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Tour of Oman - Stage 4

posted on behalf of smowz

We are back on the flat today following yesterday's oh so tight time trial. We have a new leader with
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/jackwolfskin.png Benoît Vaugrenard
taking over from
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/sonyericson.png Cameron Meyer


Meyer is now the holder of the point's jersey with
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/pendletons.png Jianhua Ji
in charge of the young riders jersey.

It is the point's jersey that will likely be the one battled for at the end of today's flat stage with the sprinters seemingly pretty equal, the victory appears to be going the way of the rider who times his sprint the best. Again the main opposition to Cam Meyer appear to be
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/santander.png Ă“scar Guerao
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/festina.png Anthony Lavoine
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/wikipedia.png Juan Van Heerden
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/wiggle.png Matt Rowe
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/carmeuse.png Jurgen Roelandts

The is an extra factor today with a pretty poor weather forecast it is going to be wet and wild out there, the protour riders were trying to avoid this winter European like weather!

It's a very attacking start and some of the usual suspects are away once again.

i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/vesuvio.png Nick Clesen
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/warnerbros.png Juan-Antonio Flecha
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/webeffect.png Fabio Silvestre
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/ubs.png Dimitri Champion
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/spyker.png Ethan Weiss
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/santander.png Imanol Erviti, Daniel Allonca
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/pendletons.png Steven Cummings
Patrick Gretsch (Nestle)
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/milka.png Maxime Bouet
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/festina.png Kristof Goddaert, Daan Rijntjes
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/bacardi.png Jan Ghyselinck
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/focus.png CĂ©dric Pineau
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/rapha.png Rob Partridge

are amongst those in the early attempts. As usual though the sprinters teams are not happy with the amounts of riders clear and chase everything. With the wind high a few riders get caught out in the back, including 4th in GC
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/jackwolfskin.png Dominique Cornu
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/bacardi.png Dmitri Grabovski
. It's a problem for this group of eight who are now exposed and will hope a break quickly establishes itself.


Unfortunately for them the break does take a while and a second larger group loses touch with the peleton after 25 kilometres that includes:
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/pearl.png Jackson RodrĂ­guez
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/pendletons.png Jianhua Ji

This group is somewhat larger and will hope to work their way back as finally a break is allowed a bit of a gap. It is larger than we have had before though with now 11 riders clear at the front.


In this break we have:
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/pendletons.png Steven Cummings
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/warnerbros.png Juan-Antonio Flecha
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/vesuvio.png Nick Clesen
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/ubs.png Dimitri Champion
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/spyker.png Ethan Weiss
Patrick Gretsch (Nestle)
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/milka.png Maxime Bouet
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/festina.png Daan Rijntjes
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/bacardi.png Jan Ghyselinck
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/rapha.png Rob Partridge
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/focus.png CĂ©dric Pineau

This managed to form before the first sprint with Nestle's Gretsch getting a nice little jump on Weiss of Spyker Cars to take the points and time.


It is Ghyselinck of Bacardi who takes the third place, the bonuses however feel largely irrelevant today. Back behind the best young rider Jianhua Ji and his large 40 + group are safely back in the peleton.


But the Cornu/Grabovski 8 man group cannot get back before the pace needs to be ramped up by Jack Wolfskin to draw in the 11 man break. It seems that Cornu is being sacrificed today, probably sensible with the big Green mountain stage tomorrow.


Pearl Adidas and Carmuese are lending a hand, but it is a cautious chase here with the wind high the riders are clearly concerned about ripping this thing to shreds.

Up front the 11 riders are braving the elements and one of the bravest having been active all week is Focused's Cedric Pineau. He easily takes the second sprint a good reward for the amount of activity he has shown.


Champion takes second place with Bouet third, the break now looking to concentrate on holding the advantage. The road here begins to narrow, we are heading inland towards the mountain ranges for tomorrow and the surfaces may not be that great. With the rain starting to hammer down it seems almost inevitable that a certain rider is likely to fall.


i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/jackwolfskin.png Robert Gesink

takes a tumble, falling from the front of the peleton though he has remounted and seems safe towards the back of the bunch. However his crash may still damage his GC aspirations as in front of him a split appears.


