Stefan KleinTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
181Francisco José López Estévez4-72 Colombias.t.
182Fabio SilvestreDesigual Cyclings.t.
183Higinio Fern√°ndezDesigual Cyclings.t.
184Ruben SilvaDesigual Cyclings.t.
185Patrick Str√łmmenTeam √ėster Hus - Ridley+ 9'59
186Sven J. HartmannTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
187Sven KoehlerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
188Cameron BrownDrapac Cyclings.t.
189Robert BushDesigual Cyclings.t.
190Tommy ProulxBontrager Cycling Team+ 13'35
191Johnnie WalkerDrapac Cyclings.t.

General Classification

1José Joaquín RojasCaja Rural - Seguros RGA13h27'43
2André SteensenTeam Cult Energy+ 8
3Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 28
4Riccardo ZoidlTeam Gourmetfein Simplon+ 40
5Luca PierfeliciMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.

6Gianluca BrambillaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
7Sondre Holst EngerTeam √ėster Hus - Ridley+ 47
8Dan CravenSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 1'15
9Lachlan NorrisISD Continental Teams.t.
10Andrea MasciarelliUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
11David BeldaBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
12Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1'26
13Luke RoweUnivé - Streekgids.nl+ 1'32
14Patrik SinkewitzMeridiana Kamen Team+ 1'38
15Carlos BarberoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1'58
16André CardosoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
17Caleb EwanBissell Cyclings.t.
18Enrique MataCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
19Marcel MeisenSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
20Ricardo GarcíaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
21Gregory BrenesTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
22Michael ValgrenTeam Cult Energys.t.
23Jon AberasturiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
24Rubén PérezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
25David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
26Dimitri KrivtsovISD Continental Teams.t.
27Alessandro BisoltiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
28Vicente ReynèsEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
29Jay McCarthyDrapac Cyclings.t.
30Tobias LudvigssonSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
31Ben GastauerTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
32Enrique SalgueiroBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
33Yuriy AgarkovISD Continental Teams.t.
34Sven KraussTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
35Matija KvasinaTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
36Peter KusztorUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
37Pavel ZittaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
38Thomas BonninTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
39Matthias BertlingTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
40Edson Calderon4-72 Colombias.t.
41Samuel SpokesEtixx - iHNeds.t.
42Daniel Jarst√łTeam √ėster Hus - Ridleys.t.
43Patrick LaneSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 3'37
44Víctor De la ParteEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 3'41
45Maksym AverinTeam √ėster Hus - Ridley+ 3'43
46Gediminas BagdonasTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
47Krisztian LovassyUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
48Christian Moberg J√łrgensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
49Martin GilbertBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
50Tino ThömelTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
51Lawson CraddockBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
52Enrico RossiMeridiana Kamen Team+ 3'55
53Darren LapthorneDrapac Cyclings.t.
54Patrick ClausenTeam Cult Energys.t.
55Mitchell DockerTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
56Antonio Di BattistaAmore & Vitas.t.
