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Sauber Petronas Racing Team HQ
Renewals & Availability
A.K.A. “Cut It Out And Then Restart”

This season has seen the team just narrowly miss out on promotion for a second season in a row, and as such the team decided that it is finally time for a more drastic change of personnel.

The result of which means that our roster has been cut down in size from entering renewals with 23 contracted riders to releasing 7, thus resulting in just 16 riders remaining under contract, of which further changes are planned be it sales or loan outs.

So first of all I’d like to thank the 7 riders that got released for their hard work and wish them luck in finding a new team, I’m sure some of the names like Schurter or Awang may come as a surprise to some whereas others like Lecourt De Billot or Zafferani might be less of a shock.

And here I present the full list, out of these it is not set in stone that we wouldn’t bring 1 or 2 back, especially if they are available under the new rule at the end of transfers but for now we have had to let them go to comply with squad rules and to help us free up space for new additions.

Last nameFirst nameFlMoHiTTStaResRecCobSpAccFiDHPro
OthmanMuhamad Adiq69687656737066585476655556
Mat SenanMohammad Saufi69757167747170515870655967
Lecourt De BillotOlivier69586662696962696173766366

So that brings us on to the list of those that got renewed and their potential availability. Salleh and Gabby are the only 2 that we deem untouchable, the rest might be available if the right offer comes in and those marked as available will hopefully generate a decent fee to allow us to pursue our targets on other teams. That said we are not in a position where we have to sell to get back under the wage cap or anything so if no-one is interested then I’m sure we can still find a use for them in our squad.

SallehMohamed Harrif100000Untouchable
Ahmad ZamriMuhamma Afif60000No
BohliTom50000PT Loan
WahyudiNandra Eko50000Yes
MuhlbergerGregor50000PT Loan
GhaniMuhammad Suhaimi50000PT Loan
MaccagliAndrea Enrico50000PT Loan

As for potential targets we have a few names in mind that we would love to bring in to develop and a few that we would love to bring in to strengthen the squad for a promotion push, however we are very much keeping an open mind and are going to look to capitalise on any opportunities that fall into place rather than go in to transfers with a set plan.
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Oh come on Angry Pfft

A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Chavanne is such an interesting rider, you're smart to hold onto him Shock
But I'll be in touch about loans once the transfers officially kick off.
Good to see you keep a hold on Chavanne for another season - what a beast! Really looking forward to seeing who you decide to bring in to you team and how it'll play out Smile
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Goals 2018
A.K.A. “Take Aim Now, Take Aim Now”

Below you can see the official unveiling of our goals for the season;

Top 10Team StandingsCT
WinTour De SlovenieC2HC
Stage WinBenelux TourC2HC
Stage WinTour De LangkawiC2HC
Stage WinGrand Prix De Midi LibreC2HC

As an already established team we took the obvious choice of setting ours goals around already existing riders on our squad, knowing that was easier than trying to hope we land a big target and risk missing a goal because we can’t bring in the right rider.

Our first goal is to top 10 the Team Standings; we don’t think this is too unreasonable considering we have finished 10th and 12th the previous 2 seasons. We think this is likely going to be roughly our level for the upcoming season again but we hope that good planning can elevate us a little higher if teams we are battling have a bad time on terrains we don’t plan on contesting much.

Our second goal is our mandatory win goal; we knew that the sprints would be too chaotic to try and set a win goal for Salleh, and seeing as the depth of strong sprinters keeps improving year on year we didn’t feel comfortable asking him to win a specific race. This doesn’t mean we don’t have faith that he can provide us with wins, just that we realise that it would be unfair to put extra pressure on him in such a competitive field in any race in particular. Instead we decided that the man for our win goal would be Riccardo Zoidl, as the Tour of Slovenie fits his rider type of a Puncher/TT Hybrid rider well and until Kai Reus acme back into the division after being part of a promoted side last year we were confident he would be able to achieve it. Now we realise it will be harder for him but we are still hoping for a GC podium or at minimum a top 5 here.

