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Italian Championships 2010

The Italian Road Race Championship this year is held on a 60km laps, which has to be ridden 4 times, totalling 240km. In that lap we have 3 climbs, of which one small one where the finish is situated on top of. The first climb is pretty long and though for a championship race, so we migth be looking more at the climbers then you'd think.
The obvious favourite is Cunego. Having won the Individual Pro Tour, and being backup up by a very strong team (the PT Team winners), including di Luca, makes him the man to beat. There are a few riders ready to take on the challenge though; Ginanni, Ricco. Pozzato and Pellizotti are just some of them.'

83 riders are lined up. We can already see the finish climb is pretty though; 8%+!


Up the hardest climb of the circuit for the first time, we have Longo Borghini opening the attacks.


After 5km of climbing at 8%, we still haven't reached the top - we're on the flat section just before it. A groupe of 5 holds a small lead; Tonti, Maistro, Garzelli, Costagli and Longo Borghini.


Soon Savoldelli, Agnoli and Biondo link up as well as Sestili and Franzoi. And soon the pack as well. The sprinters are already being dropped. It's going to be a hard day for some it seems.


Just before the decent, Maistro attacks again though. It seems odd why La Gazzetta, with Cunego as leader, would want to create a breakway? Anyway, Garzelli, Savoldelli, Longo Borghini, Franzoi, Locatelli, Agnoli and Corinio join. So between the two big teams here (Gazzetta and Vespa), only La Gazzetta has a man here. These seem to be off for the day.


After lap one, the groupe has about 2'30 to the pack. Some teams don't seem to be happy about the situation though. At the foot of the final climb, Costagli, Sabatini, Sestili, Loddo, Rizza and Cucinotta attack. I wonder why sprinter would try to attack uphill?


They do cross the gap rather fast though. So, we now have 14 men in the lead, and with 160km left, they hold a 3'30 gap.


Then 20km later, just before the second climb of the second lap, Sella, Ballan, Cataldo and Bertagnolli attack. Followed shortly by Visconti, and a little later Ulissi. These are no domestiques anymore. The race for the jerey has already started!


As they set a high pace, they quickly take 3 minutes to the pack, and Ulissi seems to be missing out. The gap to the leaders is only 1'50 now.


With 125km left, both groupes link up. Ulissi is '45 behind the pack (lead by Vespa and Gazzetta) 5 minutes. This is a 19 men groupe against a 55 men peloton. It could go either way.


In the decent, Caruso attacks from the pack. He get's a gap, but it probably won't take him anywhere since he's just alone.
As we're now halfway, La Gazzetta starts to speed up a bit. Caruso can be seen a minute ahead. Meanwhile, Ulissi finally made it to the front groupe, which is 5'10 ahead and Loddo and Cucinotta have been dropped on the climb.


As Cataldo's work makes some riders drop off in the break, La Gazzetta's work (done by 5 men) brings the gap back to 3'30.


As Cunego's teammates are getting pretty tired after taking another minute off the gap (2'35 now), Caruso is still alone. He has already passed 7 dropped riders from the breakway, as he is approching the front groupe. Slowly but steadily.
Note that the Vespa riders aren't doing anything now. They could be the big suprized if Gazzetta closes that gap but exhaust themselves.


With 75km left, the inevitable has happend; Cunego's teammates have run out of gas. They still lead the pack, but the gap (which had gone under 2 mintes) is back up to 2'30. Vespa is still going nothing, and Caruso is now swimming between both groupes, not coming closer to either of them.

Going into the final lap. 3 minutes. Cunego and di Luca both are still not moving, while their teammaets try everything to limit further damages. Noone helps out, even though Vespa doesn't have anyone up front, while La Gazzetta does still have Maistro up front, who doesn't have to relay. (11 men left up front)


Let's go through them; Visconti(Starbucks), Cataldo & Garzelli (Eurosport), Ulissi (Philips), Sella (Lipton), Maistro (Gazzatta), Ballan (SIC), Bertagnolli (Wiggle), Savoldelli (Wii), Agnoli (White Bear) and Longo Borghini (Wal-Mart).
The last one si dropped shortly though.


Finally backup arrives in the pack; Salerno and Di Luca start to take relays!


On the bg climb for the last time; Sella only allows Bertagnolli, Visconti, Ulissi and Cataldo in his wheel.


While Di Luca narrows the pack down to 27. Still a 3'30 gap though, with only 47km left.


On the top, only Bertagnolli, Cataldo and Sella left. 40km.


