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[PT] Gazelle 2019
Despite the fact that Blaz Furdi is seemingly staying, Team Festina has expressed a high interest in loaning him with interest in developping the rider aswell as having him as a main helper in the ardennes for 2014 Pro Tour.

Any comments?

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We were looking at maxing him ourselves using a GT wildcard. But a PT loan is also a possibility if it involves us getting a rider of similar quality back. Otherwise it would be an unnecessary loss of competitiveness. Let's discuss this come transfer season.

Furdi won't be able to max out with a GT wildcard. That would only put him at 4.62, so still another GT away from 4.100.
Loaning him to PT is the only way of getting him there this season.
I meant GT wildcard + HC races. But I do now see that I misread the XP table; I thought HC races gave 1 XP. At 0,5 it will be impossible indeed. Thanks.

So PT loan it is. Post updated: https://pcmdaily.c...ost_874627
Edited by DubbelDekker on 12-03-2014 13:52
Now that you say it, GT + 64 HC days + 6 PT days would work, but I wouldn't risk that.
Transfer update

Thanks to some helpful feedback we've changed our plans a bit. Here's the definitive transfer status update. This time including the new wages.

Definitely staying

Marco Minna(a)rd (25) - Puncheur (75k)
71 FL, 73 HI, 73 STA, 72 RES, 72 ACC, 75 FTR

Lieuwe Westra (32) - Hills and Time-trials (135k)
70 FL, 67 MO, 74 HI, 76 TT, 74 STA, 74 RES, 75 ACC, 71 FTR, 76 PRL

Pieter Weening (33) - Puncheur (150k)
70 FL, 73 MO, 76 HI, 75 STA, 75 RES, 75 REC, 71 ACC, 76 FTR

Minnard, the tour-winning domestique, has become a fan favourite. We'd get lynched if we sold him.

We like Westra; he's a strong Dutch rider on a reasonable wage who is not easy to replace.

Weening was never brilliant but extremely consistent, getting him to second place in the 2013 individual CT rankings. He accepted a 100k wage cut after declining a bit and I think he'll be suited to the role of PCT lieutenant.

Definitely staying, but looking for a PT loan.

Blaž Furdi (27) - Puncheur - potential: 6 / level 4 (95k)
72 FL, 70 MO, 75 HI, 74 STA, 72 RES, 68 SP, 70 ACC

Moreno Hofland (22) - Puncheur - potential: 7 / level: 4 (50k)
68 FL, 73 HI, 74 STA, 71 RES, 67 SP, 70 ACC, 73 FTR

We liked Furdi's clever racing in 2013 a lot and he still has room to improve. This season he'll be able to gain power and experience in a PT support role. In 2015 he should be one of our key riders.

Hofland is a talent from our main country and can be a great rider for us next year. To reach that level he needs some PT experience.

Staying unless a very good offer comes in

Thiago Duarte Nardin (26) - Explosive puncheur (95k)
72 FL, 73 HI, 72 STA, 70 RES, 69 COB, 72 SP, 74 ACC, 78 FTR, 73 DH

Jonas Vangenechten (28) - Flandrien (60k)
72 FL, 68 HI, 73 STA, 69 RES, 74 COB, 70 FTR.

Jaco Venter (26) - Puncheur - potential: 6 / level: 3 (50k)
69 FL, 69 MO, 72 HI, 70 STA, 71 RES

Christiaan Kriek (25) - Puncheur (50k)
71 FL, 73 HI, 71 STA, 70 RES, 72 ACC

Erdenebayar Daspuntsag (26) - Hilly fighter (50k)
70 FL, 69 MO, 73 HI, 69 STA, 71 RES, 69 ACC, 79 FTR

Attention CT managers! 26 year old Brazilian Nardin was 6th in the 2013 individual CT rankings and one of the most cost efficient riders in the game. The reason I'm open to selling him is that he is perfect for C2 races and I would like to see him shine there again. This guy can single-handedly make your season, so I do expect a good transfer fee.

Venter is talented and can still grow a lot. The rest are strong low wage domestiques.

Staying, but open to offers

Kévin Lalouette (30) - Allrounder (50k)
71 FL, 70 HI, 72 TT, 71 STA, 73 RES, 71 REC, 70 ACC, 73 FTR, 72 PRL

Vadim Shaekhov (28) - Allrounder (60k)
70 FL, 72 HI, 70 TT, 71 RES, 71 REC, 70 ACC, 76 FTR, 73 PRL

Kristof Goddaert (28) - Time-trial support (60k)
72 FL, 76 TT, 70 STA, 72 RES, 68 COB, 76 PRL

Transfer listed



Matej Mugerli (33) - Hilly fighter
71 FL, 72 HI, 71 STA, 69 RES, 67 ACC, 72 FTR, 73 DH

Roy Sentjens (34) - Flandrien
72 FL, 69 STA, 68 RES, 72 COB, 77 FTR
Team BPost could be interested in taking Hofland in on loan.
i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/bps_zps2b426596.png Manager of Team Bpost - Vlaanderen i439.photobucket.com/albums/qq112/Gustavovskiy/microjerseys/PCT/bps_zps2b426596.png

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(All opinions expressed are not guaranteed to reflect reality)
Gazelle is glad there's interest in developing Hofland. We'll contact you when the transfers start.
Likewise, Vesuvio may be interested in continuing our loan of Hofland, having had him last season too.
Good to hear! We were hoping Vesuvio would be interested, as Moreno really liked his time with the team last year. We'll be in touch.
Transfer update

We have an extensive short list ready for the upcoming transfer season, which we're obviously not going to release. We will, however, post the names of some well known riders we are interested in who are currently under contract. We'll contact their managers during the transfer season and hope the riders are not sold before we have the time to do so.

