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Rabobank Continental Story | Vuelta a Castilia y Leon Stage 1
I am starting a story with the Rabobank Continental Team in 2008. But because I cant wait till I reached 2008 I’m posting the 2007 worlds now Smile
So, I’m playing a Dutch team so I’m playing with The Netherlands. There we go for my First story.

First the participants:

1. T.Dekker
2. M.Elijzen
3. J.Posthuma

11. J.Brajkovic
12. P.Velits

21. A.Klöden
22. L.Gerdemann
23. T.Hiekmann
24. M.Kittel

31. D.Cornu
32. S.Devolder
33. L.Hoste
34. R.Verbrugghe

41. V.Karpets
42. M.Ignatiev

51. M.Bruseghin
52. A.Ballan
53. M.Pinotti
54. P.Savoldelli

61. M.Rogers
62. B.Lancaster
63. B.McGee

Great Britain
71. B.Wiggins

81. L.L.Sánchez
82. J.E.Gutiérrez
83. M.Lloret
84. A.Martínez

91. S.Botero

101. A.Schleck

111. D.Grabovskyy
112. Y.Popovych

121. G.Hincapie
122. B.Julich
123. J.McCartney

131. L.Bodnar
132. P.Niemiec

141. T.Hushovd

151. L.Bak
152. M.Blaudzun
153. J.Rasmussen

161. S.Minard
162. F.Brard
163. S.Joly
164. C.Moreau

171. S.Paulinho
172. J.Azevedo

181. T.Frei
182. R.Bertogliati
183. A.Dietziker

191. B.Kohl

Now, Thoma Dekker is the Absolute favourite and here you see him staring the race.

Rider after rider starts, and it’s Michael Rogers wo sets the first time that would stand a while. Untill Joost Posthuma beat him. Shortly after, the 2nd Dutch guy, Michel Elijzen, sets the 2nd time behind Posthuma for a Dutch one-two Grin
But then it’s Dekker who reached the first checkpoint and beats the time from Posthuma there with 5 seconds. After all riders passed it’s still like that.

At the 2nd check there weren’t much changes, allthough Brajkovic took the 3rd spot away from Elijzen. Dekker allready caugth up with Kohl and takes a confortable lead.

But then, out of nowhere, Andy Schleck pops up at the 2nd checkpoint taking 2nd spot at 24 seconds from Dekker. After the last rider Velits passed nothing was changed tot hat situation.

As Expected Thomas Dekker sets the best time with 30 seconds at the line. Is anyone able to beat him???

Nope!!! They can’t. It’ll be a Dutch one two with Posthuma on 2nd and Elijzen on 4th with Janex Brajkovic in between.
11 Paolo Savoldelli + 1'23
12 Dominique Cornu + 1'27
13 Marcel Kittel + 1'29
14 Mikhail Ignatiev + 1'31
15 Bradley Wiggins + 1'35
16 Vladimir Karpets + 1'44
17 Manuel Lloret + 1'45
18 Luis León Sánchez + 1'46
19 Quique Gutiérrez + 1'47
20 George Hincapie + 1'50
21 Alessandro Ballan + 1'51
22 Peter Velits + 1'52
23 Linus Gerdemann + 1'54
24 Rik Verbrugghe s.t.
25 Bradley McGee + 1'55
26 Thomas Frei + 2'01
27 Alberto Martínez + 2'02
28 Marco Pinotti + 2'04
29 Jason McCartney s.t.
30 Stijn Devolder + 2'06
31 Brett Lancaster + 2'07
32 Michael Blaudzun + 2'08
33 Sébastien Joly + 2'13
34 Sergio Paulinho s.t.
35 Lars Ytting Bak + 2'18
36 José Azevedo s.t.
37 Leif Hoste + 2'20
38 Sébastien Minard s.t.
39 Torsten Hiekmann + 2'22
40 Bobby Julich s.t.
41 Thor Hushovd s.t.
42 Yaroslav Popovych + 2'25
43 Jacob Moe Rasmussen + 2'26
44 Christophe Moreau + 2'28
45 Przemyslaw Niemiec + 2'30
46 Łukasz Bodnar + 2'32
47 Andreas Dietziker + 2'34
48 Rubens Bertogliati + 2'50
49 Florent Brard + 2'58
50 Bernhard Kohl + 2'59
Edited by mrlol on 25-11-2007 12:15
Good start!

