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The Comeback
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Posted on 12-07-2020 06:25
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I bought my tickets in advance. Just for Newton. Cool
"America. Show a nipple on television and the whole country goes ape-shit." -DubbelDekker

I have finally made it! The start of my professional cycling career.

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---


2013 Amgen Tour of California Stage 1 - It's time...


I'm the first rider to arrive at the start-line, I'm that excited to get going.


Teammate Phillip Gaimon gets into the morning breakaway.


Gaimon tries his best to fight for the KoM points but it's to no avail.


Over top the highest point on today's route and a big split occurs.
45 riders are left in the peloton, I'm one of them!
However, team captain Pat McCarty has been left behind.
I'm told not to go back for him, he is struggling.
I guess that makes me the team leader then... wow.


Reaching the last marked climb of the day a few riders rejoin, not McCarty.
The breakaway is also being picked up, Gaimon is brought back.


20kms to go and I'm starting to feel it. I look over and see Philippe Gilbert
wearing the rainbow jersey, how I would give anything to win that one day...


5kms to go, the breakaway is basically caught. The tempo is unreal.
I have never ridden this fast in my entire life!


The sprint starts, a huge gap opens up in front of me.
Somebody needs to close that down because I know I can't.


Upfront no questions about the winner, Peter Sagan. Gilbert takes 2nd.


Behind I finish my first pro race in 37th, pretty good. And the gap was closed up so I finish on the same time as the winner. Great start, couldn't ask for more.

1Peter SaganCannondale Pro Cycling4h44'24
2Philippe GilbertBMC Racing Teams.t.
3Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharps.t.
4Giacomo NizzoloRadioShack - Leopards.t.
5Daniel OssBMC Racing Teams.t.

6Enrico GasparottoAstana Pro Teams.t.
7Mitchell DockerOrica - GreenEdges.t.
8Janier AcevedoJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
9Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Teams.t.
10Michel KrederGarmin - Sharps.t.
11Alessandro BallanBMC Racing Teams.t.
12Maxim IglinskiyAstana Pro Teams.t.
13Matthew GossOrica - GreenEdges.t.
14Danilo WyssBMC Racing Teams.t.
15Laurent DidierRadioShack - Leopards.t.
16Nathan HaasGarmin - Sharps.t.
17Alexandr KolobnevKatusha Teams.t.
18Michael Schテ、rBMC Racing Teams.t.
19Andy SchleckRadioShack - Leopards.t.
20Simon GerransOrica - GreenEdges.t.
21Michael AlbasiniOrica - GreenEdges.t.
22Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharps.t.
23テ]gel ViciosoKatusha Teams.t.
24Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopards.t.
25Elia VivianiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
26Edward KingCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
27Sergey ChernetskiyKatusha Teams.t.
28Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
29Tanel KangertAstana Pro Teams.t.
30Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Leopards.t.
31Eduard VorganovKatusha Teams.t.
32Daniel MorenoKatusha Teams.t.
33Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Teams.t.
34Taylor PhinneyBMC Racing Teams.t.
35Fabrice JeandesbozSojasuns.t.
36Vladimir IsaychevKatusha Teams.t.
37Travis NewtonBissell Cyclings.t.
38Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Teams.t.
39Fred RodriguezJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
40Koldo Fernテ。ndezGarmin - Sharps.t.
41Ken HansonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
42Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
43Yaroslav PopovychRadioShack - Leopards.t.
44Brice FeilluSojasuns.t.
45Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Teams.t.
46Matthew BuscheRadioShack - Leopards.t.
47Lawson CraddockBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
48Christian MeierOrica - GreenEdges.t.
49Francisco Mancebo5-Hour Energys.t.
50Phillip GaimonBissell Cyclings.t.
51Markel IrizarRadioShack - Leopards.t.
52Alex RasmussenGarmin - Sharps.t.
53David Williams5-Hour Energys.t.
54Eric SchildgeJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
55James DriscollJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
56Yannick EijssenBMC Racing Teams.t.
57Raymond KrederGarmin - Sharps.t.
58Brian VandborgCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
59Christopher JonesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
60Brett LancasterOrica - GreenEdge+ 2'20
61Matthias KrizekCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
62Nathaniel English5-Hour Energys.t.
63Fumiyuki BeppuOrica - GreenEdges.t.
64Evaldas SiskeviciusSojasuns.t.
65Jeff LouderUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
66Cristiano MonguzziVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
67James Stemper5-Hour Energys.t.
68Nathan BrownBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
69Tom ZirbelOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
70Ben DayUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
71Jean-Marc MarinoSojasuns.t.
72Emerson OronteJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 4'41
73Juan Josテゥ HaedoJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
74Marco HallerKatusha Teams.t.
75Ben Jacques-MaynesJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
76Egor SilinAstana Pro Teams.t.
77Carlos AlzateUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
78Mitchell HokeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
79Michel KochCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
80Sam BewleyOrica - GreenEdges.t.
81Christopher BaldwinBissell Cyclings.t.
82Andrea GuardiniAstana Pro Teams.t.
83Carter JonesBissell Cyclings.t.
84Jonathan Patrick McCartyBissell Cyclings.t.
85Jesse AnthonyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
86Shawn Milne5-Hour Energys.t.
87Caleb FairlyGarmin - Sharps.t.
88Scott ZwizanskiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
89Jonathan ClarkeUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
90Alex HagmanJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
91Luigi MilettaVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
92Luis Enrique DavilaJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
93Kirk CarlsenBissell Cyclings.t.
94Evan HuffmanAstana Pro Teams.t.
95Michael FriedmanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 8'30
96David LozanoTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
97Pierpaolo De NegriVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
98Robin CarpenterHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
99Stefano BorchiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
100Sean MazichJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
101Philip MooneyJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
102Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
103Christophe LaborieSojasuns.t.
104Stephen ClancyTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
105Jeremy PowersJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
106Tanner PuttBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
107Oscar ClarkHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
108Robert Sweeting5-Hour Energys.t.
109Connor O'LearyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
110James OramBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
111Matt LipscombHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 9'53
112Karl MenziesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
113Bradley WhiteUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
114Mattia PozzoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
115Christopher WilliamsTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
116Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
117Aaron PerryTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
118Tyler MagnerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
119Andrei StrelkovTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
120Demis AlemanJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
121Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
122Joseph SchmalzHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
123Michael ShererOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
124Ruben CompanioniJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
125Frank PippBissell Cycling+ 11'10
126Julian KyerBissell Cycling+ 12'25
127Joe EldridgeTeam Novo Nordisk+ 14'18
128Kevin De MesmaekerTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
129Andy BakerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
130Branden RussellTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
131Benjamin WolfeJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
132Morgan SchmittJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
133Michele MerloVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 17'20


