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Vuelta a Burgos Stage 4
Stage 4

Here we are then – today will surely decide who wins this race! It is a mostly flat stage with a vicious climb up to the finish.


De Romijn (YouTube) and El Fares (Barcadi) are the two riders that get away in the break.

El Fares takes the first climb and in doing so drops De Romijin who is second. Alcaron jumps out of the pack a few minutes later to take 3rd.

Lobato leads this competition on 45 points – the points Alcaron takes move him up to 3rd on 21 points.

El Fares is through the first sprint point just over a minute up on De Romijn. The pack are 3’15” back on the YouTube man. The sprint for third is contested and taken by Benitez from Benfica.

At the next KOM point the lead for El Fares over De Romijn has gone out to over a minute and a half – though one spectator does not look impressed.


Trusov gets third on this climb – Alcaron deciding not to contest this one.
50k to go and El Fares is really trying to push this on. 2’33” on Romijn now – though the pack – with IKEA and Yamaha on the front - are really starting to motor and have just about brought Romjin back in.

The final intermediate sprint is 40k from the finish – El Fares still leads and is holding his advantage fairly well – 2’25” back to the pack. Trusov sprints through for second ahead of Brown (Telenor) when the pack gets to this prime.


Santander and Petronas have replaced IKEA at the head of the chase now. It’s been a brave effort from El Fares, but here he is being caught with just over 13km to go and the final climb just about to begin.


Kristskiy (Tinkoff) doesn’t hang around and makes a move as the pack goes under the 10km to go banner. Martinez (Quiksilver) is next – Abal then jumps, but he has Taaramäe on his wheel immediately.


This trio very quickly overhaul Kristskiy and the beginnings of a very dangerous looking gap are opening up. Petronas are still on the front and giving their all for Lloret. Ricco clearly thinks the Petronas team can keep this one under control – others though I’m sure are wondering what the hell he’s doing back there?


At the front Abal and Taaramäe are proving too strong for Martinez who slips off their wheels. The lead duo are around 45” clear now with just over 5km to go. With Petronas just about done here comes Lloret. Behind him is Augustyn (Red Bull), Alcaron and finally Ricco!


Ricco is strong – but he can’t get up to Abal or Taaramäe. Lloret digs deep here and manages to hang on to the Italian’s wheel. Augustyn is not able to live with these two.

There are just under 4km to go. Alcaron is also trying to get up to these two just out of shot.


Abal and Taaramäe are working well together and taking turns to set the pace on the front. They have 37” still on Ricco and Lloret. 2km to go and Abal flicks an elbow for Taaramäe to come through. The IKEA man shakes his head – is he hurting here or playing games?


Coming up to the banner that marks 1km to go – Abal has not been able to shake Taaramäe. He’s had his head down and been riding hard the last 1500meters and increased the gap back to Lloret and Ricco to 48”. Has he done enough to hurt the Estonian?


The sprint is off and it looks as if Taaramäe has played this very cutely.


He’s powering past the Spaniard – can Abal respond and find something extra?

I’m afraid he can’t – Taaramäe gaps Abal and has time to celebrate a very clever victory.


Abal rolls over the line second and Ricco has the finishing kick to gap Lloret for third.


Lloret in fact really suffers in the final few hundred meters and Alcaron gets up to him and passed to take 4th. Lloret is 5th but his time is just good enough to hold Ricco off for a podium place. 6th is Noval, 7th Colorado, 8th Rodriguez, 9th Augustyn and 10th Kessiakoff.

Leader going into the stage, Gustav Larsson is a creditable 18th, 2’28”. He probably won’t be too disappointed having to give the jersey to team-mate Taaramäe.