P.S; Why the **** has Velits got a Slovenian flag?! He's Slovak or not? Frown
ExManager of the Slovak team Sme Cycling
I have absolutly no idea about it... you should ask Dankan about it cus he made the DB (spain pack)

and btw: hopefully I can post the road race tomorrow and the I'll get slowly started on my own team and I'll start with race reports in 2008(in the game, not 2008 IRL Pfft). but what I can tell you now allready is that those experiance bars really made a big difference in the stats since most of rabo CT riders is very low on experiance Pfft
I know, I had a season with Rabo CT too and after a year most riders absolutely rule B)
Nice win by Dekker, but where was Cancellara?
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A_Schleck wrote:
Nice win by Dekker, but where was Cancellara?

And Bodrogi?Smile
Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana
A nice laugh! :lol: (He deleted them so that Dekker would win Wink)
Edited by odenkos on 08-11-2007 06:17
ExManager of the Slovak team Sme Cycling
Super start, very cool starting at WC Grin
cancellara and bodrogi both werent there I guess no good condition... but dekker had done well in the vuelta as well Smile

I'm at school now (not allowed on this site Pfft) but when I'm at home I hope to play the RR and post it Smile
Only 1 place for GB:cry:

great stuff from the Dutchman thoughWink
Addy291 wrote:
Only 1 place for GB:cry:

great stuff from the Dutchman thoughWink

look at dekkers stats Wink
he reached the top lvl so now has much better stats and is one of the best TT'er so it isn't a suprize to me he is WC. I mean, 79 TT was equal to the best other TT'er I think in the World ans he was is suberb condition in the vuelta so...
but I'm gonna play the RR rigth now so in about and houre it should be up here Smile
Hopefully youll be able to defend the title next year So you can get the "Roole the world!" Acheivement Grin
Smoothie wrote:
Hopefully youll be able to defend the title next year So you can get the "Roole the world!" Acheivement Grin

thougth I'd have it now allready.... oh well... I have doddys avatar allready Pfft
Welcome to the World Championships of Cyling 2007 in Stuttgart. Couple of days ago Thomas Dekker Showed his good form by winning the Time Trial, what can he do today. It’s for sure the dutch team is very strong again with as leader who else then Michael Boogerd. Supported by Dekker, Gesink, Ten Dam, Kroon, Tjallingi and Stamsnijder.
Boogerd is looking strong as well as the Italian team with Bettini and Di Luca as leaders.

At the start today 116 riders from 20 countries:

1. M.Boogerd
2. T.Dekker
3. R.Gesink
4. K.Kroon
5. T.Stamsnijder
6. L.Ten Dam
7. M.Tjallingii

11. D.Di Luca
12. A.Ballan
13. P.Bettini
14. M.Celestino
15. A.Moletta
16. V.Nibali
17. L.Paolini
18. G.Visconti

21. F.Schleck
22. B.Joachim
23. A.Schleck

31. S.Sánchez
32. A.Contador
33. J.Flecha
34. O.Freire
35. J.J.Rojas
36. C.Sastre
37. L.L.Sánchez
38. F.Ventoso
39. A.Vicioso