Probably said this enough already but, first pro race, so +3 EXP.
37th is a good place to start building upon form, so +2 for that.

Next update will included Amgen Tour of California Stages 2-5.



My training is now in your hands for the rest of my career.
After each race I can receive both EXP and Form Points.
EXP is a permanent stat gains while Form is temporary (the next race/stage).
A maximum of 3 EXP and 5 Form can be rewarded after each stage.

After any stage I receive EXP or Form points
you guys get to decided where I put those stat gains to use.

All you have to do is comment on which category you want
1 of the stat gains to go (Ex. Mountain, Sprint, Flat, etc.)
The EXP points are used up first followed by the Form.

Each member can only say one category for themselves.
And it will go until all the points are used up.

If you have any questions about my training, leave a question below.
It looks confusing at first but it's rather simple,
and this will be the only method for me to progress talent wise.

Current Stats


Ian Butler
+1 stamina experience Wink
Majorly needed HIL upgrade Wink
+1 stamina Wink
Good first day as a pro.

+1 Hill form


Svensk Proffscykling - Your gateway to news about Swedish Cycling
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Mresuperstar wrote:
I need one more form point. Wink

Looking at the next stage, you may need +1 HIL Wink
EXP/Form Points Taken

EXP - Stamina (X2), Hill / Form - Hill (X2)

+1 Rec so you can last all the days
The Hobbit
I think they're all gone
Good ride from Travis in his first pro stage. He clearly has been thrown into the firePfft
Gig 'em Aggies

Fast N' Loud Cycling Project - ICL
Good stage.. showing this kind of results, team leader oportunities will come more often... if any more points needed, 1 to fight.. Smile
I barely make it into the story section recently due to time issues.

But your story is an exception there. Still following your updates even though I haven`t posted a lot so far.

It`s very well written and the reports have a good length.

With the first Pro Race reached, it`s probably time for my next post. Wink He did very well in the first stage and looking forward for the next. I predict at least one breakaway appearance after losing some time on the uphill finish.
@All: Thanks everybody for the kind words about "the comeback."

But as much as I want to keep the pace going that I had when this story first started, I'm afraid that's not going to happen. I got stuck with 4 groups projects at uni and therefore have lost most of my free time as the semester comes to close.

So, reports are going to be slow and infrequent for about a month. However, I have a 5 week winter break so expect reports like crazy to make up for this upcoming slow month. Hope you understand, Mre.

Good Luck with your Group projects Wink

We can wait until the winter Smile
Good luck with your university projects! See you in this break! Smile
"America. Show a nipple on television and the whole country goes ape-shit." -DubbelDekker

My first pro stage was a day at the beach compared to the next 4 stages.

