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Euskaltel - Euskadi
Game Info:
Version: Pro Cycling Manager 2009
Update: Patch v1.0.3.3
DB: PCM.daily Expansion (Final)
Rider Progression: 0.5
Difficulty: Normal




With the suspensions of Mikel Astarloza and Iñigo Landaluze, the Euskalel - Euskadi squad is quite small, only 21 riders. However, this does not mean there is not some serious talent to be found in the team. The following will be counted on heavily by the Basque team.


Samuel Sanchez is the unquestioned leader of the Euskaltel - Euskadi team. As most know, he is also the only rider who is not from the Basque Country. Regardless of this, he has been more than accepted and will be expected to accomplish many of the team goals. A skilled climber and daredevil descender, he will try to use this skills to win the general classification in several big races. Ultimately, in 2009, Sanchez will be aiming for a victory in the Vuelta a Espana.


The departure of Mikel Astarloza means an increased role for Igor Anton. A strong climber, he will be expected to be Sanchez's chief lieutenant in the Vuelta. His time trialing so weak he will undoubtedly be aggressive in the mountains. He will also lead the team in several of the earlier season races such as Paris - Nice.


Koldo Fernández de Larrea is the teams best sprinter and cobbled racer. Despite this, the team is not expecting much from him in the cobbled classics. They are however expecting several stage victories. Depending on his form and competition, a points classification in the Vuelta could be possible.


Egoi Martinez is yet another skilled climber. With the team plans not completely settled, Martinez's role has yet to be determined, but it is certain that he will play a big role. He will likely lead the team in some smaller races and help aid Anton and Sanchez in other races. Additionally KOM points will likely be his goal.

These four riders are not all Euskaltel -Euskadi has to offer. Keep an eye on the aggressive climber Amets Txurruka and sprinter Iñaki Isasi to impress this season.

Season Goals:
Win Vuelta Ciclista al PaĂ­s Vasco
Top 5 Clásica San Sebastián-San Sebastián
Stage Win(s) Tour de France
Top 3 Vuelta a España
Top 10 Tirreno - Adriatico
Top 10 Eneco Tour

Season Secondary Sponsors:

Obviously, no Euskaltel - Euskadi riders, but here are the results of the Australian National Championships. The Tour Down Under will be posted probably tomorrow.


1) Michael Rogers
2) Baden Cooke
3) Cadel Evans

Road Race:

1) Simon Gerrans
2) Allan Davis
3) Stuart O'Grady
Good luck with this team! Love their jerseys!

And, why didn't you recruited some additional riders? 21 men in squad is too little I think. What strategy will you use about countries? Will you sign only basques or ...?
Jerseymaker from Russia


It is a small squad, especially since I removed Landaluze and Astarloza. Because of its size, I am not going to race the Giro. Next year, when I have recruited more cyclists I will ride all three GTs.

Also, I will try to do my best to only sign Basques. It is the only region I plan on scouting and I already have a shortlist of Basque riders to try to recruit.
Edited by Cerrano on 05-10-2009 06:31
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Try Martinez as Giro leader with Txurruka/Verdugo as liutenants. That would be fun.
Cerrano wrote:
Because of its size, I am not going to race the Giro. Next year, when I have recruited more cyclists I will ride all three GTs.


Start List:

1. S.Devolder
2. S.Chavanel
3. A.Davis
4. S.De Jongh
5. K.Hovelynck
6. K.Van Impe
7. W.Weylandt

Caisse d'Epargne
11. J.Gutiérrez
12. A.Charteau
13. A.Coyot
14. C.GarcĂ­a Acosta
15. A.Jeanneson
16. P.Lastras
17. M.PĂ©rez

21. A.Ballan
22. M.Bandiera
23. V.Buts
24. F.Gavazzi
25. Man.Mori
26. M.Sapa
27. S.Spilak

31. Ă“.Freire
32. L.Boom
33. G.Brown
34. M.De Maar
35. R.Flens
36. M.Hayman
37. J.Posthuma

Saxo Bank
41. K.Arvesen
42. M.Goss
43. F.Høj
44. D.Klemme
45. K.Klostergaard
46. M.Ljungqvist
47. A.Rasmussen

