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Vuelta a España - Stage 19

So, the final normal stage which could have an impact on the GC. Schleck and Intxasuti are pretty safe, but there's 5 riders within two minutes of eachother, and all could still take the third podium spot. Anyone planning a coup for third should get the base fixed today to finish it off tomorrow. Let's find out!

After a lot of attacks, fianlly the pack settled down. Orozco and Possoni lead up the first climb. Machado, Wu, Garzelli, Rasmussen, Sprcik and Moncourite follow one minute behind, while Frei is very close behind them as is Ortego and Agnoli + Engels.


Instead of waiting for eachother, these riders keep riding their own pace, with Orozco leading solo in the decent. This doesnt increase the breaks chance at all.
Except that the gap is still 9 minutes with only 55km left. Orozco was joined by Possoni again and Rasmussen. Garzelli and Machado are the first chasers.


Although there's now a 11 minute gap, as the break seems to be making it, Abal rides away from the pack.
Orozco has meanwhile taken enough KOM points to get equal qith Schleck, and this was the last categorized climb... what will the jury descide now???


As Abal has taken almost 2 minutes, Siutsou, Cobo, Perez Sanchez, Uran, Castano, Marquez and Serpa are off on the top as well. Meanwhile, Possoni was dropped by Orozco and Rasmussen.


Plaza, Intxausti and Serpa(again) go off after the decent (33km left.) One minute ahead, Siutsou, Cobo, Perez Sanchez, Uran, Castano and Marquez are still atacking eachother as they ride 1'40 behind on Abal.


Rujano and Marchante are off next. Domina relaxes in the chase, an overview: (note that the two groupes of fav's attacking are not working good together.


E1: Rasmussen, Orozco
E2: Possoni +'53
E3: Machado +'23
E4: Moncoutie, Sprick, Garzelli +'32
E5: Wu, Ortega +'13
E6: Frei +2'14
E7: Engels, Agnoli +1'36
E8: Abal: +'53
E9: Perez Sanchez +'54
E10: Castano: +'24
E11: Marquez, Cobo, Uran, Siutsou +'9
E12: Marchante, Serpa, Intxausti, Rujano, Plaza +'38
P: Mainly Domina Vacanze with Schleck, +'28. Total; +9'18

As Rasmussen and Orozco are now going to figth it out in the fianl 8km, Schleck jumps up to the other favourites.


As goes LL Sacnhez, as the groupes merge. Uran half a minute ahead, Perez Sanchez a full minute and Abal two minutes. The pack is one behind.


Meanwhile, Rasmussen is leading out the sprint, with 2km to go and the finish two corners away.


Orozco waits untill the very last corner, while Marchante and Rujano are now as well rideing away from the favs groupe.


And it's a pretty easy victory for Orozco, maybe taking the KOM jersey with it! The chicken is happy with second.


Possoni stays ahead of Machado for third.


As Garzelli takes 5th, ahead of WU who wins the sprint for 6th. Sprick, Moncouutie and Ortega are 7th, 8th and 9th.


As Cobo leads out the favourites groupe, the pack, lead by Gazzetta, gets closer.


But first we have Frei completing the top 10.


And Abal, 6 minutes behind, but first of the GC men.


then come Agnoli and Engels, caugth up by Perez Sanchez, Rujano and Marchante.


As Sanchez only just beats Uran, almost 2 mintes behind Abal. The pack is very close behind this groupe.


