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Volta a Galicia Discussion thread
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Posted on 29-11-2022 23:58
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The C2 makes its second visit to Spain for the Volta a Galicia, a three days tour which makes its debut in the ManGame with three interesting stages. It'll start with two hilly stages, the first one in a typical Galician terrain, without any major climbs but with barely any flat, and the second being a harder stage with a tough uphill finish. The last stage is a visit to the high mountains, with a mountain top finish atop the demanding Monte Cabalar.

Presumably, the last stage should be the most decisive one, GC wise, but the teams shouldn't underestimate the effect of both hilly stages, especially for those climbers who are especially weak over the hills, and also for the hilly specialists, who could get a good overall classification if they do well enough there.



Teams presentation

- Die Berg Komt Er


The Dutch outfit comes with the biggest favourite, the Spaniard David Arroyo, possibly the best CT climber, he'll also have the support of the crowds in his favour. After a rather disappointing 5th place in Algeria, a win here would be very important for them. The support should be provided by two solid climbers as Antton Ibarguren and Kevin De Weert, while a good hilly sprinter like Leonardo Duque could benefit if the first stage isn't ridden aggressively.

- Team Gazelle


Another Dutch squad, but if Die Berg comes with the top climber, Gazelle has possibly one of the top puncheurs in Pieter Weening. For him, the first two stages should be the key, while on the way up Monte Cabalar minimizing the lose should be the goal, and he'll have to do it by himself, as the team hasn't any more climbers of note. Depending on how well he rides the first two stages, a top 5 should be possible, but the podium might be just out of reach.

- Vattenfall Cycling


Having Gustav Larsson as team leader, I'm sure Vatenfall's manager would love one of the hilly stages to suddenly become a time trial. Unfortunately for them this isn't the case, and Larsson could find himself not strong enough on the mountains, and struggling on the hills. He has good support in John Kronborg Ebsen and Anders Ekh Dahlberg, and a top 10 is more than possible providing he survives well before the last stage, but anything else would be a big bonus.

- Team Credexbank


Polish veteran Przemyslaw Niemiec finds himself in a similar position, the lack of a ITT really hurts his chances, and even worse, the support brought by his team is quite lacking, so he could be isolated earlier than he'd like to, especially in the last stage. Another rider to follow could be Michal Golas, a fast rider who can survive the hills, could be really dangerous in the first stage.

- Kappa - ENI


The Italian team brings the second biggest favourite, and who is supposed to be Arroyo's arch-enemy during this season - Marco Marzano. He should find a great domestique in emanuel Kiserlovski, while both Manuele Mori and Francesco Failli should be very valuable in the hilly stages as well. Finally, Francisco Lasca is another dangerous rider in case the first stage comes down to a sprint, so all in all a well rounded team for Kappa, which could give them some precious points.

- Futbol Club Barcelona - Estrella Damm


Denis Menchov might not be as strong as he once was, but he's still a solid climber at CT level, and with the very strong support he'll have in Mikel Nieve, Eduardo Gonzalo or Sylvain Calzati, he might as well be a good bet for a podium in Galicia. His team is surely one of the best here in terms of depth, and that could be crucial for the Russian's fight for the podium.

- Risa - Ergon


The Norwegian team comes with Brice Feillu leading their squad, but they don't have much in terms of mountain support, which could endanger Feillu's GC chances. Anyway, even with the lacking support, a top 10 should be the goal of the aggressive French climber.

- Iberia - Comunidad Valenciana


From a team with almost no support for their GC leader, to what's possible the deepest squad. Daniel Moreno already showed his talent taking the GC in Algeria partly thanks to his great sprint skills. Iberia also has Joaquim Rodríguez, who could take advantage of the hilly stages to build a lead which could be difficult to close in the last stage, so the Spanish team has two solid leaders and the advantage of riding in home soil. Is that all? No, as the awesome support they'll get from Luis Fernández Oliver, Francisco Pérez Sánchez and Diego Gallego makes this team incredibly solid, and Moreno's bid for the podium very credible.

- Ekspla - Cision


Coming from Lithuania, Ekspla has the Russian Sergey Rudaskov as their main hope for the Galician race. The Russian climber will have to do it by himself though, as the mountain support is pretty weak, but at least they have a stronger line for the hills, where they leader might be weaker. Sergiu Cioban stands out there, and could be one to follow, especially in the first stage, which is perhaps the biggest chance of victory for his team.

- Allianz - BMW


Yannick Talabardon did quite well in Algeria, with a 4th place in GC, and his team brings him here with the hope of a similar performance. Well supported by Matteo Carrara and Kim Kirchen, it's certainly possible that the Frenchman makes the top 5 again. The rest of the team are some of the young guns who should be the future of the German team, and whose goal is no other than to get some experience.

- Vueling Airlines


The first of the PCT teams present here, promotion candidate Vueling has a clear focus in getting experience for their younger riders. Still, Colombian Nairo Quintana is already a decent climber, and could show himself if he's given some freedom by the heads of state. Other than him, we'll need to look for them in the breakaways.