--- *** --- *** --- *** ---


Stage 2 featured a tough uphill finish,
not really my forte at this point in my career.


Carter Jones got in the breakaway for Bissell,
I get protected in the peloton by Phillip Gaimon.


The breakaway is caught with 15kms to go. I tell Gaimon the only way
I'm going to survive this hill is if I get ahead start on the favourites.
So he pushes me to the front of the peloton.


It works for a little bit but than Andy Schleck attacked...
then all hell broke loose.


Snap your figures and I'm shuffled out of the front group just like that.


Daniel Martin takes the victory and yellow jersey in front of Acevedo and Sagan.

1Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp4h45'00
2Janier AcevedoJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
3Peter SaganCannondale Pro Cycling+ 27
4Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopards.t.
5Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 40

6Philippe GilbertBMC Racing Team+ 1'03
7Daniel MorenoKatusha Teams.t.
8Tanel KangertAstana Pro Team+ 1'30
9Michael AlbasiniOrica - GreenEdges.t.
10Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Teams.t.
11Andy SchleckRadioShack - Leopards.t.
12Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Leopard+ 1'52
13Brice FeilluSojasuns.t.
14Sergey ChernetskiyKatusha Teams.t.
15Laurent DidierRadioShack - Leopard+ 2'07
16Simon GerransOrica - GreenEdges.t.
17Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharps.t.
18Francisco Mancebo5-Hour Energy+ 2'23
19Lawson CraddockBontrager Cycling Team+ 2'50
20Egor SilinAstana Pro Team+ 4'01
21Michel KrederGarmin - Sharp+ 4'25
22Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
23Fabrice JeandesbozSojasuns.t.
24Matthew BuscheRadioShack - Leopards.t.
25Eduard VorganovKatusha Teams.t.
26Nathan HaasGarmin - Sharp+ 4'55
27Alexandr KolobnevKatusha Teams.t.
28Fred RodriguezJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
29Enrico GasparottoAstana Pro Teams.t.
30Alessandro BallanBMC Racing Teams.t.
31テ]gel ViciosoKatusha Teams.t.
32Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Teams.t.
33Yannick EijssenBMC Racing Teams.t.
34Christian MeierOrica - GreenEdges.t.
35Maxim IglinskiyAstana Pro Teams.t.
36Yaroslav PopovychRadioShack - Leopards.t.
37Brian VandborgCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
38Michael Schテ、rBMC Racing Team+ 5'41
39Cristiano MonguzziVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
40Fumiyuki BeppuOrica - GreenEdges.t.
41Evaldas SiskeviciusSojasuns.t.
42Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Teams.t.
43Travis NewtonBissell Cyclings.t.
44Ken HansonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
45Jeff LouderUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
46Mitchell DockerOrica - GreenEdges.t.
47Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Team+ 6'13
48Daniel OssBMC Racing Teams.t.
49Edward KingCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
50Luis Enrique DavilaJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
51Giacomo NizzoloRadioShack - Leopard+ 6'34
52Ben DayUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
53Jesse AnthonyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 6'52
54Luigi MilettaVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
55Emerson OronteJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
56Markel IrizarRadioShack - Leopards.t.
57Kirk CarlsenBissell Cyclings.t.
58Scott ZwizanskiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
59Phillip GaimonBissell Cyclings.t.
60Tom ZirbelOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
61Matthew GossOrica - GreenEdges.t.
62Alex HagmanJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
63Brett LancasterOrica - GreenEdges.t.
64David Williams5-Hour Energys.t.
65Juan Josテゥ HaedoJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
66Elia VivianiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
67Eric SchildgeJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
68Mitchell HokeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
69Jeremy PowersJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
70Koldo Fernテ。ndezGarmin - Sharps.t.
71James Stemper5-Hour Energys.t.
72Nathan BrownBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
73Nathaniel English5-Hour Energys.t.
74Vladimir IsaychevKatusha Teams.t.
75Christopher JonesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
76Alex RasmussenGarmin - Sharps.t.
77Ben Jacques-MaynesJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
78Danilo WyssBMC Racing Teams.t.
79Carter JonesBissell Cyclings.t.
80Taylor PhinneyBMC Racing Teams.t.
81Carlos AlzateUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
82Jonathan ClarkeUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
83Philip MooneyJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
84Joseph SchmalzHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
85Branden RussellTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
86Stephen ClancyTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
87Evan HuffmanAstana Pro Teams.t.
88Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
89Jonathan Patrick McCartyBissell Cyclings.t.
90Matthias KrizekCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
91Marco HallerKatusha Teams.t.
92Pierpaolo De NegriVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
93Oscar ClarkHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
94Shawn Milne5-Hour Energys.t.
95Andrea GuardiniAstana Pro Teams.t.
96Raymond KrederGarmin - Sharps.t.
97Robin CarpenterHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
98Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
99Michael FriedmanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
100Bradley WhiteUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
101James DriscollJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
102Michel KochCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
103David LozanoTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
104James OramBontrager Cycling Team+ 8'41
105Mattia PozzoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
106Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
107Sean MazichJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
108Andrei StrelkovTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
109Stefano BorchiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
110Sam BewleyOrica - GreenEdges.t.
111Michael ShererOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
112Karl MenziesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 9'06
113Aaron PerryTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
114Tanner PuttBontrager Cycling Team+ 9'18
115Ruben CompanioniJamis - Hagens Berman+ 9'41
116Christophe LaborieSojasuns.t.
117Morgan SchmittJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
118Connor O'LearyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
119Frank PippBissell Cyclings.t.
120Christopher WilliamsTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
121Demis AlemanJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
122Kevin De MesmaekerTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
123Tyler MagnerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
124Benjamin WolfeJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
125Andy BakerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
126Michele MerloVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
127Matt LipscombHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
128Robert Sweeting5-Hour Energys.t.
129Joe EldridgeTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
130Christopher BaldwinBissell Cyclings.t.
131Caleb FairlyGarmin - Sharp+ 10'28
132Julian KyerBissell Cycling+ 11'05


