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Road to Le Tour: Bauknecht - Author story
Great pictures but it is so hard to follow like this. I won't say anything since you like this way,but it would be much better to take at least 2-3 screens.
Another nice result for Padour Smile
baggieboys32: Special thanks! Your advice really help me Wink Difficulty is hard
(I checked it three times), I guess that my riders are so good due to fitness training by wroblitz.

admirschleck: I will probably make only one screenshot because I want to story progress comparatively fast.

But if here is more people who want more pictures I can at least think about that.

Support from you motivates me a lot, so any suggestions to make story better are welcomed Smile
I suggest keeping the current format, the races are not so important for the public, and if you put loads of work into small races you can't make the Tour really special via the format.
Well, I will continue in current format and I will also remake all old reports.
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One step back: Istrian Spring Trophy (2.2)

After the first one-day races this year our team participated traditionally in the stage race Istrian Spring Trophy.

The race started with 3.7 km prologue in Umag. We knew that Frantiナ。ek Paト出ur is a bad time trialist, so our goal was to minimize as much as possible his loss. At the end of the day we were satisfied with 13th place and 8 seconds loss to the winner.

The next day was decisive for the overall classification. Very difficult mountain stage with three mountain premiums of 2nd and one of 3rd category and the summit finish after 7 km long climb.

The stage was also crucial for competition of climbers. It was reason why Tomテ。ナ。 Kalojテュros joined a breakaway. He managed to win all four mountain premiums before the breakaway was cought.

With 5 km to go Paト出ur attacked and gained a margin. However on the last kilometer with gradient of 22% he was cought by a duo of Hugo Sabido and Luis Alberto Romero. The trio reached together the finish and in the sprint took the stage win and valuable bonus seconds Sabido, Romero finished 2nd and Paト出ur was 3rd.

Next stage ended on a hill. Paト出ur tried to attack but the final climb was not difficult enough and the group of about 70 men remained together. Paト出ur wanted to get at least bonus seconds and a stage win, but Sabido had more forces and won the second stage in a row ahead of Paト出ur.

The last stage was flat with a few only a hundred meters long climbs. Everyone expected peaceful stage with a mass sprint. However, we did not want to give up so easily.

On last mountain premium 5 km before the finish at the moment when the breakaway was cought, Paト出ur attacked. He quickly gained a 30 seconds lead, which he managed to keep until the end. Unfortunately, the organizers decided to give him the same time as the rest of the peloton although there was a visible distance.

Paト出ur took 2nd place overall with only 2 seconds loss to Sabida. We were disappointed because he knew that organizers deprived him for victory.


Overall: 2nd Paト出ur
Points: 2nd Paト出ur
Mountains: 1st Kalojテュros
Youth: 1st Paト出ur
Team: 11th
Today I remade all reports so I hope that reading is now more enjoyable Smile
Next report is coming during weekend.
Padour seems to have a brilliant shape atmWink
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Stages (Requests closed)


'But why were [...] they helped to get to space? To find answers, we must look at predictions not of science, but of science-fiction.'
Ancient Aliens
Padour is certainly in form at the moment Wink
Dテゥjテ vu: Volta ao Alentejo (2.2)

Our last race in March was Volta ao Alentejo. All four stages in Portugal were flat, but the two had about 15 km before the finish small climb.

The first stage offered the first opportunity for Frantiナ。ek Paト出ur. Breakaway was caught before the last climb where Paト出ur attacked. He gained 30 seconds lead on the top of climb, but he was overtaken just 500 m before the finish. Eeckhout dominated in a sprint, Dariusz Rudnicki finished 4th.

In the second stage we concentrated on a mass sprint, hoping Rudnicki will be able to improve his result from yesterday and take the podium. However he had a bad day and finished only 8th.