Again it is 40 ish riders that are cut adrift, with few significant GC contenders other than Gesink and white jersey wearer Ji it could be tough to organise a chase back. Team communication seems to be down the pan also as at the front Gesink's Jack Wolfskins teammates continue to set the pace!


To be fair to Jack Wolfskin they are not the only team now setting the pace up front Wikipedia, Carmeuse and Wiggle are among those giving it some. They head under 30km to go and the gap is around two minutes to the 11 up front and the Gesink group is over three minutes back.

A black jersey launches feeling he can outpace the peleton.


i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/rapha.png Andrew Tennant
once again.

Recognizing that this finish is going to be a nasty one to control perhaps thinking that there could be more crashes a few riders are marking and following this move:
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/webeffect.png Vitor Rodrigues
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/jackwolfskin.png Koen De Kort
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/santander.png Rafael Valls
The four riders join up with the 11 up front to make a 15 man breakaway group, but with 16km to go the gap is falling under a minute to the Wikipedia led pack.


The groups behind the peleton are having no joy whatsoever, Gesinks group is now four minutes down his GC dreams surely in tatters with Cornu another three minutes down.

The peleton are finding it hard to close the break down also as Andrew Tennent has found some allies with good legs. The Brit has the best and repeatedly attacks to get away alone with 5km left followed by Rijntjes of Festina.

He goes under the 5km to go mark.


Unsually this is the time that sprint trains form but in this nasty wind no-one seems capable of forming a decent train. Other riders are looking at this confusion and deciding to do a Tennent, now it is the other wildcard team in action as
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/focus.png Romain Sicard
goes followed by:
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/festina.png Tim Dees
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/webeffect.png Vitor Rodrigues


It is an amazing show of power by Tennent as he powers through the tough conditions, no-one in the peleton is taking responsibility and Rijntjes having been in the breakaway cannot close either. Sicard is making ground but a little too slowly and now we are into the last 2500m it is becoming possible for this 'suicide' attack to succeed.


No sprint trains today as the power sprinters are at least gathered at the front, perhaps they can reel the Brit in with a big accelleration. Wikipedia seem ready to pounce with
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/wikipedia.png Farrar and Van Heerden waiting for the best time.


Other sprinters in the picture here are:
Green jersey i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/sonyericson.png Cameron Meyer
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/carmeuse.png Jurgen Roelandts
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/milka.png Michael Vanderaerden
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/focus.png Mathieu Drujon
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/wiggle.png Matt Rowe
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/festina.png Anthony Lavoine

Though it is looking increasingly unlikely that they will be fighting it out for a stage win here as Andrew Tennant is sprinting under the kite.


With Rijntjes and Sicard fighting it out for 2nd and 3rd, we can see finally Van Heerden has launched with Meyer and Pederson taking his wheel.


But with a big gap behind Tennant he can begin to celebrate an excellent punchaers style win in the rain.


The sprinters manage to get up to the two behind as they duke out the minor places.


Jaan Van Heerden grabbing second, he looked the strongest today and may be frustrated. Cam Meyer though just is edged out be the enterprising Sicard for third with Rijntjes fifth. Pederson followed the right wheels to nab sixth and it's Roelandts who leads the rest in.


Rowe is eighth with stage two winner Lavoine ninth, so some disappointment amongst the sprinters on this wet and windy day.

The fast finish has spread the peleton out somewhat and another GC contender has been lazy at the back.
i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc512/ANFreeman/Jersey%20Sprites/festina.png José Serpa
may have been caught here despite his Festina team trying to spread out across the road.


Indeed the race referees confirm a gap of over two minutes is recorded, this has happened before to the Colombian and this is a big blow to Festina's high points scoring hopes.

Speaking of GC hopes lets spare a through for Robert Gesink who had an awful day finally finishing over SIX minutes back along with the now former young jersey wearer Jianhua Ji.


Jack Wolfskin to manage to hold onto Vaugrenard's race lead with Andrew Tennant slotting in at second place nine seconds down with now Wolfskin's leader Plaza third.