Onward to stage 3, rather hilly but a downhill finish classifies it as flat.
Looks like a good breakaway stage actually...


Look guys it's me! It's me!


Hi everybody, I'm in the morning breakaway by myself.
So, why not wave at the camera. This is a dream come true.


I spend all day up front collecting all the mountain points and battling the wind.
I finish the day with 28 KoM points, 2 behind the current leader Eric Schildge.
The peloton brings me back right as we hit the descent towards the finish.


Sagan gets in a close finish at the line but still shows he is a beast.


I however, I'm not a beast yet. Phillip Gaimon has to drag me home.
We are starting to form a nice little friendship over the past three days.

1Peter SaganCannondale Pro Cycling4h03'06"
2Matthew GossOrica - GreenEdges.t.
3Fred RodriguezJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
4Simon GerransOrica - GreenEdges.t.
5Philippe GilbertBMC Racing Teams.t.

6Juan Josテゥ HaedoJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
7Michel KrederGarmin - Sharps.t.
8Daniel OssBMC Racing Teams.t.
9Giacomo NizzoloRadioShack - Leopards.t.
10Marco HallerKatusha Teams.t.
28Frank PippBissell Cyclings.t.
36Jonathan Patrick McCartyBissell Cyclings.t.
49Carter JonesBissell Cyclings.t.
50Christopher BaldwinBissell Cyclings.t.
52Kirk CarlsenBissell Cyclings.t.
66Julian KyerBissell Cyclings.t.
130Phillip GaimonBissell Cycling9'15"
131Travis NewtonBissell Cyclings.t.

Sorry, no export. The game crashed before I could do it. Luckily the game saved.


Stage 4. After my rough day yesterday my goal is just to stay out of trouble.


I do just that. And guess what? The breakaway wins. Why me!?!


The a split opens up on the wet roads near the finish and I lose another 2'45".
At least I'm riding alongside Gaimon, he calms me down. Then says,
"Yeah, you start to get use to being dropped after a while."
I hope that feeling never dawns upon me; I can't express how angry I was.

1Vladimir IsaychevKatusha Team3h03'31
2Peter SaganCannondale Pro Cycling+ 25
3Matthew GossOrica - GreenEdges.t.
4Giacomo NizzoloRadioShack - Leopards.t.
5Simon GerransOrica - GreenEdges.t.