Stage result
1Víctor Hugo OrozcoUnicef RT3h23'56
2Michael RasmussenPhilips - Hummels.t.
3Moris PossoniLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 1'23
4Tiago MachadoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
5Stefano GarzelliEurosports.t.
6Kin-San WuAmerican Suzukis.t.
7Matthieu SprickWikipedias.t.
8David MoncoutiéRabobanks.t.
9Sergio OrtegaFestina - Seikos.t.
10Thomas FreiLipton Ice Tea+ 5'02
11David AbalCrédit Lyonnais+ 5'43
12Valerio AgnoliWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 6'24
13Francisco Perez SanchezLipton Ice Teas.t.
14Addy EngelsWarner Brotherss.t.
15José RujanoSIC Radical - Timberlands.t.
16José Angel Gomez MarchanteEurosports.t.
17Luis Leon Sanchez GilRabobank+ 7'31
18Rigoberto ÚranWikipedias.t.
19Andy SchleckDomina Vacanzes.t.
20Rubén PlazaVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargnes.t.
21Juan José CoboUnicef RTs.t.
22Konstantin SiutsouWhite Bear - Wild Horses.t.
23Florentino MarquezSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
24Carlos CastañoFestina - Seikos.t.
25José SerpaAmerican Suzukis.t.
26Beñat IntxaustiAccumalux-Huezs.t.
27Danail PetrovSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
28Sergio MarinangeliLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
29Igor AntónVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargnes.t.
30Borut BozicCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
31Sylwester SzmydLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
32Taylor PhinneyVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargnes.t.
33Rui CostaSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
34Constantino ZaballaSIC Radical - Timberlands.t.
35David De la FuenteLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
36Magno NazaretSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
37Jackson RodríguezSIC Radical - Timberlands.t.
38Maxime MonfortWhite Bear - Wild Horses.t.
39Paolo TiralongoLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
40Iban MayoFestina - Seikos.t.
41Matea KvasinaAccumalux-Huezs.t.
42Rafael Rodríguez SegarraLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
43Xavier FlorencioWikipedias.t.
44Jonathan BellisBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
45Jurgen RoelandtsUnicef RTs.t.
46Sergei KlimovDomina Vacanzes.t.
47José ChaconAmerican Suzukis.t.
48Massimiliano MaistoLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
49Manuel Antonio CardosoSIC Radical - Timberlands.t.
50William FordVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargnes.t.
51Xavier TondoBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
52Santiago Perez FernandezAccumalux-Huezs.t.
53Iker CamañoLipton Ice Teas.t.
54Ryder HesjedalDomina Vacanzes.t.
55Thomas RohreggerWhite Bear - Wild Horses.t.
56David MillarBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
57Ivan Parra PintoAmerican Suzukis.t.
58José Antonio RedondoVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargnes.t.
59Haimar ZubeldiaDomina Vacanzes.t.
60Óscar Pereiro SioEurosports.t.
61Boy Van PoppelEurosports.t.
62Jaime SuazaUnicef RTs.t.
63Patxi VilaUnicef RTs.t.
64Mathieu PergetCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
65Markus EibeggerWhite Bear - Wild Horses.t.
66Sébastien IvarsWikipedias.t.
67Cristiano SalernoWhite Bear - Wild Horses.t.
68David Herrero LlorenteWikipedias.t.
69Marcello PavarinWikipedias.t.
70René MandriCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
71Moises DueñasCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
72Luigi SestiliCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
73Kévin LalouetteCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
74Martijn KeizerWikipedias.t.
75David DerooWikipedias.t.
76Jairo AgudeloUnicef RTs.t.
77Francisco ColoradoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
78Vladimir MiholjevicBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
79Jay ThomsonUnicef RTs.t.
80Wim Van HuffelSIC Radical - Timberlands.t.
81Fredy MontañaUnicef RTs.t.
82Sérgio PaulinhoSIC Radical - Timberlands.t.
83Ezequiel MosqueraTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
84Hubert SchwabDomina Vacanzes.t.
85José Luis RubieraTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
86Peter VelitsEurosports.t.
87Ricardo MestreTeam B&Os.t.
88Nico KeinathTeam B&Os.t.
89Enrique SalgueiroSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
90Martin HaceckýTeam B&Os.t.
91Yannick TalabardonWarner Brotherss.t.
92Franklin ChaconAccumalux-Huezs.t.
93Jordi GrauRabobanks.t.
94Ruben Elvira LobatoSIC Radical - Timberlands.t.
95Drasutis StundziaAccumalux-Huezs.t.
96João CabreiraAccumalux-Huezs.t.
97Jelle VanendertDomina Vacanzes.t.
98Fabio DuartePhilips - Hummels.t.
99David BlancoTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
100Maurice SchreursPhilips - Hummels.t.
101Gabriel BrizuelaLipton Ice Teas.t.
102Francesco BellottiPhilips - Hummels.t.
103Christophe KernPhilips - Hummels.t.
104Rémy Di GregorioRabobanks.t.
105Michael SchärRabobanks.t.
106Christophe Le MévelPhilips - Hummels.t.
107Alberto Rodriguez OliverTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
108Karsten KroonRabobanks.t.
109Tony MartinDomina Vacanzes.t.
110Vadim RatiyLipton Ice Teas.t.
111Aleksandr KhatuntsevLipton Ice Teas.t.
112Frederik NolfFestina - Seikos.t.
113Cesare Di MaggioLipton Ice Teas.t.
114José Miguel EliasTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
115Mauro Da DaltoDomina Vacanze+ 9'41
116Stijn JosephSIC Radical - Timberland+ 11'01
117Anthony GeslinFestina - Seikos.t.
118Anthony LavoineFestina - Seikos.t.
119Klaas SysWikipedias.t.
120Emanuele RizzaAmerican Suzukis.t.
121Alex RasmussenVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargnes.t.
122William BonnetCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
123Koldo FernandezDomina Vacanzes.t.
124Juri KrivtsovCrédit Lyonnaiss.t.
125Michael MørkøvPhilips - Hummels.t.
126Anthony José BreaFestina - Seikos.t.
127David VitoriaSIC Radical - Timberlands.t.
128Daniele BennatiLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
129Imanol ErvitiAmerican Suzukis.t.
130Kasper KlostergaardPhilips - Hummels.t.
131José Antonio Baños BallesterTHE CONTROL TEAMs.t.
132Sebastian LangeveldVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargnes.t.
133Geraint ThomasBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
134Anders LundPhilips - Hummels.t.
135Pablo UrtasunSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
136Nick IngelsFestina - Seikos.t.
137Mathieu HeijboerRabobanks.t.
138André SteensenTeam B&Os.t.
139Sébastien RosselerWarner Brotherss.t.
140Fabio SabatiniUnicef RTs.t.
141José Enrique Gutiérrez CataluñaTHE CONTROL TEAM+ 12'29
142Sergei LagutinEurosports.t.
143Vicente ReynèsEurosports.t.
144Steven CaethovenWhite Bear - Wild Horses.t.
145Marcel BarthAccumalux-Huezs.t.
146Wouter WeylandtWarner Brotherss.t.
147José MartinsSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelins.t.
148Tom VeelersTeam B&Os.t.
149Kobe VanoverscheldeTeam B&Os.t.
150Fabio BorghesiAmerican Suzukis.t.
151Marco GuillénWhite Bear - Wild Horses.t.
152Marcel KittelAccumalux-Huezs.t.
153Mark CavendishEurosports.t.
154Anuar MananBritish Airways - Martinis.t.
155Ahmed AhmedWarner Brotherss.t.
156Graeme BrownWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 15'57
157Michiel Van AelbroeckRabobank+ 16'45
158Rafaâ ChtiouiAccumalux-Huezs.t.
159Rick FlensLa Gazzetta dello Sports.t.
160Gregor GazvodaLipton Ice Teas.t.
161Remy BourdouxheLipton Ice Tea+ 17'33
162Morten HegrebergTeam B&O+ 19'41
163Alberto OngaratoWarner Brotherss.t.
164Arnaud GérardAmerican Suzuki+ 21'09
165Jens MourisBritish Airways - Martinis.t.