Stage Result

1Rein TaaramäeTeam IKEA - Bianchi3h33'00
2David AbalSantander+ 31
3Riccardo RiccoBacardi - Colt+ 1'01
4Jose AlarconTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 1'23
5Manuel LloretPetronas - Olympus+ 1'32
6Benjamin NovalTeam Telenor-SAS+ 1'47
7Francisco ColoradoSport Lisboa e Benficas.t.
8Vitor RodriguesBimbo Nutellas.t.
9John-Lee AugustynRed Bull+ 2'18
10Fredrik KessiakoffTeam Telenor-SAS+ 2'28
11Evgeni PetrovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
12Jonas BjelkmarkTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
13Hubert SchwabTeam LEGOs.t.
14VĂ­ctor Hugo OrozcoRed Bulls.t.
15Fabio MontenegroYamaha - Greenpeaces.t.
16Yasmani MartinezQuiksilver-Krafts.t.
17Timofey KritskiyTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
18Gustav LarssonTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
19Ryder HesjedalPirelli-Internazionales.t.
20Cadel EvansYamaha - Greenpeaces.t.
21Moises DueñasPetronas - Olympuss.t.
22Andres SaldarriagaSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 3'19
23Zakayo NdbriPirelli-Internazionales.t.
24Kevin SeeldraeyersYamaha - Greenpeaces.t.
25Matthew LloydSport Lisboa e Benficas.t.
26Aleksej KunshinTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
27Iñigo LandaluzeYamaha - Greenpeaces.t.
28Shaun LewisYamaha - Greenpeace+ 3'43
29Adonis Cardoso EspañolaYamaha - Greenpeaces.t.
30Mauricio OrtegaPetronas - Olympuss.t.
31Ricardo Van der VeldePetronas - Olympuss.t.
32Maxim BelkovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
33Tiago MachadoSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 3'51
34Fredy PiamonteYamaha - Greenpeace+ 3'59
35Ivan BassoPirelli-Internazionale+ 4'07
36Tom StubbePetronas - Olympus+ 4'15
37Ivan SeledkovYamaha - Greenpeace+ 5'11
38Nicola D'AndreaPirelli-Internazionales.t.
39Hugo Manuel VĂ­torSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 5'19
40Muradjan KhalmuratovPetronas - Olympuss.t.
41Maxim GourovBacardi - Colts.t.
42Andrés Miguel Díaz CorralesBacardi - Colt+ 5'35
43Anthony ColbyPetronas - Olympuss.t.
44Rasmus GuldhammerTeam Telenor-SAS+ 5'51
45Tiaan KannemeyerPirelli-Internazionale+ 5'59
46Cédric HervéBacardi - Colts.t.
47Tareq EsmaeliPetronas - Olympus+ 6'39
48Stefano BarberiBimbo Nutellas.t.
49Sergej FuchsBimbo Nutella+ 6'47
50Stian RemmeTeam Telenor-SAS+ 7'03
51Ruben Elvira LobatoBimbo Nutellas.t.
52Ludvig LundbergTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
53Dimitri ClaeysTeam LEGO+ 7'11
54Artemio MoschellaTeam LEGOs.t.
55Aleksandr SerovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
56Nikolai TrusovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 7'19
57Ahmed AlbourdainyBimbo Nutellas.t.
58Ben CurfsPirelli-Internazionale+ 7'27
59Ruslan SambrisQuiksilver-Krafts.t.
60Adam HansenRed Bull+ 7'35
61Yukiya ArashiroRed Bull+ 8'23
62Aitor Hernández GutierrezSantander+ 8'39
63Didac OrtegaSantander+ 9'03
64Eduardo GonzaloSantander+ 9'27
65Julien El FaresBacardi - Colts.t.
66David TalbottBimbo Nutella+ 9'43
67Aitor Perez ArrietaSantander+ 9'51
68Ivan RovnyTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.
69Thurakit BoonratanathanakornTHE CONTROLTEAM+ 9'59
70Arkaitz DuránSantander+ 10'07
71Sebastian BatchelorTHE CONTROLTEAMs.t.
72Rafael SerranoSantander+ 10'15
73Juan Manuel GárateSantander+ 10'23
74Piotr MazurTeam LEGO+ 10'47
75Gino DeliseBimbo Nutella+ 11'11
76Artem OvechkinTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 11'35
77Yon Bru PascalQuiksilver-Krafts.t.
78Jamie BallRed Bull+ 11'43
79Thibaut PinotIntesa+ 12'23
80Sebastian BalckTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 12'39
81Kim MichelyTHE CONTROLTEAM+ 13'11
82Andrea ZordanIntesa+ 13'35
83Marco BandieraIntesa+ 13'43
84Yauheni HutarovichIntesa+ 13'51
85Michael MatthewsRed Bull+ 13'59
86Gediminas BagdonasBacardi - Colts.t.
87Claudio CucinottaIntesa+ 14'07
88Pablo UrtasunSport Lisboa e Benficas.t.
89Javier AramendĂ­aTeam LEGO+ 14'15
90Freddy CruzQuiksilver-Kraft+ 14'23
91Stian SommersethTeam Telenor-SASs.t.
92Cyril LemoineQuiksilver-Kraft+ 14'31
93Jonathan McEvoyYouTube - Twitter+ 14'55
94Jérémie AllainTeam LEGOs.t.
95Andreas LindenTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 15'03
96Lawson CraddockYouTube - Twitters.t.
97Bobbie TrakselIntesa+ 15'11
98Zakkari DempsterQuiksilver-Kraft+ 15'43
99Diego CacciaPirelli-Internazionales.t.
100Fumiyuki BeppuRed Bull+ 16'15
101JĂ­ri HochmannTeam LEGO+ 16'23
102Graeme BrownTeam Telenor-SAS+ 16'31
103Carlos Alexandre ManarelliRed Bulls.t.
104Javier BenitezSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 16'55
105Peter Riis AndersenUniCredit+ 17'03
106Francesco GavazziUniCredit+ 17'19
107Steven BurkeYouTube - Twitters.t.
108Davide BragazziUniCredit+ 17'35
109Fons de RomijnYouTube - Twitter+ 17'59
110Ahmed AhmedUniCredit+ 18'15
111Sebastian LanderUniCredit+ 18'31
112Mark GriffithQuiksilver-Krafts.t.
113Lars AnderssonTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 18'39
114Kevin BarclayYouTube - Twitter+ 18'47
115Fabio BorghesiUniCredit+ 18'55
116Daniel KreutzfeldtUniCredit+ 19'03
117Stelly RobertPirelli-Internazionale+ 19'11
118Benedetto MonterastelliIntesa+ 19'19
119Deni RizioUniCredit+ 19'27
120Andreas StauffTeam LEGOs.t.
121Sebastian SiedlerTeam Telenor-SASs.t.
122Lennie KirkYouTube - Twitter+ 19'35
123Rafaâ ChtiouiTeam Telenor-SAS+ 19'43
124Tom LastYouTube - Twitters.t.
125Hayden GodfreyQuiksilver-Kraft+ 20'23
126Roy SentjensIntesas.t.
127Jean-Patrick NazonBacardi - Colt+ 20'31
128Victor Gomes ColinasSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 24'23
129Ricki NelsonBimbo Nutella+ 24'39
130Jure KocjanBacardi - Colt+ 25'59
131James McCallumYouTube - Twitter+ 26'31
132Adrien NiyonshutiTHE CONTROLTEAM+ 27'11