1Vladimir IsaychevKatusha Team3h03'31
2Peter SaganCannondale Pro Cycling+ 25
3Matthew GossOrica - GreenEdges.t.
4Giacomo NizzoloRadioShack - Leopards.t.
5Simon GerransOrica - GreenEdges.t.
6Michel KrederGarmin - Sharps.t.
7Daniel OssBMC Racing Teams.t.
8Fred RodriguezJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
9Ken HansonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
10Philippe GilbertBMC Racing Teams.t.
11Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharps.t.
12Brett LancasterOrica - GreenEdges.t.
13Alex RasmussenGarmin - Sharps.t.
14Evaldas SiskeviciusSojasuns.t.
15Elia VivianiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
16Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Teams.t.
17Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
18Sergey ChernetskiyKatusha Teams.t.
19Taylor PhinneyBMC Racing Teams.t.
20Daniel MorenoKatusha Teams.t.
21Michael AlbasiniOrica - GreenEdges.t.
22Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
23Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Teams.t.
24Juan Josテゥ HaedoJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
25Tanel KangertAstana Pro Teams.t.
26Andrea GuardiniAstana Pro Teams.t.
27Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
28Matthew BuscheRadioShack - Leopards.t.
29Christian MeierOrica - GreenEdges.t.
30Maxim IglinskiyAstana Pro Teams.t.
31Janier AcevedoJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
32Fabrice JeandesbozSojasuns.t.
33Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharps.t.
34Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopards.t.
35Laurent DidierRadioShack - Leopards.t.
36Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Leopards.t.
37Raymond KrederGarmin - Sharps.t.
38David Williams5-Hour Energys.t.
39Andy SchleckRadioShack - Leopards.t.
40Marco HallerKatusha Teams.t.
41Mitchell DockerOrica - GreenEdges.t.
42Nathan BrownBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
43Lawson CraddockBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
44Christophe LaborieSojasuns.t.
45Yaroslav PopovychRadioShack - Leopards.t.
46Matthias KrizekCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
47Brice FeilluSojasuns.t.
48Francisco Mancebo5-Hour Energys.t.
49Yannick EijssenBMC Racing Teams.t.
50Nathan HaasGarmin - Sharps.t.
51Philip MooneyJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
52Markel IrizarRadioShack - Leopards.t.
53Michel KochCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
54Fumiyuki BeppuOrica - GreenEdges.t.
55Edward KingCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
56Sam BewleyOrica - GreenEdges.t.
57James Stemper5-Hour Energys.t.
58Ben DayUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
59Enrico GasparottoAstana Pro Team+ 2'45
60Alexandr KolobnevKatusha Teams.t.
61テ]gel ViciosoKatusha Teams.t.
62Alessandro BallanBMC Racing Teams.t.
63Michael Schテ、rBMC Racing Teams.t.
64Danilo WyssBMC Racing Teams.t.
65Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Teams.t.
66Jesse AnthonyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
67Eduard VorganovKatusha Teams.t.
68Egor SilinAstana Pro Teams.t.
69Brian VandborgCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
70Koldo Fernテ。ndezGarmin - Sharps.t.
71Carlos AlzateUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
72Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
73Shawn Milne5-Hour Energys.t.
74Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
75Ben Jacques-MaynesJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
76Pierpaolo De NegriVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
77Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Teams.t.
78Andrei StrelkovTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
79Jeremy PowersJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
80Michael FriedmanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
81Bradley WhiteUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
82Phillip GaimonBissell Cyclings.t.
83Travis NewtonBissell Cyclings.t.
84Jonathan Patrick McCartyBissell Cyclings.t.
85Eric SchildgeJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
86Emerson OronteJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
87Ruben CompanioniJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
88Demis AlemanJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
89James DriscollJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
90Caleb FairlyGarmin - Sharp+ 5'36
91Tom ZirbelOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 6'11
92Christopher JonesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
93Joseph SchmalzHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
94Evan HuffmanAstana Pro Teams.t.
95Jeff LouderUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
96Joe EldridgeTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
97Cristiano MonguzziVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
98Tyler MagnerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
99Michael ShererOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
100Branden RussellTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
101Luigi MilettaVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
102Mitchell HokeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
103Sean MazichJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
104Stephen ClancyTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
105James OramBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
106Tanner PuttBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
107Robin CarpenterHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
108Michele MerloVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
109Mattia PozzoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
110Stefano BorchiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
111Connor O'LearyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
112Scott ZwizanskiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
113Oscar ClarkHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
114Jonathan ClarkeUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
115Robert Sweeting5-Hour Energys.t.
116Matt LipscombHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
117Karl MenziesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
118Christopher WilliamsTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
119Nathaniel English5-Hour Energys.t.
120Andy BakerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
121David LozanoTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
122Alex HagmanJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
123Luis Enrique DavilaJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
124Aaron PerryTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
125Kevin De MesmaekerTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
126Benjamin WolfeJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
127Frank PippBissell Cycling+ 8'48
128Julian KyerBissell Cyclings.t.
129Carter JonesBissell Cyclings.t.
130Kirk CarlsenBissell Cyclings.t.
131Morgan SchmittJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
132Christopher BaldwinBissell Cycling+ 10'17


That cat. 1 climb was my ticket to the King of the Mountain jersey.


So instead of taking my angry out on my new friend Gaimon,
I unleashed it on the climb.


The first seven riders got point. The first three spots were gone.
I couldn't match their attacks.


I rolled over in... 7th. 2 points. So, I'm in a three-way tie for the jersey.
I won't get to wear in tomorrow's ITT, but I still get a jersey to send back home!
My parents are sure going to be surprised to see that show up in the mail.
I drop back into the peloton after the climb, I really shouldn't have...


The breakaway won again! It's my luck I tell you.
Maybe you guys were right, I really should be more superstitious.

1Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Team4h16'14
2Nathan BrownBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
3Christopher JonesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
4Tyler MagnerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
5Cristiano MonguzziVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.

6James Stemper5-Hour Energys.t.
7Tom ZirbelOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
8Matthew GossOrica - GreenEdges.t.
9Marco HallerKatusha Teams.t.
10Peter SaganCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
11Simon GerransOrica - GreenEdges.t.
12Ken HansonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
13Giacomo NizzoloRadioShack - Leopards.t.
14Andrea GuardiniAstana Pro Teams.t.
15Juan Josテゥ HaedoJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
16Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
17Michel KrederGarmin - Sharps.t.
18Alex RasmussenGarmin - Sharps.t.
19Daniel OssBMC Racing Teams.t.
20Fred RodriguezJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
21Michael AlbasiniOrica - GreenEdges.t.
22Danilo WyssBMC Racing Teams.t.
23Evaldas SiskeviciusSojasuns.t.
24Philippe GilbertBMC Racing Teams.t.
25Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharps.t.
26Taylor PhinneyBMC Racing Teams.t.
27Brett LancasterOrica - GreenEdges.t.
28Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
29Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
30Tanel KangertAstana Pro Teams.t.
31Janier AcevedoJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
32Daniel MorenoKatusha Teams.t.
33Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Teams.t.
34Matthew BuscheRadioShack - Leopards.t.
35Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharps.t.
36Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
37Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopards.t.
38Sergey ChernetskiyKatusha Teams.t.
39Andy SchleckRadioShack - Leopards.t.
40Christian MeierOrica - GreenEdges.t.
41Fabrice JeandesbozSojasuns.t.
42Elia VivianiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
43Christophe LaborieSojasuns.t.
44Maxim IglinskiyAstana Pro Teams.t.
45Eduard VorganovKatusha Teams.t.
46Raymond KrederGarmin - Sharps.t.
47Francisco Mancebo5-Hour Energys.t.
48Lawson CraddockBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
49David Williams5-Hour Energys.t.
50Shawn Milne5-Hour Energys.t.
51Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
52Yannick EijssenBMC Racing Teams.t.
53Vladimir IsaychevKatusha Teams.t.
54Brice FeilluSojasuns.t.
55Nathan HaasGarmin - Sharps.t.
56Jesse AnthonyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
57Koldo Fernテ。ndezGarmin - Sharps.t.
58Eric SchildgeJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
59Joseph SchmalzHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
60Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Leopards.t.
61Mitchell DockerOrica - GreenEdges.t.
62Pierpaolo De NegriVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
63Andrei StrelkovTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
64Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Teams.t.
65Fumiyuki BeppuOrica - GreenEdges.t.
66Laurent DidierRadioShack - Leopards.t.
67Brian VandborgCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
68Alexandr KolobnevKatusha Teams.t.
69Michael Schテ、rBMC Racing Teams.t.
70Enrico GasparottoAstana Pro Teams.t.
71Michael ShererOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
72Edward KingCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
73Michael FriedmanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
74Markel IrizarRadioShack - Leopards.t.
75Mattia PozzoVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
76テ]gel ViciosoKatusha Teams.t.
77Alessandro BallanBMC Racing Teams.t.
78Yaroslav PopovychRadioShack - Leopards.t.
79Egor SilinAstana Pro Teams.t.
80Stephen ClancyTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
81Branden RussellTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
82Evan HuffmanAstana Pro Teams.t.
83Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Teams.t.
84Sam BewleyOrica - GreenEdges.t.
85Jeff LouderUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
86Karl MenziesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
87Joe EldridgeTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
88Robin CarpenterHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
89Carlos AlzateUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
90Nathaniel English5-Hour Energys.t.
91Bradley WhiteUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
92Ben Jacques-MaynesJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
93Luigi MilettaVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
94Jonathan ClarkeUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
95Robert Sweeting5-Hour Energys.t.
96Travis NewtonBissell Cyclings.t.
97Mitchell HokeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
98Tanner PuttBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
99James OramBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
100Jeremy PowersJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
101Scott ZwizanskiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
102Sean MazichJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
103Carter JonesBissell Cyclings.t.
104Connor O'LearyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
105Ben DayUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
106Oscar ClarkHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
107James DriscollJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
108Stefano BorchiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
109Michel KochCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
110Emerson OronteJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
111David LozanoTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
112Christopher WilliamsTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
113Luis Enrique DavilaJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
114Michele MerloVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
115Demis AlemanJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
116Matt LipscombHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
117Alex HagmanJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
118Benjamin WolfeJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
119Andy BakerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
120Matthias KrizekCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
121Philip MooneyJamis - Hagens Berman+ 4'02
122Ruben CompanioniJamis - Hagens Berman+ 4'28
123Phillip GaimonBissell Cyclings.t.
124Aaron PerryTeam Novo Nordisk+ 5'32
125Kevin De MesmaekerTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
126Caleb FairlyGarmin - Sharps.t.
127Frank PippBissell Cyclings.t.
128Jonathan Patrick McCartyBissell Cyclings.t.
129Christopher BaldwinBissell Cyclings.t.
130Morgan SchmittJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 8'10
131Kirk CarlsenBissell Cyclings.t.
132Julian KyerBissell Cycling+ 9'04

