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Download Races?
Hey guys,

Ive been watching many story's in the past month and the big thing that i notice is that many Story Makers got mutch more races than the game gives you in the start.

Now my question is How do you get those races.
Do you need to download them or what?
Well, most story's use the PCMdailyexpansion pack. You can find this DB in the downloads section. If you go to PCM11 stages, you can also find new races and variants.

BTW: there is a reason this forum is divided into sections Wink. This belongs in the PCM 11 General or PCM 11 Database section!
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ye well... i already have PCMDailyExpansion pack but it only adds National Championships, and some other races but where can i download even more races like in CT2
I thought that the PCMDaily DB was the one with the most races, but I could be wrong.
You can find a summary of released races here: https://cyanide-st...09#p419243
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Ah thanks Grin i had to figure out what they all said in french xD
btw how to download theM?
Never mind, i already found it out (I guess).
Where do i need to place the races what i donwloaded, in wich folder?
The race files have to be placed in Program Files/Cyanide/PCM/CM_Stages.

You also have to add the race and connect the stages to that race in the database. That can be done with editors such as Full Editor V4, PCM Fast Editor, Lachi's Editor etc.

Check STA_race and STA_stage.
What is the abbreviation of Mali?
MLI, I think, but by default, the country is not in the database.
So it's no problem when there is no country given and another question Pfft : what do i need to type at fk|Dtype_tour. (im creating the Tour of Mali now so pls help me)
It is a problem. You have to create the country in STA_country - or alternatively, assign the race to a country ID that does exist, e.g. another African country.

Check STA_type_tour for lists of possible IDs that you can use in fkIDtype_tour in STA_race.
ok, Thx i think (Hope) i understand it now Grin
I get it a little, now only 2 questions left, 1st do i need to give the file name of the cds or the zces
Second: What does the g_f_time_gap, the gene_f_mountain and the g_f_uphillsprint mean>?
Oh yeah and what to fill in at gene_i_computed_date and gene_i_stage_number mean? and the gene_b_fake_stage?
gene_i_stage_number: The number of the stage Wink Means: 1 for 1st stage of race XXX, 2 for 2nd stage of race XX.. if it's a one-day race, fill in 1.

gene_b_fake_stage: I guess it's not that important. As far as I understand, it's just to see, if it's an "original" stage for a race..

gene_i_computed_date: Check a stage, which is jas the same date as yours (for example 7th August).. fill in the same number (something like 430.. 431 would be the next day, aka stage of your added race).

File-name: the name of your exported stages (both cds and zces.. but without the .cds or .zces)

gene_f_time_gap/gene_f_mountain/g_f_uphill: Check the stage you want to add with the stageviewer (Open StageData) => you will find the this three there (somewhere below).. it's important to fill in the correct values here. I'm too lazy right now, to explain what all of this three values mean, but it's important for the gameplay of a stage Wink

Hope you understand Wink
gene_f_time_gap, gene_f_mountain and gene_f_uphillsprint can be found if you open the stage file with the Stage Viewer (Program Files/Cyanide/PCM).

Stage number? Common sense: It's the ... well, stage number. Stage 1 of the Tour would have a 1, Stage 2 is 2 etc.

gene_b_fake_stage: If set to 1, it will hide some information, so the player can't see that you're not using a real stage. But since you've downloaded real stages, you should set it to 0.
Ok thx, i'm not that good on pcm editor it's my first time Pfft
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