41. S.Joly
42. L.Brochard
43. P.Fédrigo
44. D.Moncoutié
45. C.Moreau
46. J.Pineau
47. B.Salmon
48. C.Vasseur

51. C.Horner
52. G.Hincapie
53. B.Julich
54. L.Leipheimer
55. D.Pate
56. S.Raisin
57. F.Rodriguez

61. C.Evans
62. S.Gerrans
63. M.Lloyd
64. R.McEwen
65. B.McGee
66. S.O'Grady
67. W.Walker

71. A.Grivko
72. V.Duma
73. V.Gustov
74. R.Pidgornyy
75. Y.Popovych

81. A.Klöden
82. M.Burghardt
83. L.Gerdemann
84. H.Haussler
85. A.Klier
86. C.Knees
87. P.Martens
88. R.Weissinger

91. S.Morabito
92. M.Albasini
93. R.Beuchat
94. H.Schwab
95. F.Stalder
96. S.Zampieri
97. B.Zberg

101. N.Nuyens
102. M.Aerts
103. B.De Waele
104. L.Hoste
105. A.Merckx
106. M.Monfort
107. J.Vanendert
108. R.Verbrugghe

111. V.Karpets
112. M.Ignatiev
113. S.Ivanov
114. D.Menchov
115. I.Rovny

121. K.Arvesen
122. E.Boasson Hagen
123. T.Hushovd

131. J.Brajkovic
132. J.Golcer
133. M.Mugerli
134. S.Spilak
135. T.Valjavec

141. R.Urán
142. L.Duque
143. M.Soler

151. M.Breschel
152. L.Bak
153. M.Blaudzun
154. J.Jørgensen
155. M.Morkov
156. N.Ostergaard
157. C.Sørensen

161. S.Paulinho
162. J.Azevedo
163. C.Barbosa
164. P.Cardoso
165. V.Rodrigues

171. B.Kohl
172. G.Glomser
173. P.Wrölich

181. P.Niemiec
182. T.Kiendys
183. T.Marczynski
184. R.Radosz
185. K.Szczawinski

Great Britain
191. C.Wegelius
192. S.Cummings
193. J.Hunt

Here are todays favourites:

Paolo Bettini as abolute top favourite to become World Champion again surrounded by Italian teammates. Will he be able to pull it off again?


Danilo Di Luca as 2nd leader of the Italian super strong team. If bettini has a bad day he’ll be ready to set off!


And of course the Dutch Leader Michael Boogerd in his last ever World Championship. He hopes to add the WC to his list of victories. Will he have the power to get away from the Italians?


On to the race.

It’s up the Brit Charles Wegelius to set off to the first break.


He’s followed by: Marczunski, Gustov, Arvesen, Weissinger, Hoste, Zampieri and Spilak. But with Italie controlling the pack and going in the downhill most are caugth, but not Wegelius. He got a small lead over the pack with no more attacks coming.
But what is that I see??? The Italian 2nd leader Di Luca doing relays??? Yes… it sure is… is he having a bad day??? We won’t know…


After one lap the gap to the pack is 2’50 and growing fast. He has no chance along but wont give up, the pack is okay with the situation because they can easily catch up with him when it’s needed.
The gap reached 8’22 with 213km to go. Wegelius can see the pack now but is a lot in front.


When the lead was to the max of 14 minutes, the pack started chasing with riders like Celestino, Visconti and Freire. WHAT?!?!? Freire??? Yes, after di luca, allso Freire isnt going to win today.


Because the increased pace, a lot of riders are having a hard time at the back. When a brit does the first attack, now allso a brit is the first to be dropped. It’s Jeremy Hunt who’s dropped at the pace set by Andy Schleck.


When more riders are dropped, including the complete Norwegian team, Ukraine is leading the pack. But for who whould they do that????


When the pack sees they’re closing too fast they stop chasing, but there’s only 2 minutes left for Wegelius. It’s practically over for him.

At the moment he is caugth with 65km to go it’s clear Boogie isnt having the day of his life. Dekker and Gesink however got a +3 and +4 day. This is looking promising.