1Andy SchleckDomina Vacanze74h59'24
2Beñat IntxaustiAccumalux-Huez+ 2'58
3José Angel Gomez MarchanteEurosport+ 5'03
4Rubén PlazaVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 5'33
5Rigoberto ÚranWikipedia+ 6'08
6José RujanoSIC Radical - Timberland+ 6'11
7Francisco Perez SanchezLipton Ice Tea+ 6'25
8David AbalCrédit Lyonnais+ 8'25
9Carlos CastañoFestina - Seiko+ 8'57
10Juan José CoboUnicef RT+ 10'17
11Florentino MarquezSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin+ 10'36
12Luis Leon Sanchez GilRabobank+ 11'18
13Igor AntónVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 12'14
14Haimar ZubeldiaDomina Vacanze+ 15'57
15Konstantin SiutsouWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 16'00
16Óscar Pereiro SioEurosport+ 16'02
17David De la FuenteLa Gazzetta dello Sport+ 16'40
18Iban MayoFestina - Seiko+ 16'43
19Wim Van HuffelSIC Radical - Timberland+ 17'22
20José SerpaAmerican Suzuki+ 17'39
21Santiago Perez FernandezAccumalux-Huez+ 17'57
22Magno NazaretSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin+ 18'02
23Iker CamañoLipton Ice Tea+ 19'56
24Sérgio PaulinhoSIC Radical - Timberland+ 21'25
25Taylor PhinneyVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 21'27
26Moises DueñasCrédit Lyonnais+ 22'22
27Thomas RohreggerWhite Bear - Wild Horse+ 22'35
28Jairo AgudeloUnicef RT+ 22'53
29Ryder HesjedalDomina Vacanze+ 23'42
30Francisco ColoradoSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin+ 24'12

1Daniele BennatiLa Gazzetta dello Sport169
2Andy SchleckDomina Vacanze169
3Jurgen RoelandtsUnicef RT126
4Rubén PlazaVirgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne107
5Beñat IntxaustiAccumalux-Huez86
6Francisco Perez SanchezLipton Ice Tea79
7Rigoberto ÚranWikipedia76
8Borut BozicCrédit Lyonnais76
9Mark CavendishEurosport72
10José Angel Gomez MarchanteEurosport70

1Andy SchleckDomina Vacanze117
2Víctor Hugo OrozcoUnicef RT117
3Rigoberto ÚranWikipedia75
4Beñat IntxaustiAccumalux-Huez71
5Francisco Perez SanchezLipton Ice Tea71
6José SerpaAmerican Suzuki67
7José Angel Gomez MarchanteEurosport63
8Stefano GarzelliEurosport61
9Christophe Le MévelPhilips - Hummel59
10Jonathan BellisBritish Airways - Martini54

Young rider
1Andy SchleckDomina Vacanze74h59'24 (1)
2Beñat IntxaustiAccumalux-Huez+ 2'58 (2)
3Rigoberto ÚranWikipedia+ 6'08 (3)
4David AbalCrédit Lyonnais+ 8'25 (4)
5Florentino MarquezSport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin+ 10'36 (5)

1Domina Vacanze225h12'43 (1)
2Virgin Media - Caisse d'Epargne+ 5'53 (2)
3Sport Lisboa e Benfica - Michelin+ 11'20 (3)
4SIC Radical - Timberland+ 11'35 (4)
5Accumalux-Huez+ 12'26 (5)

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