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The Comeback
Good recap, I'm not sure if Chole's dad would be too happy with a marriageWink
Gig 'em Aggies

Fast N' Loud Cycling Project - ICL

If you are looking for a sappy proposal you have come to the wrong place.
I stuck the engagement ring under our Charlie Brown Christmas tree,
and she opened it on December 25th. (For the record, she got me a translator.)

I'm glad I had my phone out to capture this great scrapbook photo.


After taking a few moments to get over shock, Chloe said yes!

To the people that say the baby caused the marriage, I say... yeah... it did.
But I still love her. We are in this journey together, so why not make it official?

Edited by Mresuperstar on 14-11-2013 01:16
Glad she accepted Smile
You made it official because you were told too Pfft


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Ian Butler
Purito winning the Tour, this is sheer heaven Smile
Nice season recap, real original!

I kinda like Messi.

You just lost a follower.


January went by rather quickly as we started planning the wedding.
Then on February 14, 2014 - Valentine's Day...
It was time, Chloe's water finally broke. We were having the baby!

Having reported the "Birth Aboard" the child was going to be a USA citizen.
What we didn't know was if the child was a boy or a girl?


She was a happy healthy baby at 6 Ib 11 oz.

We named her Zooey.

Nice name! Glad you (or the randomizer Pfft ) took the right decision there Grin
Welcome to the World ''Zooey'' Grin
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Posted on 23-02-2020 02:12
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Of course it's Zooey... Grin Pfft
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Congratulations Banana

Here is her first toy to play with:


Manager of Minions
He he, Great pic Pfft
The Hobbit
I love minions. Also, it had to be Zoe, I will never add an EY, it just seems wrong!!! Anyway I'm sure that you'd have been rather angry with the random number generator if it was anything else, if it was a boy you should have called it Fernando!
haha that is kind of a weird spelling of the name Pfft


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The Hobbit
Zoe or Zooey?

I would just like to stop for a second and say Thank You for reading my story.
This is my 100th episode! A huge milestone moment.

A lot of things have happened over the past 100 episodes,
so I want to take a step back and relive some of them through you guys.
So I pose a few questions because I think it would be fun to hear your answers.

What was your favourite episode? Least favourite?
The best plot twist you didn't see coming?
Any thoughts and/or opinions moving forward?

After 100 great episodes, I wish to continue to have another 100 more.

Again - Thanks for Reading,

Travis Newton (Mresuperstar) Wink

The Hobbit
Congratulations! My favourite episode was the one where he participated in the county fair race and failed first time! I didn't see it coming when Chloe's dad attacked him and he got sacked. I have no ideas, just carry on doing what you're doing, oh, and tell me all your secrets!
My favorite episode was his parents coming to visit him after his crash

I didn't see the stroke comingSmile
Gig 'em Aggies

Fast N' Loud Cycling Project - ICL
Congratulations with both the baby and getting married. And 100 episodes. A great milestone. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Favorite Episode... Tough one, but probably the one after the crash. The realization and setting off on a whole new journey.
Least Favorite... Not so much one episode, and this also may come as a shock, but the Chloe storyline, mainly the pregnancy. Fairly academic to a lot of the rest of the story, and a lot of the decisions Travis makes seem to be irrational compared to his actions at other points in the preceding story. Don't get me wrong, it's been interesting and different, and frankly i'm being a bit picky, but you asked Pfft

Again i guess the Chloe line goes as least predictable. Partly due to Travis odd actions.

Moving Forward... I guess this will come now, but more racing. Very nice having a lot of extra stuff but there has been a noticeable lack of action on the road. Build that up and this story will really kick onwards. Also you could perhaps tone down the drama. After so much it just looses impact and becomes lost in the overall story of Travis. But those are more general creative writing points than anything to do with style or quality.

Amazing 100 episodes. Great style. Great set up. etc. etc. etc. Maybe time to add it to the DSG List... but is it better than Andy Schleck... that is a hard question i have to think about
Favourite episode would probably be....well I'm not sure. The whole story line is great. It's really hard to choose one.

Least predictable is definitely the Chloe story line.

And I like how you have put in both parts of Travis's life instead of just the racing. I agree with Manx that you should put in more racing. But I like the drama. It's effective I think.
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