Our last 3 goals are all Stage win goals in C2HC races, this may seem a strange risk to some until you realise that all 3 races feature a prologue and that we have Gabby who should dominate prologues at CT level and even be capable of contesting Prologues at PCT level in our C1 race days. Not only that but we backed him up there through a couple of our signings who are also strong in these short TT’s to be announced in our roster reveal at a later date.

Overall I think 3 out of 5 goals are easily achievable, 1 is borderline completable but we fancy our squad to be able to do so and the last one we expect to just miss out on.
Expecting a titanic clash between Reus and Zoidl to see who conquers Slovenia!

Then Tony Martin swoops in and takes it :lol:


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
I'm not a fan of picking the stage win goals. It has so little goal points that you should be able find more valuable, achievable goals. However, Gabby is a great rider and it's cool to see that you trust him as your best leader Grin

A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Calendar Reveal 2018
A.K.A. “Around The World, Around The World”

Well it’s that time of year again when we reveal which races the team will be tackling in the upcoming season. Being a CT team you can obviously pencil in the C2HC races as we have to ride them even if there a few we would rather skip, and we were always going to ride our home races of Coppa Placci, Langkawi, Romandie, Zuri Metzgete and Jelajah SKL. We can’t exactly call them home races if we aren’t there to show our faces and contest them, even if we won’t necessarily have the favourite or in some cases someone who can contest the win at all (looking at you Romandie).

We start off later than most teams with the flat Great Ocean Road Classic being our first outing of the new season, deciding to skip the traditional CT season opening race of Classico San Sebastian and deciding not to return to Vuelta al Tachira despite getting off to a good start there last year with a Salleh stage win and Ahmad Zamri taking home the Youth Jersey. Instead we have gone for a later start so we can stack more race days into the middle part of the calendar which will either make or break our season.

The amount of C1 race days we have picked could end up being the deciding factor as to whether we have a good season or not as failure to perform in them will cost us many valuable points but if we can bring some results home from them then the risk could bring us a huge reward. Given the focus of our squad, which you can probably guess from our races, we felt this was necessary as we didn’t think we were likely to pick up points on our weak terrains even in C2 races. So bearing this in mind we didn’t think it as much of a gamble as it might seem at first glance.


C2HCOceaniaGreat Ocean Road Classic


C2HCAsiaTour De Langkawi
C2EuropeKuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne
C1EuropeVolta A Catalunya
C2HCOceaniaGisborne GP


C1EuropeKBC De Panne Tour
C1EuropeRoma Maxima
C2AmericaCirculo De Juarez
C1EuropeLe Samyn
C2HCEuropeTour of Turkey
C1AsiaJelajah SKL


C2HCEuropeGrand Prix De Midi Libre
C2EuropeCoppa Placci
C2EuropeBetonexpressz GP
C2HCEuropeLincoln GP


C1EuropeTour de Romandie
C2HCAfricaWindhoek ITT
C2Europe1 Jour de Dunkerque
C1EuropeChrono d'Arenberg
C2HCAfricaTour du Faso
C1EuropeOlympia's Tour


C1AsiaTour of Japan
C2AfricaLa Tropicale Amissa Bongo
C2EuropeLillestrom GP
C2HCEuropeTour Of Slovenie
C2HCEuropeTour D'Andorra
U23EuropeParis Tours Espoirs
C1AmericaMonterrey TTT


C2AmericaTour De San Luis
C1EuropeCeltic Chrono
C2HCEuropeVilnius GP
U23EuropeLiege - Bastogne - Liege U23


C2HCEuropeBenelux Challenge
C2HCAmericaGrand Prix Cyclistes
U23EuropeTour De L'Avenir


C2HCEuropeParis Tour
C2HCEuropeEuskal Bizikleta
C2EuropeHanko Classic
C2HCAmericaColombian Venteaux
U23EuropeRonde van Vlaanderen Beloften


C2EuropeHeistse Pijl
C2HCOceaniaHerald Sun Tour
C2HCEuropeCourse De Solidarnosc
C2HCEuropeZuri Metzgete

redordead wrote:
Expecting a titanic clash between Reus and Zoidl to see who conquers Slovenia!

