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Hello guys, I have basically 2 questions, one about the TdF and the other about PCM, given the TdF one is far more important I've decided to post it in this forum (why am I talking about this anyway lol). So, I've gone to Bristol on this summer (full July) to study English here in England.

Well, I had intentions to watch the TdF here, but soon I realized it was impossible - there simply is no time for it here.

As the TdF is the biggest cycling race out there, it is the only one which passes on Brazilian TV. My father is recording all the stages, so I've decided to watch the whole race when I get back, in the end of July.

What I want to ask is if it is possible to avoid anything TdF related here in Europe. Of course, that means avoiding the TV and any news sites on this days. The main problem is, I'll be on Paris from 23rd-25th, which means I'll be on Paris when the Tour ends. That's what I'm most afraid of. I mean, is there any celebration or something like that? What else should I avoid beside the things already mentioned (tv, internet, newspaper)?

Ok, and to the PCM question: I've found it in a store for £15, nice (this is the cheapest I'll find, right?). The thing is it has the British cover. Is there any chance I get it (find somewhere else) with the international cover? It's not a big issue, but if I have the choice, I'd go with the international cover.

Thanks for the attention.
you won't find PCM anywhere in the UK with the international cover.

Now in France avoiding the Tour will be almost impossible i'm afraid. You need to avoid newspapers in short, as that weekend it'll be on the front covers. But here is an idea, if you can why not go see the tour? It's an amazing experience, even if you've not seen any of the stages, why not go down and have a watch. It's thrilling.

Good luck Wink
There's no point slapping a schleck - Sean Kelly on "Who needs a slap"
Yeah, as for the newspapers, I already avoid looking at them, even if Tour news aren't in the cover.

The problem on going see the Tour is I'm not alone, I'm in a group of 34 Brazilians, who obviously are not into cycling. So unfortunately that's impossible ):
Brazil lost 5-0 against Paraguay...

Just kidding.
Good luck with your "Mission: Imposible"!!!
You can try being drunk every time. That way you won't remember anything of your trip to France. Pfft

Seriously now, if none of your trip partners give a shit about cycling, it shouldn't be too hard to avoid the Tour. Just avoid watching the TV and cycling/sport related websites.
Soccer is something they do care, and care a lot, for sure. Such news would take little time before everybody here got to know it xD

I doubt they'd sell anything to a 14-year old, but I could try Pfft
Seriously now, that's good. I was afraid of something like billboards or posters through the city, or maybe celebrations.. something that couldn't be avoided. But apparently there's nothing like this (wasn't mentioned) so that's great.
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