57Aitor Hern√°ndezEuskadis.t.
58Adri√°n S√°ez de ArregiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
59Adam PhelanDrapac Cycling+ 4'18
60Josué MoyanoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 5'25
61Haritz OrbeEuskadi+ 5'32
62Alberto Di LorenzoMeridiana Kamen Team+ 5'36
63Daniel MestreBanco BIC - Carmim+ 5'40
64Kasper Linde J√łrgensenTeam Cult Energys.t.
65Kasper JebjergTeam Cult Energys.t.
66Michael TorcklerBissell Cyclings.t.
67H√•vard BlikraTeam √ėster Hus - Ridley+ 7'10
68Marco ZanottiMeridiana Kamen Team+ 7'51
69Myron SimpsonTeam Differdange - Losch+ 7'58
70Evaldas SiskeviciusEtixx - iHNed+ 8'08
71Gustavo DomínguezCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 8'20
72Preben Van HeckeCCC Polsat - Polkowice+ 9'07
73Mauro Abel RichezeBontrager Cycling Team+ 10'03
74Alexandre LemairEtixx - iHNed+ 10'05
75Florian SenechalEtixx - iHNeds.t.
76Eloy TeruelBanco BIC - Carmim+ 11'33
77Uri MartinsAmore & Vita+ 11'41
78Travis NewtonDesigual Cycling+ 12'02
79Sven Erik Bystr√łmTeam √ėster Hus - Ridley+ 12'14
80Juan Quintero4-72 Colombia+ 13'35
81Markus EibeggerTeam Gourmetfein Simplon+ 13'40
82Sjef De WildeTeam Differdange - Losch+ 14'02
83Daniel HoelgaardEtixx - iHNed+ 14'28
84Tom√°Ň° KoudelaEtixx - iHNeds.t.
85Juan Carlos RiutortBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 14'42
86Tormod JacobsenTeam √ėster Hus - Ridley+ 15'55
87André SchulzeEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 16'13
88Niels De VosTeam √ėster Hus - Ridley+ 16'56
89Fabio SilvestreDesigual Cycling+ 17'46
90ŇĀukasz BodnarCCC Polsat - Polkowice+ 18'13
91Ruben SilvaDesigual Cycling+ 19'57
92Wim StroetingaUnivé - Streekgids.nl+ 22'03
93Ronan Van ZandbeekUnivé - Streekgids.nl+ 22'23
94Higinio Fern√°ndezDesigual Cycling+ 22'26
95Esteban PlazaEuskadi+ 24'16
96Patrick Str√łmmenTeam √ėster Hus - Ridley+ 24'30
97Vitaliy PopkovISD Continental Team+ 26'01
98Emanuel KiserlovskiMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
99Jan SokolTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
100Albert TimmerUnivé - Streekgids.nl+ 28'21
101Andres PereyraDesigual Cycling+ 28'22
102JarosŇāaw MaryczCCC Polsat - Polkowice+ 29'28
103Mateusz NowakCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
104Martijn TusveldRabobank Development Team+ 30'09
105Dylan van BaarleRabobank Development Teams.t.
106Stan GodrieRabobank Development Team+ 30'14
107Samuel CaldeiraSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 30'21
108Manuel OrtegaBanco BIC - Carmim+ 30'24
109Federico RocchettiUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
110Carlo WestphalTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
111Kai ReusUnivé - Streekgids.nl+ 30'28
112Sergio MantecónBanco BIC - Carmim+ 30'32
113David BlancoSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 30'38
114Ever Rivera4-72 Colombias.t.
115Sergej FuchsTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
116Robbie SquireAmore & Vitas.t.
117Danail PetrovDrapac Cyclings.t.
118Rico Dene RogersSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 30'44
119Robin ChaigneauUnivé - Streekgids.nl+ 32'12
120Kirk CarlsenBissell Cycling+ 32'23
121Nikolay MihaylovCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
122Efren CarazoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
123Simone MasciarelliUtensilnord - Ora24.eu+ 32'38
124Mats BoeveUnivé - Streekgids.nl+ 32'44
125Artur DetkoCCC Polsat - Polkowice+ 33'51
126Janis DakterisTeam Differdange - Losch+ 34'24
127Phillip GaimonBissell Cycling+ 34'26
128Oleksandr MartynenkoISD Continental Team+ 34'32
129Marco MinnaardRabobank Development Team+ 34'44
130René HooghiemsterTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
131Dmytro GrabovskyyISD Continental Team+ 35'01
132Dennis PohlTeam Quantec - Indeland+ 35'07
133Stephan RabitschTeam Gourmetfein Simplons.t.
134Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Team+ 35'38
135Frank PippBissell Cyclings.t.