Stage results
1Andrew TennantRapha Condor - Qhubeka3h16'22
2Juan Van HeerdenWikipedia+ 23
3Romain SicardFocused Cyclings.t.
4Cameron MeyerSony Ericssons.t.
5Daan RijntjesFestina - Conecs.t.
6Martin PedersenSpyker Carss.t.
7Jurgen RoelandtsCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
8Matt RoweWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
9Anthony LavoineFestina - Conecs.t.
10Michael VanderaerdenMilka - Vittels.t.
11Mathieu DrujonFocused Cyclings.t.
12Jacob FiedlerNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
13Jaime Alberto CastañedaCafé de Colombias.t.
14Ă“scar GueraoSantanders.t.
15Aleksandr PluchkinTeam B&Os.t.
16Tim DeesFestina - Conecs.t.
17Vitor RodriguesWebeffects.t.
18Dominique RollinWikipedias.t.
19Tyler FarrarWikipedias.t.
20Enrico FranzoiPearl Adidass.t.
21Timofey KritskiyWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
22Marcel KittelVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
23Steven KruijswijkTeam B&Os.t.
24Ian BibbyWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
25Michael RogersCafé de Colombias.t.
26Peter VelitsPearl Adidass.t.
27Rubén PlazaJack Wolfskins.t.
28Brent BookwalterWikipedias.t.
29Walter PedrazaSony Ericssons.t.
30Cherif AbdallahRapha Condor - Qhubekas.t.
31Benoît VaugrenardJack Wolfskins.t.
32Yoann OffredoPearl Adidass.t.
33Dario CataldoWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
34Beñat IntxaustiVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
35Vladimir BilekaWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
36Juan-Antonio FlechaWarner Brotherss.t.
37Michael SchärNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
38Martijn KeizerBacardi - Igniss.t.
39José Angel Gomez MarchanteUBS - La Pierres.t.
40Jesus TenderoCafé de Colombias.t.
41Fabio SilvestreWebeffects.t.
42Patrick GretschNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
43Tom DanielsonWebeffects.t.
44Vladimir KarpetsNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
45Simas KondrotasBacardi - Igniss.t.
46David ZabriskiePendleton's Twicers.t.
47Steven CummingsPendleton's Twicers.t.
48Bradley WigginsPendleton's Twicers.t.
49Koen De KortJack Wolfskins.t.
50Stijn DevolderSpyker Carss.t.
51Dimitri ChampionUBS - La Pierres.t.
52Rigoberto ĂšranVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
53Justo TenorioSantanders.t.
54Gregor GazvodaWebeffects.t.
55Marcel BarthVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
56Eduardo GonzaloSantanders.t.
57CĂ©dric PineauFocused Cyclings.t.
58Konstantin SiutsouPendleton's Twicers.t.
59Darwin AtapumaWikipedias.t.
60Rafael VallsSantanders.t.
61Joost PosthumaJack Wolfskins.t.
62Nick ClesenVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
63Maxim IglinskiVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
64Thomas RohreggerMilka - Vittels.t.
65William WalkerPearl Adidass.t.
66Ethan WeissSpyker Carss.t.
67Jason DonaldJack Wolfskins.t.
68Jose MendesPearl Adidass.t.
69Pieter JacobsCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
70Christian MeierWikipedias.t.
71Freddy JohanssonSony Ericssons.t.
72Jakub DanacikSony Ericssons.t.
73Tom DiggleWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
74Leonardo DuqueCafé de Colombias.t.
75Maxime BouetMilka - Vittels.t.
76Morgan KneiskyCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
77Jan GhyselinckBacardi - Igniss.t.
78Branislav SamoilevPearl Adidass.t.
79Rob PartridgeRapha Condor - Qhubekas.t.
80Lars Ytting BakSpyker Carss.t.
81Romain FeilluFocused Cyclings.t.
82Sven VandousselaereCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
83Aleksej KunshinWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
