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Giro del Trentino - Stage 1

The Team Time Trial is the ultimate test of a team's strength ... in the time trialling stat anyway! It's not the only mountainous stage race this season to hold a TTT, so we find out today which teams sought to bring in a few strong time triallists to help their leader on these stages.

The favourites are Metinvest-Emirates, Tinkoff and Bouygues Telecom.

Team CSC-Orbea is the first team out on course. David Abal is their leader and strongest time triallist, but it is Oliver Kaisen who leads them over the finish line in 20'08.


It's too much for Meiji-Fuji to contend with, and they go 2nd, 29 seconds down.


But already in the distance we can see Metinvest-Emirates. Haijun Ma and Sergiy Lagkuti have supported team leader Jaroslav Popovych around the course, and they move into first place. 14 seconds faster than CSC-Orbea.


Crowd favourite Domenico Pozzovivvo leads Vespa-Aprila over the line, and they can be happy to only concede 10 seconds to Metinvest, taking a provisional 2nd place.


Its 4th place out of 5 for Mobil-Castro at the moment, 25 seconds behind


Die Berg Komt Er are the slowest team yet, 50 seconds behind Metinvest


Now it's time for Bouygues Telecom. Rein Taaramae is the race favourite and he has Tony Martin and Hugues Mottin to help him drive the squad in the TTT. They led Metinvest by 12 seconds at the halfway stage.


But theyre fading, as they edge towards the line. And they just manage to hold on to the lead. Only 1 second in it.

Next to the finish are Tinkoff, with Timofey Kritskiy, Vasili Kiryenka and Artem Ovechkin as the key riders today. They were 2nd at the first split, 8 seconds down on Bouygues, but we know that Bouygues faded.


And Tinkoff take the lead! Kritskiy led them over the line as they go 5 seconds faster than Bouygues Telecom.

Jose Alarcon's Bintang take 7th, 34 seconds down.


Kappa-Eni meanwhile lose 41 seconds


PFG-Armavia edge ahead of Bintang - 33 seconds back


Pivovarna Lasko are faster, but still 21 seconds behind Tinkoff


Team WWE finish with a time that is 38 seconds behind the Russians


Can Tinkoff be beaten? Maybe! Led by Zakkari Dempster, Hollister were 2nd at the halfway mark - crucially 2 seconds ahead of Tinkoff.

But they struggle when Dempster is not on the front, and ultimately take 4th - 13 seconds behind. A good result for the team led by Robert Kiserlovski.


Cisco Cycling and Gianpaolo Caruso join Armavia at 33 seconds


And the final team is Swedbank-PEAB. 8th place, and a loss of 31 seconds for them.


So Tinkoff win the stage, and Timofey Kritskiy is the first race leader. Teammate Anton Vorobev leads the best Young rider competition. Now the race is all mountains!

1Tinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSC19'47
2Bouygues Telecom+ 5
3Metinvest-Emirates+ 6
4Hollister Pro Cycling+ 13
5Vespa-Aprilia Racing+ 17
6Pivovarna Lasko Cycling Team+ 21
7Team CSC-Orbeas.t.
8Swedbank-PEAB+ 31
9Mobil - Castrol Cycling+ 32
10PFG-Armavia+ 33
11Cisco Cycling Teams.t.
12Team Bintang+ 34
13Team WWE+ 38
14Kappa-ENI+ 41
15Meiji - Cannondale+ 51
16Die Berg Komt Er+ 57