Then with 2 laps to go it’s showtime! It’s Frank Schleck to start the attacks. He’s follow by Flecha, Morabito, O’grady, Nibali and World Cahmpion TT Thomas Dekker. A bit later Grivko descides it’s time for him to follow as well and he joins the groupe. Will this be it???


They soon have a minute and the pack isn’t chasing. Is this going to be the groupe to figth for the win??? It seems so.


But then, there are a few breaks in the Pack. Italie is away with Ventoso and Netherlands is a bit behind. What is this???


The complete theams of Italie and The Nethelands are together with Ventoso and away. Italie is chasing the break now and the pack is quite.
Meanwhile Grivko has rode away in E1

With not too many km’s left the chase groupe got to do something. They aren’t catching up. Allso the 2nd chase groupe isnt closing in on anyone. Only the pack is going further away.
They are defenatly beaten now. This is the situation:

Dekker, Flecha, Nibali, O’grady, Schleck, Morabito +21
Italie, Netherlands, Ventoso +1’14

Grivko is very strong and only going away from both groupes.

With 1’19 lead over the first chase groupe at 6.4km to go Grivko is the new World Champion allmost for sure. It will be a battle for 2nd in the Dekker Groupe.


And yes, Grivko did it. He is the new WC. While Dekker has attacked to go for 2nd place


Dekker hangs on for 2nd, O’grady sprints to 3rd. Boogerd is try to beat Bettini for 8th place but he doesn’t succeed. Both grouped that went away never came back. Acutally the where the same as when going away, only Grivko was strong enough to get away. He is the new Champion, and he deserves it.

The results:

11 Robert Gesink s.t.
12 Danilo Di Luca s.t.
13 Alessandro Ballan s.t.
14 Karsten Kroon s.t.
15 Giovanni Visconti s.t.
16 Maarten Tjallingii + 3'13
17 Fran Ventoso + 3'34
18 Laurens Ten Dam s.t.
19 Luca Paolini + 3'50
20 Mirko Celestino s.t.
21 Ángel Vicioso + 8'06
22 Sergei Ivanov s.t.
23 Axel Merckx s.t.
24 José Joaquín Rojas s.t.
25 Beat Zberg s.t.
26 Ivan Rovny s.t.
27 Bradley McGee s.t.
28 Matej Mugerli s.t.
29 Sébastien Joly s.t.
30 Leonardo Duque s.t.
31 Vladimir Duma s.t.
32 Denis Menchov s.t.
33 Cândido Barbosa s.t.
34 Jelle Vanendert s.t.
35 Alberto Contador s.t.
36 Matti Breschel s.t.
37 Paul Martens s.t.
38 Nick Nuyens s.t.
39 Mauricio Soler s.t.
40 Jonas Aaen Jørgensen s.t.
41 Christophe Moreau s.t.
42 Yaroslav Popovych s.t.
43 Tom Stamsnijder s.t.
44 George Hincapie s.t.
45 Hubert Schwab s.t.
46 David Moncoutié s.t.
47 Rigoberto Urán s.t.
48 Michael Albasini s.t.
49 Heinrich Haussler s.t.
50 Bobby Julich s.t.
51 René Weissinger s.t.
52 Ruslan Pidgornyy s.t.
53 Matthew Lloyd s.t.
54 Gerrit Glomser s.t.
55 Cadel Evans s.t.
56 Samuel Sánchez s.t.
57 Fred Rodriguez s.t.
58 Danny Pate s.t.
59 Jure Golcer s.t.
60 Vitor Rodrigues s.t.
61 Mario Aerts s.t.
62 Luis León Sánchez s.t.
63 Jérôme Pineau s.t.
64 Laurent Brochard s.t.
65 Przemyslaw Niemiec s.t.
66 Linus Gerdemann s.t.
67 Andreas Klier s.t.
68 Pedro Cardoso s.t.
69 Andreas Klöden s.t.
70 Janez Brajkovic s.t.
71 Cédric Vasseur s.t.
72 Simon Spilak s.t.
73 Óscar Freire s.t.
74 Rik Verbrugghe s.t.
75 Mikhail Ignatiev s.t.
76 Bernhard Kohl s.t.
77 Bert De Waele + 10'22
78 Carlos Sastre s.t.
79 Chris Sørensen s.t.
80 Maxime Monfort s.t.
81 Sergio Paulinho s.t.
82 Pierrick Fédrigo s.t.
83 Chris Horner s.t.
84 Benoit Salmon s.t.
85 Andy Schleck s.t.
86 Christian Knees + 11'02
87 William Walker + 11'26
88 Niki Ostergaard s.t.
89 José Azevedo s.t.
90 Tadej Valjavec s.t.
91 Florian Stalder s.t.
92 Steve Zampieri s.t.
93 Leif Hoste s.t.
94 Lars Ytting Bak s.t.
95 Levi Leipheimer s.t.
96 Roger Beuchat s.t.
97 Simon Gerrans s.t.
98 Tomasz Marczynski s.t.
99 Vladimir Karpets s.t.
100 Volodymyr Gustov + 12'54
101 Steven Cummings + 14'22
102 Saul Raisin + 15'50
103 Krzysztof Szczawinski + 16'06
104 Michael Blaudzun + 16'30
105 Edvald Boasson Hagen + 16'54
106 Kurt-Asle Arvesen + 17'18
107 Marcus Burghardt + 17'34
108 Robbie McEwen + 19'10
109 Thor Hushovd + 20'14
110 Michael Morkov + 20'30
111 Charles Wegelius + 21'50
112 Benoît Joachim + 22'06
113 Tomasz Kiendys + 23'10
114 Robert Radosz + 29'10
115 Peter Wrölich s.t.
116 Jeremy Hunt + 33'18
Edited by mrlol on 08-11-2007 19:59
Woa, that surpirsed me, well done keep up the great reporting!
great reporting, but GrivkoRolling Eyes
Addy291 wrote:
great reporting, but GrivkoRolling Eyes