1Rein TaaramäeTeam IKEA - Bianchi11h43'33
2David AbalSantander+ 38
3Manuel LloretPetronas - Olympus+ 1'52
4Riccardo RiccoBacardi - Colt+ 1'58
5Francisco ColoradoSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 2'42
6Benjamin NovalTeam Telenor-SAS+ 2'44
7Gustav LarssonTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 2'45
8Jose AlarconTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 2'47
9Timofey KritskiyTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 2'51
10Vitor RodriguesBimbo Nutella+ 2'58
11Ryder HesjedalPirelli-Internazionale+ 3'09
12Yasmani MartinezQuiksilver-Kraft+ 3'12
13John-Lee AugustynRed Bull+ 3'14
14Jonas BjelkmarkTeam IKEA - Bianchis.t.
15Evgeni PetrovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 3'23
16Fredrik KessiakoffTeam Telenor-SAS+ 3'25
17Moises DueñasPetronas - Olympus+ 3'31
18Fabio MontenegroYamaha - Greenpeace+ 3'51
19Hubert SchwabTeam LEGO+ 4'07
20VĂ­ctor Hugo OrozcoRed Bull+ 4'22
21Aleksej KunshinTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 4'28
22Kevin SeeldraeyersYamaha - Greenpeace+ 4'33
23Iñigo LandaluzeYamaha - Greenpeace+ 4'42
24Matthew LloydSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 4'46
25Maxim BelkovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 4'51
26Mauricio OrtegaPetronas - Olympus+ 4'54
27Andres SaldarriagaSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 4'57
28Ricardo Van der VeldePetronas - Olympus+ 4'58
29Ivan BassoPirelli-Internazionale+ 5'07
30Tom StubbePetronas - Olympus+ 5'12
31Zakayo NdbriPirelli-Internazionale+ 5'14
32Shaun LewisYamaha - Greenpeace+ 5'28
33Tiago MachadoSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 5'40
34Cadel EvansYamaha - Greenpeace+ 6'13
35Muradjan KhalmuratovPetronas - Olympus+ 6'20
36Maxim GourovBacardi - Colt+ 6'29
37Anthony ColbyPetronas - Olympus+ 6'38
38Andrés Miguel Díaz CorralesBacardi - Colt+ 7'24
39Cédric HervéBacardi - Colt+ 7'42
40Sergej FuchsBimbo Nutella+ 8'21
41Stefano BarberiBimbo Nutella+ 8'22
42Ruben Elvira LobatoBimbo Nutella+ 8'32
43Dimitri ClaeysTeam LEGO+ 8'44
44Tareq EsmaeliPetronas - Olympus+ 8'55
45Nicola D'AndreaPirelli-Internazionale+ 9'41
46Aitor Hernández GutierrezSantander+ 10'23
47Rasmus GuldhammerTeam Telenor-SAS+ 10'25
48Didac OrtegaSantander+ 10'28
49Eduardo GonzaloSantander+ 10'51
50Adonis Cardoso EspañolaYamaha - Greenpeace+ 11'13
51Julien El FaresBacardi - Colt+ 11'15
52Juan Manuel GárateSantander+ 11'50
53Fredy PiamonteYamaha - Greenpeace+ 12'21
54Ivan SeledkovYamaha - Greenpeace+ 13'12
55Hugo Manuel VĂ­torSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 13'23
56Tiaan KannemeyerPirelli-Internazionale+ 14'10
57Adam HansenRed Bull+ 14'32
58Nikolai TrusovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 14'37
59Aleksandr SerovTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 14'40
60Stian RemmeTeam Telenor-SAS+ 14'57
61Ludvig LundbergTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 15'00
62Artemio MoschellaTeam LEGO+ 15'05
