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Expansion Pack - Released
By next weekend at the latest I'll release an add on to v1 of the Daily DB.

The add on will mainly be about incorporating the extra equipment that has come out since the database's launch - especially the work that Bikefreak and BoogieBoogie have done in this area.

I am also hoping to include some stages with it too - but as I'm a complete noob in that area, we'll see how it goes.... Smile



Edited by fenian_1234 on 03-12-2011 23:16
Nice workWink
Looks awesome. Will definitely download it.
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Teddy The Creator
Woo! Awesome job!
Looks great, Fenian Smile
Great work fenian....those movistar frames are just the ones i tried to put in my save and screw it up...Sad
Would be possible to continue my save?
Looking very much forward to this, Great job Smile
Cheers for the kind words, all. Smile

baia wrote:
Great work fenian....those movistar frames are just the ones i tried to put in my save and screw it up...Sad
Would be possible to continue my save?

When it comes out it will should be possible to continue your saves with the equipment part added in, as long as you are able to do a little editing.

Having said that with new teams from 2012 onwards, the results may not be optimal.
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Posted on 12-05-2021 19:15
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Been doing some more work - looking as if all should be ready for next weekend. CrueTrue has provided me with an update with fixes for most of the bugs reported in that thread. I now need to mainly test what I've added.


Just about all done, though KenL may provide me with a few goodies before this is releaed. Wink

BoogieBoogie has kindly provided me with some gear from as yet unreleased Benelux packs.

Skil and Leopard.....



Doing this did motivate me to finish a couple of frames I'd been working on for Acqua & Sapone and An Post....


And in terms of race/stage amendments, I've currently got the following:

Vuelta Espana - Svam (variant to be first used in 2012)
Ponferrada World Championship - Svam (variant added - set for 2014)
Bristol World Championship - Svam (variant added)
Luxembourg World Championship - Svam (variant added)

Vuelta a Burgos - Pellizotti2 (replacing generic Cya stages)
Dauphine 2007 - Pellizotti2 (variant added)
Plouay World Championship - Pellizotti2 (variant added)

Grand Prix la Marseillaise - Tsmoha (replacing generic Cya stage)
Int. Ă–sterreich-Rundfahrt - Tsmoha (replacing generic Cya stage)
Vuelta a Mendoza - Tsmoha (added as a variant for the Tour de San Luis)

Memorial Marco Pantani - Kart (replacing generic Cya race)

Coppa Agostoni - Oscar Freire (replacing generic Cya race)
Coppa Bernocchi - Oscar Freire (replacing generic Cya race)

Giro di Lombardia - ITA_Emmea90 (2011 version added)
2010 version to be used as a variant. Lombardia will alternate between these two routes.

Tour of Flanders 2012 - wielrennen11 (Added as variant to be used in 2012)
2011 and 2012 version will then be used in turn in following years just like Lombardia.

There are some other versions of 2011 races dotted around forums, but also quite a lot of broken links. If anyone has any versions of these races, please either post them here or PM me. I'm interested mainly in races already in the .db, but am not completely averse to adding a new race if it fits in with the focus of the exsisting Daily db. That also goes for any other files people have that they think would be a good add on to the .db.

Edited by fenian_1234 on 27-11-2011 22:33
Great work.Wink
Really great but will you release them on the way PCM Benelux does team by team or all in one time

It's going to be released as an add on to the Daily.db next weekend at the latest. Exactly the same as the PCMDaily.db but with the above added and incorporated into the database.

As said above, a lot of the equipment is from the Benelux packs.
Avin Wargunnson
Great work Smile
I'll be back
Hats off to you fenian 1234, you have done a lot of hard work to make this happenSmile
looks amazing!
Great job once again guys Smile
Nice job fenian, that looks fantastic.
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Finished on schedule and uploaded here. I like the results and hope I'll get some time over the winter to have my first proper go on PCM11 as I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to actually going out on a bike in the winter. Don't mind a bit of rain and cold, but it's just no fun riding into the wind.....And I also bought Skyrim two weeks ago and have yet to play it, so big decisions to be made with my limited free time.....Sad

Changes since last update in post #9.

*Updated helmet files provided by BoogieBoogie/Bikefreak/Crue/KenL/Myself added in. To be honest I'm not sure if the original was released with the iffy helmets or not but when I was testing noticed some sticking out ears on TT helmets and dodgy helmet straps on the road helmets. This, if it was a problem, is now a thing of the past.

*Added RicRaf95's Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana variants. The database now contains 7 Tour variants, 5 Vuelta variants as well as 6 for the Giro d'Italia.

*Some small updates to the auto-colour equipment that came with the Daily.db and team assignments. For example, the BMC TT frame from the Benelux Equipment Pack adapted to autocolour.


Download and Installation

Download part 1 and 2 from the following links.

Part 1


Part 2


1. I suggest a fresh install of Pro Cycling Manager.
2. Update with the latest patch.
3. Install PCM.daily's Expansion Pack V1
4. Unzip the downloaded files to a temporary file somewhere you create on your computer, eg temp on your desktop. Basic guide to unzipping.
https://wiki.answe...zip_a_file (If you want to be flash unzip directly into the PCM11 directory - though you're probably not reading this if you're doing that....)
5. You'll need to move the Daily_AddOn_Fenian.cdb into the Database folder for PCM11 in your documents folder.
6. Then drag and drop the files from this folder into your main PCM2011 folder saying yes to any prompts to copy over exsisting files. (Don't worry like the Daily database this add on will not suddenly give you backgrounds for the game you might not like Wink). For more info on dragging and dropping. https://windows.mi...rop-method
7. For an even better graphical feast, then install the mighty Jacky Durands Sponsorkits 2011. https://pcmdaily.c...d_id=19327

You might be able to get this to work with exsisting saves from v1 of the database. I haven't tested this but in theory you should be able to copy STA_Race, STA_Stage, STA_Equipment, STA_Equipment Marques and DYN_Team into your save games using editors. For equipment, all you would need would be STA_Equipment, STA_Equipment Marques and the equipment columns from DYN_team. The races/stages part of it might be more complicated. I'm also not sure what effect new teams that are generated would have on the above tables. If you're going to experiment, make sure you back up your saves.
I've tested up to a season turn in career mode to make sure the variants/ new stages are working properly and all looks fine. I was happy with the results of the stage settings I amended in the database. There are no real bugs with equipment use that I've been able to detect based on the races I tested during the career.
[small]For stage makers - if you are making stages please, please, please name every KoM or intermediate sprint, and start and finish line within the stage editor in the route->sprint menu. These names are then visible in the "Sprints" overview instead of finish_classic, etc. (Thanks to roturn for the info. This is not directed at any particular stage maker, just something I noticed that makes the pre-race screens a bit untidy for some races....)

Thanks to all who have worked on or contributed to the PCM.daily database. I hope your alias is somewhere in this thread. Extra special thanks have to go to Crue True for doing the lion's share of the database work on version 1 of the PCM.daily database and his all round PCM greatness. BoogieBoogie and Bikefreak as well deserve a large medal for the amount of top quality equipment goodness they have put out.
I will download tomorrow hope it will work
Will download it tomorrow and hope it is as good as it looksSmile
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