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Tirreno-Adriatico - Stage 1
7 in the break. Schroder, Faiers, Joly, and then a gap to Koren, Traficante, De Haes and Van Zandbeek

Joly took the intermediate sprint

The Frenchman was soon on his own, and rode solo for about 40km, before the peloton caught him with 20km to go. This meant the peloton could target the KoM - at just 15km from the finish - and Visconti takes it from Reus, Pereiro, and Bertagnolli

7km to go. Crash!

Some big names are down: Zabriskie, Kashechkin, Ignatiev, S. Sanchez, plus various others

Amid the chaos, Simone Ponzi has ridden away from the peloton

He still has a good gap as Bennati is forced to lead off the bunch sprint

Phinney and Hagen move past Bennati, but Ponzi is holding on

And Simone Ponzi wins the stage for Wiggle! A great start for the wildcard team here.

Hagen takes 2nd, ahead of Phinney, Trofimov, Rowe and Bennati

LL Sanchez is amongst the last to cross the line of the 48 man peloton.

Next are 17 riders who got detached, not because of the crash, and then - losing 2 minutes - Kangert, Zabriskie and Kashechkin lead over the group of crash victims.

Santiago Perez Fernandez of Warner Bros, was forced to abandon due to the crash

1Simone PonziWiggle - San Pellegrino3h26'49
2Edvald Boasson HagenTeam B&Os.t.
3Taylor PhinneyWikipedias.t.
4Yuri TrofimovSony Ericssons.t.
5Luke RoweWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
6Daniele BennatiLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
7SĂ©bastien MinardLafarges.t.
8Michael RogersLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
9Jelle VanendertDomina Vacanzes.t.
10Drasutis StundziaLipton Ice Teas.t.
11Tom DanielsonLipton Ice Teas.t.
12Rinaldo NocentiniWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
13Óscar Pereiro SioCafé de Colombias.t.
14Paride GrilloSony Ericssons.t.
15Vincenzo NibaliDomina Vacanzes.t.
16Joost PosthumaJack Wolfskins.t.
17Claudio CorioniEnergie - Diesels.t.
18Maxim IglinskiVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
19Emanuele RizzaLipton Ice Teas.t.
20Paul MartensJack Wolfskins.t.
21Damiano CarusoWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
22Tony MartinDomina Vacanzes.t.
23Martin ReimerPhilips - TDCs.t.
24Leonardo BertagnolliWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
25Manuele MoriSony Ericssons.t.
26Geert SteursTeam Nespressos.t.
27Andrew TennantCafé de Colombias.t.
28Luigi SestiliLafarges.t.
29Laurens Ten DamJack Wolfskins.t.
30Diego UlissiFestina - Coronas.t.
31Jukka VastarantaPearl Adidass.t.
32Santo AnzaSony Ericssons.t.
33Danilo Di LucaTeam Nespressos.t.
34Giovanni ViscontiTeam Starbucks-RadioShacks.t.
35Linus GerdemannPhilips - TDCs.t.
36Dmitri MuravjevSony Ericssons.t.
37Juan-Antonio FlechaWarner Brothers - Carrefours.t.
38Dario CataldoWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
39Marcus BurghardtWikipedias.t.
40Maurice SchreursPhilips - TDCs.t.
41Jose MendesTeam Nespressos.t.
42Christian KneesCafé de Colombias.t.
43Andrei AmadorTeam Starbucks-RadioShacks.t.
44André CardosoEnergie - Diesels.t.
45Angel ViciosoEnergie - Diesels.t.
46Luis Leon Sanchez GilEnergie - Diesels.t.
47Moris PossoniLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
48Carlos Alberto OspinaTeam Starbucks-RadioShacks.t.
49Enrico FranzoiPearl Adidas+ 1'13
50SĂ©bastien RosselerWarner Brothers - Carrefours.t.
51Matthew BuscheWikipedias.t.
52Jason DonaldJack Wolfskins.t.
53Matteo BonoLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
54Teodoro CostagliVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
55Massimiliano MaistoLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
56Thomas FreiDomina Vacanzes.t.
57Stefan CohnenPhilips - TDCs.t.
58José Antonio RedondoWarner Brothers - Carrefours.t.
59Honorio MachadoCafé de Colombias.t.
60Anthony LavoineFestina - Coronas.t.
61Jorge NogaledoEnergie - Diesels.t.
62Jan HopmanVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
63Fabio CiccareseTeam Starbucks-RadioShacks.t.
64Alex DowsettLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
65Martin PedersenPhilips - TDCs.t.
66Tanel KangertPearl Adidas+ 2'03
67David ZabriskieWikipedias.t.
68Cesare Di MaggioLipton Ice Teas.t.
69Andrei KashechkinLipton Ice Teas.t.
70Constantino ZaballaEnergie - Diesels.t.
71Jurgen Van GoolenFestina - Coronas.t.
72Kevin HulsmansWarner Brothers - Carrefours.t.
73Jure ZrimsekLipton Ice Teas.t.
74Bas GilingJack Wolfskins.t.
75Manuel Antonio CardosoPearl Adidass.t.
76Arnaud CoyotTeam Starbucks-RadioShacks.t.
77Nick ClesenVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
78Davide ViganòEnergie - Diesels.t.
79Danny PateWikipedias.t.
80Daniel FleemanDomina Vacanzes.t.
81Michael SchärTeam Nespressos.t.
82Tom VeelersTeam B&Os.t.
83Tomas Swift-MetcalfeCafé de Colombias.t.
84Michael VingerlingFestina - Coronas.t.
85Kai ReusAuber 93 - Looks.t.
86Sten StenersenTeam B&Os.t.
87Christian MeierWikipedias.t.
88Salvatore MancusoPearl Adidass.t.
89Sebastian LangSony Ericssons.t.
90Niels BrouzesAuber 93 - Looks.t.
91Morgan ChedhommeAuber 93 - Looks.t.
92Markus FahnertTeam Starbucks-RadioShacks.t.
93Michael MørkøvPhilips - TDCs.t.
94Mauro Da DaltoDomina Vacanzes.t.
95Vicente ReynèsCafé de Colombias.t.
96Steven TronetAuber 93 - Looks.t.
97Kim MichelyTHE CONTROLTEAMs.t.
98Gabriel BrizuelaLipton Ice Teas.t.
99Greg De WindeWarner Brothers - Carrefours.t.
100Samuel Sánchez GonzalezFestina - Coronas.t.
101Paolo ScarponiWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
102Sergio MarinangeliLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
103Stefan DeniflFestina - Coronas.t.
104Renaud PiolineAuber 93 - Looks.t.
105Mikhail IgnatievWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
106Alex RasmussenTeam B&Os.t.
107Michael Faerk ChristensenTeam B&Os.t.
108Blake CaldwellWikipedias.t.
109Paul HealionCafé de Colombias.t.
110Remy BourdouxheLipton Ice Teas.t.
111Ricardo MestreTeam B&Os.t.
112Wim De VochtPearl Adidass.t.
113Jos Van EmdenJack Wolfskins.t.
114Sébastien JolyCafé de Colombias.t.
115Joseph CooperJack Wolfskins.t.
116Jonathon ThireAuber 93 - Looks.t.
117Michael ReihsSony Ericssons.t.
118Pim LigthartAuber 93 - Looks.t.
119Maurizio BiondoEnergie - Diesels.t.
120Lucas SchädlichFestina - Coronas.t.
121Thurakit BoonratanathanakornTHE CONTROLTEAMs.t.
122Steven CaethovenCarmeuse Cyclismes.t.
123Marc MachadoAuber 93 - Looks.t.
124Dimitri ChampionLafarges.t.
125Ryan EastmanWikipedias.t.
126Kristjan KorenTeam Starbucks-RadioShack+ 3'33
127Dennis Van WindenLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
128Sebastian BatchelorTHE CONTROLTEAMs.t.
129Jonas Aaen JørgensenTeam B&O+ 4'17
130Jempy DruckerTeam B&Os.t.
131Adrien NiyonshutiTHE CONTROLTEAMs.t.
132Aurélien ClercCarmeuse Cyclisme+ 5'01
133Theo BosCarmeuse Cyclismes.t.
134Alexandre AulasCarmeuse Cyclisme+ 5'54
135Dries BeatseCarmeuse Cyclismes.t.
136Roberto TraficanteTeam Nespressos.t.
137Thomas FaiersVesuvio-Accumaluxs.t.
138Kenny De HaesPearl Adidass.t.
139Ronan Van ZandbeekLafarges.t.
140Björn SchröderDomina Vacanzes.t.
141Hugues MottinTeam Nespressos.t.
142Amadou BakariVesuvio-Accumalux+ 6'27
DNFSantiago Perez FernandezWarner Brothers - Carrefour