84Rafaâ ChtiouiUBS - La Pierres.t.
85Jaime SuazaCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
86David LelayUBS - La Pierres.t.
87Ben CurfsCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
88Roman KreuzigerMilka - Vittels.t.
89Olivier KaisenFestina - Conecs.t.
90Adam BlytheRapha Condor - Qhubekas.t.
91Egoi MartĂ­nez de EstebanSpyker Carss.t.
92Adrian MaloriMilka - Vittels.t.
93Francisco MatamorosWebeffects.t.
94Dennis Van WindenJack Wolfskins.t.
95Alexander WetterhallSony Ericssons.t.
96Imanol ErvitiSantanders.t.
97Sébastien JolyCafé de Colombias.t.
98Mathieu BernaudeauFestina - Conecs.t.
99Ramunas NavardauskasFestina - Conecs.t.
100José SerpaFestina - Conec+ 2'23
101Michael FordVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
102Florian MorizotFocused Cyclings.t.
103Sébastien IvarsCafé de Colombias.t.
104Teodoro CostagliWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
105Daniel TeklehaimanotSpyker Carss.t.
106Drasutis StundziaVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
107Christophe RiblonUBS - La Pierres.t.
108Thomas FreiUBS - La Pierres.t.
109Danny PateWikipedias.t.
110Toms SkujinsFocused Cyclings.t.
111Francisco Perez SanchezCafé de Colombias.t.
112Alex Ardila CanoCafé de Colombias.t.
113Jude LibertCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
114Yeison DelgadoNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
115Chris FroomeRapha Condor - Qhubekas.t.
116Charles AnguiletRapha Condor - Qhubeka+ 3'32
117Karsten KroonTeam Ds.t.
118Benoît JoachimTeam Ds.t.
119Thomas De GendtMilka - Vittel+ 6'34
120Mauro FacciWarner Brotherss.t.
121KĂ©vin LalouetteUBS - La Pierres.t.
122Aidis KruopisBacardi - Igniss.t.
123Daniel AlloncaSantanders.t.
124Kristof GoddaertFestina - Conecs.t.
125Jesse SergentWarner Brotherss.t.
126Juan Abenhamar Gallego MartinSantanders.t.
127Sebastian LangSony Ericssons.t.
128Abolfazl GilanipoorWebeffects.t.
129Hernâni BrocoNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
130Yauheni HutarovichMilka - Vittels.t.
131Niels ScheunemannSpyker Carss.t.
132Jimmy CasperWikipedias.t.
133Viktor RenängSony Ericssons.t.
134Alex RasmussenTeam B&Os.t.
135Tyler ButterfieldBacardi - Igniss.t.
136Gianluca ColettaWarner Brotherss.t.
137Alexandre AulasCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
138Matthieu LadagnousPendleton's Twicers.t.
139Kenny De KeteleWarner Brotherss.t.
140Marvin Van der PluijmWarner Brotherss.t.
141Jackson RodrĂ­guezPearl Adidass.t.
142Michael Faerk ChristensenTeam B&Os.t.
143André SteensenTeam B&Os.t.
144Thomas FaiersPendleton's Twicers.t.
145Tanel KangertPearl Adidass.t.
146Gediminas BagdonasBacardi - Igniss.t.
147Brice FeilluFocused Cyclings.t.
148Romain HardyFocused Cyclings.t.
149Robert GesinkJack Wolfskins.t.
150Sten StenersenTeam B&Os.t.
151Behnam KhalilikhosroshaniWebeffects.t.
152Jianhua JiPendleton's Twicers.t.
153Javier MorenoSantanders.t.
154Andrey ZeitsSpyker Carss.t.
155Florian StalderUBS - La Pierres.t.
156Casper JørgensenTeam B&Os.t.
157Erick RowsellRapha Condor - Qhubekas.t.
158Serge PauwelsSony Ericssons.t.
159Zakayo NdbriRapha Condor - Qhubekas.t.
160Andrei GrivkoTeam B&Os.t.
161David MillarPendleton's Twicers.t.
162Jocelin MailletNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
163Hugues MottinNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
164Kurt-Asle ArvesenTeam Ds.t.
165Gabriel BrizuelaWebeffects.t.
166Leopold KönigMilka - Vittel+ 10'48
167Jure KocjanBacardi - Igniss.t.
168Dominique CornuJack Wolfskins.t.
169Dmitri GrabovskiBacardi - Igniss.t.
170Rudi Van HoutsWarner Brotherss.t.
171Tiago PintoWarner Brotherss.t.
172Maarten TjallingiiTeam Ds.t.
173JĂĽrgen Van de WalleTeam Ds.t.