Next day Rudnicki did not feel well, so we sent Tomテ。ナ。 Buchテ。ト稿k to the breakaway of the day for bonus seconds at the intermediate sprints to move in the overall classification into Top 10. Breakaway was caught and in a mass sprint Rudnicki was 7th.

The final stage was similar to the first one and our tactic was the same - attack on the last climb. Paト出ur attacked from the peloton at the foot, caught riders from breakaway at the top and got away in the downhill. Paト出ur managed to maintain his lead until the finish and could celebrate a stage victory. Peloton came to the finish 28 seconds later.

Paト出ur thanks to his successful attack moved up in the general classification to second place behind Eeckhout who collected enough bonus seconds in previous three stages winning all mass sprints.

Paト出ur also took third place in the mountain classification when he collected the same number of points as the winner during his attacks. We also won a competition of teams so another successful race.


Overall: 2nd Paト出ur, 8th Buchテ。ト稿k
Points: 7th Rudnicki
Mountains: 3rd Paト出ur
Youth: 1st Paト出ur
Team: 1st
Ian Butler
Team Competition is a good sign for the team Smile Pad'our with a stage win and 2nd overall, very good!
Paト出ur had great first quarter so I will post the interview with him today Smile

If you have any questions feel free to ask Wink
Edited by JSF on 27-05-2013 17:31
Interview: Frantiナ。ek Paト出ur

img4.imageshack.us/img4/4941/intno.jpgHi, Frantiナ。ek, you had great first three months full of wins. How do you feel?
A little bit tired but happy. I have to thank my team mates for help.

What caused your achievements?
We did some changes in the preparation. And the victory in Oman help me a lot. I do not know what but something changed inside me.
Another reason is that you have to attack to win, there is no other way, and I attack often.

And you also win often. Can you name one win which you value the most?
I left Oman with the knowledge that I can beat everyone so I say Oman.

What is your program for the next days?
I have a rest a few days and then I will start a preparation for Grand Prix of Sochi.

What are your goals for this race?
The route does not suit me so much and I will not be in the top shape but I want to fight for Top 10.

This year ends your contract and with your results you could get an offer from Pro Continental team...
I can announce that I signed a new three-year contract with Bauknecht - Author and I trust that we will promote into Pro Continental division.

Congratulations. Thank you for your time and good luck in upcoming races.
Thank you.
Good News that Padour has signed on for another three years Wink
Ian Butler
A new contract with the man, great! Hope he does well in Sochi!
Russian quest: Grand Prix of Sochi (2.2)

The first race on our schedule in April was Grand Prix of Sochi with three flat and two difficult hilly stages. We hoped for Top 10 in the general classification with Paト出ur and the podium place in stage with Rudnicki.

The first two stages were flat. In the opening stage was the fastest man our Dariusz Rudnicki and he captured for us a stage laurels and leaders jersey. In the second stage Rudnicki did not do so well and finished 4th but he kept the yellow jersey.

The third and fourth hilly stages were really difficult and should decide the overall classification. In the third stage our trio Paト出ur, Rudnicki and Buchテ。ト稿k finished inside the first group, but because of bonus seconds Rudnicki lost yellow jersey.

The fourth stage was 245.9 km long and even more difficult. Frantiナ。ek Paト出ur was the best from our team and finished in the group behind three riders who jumped away on the final climb. Paト出ur moved up to 11th place with the same time as riders on 6th to 10th place.

On the last day Paト出ur wanted to take bonus seconds at the intermediate sprint. Peloton did not the breakaway with him let go, but other riders yes. We sent to the front of the pack three our riders to bring the escapees back. They managed their task and Paト出ur took needed seconds. Our riders were due to pulling off the breakaway tired so Rudnicki did not have such support in a sprint as usual and finished 6th.


Overall: 6th Paト出ur
Points: 4th Rudnicki
Mountains: 13th Buchテ。ト稿k
Youth: 2nd Paト出ur
Team: 5th

Edited by JSF on 01-06-2013 19:25
those goals were met Grin
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