1Simone PonziWiggle - San Pellegrino3h26'29
2Edvald Boasson HagenTeam B&O+ 8
3Taylor PhinneyWikipedia+ 12
4Yuri TrofimovSony Ericsson+ 20
5Luke RoweWiggle - San Pellegrinos.t.
6Daniele BennatiLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
7SĂ©bastien MinardLafarges.t.
8Michael RogersLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
9Jelle VanendertDomina Vacanzes.t.
10Drasutis StundziaLipton Ice Teas.t.

1Simone PonziWiggle - San Pellegrino35
2Edvald Boasson HagenTeam B&O30
3Taylor PhinneyWikipedia26
4Yuri TrofimovSony Ericsson24
5Luke RoweWiggle - San Pellegrino22
6Daniele BennatiLa Gazzetta dello Sport20
7SĂ©bastien MinardLafarge19
8Michael RogersLa Gazzetta dello Sport18
9Jelle VanendertDomina Vacanze17
10Drasutis StundziaLipton Ice Tea16

1Giovanni ViscontiTeam Starbucks-RadioShack4
2Kai ReusAuber 93 - Look3
3Óscar Pereiro SioCafé de Colombia2
4Leonardo BertagnolliWiggle - San Pellegrino1

Young Rider
1Simone PonziWiggle - San Pellegrino3h26'29 (1)
2Edvald Boasson HagenTeam B&O+ 8 (2)
3Taylor PhinneyWikipedia+ 12 (3)
4Luke RoweWiggle - San Pellegrino+ 20 (4)
5Damiano CarusoWiggle - San Pellegrino+ 20 (5)

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