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2012 Man-Game Team Equipment - UPDATE
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Posted on 12-05-2021 18:07
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Last year, some managers took up the opportunity to have their teams ride custom equipment and the result was some teams looked better than others in the race peloton.


We will be giving all managers the chance again this year to upload equipment they would like their teams to use in race.

The even better news this year is that BoogieBoogie has kindly stepped forward and offered his services to any manager who would like custom helmets for his/her team.

So, in this thread you can request your helmets for next season.

All helmets you see below are basic designs. For me it’s easy to change the colors a bit and put a team logo on it. That way I can do many requests. You can always request a special design but I can’t promise to make it in time. If you found a pic somewhere with another design for the Giro TT helmet for example you can also post it. It will be easer for me to make the special design in that way.

As you see Bontrager has only a road helmet so if you want that helmet you have to choose another TT helmet. I can also make a fantasy TT helmet if you like.

So how can you make a clear request?

-Post your jersey.

-Make clear what colors I have to use. If the colors do not appear on the jersey you have to post the color code.

-Write down what logo’s I have to put on the helmet. If a logo is hard to find on the internet it’s best to post an image.

-If your team has some kind of special pattern (like RadioShack with the dots previous year) I can always try to paste it on the helmet. So just upload it an we’ll see.

-All helmets in the image that have visors can also be made without a visor.

I’m a very patient guy so if you don’t like the helmets I made you just say it and I’ll make new ones Smile

Think that’s all. Can’t wait to make some helmets.

Available helmets:


In terms of bikes and wheels, feel free to start putting packages together for your team. I'd like them named in the same way as last year - the only difference is the ManGame will be changing over to PCM2010 so the graphic files are no longer .TGA but .DDS.

To keep this thread for helmet requests for now, please just PM me any equipment packages according to the instructions in the first post in the following thread.

Edited by fenian_1234 on 26-07-2011 22:08
Hi BoogieBoogie. I would love it if you could make a set of catlike helmets for the UBS - La Pierre team. Here is the jersey.


You can just use the gray and red on the helmets.
And here is the logo:

If you do decide to do it, thank you!
BoogieBoogie, I would be really glad if you could make a costum BBB helmet for my team, I would really like to have the VW-mark on the helmet. Maybe Siemens aswell, but that dosen't matter that much, the most important thing is the VW-mark. Thank you Smile


I was wondering if you could make a limar helmet for my team BB? The Pirelli and Alfa Romeo logos doesn't have to be on it, the most important thing would be that is has the same colours as the jersey + some sort of a limar logo. I would really appreciate if you can come up with something!

Btw, is there any chance that anyone could upload the equipment from the latest daily db? I don't have either the game nor the latest DB installed, since my Laptop can't run it, and it would save me a lot of time, instead of downloading a massive file on 3gb+!

Bushwackers and Heine I'm working on you helmets Wink

Don't know if I can get the VW logo large on the helmet because all the places for a sponsor are low and wide.

rycadinho is the the jersey you posted?
The image you posted doesn't show up for me. I'll try to make the limar but I don't have a template for that so it will take some time Wink
Manager of the Koppert Cycling Team
Nice to see that you like how the Jack Wolfskin boys looked this season, fenian.

Now I need to find some black/orange Scott bikes, but I remember seeing some while playing PCM.

Boogie, I would like to have the Uvex helmets repainted, with black instead of blue and orange instead of red. And a big thank you for doing this.

NP. I made this design for the uvex so you can also choose this one instead if of the one in the image:

Manager of the Koppert Cycling Team
I'm not sure, but I think the one from the original post is the same gesigned as last year. I just want the same helmet with other colors.
Think you mean this one. It's the fp1 and the one I posted is the fp3. I can make that one with orange. No problem.

Manager of the Koppert Cycling Team
BoogieBoogie: Yes that's the one!
I could do some frames in the team colours and some sponsor logos. The NetApp or Bretagne-Schuller design would be the easiest for me, other designs will take some time any therefore may not be finished in time.
I could do some frames in the team colours and some sponsor logos. The NetApp or Bretagne-Schuller design would be the easiest for me, other designs will take some time any therefore may not be finished in time.

If you could possible do the frames for me, both RR and TT, then it would be fantastic! The frame sponsor is Pinarello btw Smile

I don't care much about the design really the most important thing is that the frame is about the same blue colour like the jersey and if it's possible, then that the Pinarello text is dyed red. It's almost before I will just drop those wheels then, I recall that the default ones are black anyway?
@ Mr. Boogie, I also have a request, more of a fine tuning of my jersey actually. It's just some color changes and a new helmet.


Jersey design stays exactly as on the picture above and the different colours I would like to change is a following.

The light blue = gold
The gray bits = black
The thin orange lines = gray

The helmet you can use whatever kind available, only thing is i'd like that to be golden aswell Smile

So he wants it a bit like this then;


But I'll leave it up to you to do the tweaking.
Edited by rjc_43 on 22-03-2011 14:22
Oh yeah you could actually just do that for me rjc Wink can it get it bit more shiny though the golden bits I have a good feeling about next season Wink
I'll do it later, I just have to pop back off to work for the afternoon.
Alright, cheers man!
Looking at the B&O jersey I see that I made the right decision switching from yellow to orange to make the jersey more visiblePfft
Here are the first three requests:







If I have to change something just say it Wink
Manager of the Koppert Cycling Team
Hey Boogie,

I'd like a set of Giro helmets. But from the template above, only the road helmet. For the colors, any from the red/white/black from the jersey;


For the TT helmet, i'm fine for now, until i see the outcome of the road helmet Smile. TT helmet will depend on that.
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