1Benoît VaugrenardJack Wolfskin10h01'37
2Andrew TennantRapha Condor - Qhubeka+ 9
3Rubén PlazaJack Wolfskin+ 12
4Jesus TenderoCafé de Colombias.t.
5Bradley WigginsPendleton's Twicers.t.
6Jason DonaldJack Wolfskins.t.
7Marcel BarthVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
8David ZabriskiePendleton's Twicer+ 14
9Konstantin SiutsouPendleton's Twicers.t.
10Joost PosthumaJack Wolfskins.t.
11Ian BibbyWiggle - San Pellegrino+ 17
12Timofey KritskiyWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
13Dario CataldoWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
14Tom DiggleWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
15Aleksej KunshinWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
16Aleksandr PluchkinTeam B&O+ 18
17Marcel KittelVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
18Beñat IntxaustiVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
19Steven KruijswijkTeam B&Os.t.
20Rigoberto ĂšranVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
21Maxim IglinskiVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
22Michael RogersCafé de Colombia+ 20
23Leonardo DuqueCafé de Colombias.t.
24Sébastien JolyCafé de Colombias.t.
25Vladimir BilekaWiggle - San Pellegrino+ 21
26Koen De KortJack Wolfskins.t.
27Peter VelitsPearl Adidas+ 25
28William WalkerPearl Adidass.t.
29Jose MendesPearl Adidass.t.
30Branislav SamoilevPearl Adidass.t.
31Dennis Van WindenJack Wolfskins.t.
32Cameron MeyerSony Ericsson+ 27
33Matt RoweWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
34Enrico FranzoiPearl Adidass.t.
35Ethan WeissSpyker Cars+ 28
36Yoann OffredoPearl Adidas+ 29
37Rafaâ ChtiouiUBS - La Pierres.t.
38José Angel Gomez MarchanteUBS - La Pierre+ 30
39David LelayUBS - La Pierres.t.
40Dimitri ChampionUBS - La Pierre+ 31
41Lars Ytting BakSpyker Cars+ 32
42Stijn DevolderSpyker Carss.t.
43Nick ClesenVesuvio-Accumalux+ 34
44Jan GhyselinckBacardi - Ignis+ 37
45Martin PedersenSpyker Cars+ 39
46Martijn KeizerBacardi - Igniss.t.
47Simas KondrotasBacardi - Igniss.t.
48Maxime BouetMilka - Vittel+ 41
49Egoi MartĂ­nez de EstebanSpyker Carss.t.
50Thomas RohreggerMilka - Vittel+ 43
51Roman KreuzigerMilka - Vittels.t.
52Adrian MaloriMilka - Vittel+ 46
53Rob PartridgeRapha Condor - Qhubeka+ 48
54Walter PedrazaSony Ericsson+ 50
55Jakub DanacikSony Ericssons.t.
56Freddy JohanssonSony Ericssons.t.
57Alexander WetterhallSony Ericssons.t.
58Juan Van HeerdenWikipedia+ 52
59Ă“scar GueraoSantanders.t.
60Adam BlytheRapha Condor - Qhubeka+ 53
61Romain SicardFocused Cycling+ 57
62Anthony LavoineFestina - Conec+ 58
63Jaime Alberto CastañedaCafé de Colombias.t.
64Cherif AbdallahRapha Condor - Qhubeka+ 59
65Jacob FiedlerNestlé Cycling Team+ 1'02
66Vladimir KarpetsNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
67Michael SchärNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
68CĂ©dric PineauFocused Cyclings.t.
69Christian MeierWikipedia+ 1'04
70Brent BookwalterWikipedias.t.
71Mathieu BernaudeauFestina - Conecs.t.
72Eduardo GonzaloSantanders.t.
73Imanol ErvitiSantanders.t.
74Tim DeesFestina - Conecs.t.
75Justo TenorioSantanders.t.
76Darwin AtapumaWikipedias.t.
77Ramunas NavardauskasFestina - Conecs.t.
78Rafael VallsSantanders.t.
79Olivier KaisenFestina - Conecs.t.
80Romain FeilluFocused Cycling+ 1'05
81Mathieu DrujonFocused Cycling+ 1'06
82Dominique RollinWikipedias.t.
83Jurgen RoelandtsCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecom+ 1'07
84Sven VandousselaereCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
85Morgan KneiskyCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
