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Fenians PCM Daily Add On Issues
Hey Guys,
I am just trying to draw attention to some issues, in hope that someone who might know what to sees it.

One, I can't open ANY save game from ANY DB after installation.

And tow, there is a large amount of errors in the variants.

Thanks Guys!
You can open it in the fast editor and make changes to the variants table so that you can edit your save games so that they work with PCM Planner or any of the other editors. How to do this is described in other threads.

I'm up to Mar 2011 in my career. Before releasing I simmed thru' a few seasons, and seemed to be all playable, so I'm not sure what you mean by lots of errors in the variants, tbh.

Guess I'll find out when I eventually get to them....
Thanks for your help! The errors in the variants can be played through no worries, you just won't be able to play all the variants as some refuse to load...
Also, this is not anything against your DB, other than the problems above, it is amazing, definitely worth the download. Hopefully, now that you are aware of these issues, they can be fixed. Without people like you contributing to the community, there would be no community to contribute to Wink Thanks Fenian!
My game crashes several times... I just started 3rd stage og the Giro, and it crashed on 2nd and 3rd stage. Before that it crashed 4 times in LBL, 2 times PR and 2 times Santos Tour.

I have good graphics and the only other thing i have downloadet beside this database, is a danish commentary...

This database is awesome, no doubt about it! Im a equipment freak and love the woek you have done with that. Its just sad that i have so many crashes. Any suggestions?
There's only one thing that you can do, and that's lowering the graphic settings.
But that doesnt make sense, since it runs really well and is set automatically, i havent made any changes to the graphic settings... But i will give it a go then.

Can you explain me why it suddenly crashes after a played almost a hole race without problems?
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Nekker: If you don't mind reading the official statements about the crash, then go here: https://www.cyanid...amp;t=8353
Thanks... Will try to stop using "one texture pr. rider"...

I took the seettings on "citys" down from 4 to 3, and after that i have played 5 stages without any crashes.

I dont have "force graphics" and "one texture pr. rider" on... It havent really done anything to the graphic experience in the game and thats very important to me...
why this db isn't updated , froome only 72 in mountain , cobo only 74 ?
You are free to change any stat if you think it is wrong.

This thread is about real issues, not your personal thoughts about rider stats.
You could open a stats discussion thread instead.
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