General Classification

1Peter SaganCannondale Pro Cycling20h52'07
2Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp+ 5
3Janier AcevedoJamis - Hagens Berman+ 21
4Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopard+ 1'00
5Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 1'13
6Philippe GilbertBMC Racing Team+ 1'24
7Daniel MorenoKatusha Team+ 1'36
8Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team+ 2'03
9Michael AlbasiniOrica - GreenEdges.t.
10Tanel KangertAstana Pro Teams.t.

11Andy SchleckRadioShack - Leopards.t.
12Sergey ChernetskiyKatusha Team+ 2'25
13Maxime MonfortRadioShack - Leopards.t.
14Brice FeilluSojasuns.t.
15Simon GerransOrica - GreenEdge+ 2'40
16Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharps.t.
17Laurent DidierRadioShack - Leopards.t.
18Francisco Mancebo5-Hour Energy+ 2'56
19Lawson CraddockBontrager Cycling Team+ 3'23
20Michel KrederGarmin - Sharp+ 4'58
21Matthew BuscheRadioShack - Leopards.t.
22Fabrice JeandesbozSojasuns.t.
23Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
24Fred RodriguezJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 5'20
25Maxim IglinskiyAstana Pro Team+ 5'28
26Nathan HaasGarmin - Sharps.t.
27Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Teams.t.
28Christian MeierOrica - GreenEdges.t.
29Yannick EijssenBMC Racing Teams.t.
30Yaroslav PopovychRadioShack - Leopards.t.
31Ken HansonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 6'14
32Mitchell DockerOrica - GreenEdges.t.
33Vladimir IsaychevKatusha Team+ 6'34
34Daniel OssBMC Racing Team+ 6'46
35Edward KingCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
36Giacomo NizzoloRadioShack - Leopard+ 7'03
37Matthew GossOrica - GreenEdge+ 7'05
38Eduard VorganovKatusha Team+ 7'18
39Raymond KrederGarmin - Sharp+ 7'23
40Elia VivianiCannondale Pro Cycling+ 7'25
41Alex RasmussenGarmin - Sharps.t.
42Taylor PhinneyBMC Racing Teams.t.
43Markel IrizarRadioShack - Leopards.t.
44Enrico GasparottoAstana Pro Team+ 7'48
45Alexandr KolobnevKatusha Teams.t.
46テ]gel ViciosoKatusha Teams.t.
47Alessandro BallanBMC Racing Teams.t.
48Brian VandborgCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
49Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Team+ 8'00
50Evaldas SiskeviciusSojasun+ 8'34
51Michael Schテ、rBMC Racing Teams.t.
52Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Team+ 9'06
53Nathan BrownBontrager Cycling Team+ 9'31
54Eric SchildgeJamis - Hagens Berman+ 9'39
55Brett LancasterOrica - GreenEdge+ 9'45
56Koldo Fernテ。ndezGarmin - Sharps.t.
57Matthias KrizekCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
58James DriscollJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
59Egor SilinAstana Pro Team+ 11'25
60Juan Josテゥ HaedoJamis - Hagens Berman+ 12'06
61Marco HallerKatusha Teams.t.
62Andrea GuardiniAstana Pro Teams.t.
63Michel KochCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
64James Stemper5-Hour Energy+ 13'41
65Sam BewleyOrica - GreenEdge+ 13'55
66David Williams5-Hour Energy+ 14'20
67Emerson OronteJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 14'24
68Jesse AnthonyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 14'26
69Ben Jacques-MaynesJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
70Fumiyuki BeppuOrica - GreenEdge+ 15'29
71Nathaniel English5-Hour Energy+ 15'31
72Ben DayUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 16'24
73Danilo WyssBMC Racing Team+ 16'50
74Jake KeoughUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 17'18
75Travis NewtonBissell Cycling+ 17'43
76Michael FriedmanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 18'15
77Jeremy PowersJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
78Christophe LaborieSojasun+ 18'44
79Philip MooneyJamis - Hagens Berman+ 19'57
80Jonathan Patrick McCartyBissell Cycling+ 19'58
81Christopher JonesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 20'06
82Carter JonesBissell Cycling+ 20'25
83Cristiano MonguzziVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 21'21
84Jeff LouderUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 21'25
85Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 21'27
86Carlos AlzateUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
87Shawn Milne5-Hour Energy+ 21'31
88Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Team+ 22'11
89Demis AlemanJamis - Hagens Berman+ 22'27
90Tom ZirbelOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 22'36
91Phillip GaimonBissell Cycling+ 23'28
92Luis Enrique DavilaJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 24'18
93Evan HuffmanAstana Pro Team+ 24'57
94Luigi MilettaVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
95Mitchell HokeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
96Scott ZwizanskiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
97Jonathan ClarkeUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
98Alex HagmanJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
99Pierpaolo De NegriVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 25'20
100Andrei StrelkovTeam Novo Nordisk+ 26'06
101Bradley WhiteUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 26'43
102Ruben CompanioniJamis - Hagens Berman+ 26'55
103Kirk CarlsenBissell Cycling+ 28'39
104Stephen ClancyTeam Novo Nordisk+ 28'46
105Robin CarpenterHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
106Oscar ClarkHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
107David LozanoTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
108Joseph SchmalzHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 30'09
109Christopher BaldwinBissell Cycling+ 30'19
110Sean MazichJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 30'35
111James OramBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
112Stefano BorchiVini Fantini - Selle Italias.t.
113Tanner PuttBontrager Cycling Team+ 31'12
114Connor O'LearyBontrager Cycling Team+ 31'35
115Robert Sweeting5-Hour Energys.t.
116Mattia PozzoVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 31'58
117Michael ShererOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
118Karl MenziesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 32'23
119Tyler MagnerHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 32'44
120Christopher WilliamsTeam Novo Nordisk+ 32'58
121Matt LipscombHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
122Caleb FairlyGarmin - Sharp+ 33'30
123Branden RussellTeam Novo Nordisk+ 34'34
124Frank PippBissell Cycling+ 35'19
125Joe EldridgeTeam Novo Nordisk+ 37'23
126Andy BakerHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
127Benjamin WolfeJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
128Aaron PerryTeam Novo Nordisk+ 37'55
129Michele MerloVini Fantini - Selle Italia+ 40'25
130Julian KyerBissell Cycling+ 41'30
131Kevin De MesmaekerTeam Novo Nordisk+ 42'55
132Morgan SchmittJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 51'46