yea... was kinda stupid... I was stunned by the splits in the pack and trying to catch up with italie when he broke away... if I would have been at E1 at that time I would've been able to send dekker with him... Sad

oh well... 2 world titles would be too much anyway... Pfft



Important other transfers
Bettini --> Rabobank
Evans --> Rabobank
Kloden --> Caisse D'Epargne
Rasmussen --> Discovery
Kroon --> Liquigas
Freire --> CSC
Savoldelli --> CSC
Menchov --> Lampre
Zabel --> T-Mobile
Paolini --> T-Mobile
Schumacher --> Milram
Weseman --> Quick Step
Gusev --> Quick Step
F. Schleck --> Credit Agricole

Allso, a lot of top riders like Valverde, Cunego and Contador have no contract (!!!) for next year... They didnt want to join me... Sad
Great moves with Hoy and MananB)B)B)

Valv, Cune and Conta not having contracts:lol::lol::lol:
I'm in my 2nd season now but most races are still the same and the game didnt use the V2 version,.... only WC and most NC's changed... Sad



Unfortuatly, Chris Hoy spoke with me. He told me he said he's getting old and he wont reach the level of last year. (you understand I mean his stats deacreased???)
He hope to do one to two good TT's this year and will for the rest just carry water.
Rabobank Continental and Team Wiesenhof have been promoted to the UCI Pro Tour. Bouygues Telecom and Credti Agricole have been put back to the UCI Continental Tour
Moreau and F.Schleck whould go to Credit Agricole, but they both had a causule in there contract and now CA is back to CT they will not join them. (Schleck to Astana, Moreau unknown)
I have managed to sign The Z man, #2 of the real life WC TT, and Contador Banana
I have sold Thomas Rabou to Team CSC for an enormous amount of money --> €3.100.000. Which I do need for Contadors huge salary.


2007 Results

2008 Sponsor Goals


Rabobank Continental 2008

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