1Timofey KritskiyTinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSC19'47
2Dmitri KozontchukTinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSCs.t.
3Anton VorobevTinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSCs.t.
4Pavel BruttTinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSCs.t.
5Artem OvechkinTinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSCs.t.
6Sergei KolesnikovTinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSC+ 2
7Hugues MottinBouygues Telecom+ 5
8Tony GallopinBouygues Telecoms.t.
9Guillaume LevarletBouygues Telecoms.t.
10Rein TaaramÀeBouygues Telecoms.t.
11Tony MartinBouygues Telecoms.t.
12Vasili KiryenkaTinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSCs.t.
13Jaroslav PopovychMetinvest-Emirates+ 6
14Mateusz TaciakMetinvest-Emiratess.t.
15Vitaliy PopkovMetinvest-Emiratess.t.
16Denys KarnulinMetinvest-Emiratess.t.
17Haijun MaMetinvest-Emiratess.t.
18Warren BarguilBouygues Telecom+ 7
19Aleksej KunshinTinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSCs.t.
20Marlen ZmorkaMetinvest-Emirates+ 9
21Oleksandr SheydykMetinvest-Emiratess.t.
22Jean-François CamierBouygues Telecom+ 10
23Sergiy LagkutiMetinvest-Emirates+ 11
24Robert KiserlovskiHollister Pro Cycling+ 13
25HernĂąni BrocoHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
26Eduard Alexander BeltranHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
27Zakkari DempsterHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
28Vitor RodriguesHollister Pro Cyclings.t.
29Óscar SolisBouygues Telecom+ 14
30Yonathan MonsalveHollister Pro Cycling+ 16
31Roberto TraficanteVespa-Aprilia Racing+ 17
32Domenico PozzovivoVespa-Aprilia Racings.t.
33Matteo MontagutiVespa-Aprilia Racings.t.
34Enrique SalgueiroVespa-Aprilia Racings.t.
35Matthias KrizekVespa-Aprilia Racings.t.
36Wilson MarentesHollister Pro Cycling+ 19
37Luca AscaniVespa-Aprilia Racing+ 20
38David LoosliVespa-Aprilia Racings.t.
39Esad HasanovicPivovarna Lasko Cycling Team+ 21
40Zsolt DerPivovarna Lasko Cycling Teams.t.
41Stijn DevolderPivovarna Lasko Cycling Teams.t.
42Polychronis TzortzakisPivovarna Lasko Cycling Teams.t.
43Adam HansenPivovarna Lasko Cycling Teams.t.
44Juan GelabertTeam CSC-Orbeas.t.
45Olivier KaisenTeam CSC-Orbeas.t.
46Eduardo ArdaizTeam CSC-Orbeas.t.
47Sergio BarrioTeam CSC-Orbeas.t.
48David AbalTeam CSC-Orbeas.t.
49Dario CataldoVespa-Aprilia Racing+ 22
50Kristjan FajtPivovarna Lasko Cycling Team+ 23
51Carlos VeronaTeam CSC-Orbea+ 24
52Matic StrgarPivovarna Lasko Cycling Team+ 26
53Ivan BassoTeam CSC-Orbeas.t.
54Muradjan KhalmuratovPivovarna Lasko Cycling Team+ 28
55Jarlinson Pantano GĂłmezHollister Pro Cycling+ 29
56Igor AntĂłnTeam CSC-Orbeas.t.
57Tobias LudvigssonSwedbank-PEAB+ 31
58Jonas AhlstrandSwedbank-PEABs.t.
59Havard BlikraSwedbank-PEABs.t.
60Thomas LövkvistSwedbank-PEABs.t.
61George Alexandru StancuSwedbank-PEABs.t.
62Tom CrielMobil - Castrol Cycling+ 32