86Ben CurfsCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecoms.t.
87Vitor RodriguesWebeffect+ 1'08
88Fabio SilvestreWebeffects.t.
89Tom DanielsonWebeffects.t.
90Patrick GretschNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
91Francisco MatamorosWebeffects.t.
92Tyler FarrarWikipedia+ 1'09
93Michael VanderaerdenMilka - Vittel+ 1'10
94Daan RijntjesFestina - Conecs.t.
95Pieter JacobsCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecom+ 1'11
96Jaime SuazaCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecom+ 1'13
97Gregor GazvodaWebeffect+ 1'15
98Juan-Antonio FlechaWarner Brothers+ 1'22
99Drasutis StundziaVesuvio-Accumalux+ 2'18
100Sébastien IvarsCafé de Colombia+ 2'20
101Alex Ardila CanoCafé de Colombias.t.
102Francisco Perez SanchezCafé de Colombia+ 2'25
103Christophe RiblonUBS - La Pierre+ 2'30
104Thomas FreiUBS - La Pierre+ 2'31
105Daniel TeklehaimanotSpyker Cars+ 2'32
106Chris FroomeRapha Condor - Qhubeka+ 2'52
107Yeison DelgadoNestlé Cycling Team+ 3'02
108Danny PateWikipedia+ 3'04
109José SerpaFestina - Conecs.t.
110Florian MorizotFocused Cycling+ 3'05
111Toms SkujinsFocused Cyclings.t.
112Charles AnguiletRapha Condor - Qhubeka+ 4'04
113Karsten KroonTeam D+ 5'54
114Teodoro CostagliWiggle - San Pellegrino+ 5'56
115Michael FordVesuvio-Accumalux+ 6'07
116Robert GesinkJack Wolfskin+ 6'23
117Matthieu LadagnousPendleton's Twicer+ 6'25
118Jianhua JiPendleton's Twicers.t.
119André SteensenTeam B&O+ 6'29
120Sten StenersenTeam B&Os.t.
121Andrei GrivkoTeam B&Os.t.
122Thomas FaiersPendleton's Twicer+ 6'31
123Michael Faerk ChristensenTeam B&O+ 6'34
124Tanel KangertPearl Adidas+ 6'36
125Jude LibertCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecom+ 6'38
126Florian StalderUBS - La Pierre+ 6'41
127KĂ©vin LalouetteUBS - La Pierres.t.
128Andrey ZeitsSpyker Cars+ 6'43
129Niels ScheunemannSpyker Cars+ 6'45
130David MillarPendleton's Twicer+ 6'46
131Gediminas BagdonasBacardi - Ignis+ 6'47
132Casper JørgensenTeam B&O+ 6'52
133Jackson RodrĂ­guezPearl Adidas+ 6'53
134Thomas De GendtMilka - Vittel+ 6'54
135Aidis KruopisBacardi - Ignis+ 6'56
136Tyler ButterfieldBacardi - Ignis+ 6'59
137Alex RasmussenTeam B&O+ 7'01
138Serge PauwelsSony Ericssons.t.
139Erick RowsellRapha Condor - Qhubeka+ 7'03
140Zakayo NdbriRapha Condor - Qhubekas.t.
141Viktor RenängSony Ericsson+ 7'06
142Yauheni HutarovichMilka - Vittel+ 7'11
143Sebastian LangSony Ericsson+ 7'12
144Jocelin MailletNestlé Cycling Team+ 7'13
145Hernâni BrocoNestlé Cycling Team+ 7'15
146Javier MorenoSantanders.t.
147Kristof GoddaertFestina - Conec+ 7'17
148Hugues MottinNestlé Cycling Teams.t.
149Alexandre AulasCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecom+ 7'18
150Daniel AlloncaSantanders.t.
151Romain HardyFocused Cycling+ 7'19
152Behnam KhalilikhosroshaniWebeffects.t.
153Juan Abenhamar Gallego MartinSantander+ 7'20
154Gabriel BrizuelaWebeffects.t.
155Abolfazl GilanipoorWebeffect+ 7'23
156Jimmy CasperWikipedia+ 7'27
157Kenny De KeteleWarner Brothers+ 7'33
158Mauro FacciWarner Brotherss.t.
159Jesse SergentWarner Brotherss.t.
160Gianluca ColettaWarner Brothers+ 7'40
161Marvin Van der PluijmWarner Brothers+ 7'48
162Steven CummingsPendleton's Twicer+ 9'21
163Dominique CornuJack Wolfskin+ 10'37
164Jure KocjanBacardi - Ignis+ 11'04
165Dmitri GrabovskiBacardi - Igniss.t.
166Leopold KönigMilka - Vittel+ 11'08
167Kurt-Asle ArvesenTeam D+ 11'24
168Rudi Van HoutsWarner Brothers+ 11'47
169Maarten TjallingiiTeam D+ 13'10
170Benoît JoachimTeam D+ 13'26
171Tiago PintoWarner Brothers+ 16'22
172Brice FeilluFocused Cycling+ 16'23
173JĂĽrgen Van de WalleTeam D+ 16'41