63Ruslan SambrisQuiksilver-Kraft+ 15'13
64Ivan RovnyTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 15'22
65Ben CurfsPirelli-Internazionale+ 15'29
66Yukiya ArashiroRed Bull+ 16'00
67Ahmed AlbourdainyBimbo Nutella+ 17'19
68Aitor Perez ArrietaSantander+ 17'44
69Rafael SerranoSantander+ 18'09
70Artem OvechkinTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 18'33
71David TalbottBimbo Nutella+ 18'59
72Arkaitz DuránSantander+ 19'43
73Yon Bru PascalQuiksilver-Kraft+ 19'55
74Jérémie AllainTeam LEGO+ 23'25
75Thurakit BoonratanathanakornTHE CONTROLTEAM+ 24'45
76Gino DeliseBimbo Nutella+ 24'51
77Jamie BallRed Bull+ 25'08
78Sebastian BalckTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 26'00
79Thibaut PinotIntesa+ 26'53
80Michael MatthewsRed Bull+ 27'23
81Zakkari DempsterQuiksilver-Kraft+ 27'44
82Fons de RomijnYouTube - Twitter+ 27'59
83Yauheni HutarovichIntesa+ 28'00
84Cyril LemoineQuiksilver-Kraft+ 28'09
85Jonathan McEvoyYouTube - Twitters.t.
86Kim MichelyTHE CONTROLTEAM+ 28'13
87Andreas LindenTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 28'21
88Claudio CucinottaIntesa+ 28'22
89Lawson CraddockYouTube - Twitter+ 28'32
90Andrea ZordanIntesa+ 28'43
91Bobbie TrakselIntesa+ 29'16
92Diego CacciaPirelli-Internazionale+ 29'21
93Piotr MazurTeam LEGO+ 29'33
94Gediminas BagdonasBacardi - Colt+ 29'45
95Pablo UrtasunSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 29'53
96Fumiyuki BeppuRed Bull+ 29'56
97Peter Riis AndersenUniCredit+ 31'05
98Sebastian BatchelorTHE CONTROLTEAM+ 31'31
99Francesco GavazziUniCredit+ 31'43
100Davide BragazziUniCredit+ 31'49
101Ahmed AhmedUniCredit+ 32'05
102Fabio BorghesiUniCredit+ 32'31
103Javier AramendĂ­aTeam LEGO+ 32'45
104Kevin BarclayYouTube - Twitter+ 32'56
105Steven BurkeYouTube - Twitter+ 33'09
106Sebastian LanderUniCredit+ 33'17
107Javier BenitezSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 33'23
108Carlos Alexandre ManarelliRed Bull+ 33'25
109Marco BandieraIntesa+ 34'01
110Mark GriffithQuiksilver-Kraft+ 34'17
111Graeme BrownTeam Telenor-SAS+ 34'27
112Stelly RobertPirelli-Internazionale+ 35'13
113Lars AnderssonTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 35'29
114Daniel KreutzfeldtUniCredit+ 35'37
115JĂ­ri HochmannTeam LEGO+ 35'57
116Freddy CruzQuiksilver-Kraft+ 36'11
117Rafaâ ChtiouiTeam Telenor-SAS+ 36'17
118Andreas StauffTeam LEGO+ 37'09
119Stian SommersethTeam Telenor-SAS+ 37'29
120Jean-Patrick NazonBacardi - Colt+ 38'19
121Deni RizioUniCredit+ 39'49
122Roy SentjensIntesa+ 40'21
123Victor Gomes ColinasSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 41'09
124Ricki NelsonBimbo Nutella+ 41'45
125Benedetto MonterastelliIntesa+ 42'35
126Jure KocjanBacardi - Colt+ 42'45
127Tom LastYouTube - Twitter+ 43'31
128Sebastian SiedlerTeam Telenor-SAS+ 43'37
129Lennie KirkYouTube - Twitter+ 43'39
130James McCallumYouTube - Twitter+ 50'13
131Hayden GodfreyQuiksilver-Kraft+ 54'21
132Adrien NiyonshutiTHE CONTROLTEAM+ 56'57