63Fabricio FerrariMobil - Castrol Cyclings.t.
64Daniel Eduardo SilvaMobil - Castrol Cyclings.t.
65Maky RomanMobil - Castrol Cyclings.t.
66Robert VrecerMobil - Castrol Cyclings.t.
67Alexandr BraicoPFG-Armavia+ 33
68Biao LiuPFG-Armavias.t.
69Vassilis AdamouPFG-Armavias.t.
70Ronan RacaultPFG-Armavias.t.
71Pablo Andres AlarconPFG-Armavias.t.
72Dmitriy GruzdevCisco Cycling Teams.t.
73Gianpaolo CarusoCisco Cycling Teams.t.
74Marco OsellaCisco Cycling Teams.t.
75Moris PossoniCisco Cycling Teams.t.
76Michael HepburnCisco Cycling Teams.t.
77Jonas BjelkmarkSwedbank-PEABs.t.
78Mikayil KrasnoperovTeam Bintang+ 34
79Andrey ZeitsTeam Bintangs.t.
80VĂ­ctor Hugo OrozcoTeam Bintangs.t.
81Ivan SeledkovTeam Bintangs.t.
82Jose AlarconTeam Bintangs.t.
83Juan MoraMobil - Castrol Cycling+ 35
84Dylan GirdlestonePFG-Armavias.t.
85Anders LundSwedbank-PEABs.t.
86Fabio MontenegroTeam Bintang+ 36
87Yousef Mirza BanihammadPFG-Armavias.t.
88Hichem ChaabanePFG-Armavias.t.
89Josh AtkinsCisco Cycling Teams.t.
90Jose MojicaMobil - Castrol Cycling+ 37
91Saul RaisinTeam Bintang+ 38
92Fredy PiamonteTeam Bintangs.t.
93Justo MayoTeam WWEs.t.
94Hayden RoulstonTeam WWEs.t.
95Alexander GottfriedTeam WWEs.t.
96Fredrik KessiakoffTeam WWEs.t.
97Michael VingerlingTeam WWEs.t.
98Franco PellizottiTeam WWEs.t.
99Patrick SchellingCisco Cycling Teams.t.
100Theo EltinkSwedbank-PEABs.t.
101Juliano PolitoTeam WWE+ 39
102Nick ClesenCisco Cycling Teams.t.
103RĂ©my Di GregorioMobil - Castrol Cycling+ 40
104Mauricio ArdilaTeam WWEs.t.
105Michele ScarponiKappa-ENI+ 41
106Tim WellensKappa-ENIs.t.
107Pierre Paolo PenasaKappa-ENIs.t.
108Massimiliano MaistoKappa-ENIs.t.
109Klaas SysKappa-ENIs.t.
110Davide VillellaKappa-ENI+ 44
111Davide AppollonioKappa-ENI+ 46
112Jianhua JiMeiji - Cannondale+ 50
113Yoshimitsu HiratsukaMeiji - Cannondales.t.
114Florian SenechalMeiji - Cannondales.t.
115Gian Piero SignoriniMeiji - Cannondales.t.
116Sascha ModoloMeiji - Cannondales.t.
117Giuseppe FonziKappa-ENI+ 51
118Tomohiro KinoshitaMeiji - Cannondale+ 53
119Tomoyuki IinoMeiji - Cannondale+ 56
120Peter StetinaMeiji - Cannondales.t.
121Niki ØstergaardDie Berg Komt Er+ 57
122Frederik FrisonDie Berg Komt Ers.t.
123Carlos Alberto OspinaDie Berg Komt Ers.t.
124Tyron GiogieriDie Berg Komt Ers.t.
125Thijs ZonneveldDie Berg Komt Ers.t.
126Andrii BratashcukDie Berg Komt Er+ 59
127Igor AbakoumovDie Berg Komt Er+ 1'01
128Mikhail KochetkovDie Berg Komt Er+ 1'02

1Anton VorobevTinkoff Bank - Rosneft OJSC19'47 (1)
2Hugues MottinBouygues Telecom+ 5 (2)
3Tony GallopinBouygues Telecom+ 5 (3)
4Denys KarnulinMetinvest-Emirates+ 6 (4)
5Warren BarguilBouygues Telecom+ 7 (5)
6Marlen ZmorkaMetinvest-Emirates+ 9 (6)
7Eduard Alexander BeltranHollister Pro Cycling+ 13 (7)
8Yonathan MonsalveHollister Pro Cycling+ 16 (8)
9Matthias KrizekVespa-Aprilia Racing+ 17 (9)
10Polychronis TzortzakisPivovarna Lasko Cycling Team+ 21 (10)

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