King of the Mountain

1Eric SchildgeJamis - Hagens Berman30
2Emerson OronteJelly Belly p/b Kenda30
3Travis NewtonBissell Cycling30
4Carlos AlzateUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team28
5Egor SilinAstana Pro Team16

6Christopher JonesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team16
7Nathan BrownBontrager Cycling Team12
8Fumiyuki BeppuOrica - GreenEdge12
9Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp10
10Carter JonesBissell Cycling10
11Cristiano MonguzziVini Fantini - Selle Italia10
12David Williams5-Hour Energy9
13Janier AcevedoJamis - Hagens Berman8
14Michel KochCannondale Pro Cycling8
15Phillip GaimonBissell Cycling8
16Tom ZirbelOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies8
17Ben DayUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team7
18Peter SaganCannondale Pro Cycling6
19Michel KrederGarmin - Sharp6
20Edward KingCannondale Pro Cycling6
21James Stemper5-Hour Energy6
22Vladimir IsaychevKatusha Team5
23Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopard4
24Nathan HaasGarmin - Sharp4
25Yaroslav PopovychRadioShack - Leopard4
26Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Team4
27Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cycling2
28Elia VivianiCannondale Pro Cycling2
29James DriscollJamis - Hagens Berman2
30Caleb FairlyGarmin - Sharp2


2 experience points for the solo breakaway and share of the KoM competition. And 3 form points for slowly getting use to the pro peloton.

Next update will included the last three stage of the Amgen Tour of California.



My training is now in your hands for the rest of my career.
After each race I can receive both EXP and Form Points.
EXP is a permanent stat gains while Form is temporary (the next race/stage).
A maximum of 3 EXP and 5 Form can be rewarded after each stage.

After any stage I receive EXP or Form points
you guys get to decided where I put those stat gains to use.

All you have to do is comment on which category you want
1 of the stat gains to go (Ex. Mountain, Sprint, Flat, etc.)
The EXP points are used up first followed by the Form.

Each member can only say one category for themselves.
And it will go until all the points are used up.

If you have any questions about my training, leave a question below.
It looks confusing at first but it's rather simple,
and this will be the only method for me to progress talent wise.

Current Stats


+1 Hill,

Good to see Travis fighting for a jersey in his first raceSmile
Gig 'em Aggies

Fast N' Loud Cycling Project - ICL
+1 ACC

Go for that mountain jersey! Grin
Manager of Minions
Hope he can grab the KoM Wink

+ 1 TT form Wink

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

PCMdaily Awards: 12x nomination, 9x runner-up, 0x win.
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