1Cameron MeyerSony Ericsson1459
2Juan Van HeerdenWikipedia2042
3Anthony LavoineFestina - Conec741
4Ă“scar GueraoSantander238
5Jurgen RoelandtsCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecom937
6Matt RoweWiggle - San Pellegrino831
7Martin PedersenSpyker Cars1025
8Andrew TennantRapha Condor - Qhubeka2525
9Mathieu DrujonFocused Cycling525
10Michael VanderaerdenMilka - Vittel621
11Jaime Alberto CastañedaCafé de Colombia319
12Romain SicardFocused Cycling1616
13Benoît VaugrenardJack Wolfskin012
14Marcel BarthVesuvio-Accumalux012
15Daan RijntjesFestina - Conec1212
16Jacob FiedlerNestlé Cycling Team49
17Jesus TenderoCafé de Colombia08
18CĂ©dric PineauFocused Cycling68
19Tyler FarrarWikipedia06
20Patrick GretschNestlé Cycling Team66
21Aleksandr PluchkinTeam B&O15
22Cherif AbdallahRapha Condor - Qhubeka05
23Jimmy CasperWikipedia05
24Rafaâ ChtiouiUBS - La Pierre04
25Ethan WeissSpyker Cars44
26Dimitri ChampionUBS - La Pierre44
27Gediminas BagdonasBacardi - Ignis04
28Rob PartridgeRapha Condor - Qhubeka04
29Bradley WigginsPendleton's Twicer02
30Koen De KortJack Wolfskin02
31Jan GhyselinckBacardi - Ignis22
32Maxime BouetMilka - Vittel22
33Alexandre AulasCarmeuse - Bouygues Telecom02
34Vladimir BilekaWiggle - San Pellegrino01

NameTeamGeneral Time
Andrew TennantRapha Condor - Qhubeka10h01'46 (1)
Timofey KritskiyWiggle - San Pellegrino+ 8 (2)
Tom DiggleWiggle - San Pellegrino+ 8 (3)
Aleksej KunshinWiggle - San Pellegrino+ 8 (4)
Aleksandr PluchkinTeam B&O+ 9 (5)
Marcel KittelVesuvio-Accumalux+ 9 (6)
Steven KruijswijkTeam B&O+ 9 (7)
Rigoberto ĂšranVesuvio-Accumalux+ 9 (8)
Dennis Van WindenJack Wolfskin+ 16 (9)
Cameron MeyerSony Ericsson+ 18 (10)

TeamGeneral Time
Jack Wolfskin29h07'21 (1)
Pendleton's Twicer+ 2 (2)
Wiggle - San Pellegrino+ 5 (3)
Vesuvio-Accumalux+ 6 (4)
Café de Colombia+ 8 (5)

Edited by Roman on 17-10-2016 05:20
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