I like the presence of our riders on the list, that is definitely a basis for negotiations. We look forward to them.
Luis Leon Sanchez
The Euskaltel-Bavaria Team will be interested in a loan of Nardin if that is possible. And you may have to inform me of what races he is suited to.
If you want LuLu, you better stay away from Mollema Pfft
@cio Looking forward as well.

@LLS Loaning out Nardin wouldn't make sense for us. It's either keep or sell. Nardin is great in any C2 race/stage that is rated flat but has some bumps near the finish. The high speed over those bumps in the finale tires the regular sprinters, allowing him to outsprint them. And if he's high in the GC thanks to doing well in sprints, it's hard to drop him in the hills.

@alex Hehe, you're just as devious as your avatar. Pfft

Transfer roundup


Blaž Furdi (26) •  Puncheur

Blaž went on loan to gain experience at ProTour level. Next season he'll be one of our leaders.

Moreno Hofland (23) •  Puncheur

Moreno had a good time at Vesuvio last year and is glad to go back there to complete his training. In 2015 he returns to Gazelle with the ability to be a dangerous outsider in PCT hilly classics.

Kristof Goddaert (28) •  Time-Trialist
Kristof rode some decent TT's in 2013 and, most importantly, he was an important part of the squad that won the only C2 TTT. This result also paved the way for Marco Minnard to win the FBD Éire Tour.
Still, he didn't really fit our philosophy. So when a good offer came in from the ProTour, Gazelle and Goddaert agreed to accept.

Roy Sentjens (34) •  Flandrien
He could've been our third 34 year old Belgian cobbler. But sadly Roy's skills declined so much that we had to let him go.

Matej Mugerli (33) •  Hill support
Matej had to make room for younger hilly riders. He was part of the support squad that helped us to victory many times and we thank him for his great efforts.


Maxime Monfort (31) •  Puncheur
We're delighted to be able to welcome one of Belgium's top 10 riders to the team. Monfort is the hilly leader we needed and we're confident he can score many points.

Nick Nuyens (34) •  Flandrien
Aging cobble star Nuyens had a rough 2013 in the PT and has decided to step down a level. In PCT he's one of the stronger cobblers and he should be able to produce some good results.

Gert Steegmans (34) •  Flandrien / Sprinter
Cobblers are best in duo's, so we brought in another 34 year old Belgian. Steegmans should be able to help Nuyens in the finale. He's also our backup plan if the race is not selective and ends in a peloton sprint.

Daniel Oss (27) •  Puncheur / Sprinter
Due to the CT success of Thiago Duarte Nardin, we were looking for a stronger version of him for PCT. Oss is a pretty fast finisher who is not easy to drop.

Davide Formolo (22) •  Explosive Puncheur / Climber

Davide has the potential to become a great PCT level puncheur with high stamina and sprint. An alternative option is making him a hilly sprinter.

Patrick Konrad (23) •  Puncheur / Climber

Already a useful domestique and in the future good on both hills and mountains. Also a decent time trial.

Jan Tratnik (24) •  Puncheur

When maxed seems very suitable for the role of hilly lieutenant.

Roman Senyenov (21) •  Puncheur

Will become a strong rider for the pure hilly races. Decent kick.

Andrea Zordan (22) •  Puncheur

Not as talented as fellow Italian Formolo, but still a dangerous one-day rider in the future.

Nejc Kozic (24) •  Flandrien

Our third Slovenian. But Kozic is actually a talented cobbler.

Charalampas Kastrantas (23) •  Puncheur

Charalampas has the potential to become a great breakaway/support rider.

Australian training camp nears conclusion

Part of team Gazelle has been preparing for the upcoming season on a week-long training session in the land of the kangaroo. The riders casually enjoyed the sun and beautiful countryside on their long rides far away from home.
There were some complaints though.

Roomies Pieter Weening and Daniel Oss agreed to talk:

We came here looking forward to a pleasant week of training on long, deserted roads. No noise, no distractions.
But apparently Australia is a very popular pre-season destination; the place was filled with other cyclists! These guys were extremely serious about their training. We mostly just ignored them and stuck to our own relaxed pace.

After also receiving a complaint from Marco Minnard about suddenly being dragged off his bike and onto a podium, management has decided to move next year's training camp to Oxfordshire.
Avin Wargunnson
You will train Formolo as puncheur? Then i am even more disappointed i was not able to get him sooner than Gazelle. Pretty strange move that would be, but Gazelle seems to know only one from of training and riding Pfft

Anyway, very nice write-up!
Edited by Avin Wargunnson on 16-04-2014 06:39
I'll be back

Yep, we're all about the hills and cobbles. Pfft Also, I suspect that he can make the most use of his versatility as a puncheur.

Might consider this added climbing option though:

Davide Formolo (22) •  Explosive Puncheur / Climber

How would you train him?
Avin Wargunnson
I has him listed as the climbing trainee for sure (exactly as your added option), because he will have that 77hill anyway and that 78climbing could be great, while only advantage of different training would be that sprint kick, where he will have extreme opposition of much better riders like Demare, Kreder, Grosu, Alaphilippe and many others. Wink (also 72sprint or 69 sprint does not matter so much in uphill sprint in my eyes, while those +4 in climbing could be great, with his strong support stats suited for climber....

Of course that is only my opinion and his training is Gazelle's call (till you will sell him to Metinvest) Pfft
Mountain sprinter can be great option too, if it fits your plans...
Edited by Avin Wargunnson on 16-04-2014 12:12
I'll be back
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