Then Tony Martin swoops in and takes it :lol:

We are looking forward to it aswell, just a shame it's half the season away as that's a long time to wait for what should be a very interesting battle.

knockout wrote:
I'm not a fan of picking the stage win goals. It has so little goal points that you should be able find more valuable, achievable goals. However, Gabby is a great rider and it's cool to see that you trust him as your best leader Grin


We fully trust Gabby to be able to achieve these goals and having really struggled to achieve goals in the past we decided that low cost but easily doable goals was the way forward this year, that way we should get more money next season then if we failed 4/5 goals like normal.

He's still not leaving, not unless we get an offer we really can't refuse.
Goals Review
A.K.A. “4 Stars Out Of 5”

We may not have finished top 5 and gained automatic promotion, but this has still been a highly successful season for us, having previously completed only 3 sponsor goals in the team’s history some might wonder why they had kept on sponsoring us so far, however their faith has been repaid well this year as we managed to complete 4 out of our 5 goals.

The only goal we missed this season was our attempt at winning the Tour De Slovenie, but even that race wasn’t a complete failure as we still managed to finish 10th GC through Riccardo Zoidl and took home the KOM jersey thanks to the efforts of Nandra Eko Wahyudi.

Our successful goals were to finish top 10 in the CT Team standings, which was achieved through our 9th place finish, and stage wins in the following 3 races, Benelux Challenge, Tour De Langkawi and Grand Prix De Midi Libre, with Gabby even gaining us a second stage win in the Benelux Challenge.

The stage win in Midi Libre was achieved through Olman’s strong TT, beating out the likes of Kai Reus, Tony Martin and Hugues Mottin in a strong field, the others were part of Gabby’s massive 7 wins, with the second stage win of the Benelux Challenge on the final stage of the race being his first, and so far only, road stage win after winning the bunch sprint against the likes of Sascha Modolo, Lionel Coutinho and his own teammate Marcel Aregger.

Speaking of how strong our season was we took a record 11 stage wins, won a Stage Race, took home 3 KOM Jerseys and podiumed 2 classics.

P.S. You can find our full results from the season updated in the opening posts among other things.
What an absolutely crazy season Chavanne and Salleh had for you, Chavanne’s 7 stage wins is surely some kind of record?

Can’t wait to see you guys back up in PCT whether that be this coming season through disbands, or the following season. And also quite interested to see who you bring in during transfers Smile
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Eden95 wrote:
What an absolutely crazy season Chavanne and Salleh had for you, Chavanne’s 7 stage wins is surely some kind of record?

Can’t wait to see you guys back up in PCT whether that be this coming season through disbands, or the following season. And also quite interested to see who you bring in during transfers Smile

Gabby has certainly had a season to remember, I'm not sure if he broke the record for a CT season, but as a team he has smashed it, our previous best was 8 stage wins total throughout the whole squad so his 7 individually easily smashed the team record and our 11 total is also another team record.

Him and Salleh are tied on 9 total each for our squad now so should both be on the CT all time list even if neither of them top it.

Our scouting department has a lot of work to do this off season, I'm sure some of our old targets will still be of interest but there are plenty of new riders to look at too, but with us currently unsure of our division for next season it's hard to know which targets are feasible and who we should be looking at more closely.
Promotion To PCT
A.K.A. “It’s Been A Long, Long Time Coming”

But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will.

And that change is in our division as we have finally promoted back up to PCT. It’s been 5 long years since our first, last and only PCT season to date and we are hoping to have a better go around at it than last time when we finished dead last with our best rider placing 125th in the individual rankings.

This season we finished 9th in the CT rankings based off a strong season by both Salleh and Chavanne, these 2 stars both helped carry us through this season, finishing 14th and 18th in the individual rankings respectively. Unfortunately we didn’t have that much scoring depth behind them so we have quite a lot of work to do over the off season, however we are confident we have the right building blocks to support any new leaders we bring in, and because we completed 4 out of our 5 goals we should have the budget to do this without compromising our pre-existing focus of bringing through local young riders.
Rider Progression
A.K.A. “Cause It Makes Me That Much Stronger”

This season has seen 6 of our young riders improve and become stronger, and here is a review of the outcome of all their hard work.

