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Road to Le Tour: Bauknecht - Author story
The Tour with Bauknecht? That will take a few seasons, good luck nevertheless Wink

Good story so far, just a recommendation, do 1 report for each stage with several screens Pfft
Well,you don't have to take screenshots of every stage. You just should take 1 from that win,nothing else (if you like that way). Good screens,pretty solid photoshop skills Smile
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Thanks all. I have to say that I was so surprised and so happy when Paト出ur acrossed the finish line ahead of Chavanel and Goss Smile

I will do reports in this way with only one picture for now. I moved up to Istrian Spring Trophy before I started this topic and at first I want to catch myself. In future some races will be done more in deep.
You don't have to do reports of each stages, like others suggest.
You can do a smaller stage-race in 1 report too, if you want. You proceed to new seasons faster that way, and it would be something new on this forum Wink

Anyway, it's your story, you can lways do what you want to do Grin

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Jesleyh: Yes, that is what I want - to progress faster. But sure, when I will in future ride Le Tour (and other big stage races) I will do report for each stage Wink
Dominance in Africa: Tour of South Africa (2.2)

The next race on our schedule was Tour of South Africa, first peak of our season. The race consists of five flat and two hilly stages. At the start was only 64 riders from nine teams including our biggest rival in this race Team MTN - Qhubeka.

Our riders were in good form so we wanted Top 5 in GC with Paト出ur and stage win from Rudnicki.

Tomテ。ナ。 Kalojテュros was the most aggressive rider when he participated three breakaways (in stages 1, 2 and 6) and during these days he managed to collect the most points in mountains classification.

Another successful rider from our team was Dariusz Rudnicki. He won the first stage, in stage 2 he missed a mass sprint but next day he finished 2nd.

Stage 4 was evaluated as a flat but with short and steep climb of 2nd category 17 km before the finish line Paト出ur surprised once again everyone with an attack. Nobody followed him and he won by 56 seconds. The 17-men peloton bring to the finish another our rider, Dariusz Rudnicki. So the first double in this year.

In flat stage 5 finished Rudnicki 4th.

And then followed the decisive stage 6 which as the only one ended with summit finish after 7 km long climb. With yellow jersey on his back Paト出ur attacked from the peloton on the top of penultimate climb together with Rudnicki who did for him a great job during descend.

On the last climb Paト出ur cought riders from a breakaway. It means that Kalojテュros who was also in the break of the day could help his leader for a few hundred meters. Paト出ur won with 44 seconds lead while Kalojテュros was cought just before the finish and took 3rd place, Rudnicki finished 5th.

The last stage was completely flat. Surprisingly there was any successful breakaway. Tomテ。ナ。 Buchテ。ト稿k took a opportunity and attacked before the one sprint premium and got 6 bonus seconds which helped him to moved from 17th to 9th place in GC. Rudnicki again did not win but finished 2nd.

I have to say that it could be called Tour of Bauknech - Author. With 3 stage wins, yellow, green, polka dot and white jersey, 1-2 in GC and the best team we really dominated this race.


Overall: 1st Paト出ur, 2nd Rudnicki, 9th Buchテ。ト稿k
Points: 1st Rudnicki
Mountains: 1st Kalojテュros
Youth: 1st Paト出ur
Team: 1st

Edited by JSF on 23-05-2013 16:25
Brilliant result in South Africa!Grin
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Ian Butler
What an amazing picture Shock
Wow, domination!

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

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Loving the pics Smile
New challenge: Trofeo Zssdi (1.2)

In March we faced a new challenge, one-day races. Unfortunately, the first two classics from our schedule took place on the same day. It was reason why we have to call the rest of the team and divide our first group.

Frantiナ。ek Paト出ur with his luxury domestique Tomテ。ナ。 Kalojテュros and four other riders from the second group traveled to Italy where he participated in the hilly classic Trefeo Zssdi. Only 123.7 km long race took part also Italian Pro Continental teams.

Early breakaway was caught and it was clear that about the winner will be decided on the final climb. When Jackson Rodriguez (Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela) and Danilo Di Luca (Vini Fantini - Selle Italia) attacked, Paト出ur was blocked and the duo before him got a half minute lead.

Paト出ur then attacked too, but he was not able to join the two climbers, by the other way around his margin to a group of chasers started go down.

Rodriguez won the race, Di Luca finished with several seconds loss 2nd and Paト出ur defended 3rd place with 17 seconds lead to a sprinting group.


3rd Paト出ur

Edited by JSF on 23-05-2013 16:13
Good podium place for Padour Wink
Presage of success: GP Ville de Lillers (1.2)

Most of our first group completed by the two riders from the second one participated flat classic GP Ville de Lillers.

A gap of refugees declined only slowly so we had to help with effort in the peloton. The breakaway was caught 5 km before the finish. Our sprint train did not wrong and Dariusz Rudnicki sprinted 4th while Bryan Coquard from Europcar took the win here.


4th Rudnicki

Edited by JSF on 22-05-2013 22:14
Like the story, only thing I would warn of is that you have some quite extensive blocks of text which can be quite a lot of effort to read, perhaps breaking it down into smaller paragraphs? Just an idea Wink

Anyway, other than that i really like the lookout of this story, and wish you the best of luck in getting to the tour Grin
baggieboys32: You are right.

So should I write less text or make more paragraphs? All advices are welcomed.
I think the text is good, you give a nice description of what went on and it makes for an interesting read. However, that big block can look daunting, especially to people who don't have english as a first language

I would suggest, either
a) using pictures to break things up, as they give a visual representation of what's happened

b) reducing the volume of text to a few key sentences, though this may reduce the quality of your reports, and so would need to be done carefully

or c) Simply break your text up into a few paragrahs, each focussing upon a different section of the race.

I know that you didn't want to use too many screenshots, and given the potential length of this story, it does make sense if it helps keep your motivation up not worrying about taking and editing SS's.

Personally in your position I would choose option C, though at the end of the day the most important thing to remember when writing any story is that It belongs to you! Whatever you most enjoy, and feel most comfortable with doing is the best option, all im doing is suggesting some things you may like to incorporate in order to help attract extra followers Smile

If you want anything else, feel free to PM me as well Smile
Treble in France: Paris - Troyes (1.2)

The last one-day race on our schedule before Istrian Spring Trophy was 55th edition of classic in the north of France, Paris - Troyes. With a complete first group and the third place from Italy we were thinking of winning the race.

Breakaway was caught at the beginning of the last climb where was formed leading 7-men group including Frantiナ。ek Paト出ur and Tomテ。ナ。 Kalojテュros who worked for his leader. Paト出ur attacked about 15 kilometers to go and none could follow him.

The group had no interest to go so Paト出ur's margin steadily increased, while the rest of our team joined the group of followers thanks to the slowdown of pace.

With 5 km before the finish line Kalojテュros attacked from the group and defended his tight lead up to the end. Dariusz Rudnicki easily won the sprint. Tomテ。ナ。 Buchテ。ト稿k finished 6th, Jiナ凖ュ Polnickテス 7th and Tomテ。ナ。 Zechmeister 9th.

Great day for our team. We hoped for victory, instead we achieved our first treble!


1st Paト出ur
2nd Kalojテュros
3rd Rudnicki
6th Buchテ。ト稿k
7th Polnickテス
9th Zechmeister
Ian Butler
Much better Grin
Indeed, nice report Smile
What difficulty are you playing on btw? Team seem extremely dominant!
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