In the pack, lead by Di Luca, only c. 15 men still seem to have some gas left. Still a 2'50 gap though. Di Luca can't do it alone!


And soon, Cunego and Ricco start relaying!
27km, 2'10. Cunego reals in Ulissi and Visconti. 3 men breakaway vs. a 24 men pack now. Ginanni still hasn't done anything though. He may be best off?


20km, 1'50. Nibali attacks! Pozzato and Nocentini follow, but only Nibali gets a gap.


Cunego puts in a strong relay on the last solid climb. 30 secs to Nibali, 1'20 to the front three.


The gap is almost closed as we have just 12km left. Anza and Ginanni are attacking right now though!


As does Pozzovivo as Anza storms past the break.


Ghisalberti and Pellizotti go as well, while Ricco and Cunego can follow by simply riding a fast pace.


Almost on the top, 9.5km, Pozzovivo in the lead, and here goes the top favourite; Attack by Damiano Cunego!


He takes the lead, but in the decent there are no big gaps.


5km, and with Marzano just hanging on, here we go; Pozzovivo, Cunego, Nibali, Ricco, Ginanni, Pellizotti, Anza, Ghisalberti.


Everybody is looking at Cunego, who drops the pace. Sella, Bertagnolli, Basso and Bosisio link upo again. 3km.


The climb, 1.5km. One train, lead by Cunego. Nibali, Ricco and Pellizotti hold the best positions. Here it goes!

Nibali and Ricco attack Cunego right away. Nibali looks very strong.


But he starts to drop back again! Can Cunego make true his favourite role amd finsih this awesome season with a jersey?


Ricco with one last effort?


No! It is Damiano Cunego who takes the Italian jersey for next season! And you can't say he and his team stole this victory. He lead the race for the final 5 kilometers and didn't allow anyone to pass him anymore! Ricco takes second.


In a rather large groupe, Pellizotti completes the podium.



Time Trial time now. Italy is not a nation known for having good time trialists. There is Nibali, and that's pretty much it. Behind him, Cunego, Sestili and Di Luca are the bookies favourites, so it's basically anyones game if they're having a good day. Cunego migth even go for the double on the 47km course, if Nibali has an off-day.

Into the race, Nocentini is the first to set a proper time; 1h09'39. 41 second faster then the current number two, Bennati.


Soon though, Cunego arrives, beating Nocentini's time by 54 seconds! At this point, Cunego leads at all cheackpoints, with only Quinziato underway coming reasonably close. Nibali has yet to start.


And as Quinziato crosses the line, he is still half a minute slower then Cunego. Nibali has started now though.


Suprizingly, at checkpoint one, Nibali is 2 seconds slower then Cunego! The middle section is flatter though, thus suiting Nibali much better. Let's wait and see...


Pozzovivo is now setting the second time at check 2, only 8 seconds behind on Cunego. He's done an amazing middle part it seems, because at check 1 he was 36 seconds slower.


At the finish, Pozzato now set the third time, +37 seconds.


A little later, Pozzovivo comes though; +'5 seconds! Shortly followed by Ricco; 5th, +'41.


Nibali now crossed check 2 though; beating Cunego's time by 20 seconds! At the finish this is even 32 seconds, Nibali looks good for the title.


Still a few riders left though; Sestili first... but he doesn't even go top 5. --> 9th


Di Luca then? Nope - same story, 11th.


Maybe Caruse? Nope, 7th.


Basso does okay though; 4th, +'57.


As does good old Savoldelli; 3rd, +'36. Only 4 seconds slower then Cunego who's still in second. I's starting to look pretty good for Nibali.


Ballan goes 5th, +'46.


But then, big suprize; Visconti takes second place, only 16 seconds down! That was it though, Nibali takes the Italian TT championship!