1Jean-Patrick NazonBacardi - Colt037
2Fabio BorghesiUniCredit030
3David AbalSantander1729
4Francisco ColoradoSport Lisboa e Benfica926
5Aitor Perez ArrietaSantander026
6Rein TaaramäeTeam IKEA - Bianchi2025
7Ruben Elvira LobatoBimbo Nutella024
8Yauheni HutarovichIntesa024
9Graeme BrownTeam Telenor-SAS224
10Benjamin NovalTeam Telenor-SAS1023

1Ruben Elvira LobatoBimbo Nutella045
2Jose AlarconTeam IKEA - Bianchi2639
3Riccardo RiccoBacardi - Colt2938
4Rein TaaramäeTeam IKEA - Bianchi3036
5David AbalSantander2631
6Ivan RovnyTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft031
7Manuel LloretPetronas - Olympus1422
8Fredrik KessiakoffTeam Telenor-SAS020
9Cadel EvansYamaha - Greenpeace619
10Yasmani MartinezQuiksilver-Kraft014


1Rein TaaramäeTeam IKEA - Bianchi3h33'0011h43'33 (1)
2David AbalSantander+ 31+ 38 (2)
3Jose AlarconTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 1'23+ 2'47 (3)
4Vitor RodriguesBimbo Nutella+ 1'47+ 2'58 (5)
5John-Lee AugustynRed Bull+ 2'18+ 3'14 (7)
6Jonas BjelkmarkTeam IKEA - Bianchi+ 2'28+ 3'14 (8)
7VĂ­ctor Hugo OrozcoRed Bulls.t.+ 4'22 (9)
8Yasmani MartinezQuiksilver-Krafts.t.+ 3'12 (6)
9Timofey KritskiyTinkoff Credit Systems - Rosnefts.t.+ 2'51 (4)
10Andres SaldarriagaSport Lisboa e Benfica+ 3'19+ 4'57 (12)

1Team IKEA - Bianchi10h42'5135h15'53 (1)
2Petronas - Olympus+ 3'52+ 4'47 (2)
3Tinkoff Credit Systems - Rosneft+ 4'24+ 4'56 (3)
4Yamaha - Greenpeaces.t.+ 5'57 (4)
5Sport Lisboa e Benfica+ 4'34+ 6'45 (5)
6Pirelli-Internazionale+ 6'03+ 7'27 (6)
7Team Telenor-SAS+ 6'15+ 10'37 (8)
8Bacardi - Colt+ 8'04+ 9'50 (7)
9Red Bull+ 8'30+ 16'15 (11)
10Bimbo Nutella+ 11'22+ 14'05 (9)
11Team LEGO+ 12'59+ 20'50 (12)
12Santander+ 14'22+ 16'07 (10)
13Quiksilver-Kraft+ 17'39+ 31'01 (13)
14THE CONTROLTEAM+ 29'26+ 1h18'11 (16)
15Intesa+ 35'50+ 1h16'56 (14)
16YouTube - Twitter+ 43'26+ 1h17'33 (15)
17UniCredit+ 48'06+ 1h28'23 (17)
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