- Team WWE


Another PCT team, and pretty much the same case as Vueling, coming for experience for the youth, especially future American star climber Joe Dombrowski. As it happens with Quintana, Dombrowski is a decent climber already, and so are Mikel Astarloza and Julián Becerra, so it's very possible that we see one of them quite active in the last stage, especially if, as it is to be expected, they lose some time in the hilly stages.

- Banco Nacional de Costa Rica


The Costa Rican team comes well loaded with climbers, with the pair formed by Deiber Esquivel and César Rojas Villegas as the most dangerous. However, the hills are quite a weakness for them, so their chance for a good GC could get somewhat ruined there. If they survive the first two stages, they could challenge for the podium. If they don't, they could be good candidates for a stage win. Either way, a team to follow closely.

- Prio - Porto


Third and last PCT team in this race, possibly the weakest lineup, but they won't mind as experience for some of their talents, like Rui Pedro Vinhas or Luis Afonso, is what the Portuguese team is seeking just across the border.
Will be a hard battle here in Spain, most of the big guns of CT are here to fight. I hope a nice finish from Carrara in the first stage and a top10 GC for TalabardonWink
kumazan wrote:
Moreno's bid for the podium very credible.

We have to win. Nothing more, nothing less.

Moreno should take the lead in a sprint of a small group on the first stage and keep that lead untill the end.

Hade hoped for a weaker startlist due to the clash with Middle East but well, Moreno already beated all these riders in Algeria. This is probably my strongest line up all season with 77-76-75-75-74 MO and 74-74 Hill.

Plus I'm looking forward what Weening can do.
Edited by Spilak23 on 22-02-2013 12:37
Spilak23 wrote:
We have to win. Nothing more, nothing less.

I'm in the same situation. I'm also bringing my strongest lineup for this race.

Taking a look at the start list I'm regretting select this race as one of my win goals...
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/bup.png Manager of BUFF - Polska pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/bup.png
Spilak23 wrote:
kumazan wrote:
Moreno's bid for the podium very credible.

We have to win. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well, the winner does step onto the podium as well. Pfft
Edited by kumazan on 22-02-2013 12:50
Sick startlist! Should be a very exciting race. Hard to predict what is going to happen.
I am here just for experience, but if I manage to get ranking points, that's a bonus.
Another exciting looking race - following Arroyo's Algerian mishap we shall see what happens in this mountain clash.

All three stages look like fascinating viewing, I'll support Moreno and Calzati to wreak havoc on the opening two stages and survive their way up the last climb.


Manager of i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/srb.pngSimply - Red Bull i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/srb.png
I guess the first stage is to easy, to make big gaps, between the biggest riders. Larsson may loose a minute or two on the second stage, but hopefully he can be among the best on the last stage. If he lost too much time, he can attack early, and then bring at least an stagewin. I have great expectations, and hopefully we end up with a stagewin, and a Top 5 overall!
Hoping for a good result and maybe a stage win.
Not sure about the qualities of the competition, but I do hope that Quintana is my designated leader. That was the intention with the line-up. Either way, any kind of points scoring would make this a success Wink
A top 10 in GC would be great for me here, my ambitions aren't so very high though..
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.: Hugo Boss :.
That was one lame sprint. Had really hoped Moreno could take the win and lead here, or atleast take some bonus seconds.

Good to see Valencia on the attack and sorry to vien but this is the perfect race for Arroyo to crash for me.
Just out of curiosity, did my riders drop back to help Kadri, or were they all just dropped (except for Quintana)? Poor boys, can't handle the pace in C2 Pfft
Ugh, I hate it when crashes take out a top favourite. Arroyo could still make a comeback I feel as he could put many riders to the sword on the final mountain stage.

The control team also managed to finish above Vueling in the team standing! Thats not something you see everyday
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/mag.pngManager of Magna-Ryanair https://pcmdaily.c...d_id=25729i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/mag.png
No. F**king. Comment.
Wow... really bad luck vien. I m sorry mate
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/bup.png Manager of BUFF - Polska pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/bup.png
Wow, that is extremely unfortunate for Die Berg! Hate it when a top GC contender loses time in such a lame way.

About the rest of the stage:

Not surprised to see a mass sprint. Nice to see the team take initiative in the sprint. Shame they peaked a bit too early.
It's fun to see some Red Bull alumni doing some good rides. Mori again showing himself in the hilly sprints clearly was not selective enough for Moreno. Also good to see old Kirchen on the attack.

Arroyo is having a really hard time at the moment, just bad luck here. Still sets a slightly different dynamic to this race now.

Manager of i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/srb.pngSimply - Red Bull i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys14/srb.png
Great day for Kappa - ENI. Got rid of Arroyo, and Marzano is now the favorite for the win. Carrara should not be a contender for the GC, and when we take two of the bonus secondpositions we have done a good job. I really hope Arroyo isn't injured because we need the last stage to be as hard as possible.

A little surprised i have to say about how we dominated the sprint, even though we lost it eventually. Neither Da Dalto or Mori is good enough to be close to favorites in a stage like this, and they still perform again. Shame about the lack of a stage win, but i guess its better for the GC that we dont have some random leading the race.
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