136Antonio TestaMeridiana Kamen Team+ 36'01
137Coen VermeltfoortRabobank Development Team+ 36'14
138Andrew DahlheimBissell Cycling+ 36'46
139ŇĀukasz OwsianCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
140Gianfranco ViscontiUtensilnord - Ora24.eus.t.
141Jeremy VennellBissell Cyclings.t.
142Roy CurversUnivé - Streekgids.nls.t.
143Fernando Orjuela4-72 Colombias.t.
144Sven ForbergerTeam NSP - Ghosts.t.
145Dmytro VolovodISD Continental Teams.t.
146Jesus Casta√Īo4-72 Colombias.t.
147Sascha WeberTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
148Tim FarnhamBontrager Cycling Team+ 37'14
149Daniel HollowayAmore & Vita+ 37'21
150Tural IsgandarovSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 38'13
151Ricardo van DongenRabobank Development Team+ 38'52
152Unai IparragirreEuskadi+ 39'15
153Volodymyr StarchykAmore & Vita+ 39'46
154Oscar SantamariaBurgos BH - Castilla y León+ 40'24
155Igor RomeroEuskadis.t.
156Marlón PérezDesigual Cycling+ 40'40
157Botond HolloUtensilnord - Ora24.eu+ 41'06
158José BeldaBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
159Andreu DurangoBurgos BH - Castilla y Leóns.t.
160Daniel Durango4-72 Colombias.t.
161Anton StorchousAmore & Vitas.t.
162Julian KyerBissell Cycling+ 41'29
163Jes√ļs Del PinoBurgos BH - Castilla y Le√≥ns.t.
164Anton MikailovAmore & Vita+ 42'00
165Etienne van EmpelRabobank Development Teams.t.
166Tomasz LisowiczCCC Polsat - Polkowices.t.
167Illart ZuazubiskarEuskadis.t.
168Johan CoenenTeam Differdange - Losch+ 42'36
169Ruben ZepuntkeRabobank Development Team+ 42'54
170Jose Galindo4-72 Colombia+ 46'08
171Andzs FlaksisBontrager Cycling Team+ 46'26
172Maksym VasilyevISD Continental Teams.t.
173Sergey SevostianovAmore & Vitas.t.
174Gerold HenrichsenTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
175Andreas MiessenTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
176Jonas SchmeiserTeam NSP - Ghost+ 46'54
177Christian HelmigTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
178Robert BushDesigual Cycling+ 47'05
179Cody O'ReillyBontrager Cycling Team+ 47'19
180Pau AristondoBanco BIC - Carmims.t.
181Thomas BlomTeam Quantec - Indelands.t.
182Steve HoffmannTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
183Francisco José López Estévez4-72 Colombias.t.
184Sven KoehlerTeam NSP - Ghost+ 49'23
185Cameron BrownDrapac Cycling+ 49'40
186Roberto AndradeBanco BIC - Carmim+ 49'45
187Sven J. HartmannTeam NSP - Ghost+ 49'51
188Johnnie WalkerDrapac Cycling+ 51'13
189Jes√ļs HerreroDesigual Cycling+ 52'07
190Stefan KleinTeam Quantec - Indeland+ 53'02
191Tommy ProulxBontrager Cycling Team+ 58'42


Not good enough. Is it time for me to cut my season short?

Keep going Trav. Continue the season and get those results
Rest for a few days, put some ice on the wounds and come back stronger to finish this season with some good results.... maybe you get an offer from other team then Santander.. Wink
Travis didn't enjoy Spain that much Frown
Ian Butler
He's not going to get better doing this. If he's injured, resting is the way to go.
Travis should retire. His career just never got off the ground. An office job will pay better to support his family.
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



Can't believe I have not commented on here yet.

No good time in Léon but calling it quits isn't really an option when Travis wants to make an impression. Others said it already: Take a few days off, collect your spirits, improve your shape and try your best, Travis.
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
"Landismo never dies" - Landa

Ian Butler wrote:
Good that you're not making Travis evolve too much Wink

(wow, evolve makes it sound too much like pokémon) Pfft

now what's so bad about that? Pfft

also Travis is going to ride with LULU! Banana
Just keep riding that result will come Wink
Gig 'em Aggies

Fast N' Loud Cycling Project - ICL
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