Tom Bohli

Last season Tom Bohli was out on loan in the PT, riding for our friends over at Team UBS, mainly in support of his compatriot Lukas Spengler. The highlights of his season are 23rd in Ronde Van Vlaanderen, being his team’s top scorer there, riding Paris Roubaix and completing the Vuelta Espana.


Kilian Frankiny

Kilian Frankiny has spent the previous season out on loan at Team Reddit in the PCT and has improved a lot as a climber. Next season he will be looking for a PT loan to continue his development if we can find a partner willing to provide a temporary home for him.


Muhammad Suhaimi Ghani

Ghani has spent the previous season on loan to EA Vesuvio, reprising a partnership we have kept up with SN’s squad. Following this experience he is now coming back at his best and will be looking to support our stronger riders where needed. His season highlight would have to be his 2 Breakaway appearances at La Vuelta Espana


Andrea Enrico Maccagli

Our young Sammarinese Time Trialler is now coming back to us at his best following a season out on loan with Volvo acc. by Spotify in the PT, getting to partake in AGR, FW and LBL, alongside helping his team to 6th in the Copenhagen-Malmo TTT. The highlight on his season has to be getting into the opening days break at the Tour De Suisse, claiming the youth jersey, unfortunately he went on to lose it on the next day.


Gregor Muhlberger

Gregor spent last season out on loan at T-Mobile, helping tehm to a 7th place finish in the final rankings with his individual highlights including riding the Giro D’Italia and spending a long time in the break at the GP Moscow before eventually getting caught.


Federico Olei

Federico has started his development here with us this season and he has shown early signs that he could become a strong Domestique for us in hilly terrain and we look forward to seeing him continue his development over the coming years.


The development of young local talents is something that will always remain important to our side, we will be looking to add some more young talents to our squad next season and have already identified a few that will be high on our priority list come transfers.

And just to emphasize this 14 of the 25 riders we owned, either riding for us or loaned out last season, joined us whilst still developing their skills.
I dont think it will be hard to find someone willing to take Frankiny on loan Wink
We might talk Wink
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Post Transfer Squad
A.K.A. “We Will Stand Tall; Face It All Together”

We already know it is going to be a long season but we are ready to face it together as a team. We initially struggled in transfers, being unable to bring in a top stage racer as we had planned, missing out on at least 5 riders before deciding to go down an alternative path and plan heavily for the future.

We might have gone a little too heavy on the talents to stay up but we are happy with the composition of our roster and our post transfers team looks like this:


We are not confident about our ability to stay up but we are excited by our future and whilst we are keeping this short we plan on detailing our in’s, out’s and future over the next few days.

P.S. Yes Greggy has done enough reps up and down Monte Titano over the off season to get a little stronger on the hills.
Even if the season goes awry and you get demoted, you can always cash in on Mano and Hirschi and have millions to bounce straight back
Mano was probably the talent I was most expecting to get, and that didnt happen... Congrats on having him, atleast for now Pfft
Mano, Misbah, Hirschi and Hibatullah (Pfft) are fantastic additions. I can only imagine what your team will look like in a few years if they all stick around.

Congrats on Slagter too! He was one of my priorities, but his price quickly got too high. Keinath and Ranaweera were next on my list as well as yours coincidentally :lol: Ranaweera will be interesting if you decide to train him next season though.

All the best for the new season, and tell Wahyudi that next year might finally be the year Smile
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett

The plan is to build around them, not sell them, hence why I've picked up so many riders that will have similar windows to them.


I must admit I was expecting you to push me up a lot closer to 250,000 for him, feel like I got him a lot cheaper than I should have done.


I've got plans to reveal what that will look like at some point, just need to find the time to type that update and the ones I've got planned to come out before it.

You can always go for Slagter next year, and have you been sneaking a look at our notes?

Thank you, Wahyudi is pleased to hear that as he's worried about whether he will still have a space here next year with us likely having to drop riders to get under the limit. He's currently one of the riders whose future is up in the air so the idea of returning back to Indonesia definitely excites him.
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