1Vincenzo NibaliDomina Vacanze1h08'12
2Giovanni ViscontiTeam Starbucks+ 16
3Damiano CunegoLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 33
4Paolo SavoldelliWii Racing+ 37
5Domenico PozzovivoPhilips - Hummel+ 38
6Alessandro BallanSIC Radical - Timberland+ 46
7Ivan BassoVespa-Caffrey's+ 57
8Manuel QuinziatoVespa-Caffrey's+ 1'04
9Filippo PozzatoCrédit Lyonnais+ 1'10
10Riccardo RiccoWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 1'14
11Gianpaolo CarusoNvidia Intel+ 1'15
12Sergio GhisalbertiSony Ericsson+ 1'22
13Rinaldo NocentiniWiggle Pro Cycling Team+ 1'27
14Luigi SestiliCrédit Lyonnais+ 1'28
15Marco PinottiEurosport+ 1'30
16Danilo Di LucaLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 1'35
17Franco PellizottiAccumalux-Huez+ 1'43
18Dario CataldoCrédit Lyonnais+ 1'45
19Enrico FranzoiNvidia Intel+ 1'49
20Emanuele SellaLipton Ice Teas.t.
21Mauro SantambrogioLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
22Enrico GasparottoTeam Olympus AirAsia - Presented by Petronas+ 2'06
23Daniele BennatiLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 2'09
24Francesco GinanniVespa-Caffrey's+ 2'10
25Fabio BorghesiAmerican Suzuki+ 2'11
26Maurizio BiondoTeam Energie - Diesel+ 2'13
27Luca PaoliniKenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergy+ 2'15
28Massimiliano MaistoLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
29Marco MarzanoUnicef RT+ 2'20
30Tiziano Dall'AntoniaKenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergys.t.
31Leonardo BertagnolliWiggle Pro Cycling Team+ 2'27
32Alessandro ProniVespa-Caffrey's+ 2'28
33Lorenzo BernucciVespa-Caffrey's+ 2'45
34Fabio SabatiniUnicef RT+ 2'50
35Marco OsellaTeam Olympus AirAsia - Presented by Petronas+ 2'52
36Gabriele BosisioVespa-Caffrey's+ 2'55
37Matteo BonoLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 3'03
38Simone PonziWiggle Pro Cycling Team+ 3'07
39Teodoro CostagliWiggle Pro Cycling Team+ 3'10
40Claudio CucinottaSony Ericssons.t.
41Andrea MolettaAmerican Suzuki+ 3'20
42Valerio AgnoliWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 3'22
43Cristiano SalernoWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 3'24
44Moris PossoniLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 3'27
45Matteo CarraraTeam Olympus AirAsia - Presented by Petronas+ 3'30
46Diego UlissiPhilips - Hummels.t.
47Paolo BettiniVespa-Caffrey's+ 3'31
48Santo AnzaSony Ericsson+ 3'35
49Fabio CiccareseTeam Starbucks+ 3'41
50Paolo LocatelliWiggle Pro Cycling Teams.t.
51Emanuele RizzaAmerican Suzuki+ 3'42
52Crescenzo D'AmoreSony Ericsson+ 3'44
53Mauro Da DaltoDomina Vacanze+ 3'58
54Valentino ChinaWal-Mart Pro Cycling Team+ 3'59
55Paride GrilloSony Ericssons.t.
56Paolo TiralongoLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 4'02
57Stefano GarzelliEurosport+ 4'08
58Alessio SignegoWal-Mart Pro Cycling Team+ 4'12
59Chiaffredo GrippoWiggle Pro Cycling Team+ 4'16
60Cesare Di MaggioLipton Ice Tea+ 4'18
61Claudio CorioniTeam Energie - Diesel+ 4'23
62Alberto LoddoLipton Ice Tea+ 4'32
63Daniele RattoWiggle Pro Cycling Team+ 4'35
64Sergio MarinangeliLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 4'36
65Gian Piero SignoriniWii Racing+ 4'37
66Damiano CarusoWiggle Pro Cycling Team+ 4'39
67Paolo Longo BorghiniWal-Mart Pro Cycling Teams.t.
68Ivano Lo CiceroWal-Mart Pro Cycling Team+ 4'43
69Danilo NapolitanoVespa-Caffrey's+ 4'45
70Francesco RedaTHE CONTROL TEAM+ 4'48
71Manuele MoriSony Ericsson+ 5'04
72Francesco BellottiPhilips - Hummel+ 5'08
73Angelo FurlanPhilips - Hummel+ 5'10
74Andrea TontiVespa-Caffrey's+ 5'18
75Roberto TraficanteTHE CONTROL TEAM+ 5'23
76Emiliano RodomontiTeam Energie - Diesel+ 5'30
77Francesco ChicchiDomina Vacanze+ 5'36
78Diego CacciaTHE CONTROL TEAM+ 6'23
79Gianluca ColettaTHE CONTROL TEAM+ 6'45
80Andrea MasciarelliTHE CONTROL TEAM+ 7'02
81Stefano PirazziTHE CONTROL TEAM+ 7'42
82Marco FabbriTHE CONTROL TEAM+ 8'03
83Maurizio VariniTHE CONTROL TEAM+ 11'17
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