51. M.Ignatiev
52. L.Bodrogi
53. P.Brutt
54. A.Markov
55. L.Mazzanti
56. G.Mikhailov
57. S.Vandenbergh

Française des Jeux
61. S.Casar
62. S.Chavanel
63. A.Geslin
64. T.Gudsell
65. A.GĂ©rard
66. S.Joly
67. W.Sulzberger

Team Columbia
71. E.Boasson Hagen
72. M.Burghardt
73. B.Grabsch
74. A.Hansen
75. M.Pinotti
76. M.Renshaw
77. V.Reynès

81. N.Roche
82. R.Dion
83. M.Elmiger
84. S.Hinault
85. T.Kangert
86. A.Pliuschin
87. S.Poulhiès

91. D.Herrero
92. C.Castaño
93. H.Espasandin
94. D.Ferández
95. D.GarcĂ­a Dapena
96. V.Isaychev
97. I.Raña

101. A.Noè
102. V.Agnoli
103. K.Carlström
104. C.Corioni
105. M.Fischer
106. B.Vandborg
107. A.Vanotti

Bouygues Télécom
111. P.FĂ©drigo
112. Y.Arashiro
113. F.Bouyer
114. A.Labbe
115. L.Lefèvre
116. A.Pichot
117. P.Rolland

121. X.Florencio
122. S.Gerrans
123. R.Hammond
124. A.Klier
125. B.Lancaster
126. M.Reimer
127. H.Roulston

LPR Brakes
131. L.Bernucci
132. C.Cucinotta
133. S.Marinangeli
134. F.Negri
135. A.Ongarato
136. D.Pietropolli
137. A.Spezialetti

141. K.Fernández de Larrea
142. J.AramendĂ­a
143. J.Azanza
144. A.Galdos
145. M.Irizar
146. I.Isasi
147. A.PĂ©rez

151. T.Vaitkus
152. A.Bazayev
153. V.Dimitriev
154. M.Iglinskiy
155. R.Kireyev
156. G.Rast
157. M.Schär

Garmin - Slipstream
161. D.Pate
162. J.Dean
163. T.Lowe
164. C.Meyer
165. C.Sutton
166. S.Tuft
167. B.Wiggins

Silence - Lotto
171. S.Scheirlinckx
172. K.De Haes
173. G.Gardeyn
174. L.Hoste
175. S.Lang
176. R.Sentjens
177. G.Van Avermaet

Serramenti PVC
181. F.Ginanni
182. M.Belletti
183. R.Bertogliati
184. F.De Bonis
185. M.Gavazzi
186. A.Loddo
187. L.Solari

Fuji - Servetto
191. B.Shpilevsky
192. E.Capecchi
193. H.Clarke
194. J.Del Nero
195. A.Durán
196. A.Tonti
197. D.Viganò

201. J.El Fares
202. H.Duclos-Lassalle
203. S.Dumoulin
204. C.Kern
205. N.Sijmens
206. R.Taaramäe
207. T.Valentin

Team Milram
211. C.Knees
212. G.Ciolek
213. M.Eichler
214. M.MĂĽller
215. W.Stroetinga
216. P.Voss
217. P.Wrölich

221. B.Cooke
222. R.Honig
223. M.Marcato
224. M.Pronk
225. B.Traksel
226. F.Veuchelen
227. A.Vierhouten

Stage 1: Norwood - Mawson Lakes: 140 km


The first stage of the Tour Down Under is a fairly flat stage, obviously favoring the sprinters. Koldo Fernández de Larrea entered the race as the Esukaltel - Euskadi team leader. He was a pre-stage favorite alongside Oscar Freire (Rabbobank) and Gerald Ciolek (Team Milram). The hometown favorites would be the Aussie Allan Davis (Quick·Step) and the young Matthew Goss (Team Saxo Bank).

Javier AramendĂ­a and Brian Vandborg (Liquigas) lead the breakaway of 17 riders.

Euskaltel decided to send Javier AramendĂ­a on the break with the goal of gaining KOM points. Also, if the opportunity arose, he was to go for a stage victory. He was able to accomplish the first goal by winning both mountain sprints, taking the maximum four points on the stage.

However, the break never managed to gain that much time, as the Caisse d'Epargne controlled the pace of the peloton. At most, the break had a 3'30" lead.

Despite working hard during the stage, GCE did not have a top 10 finisher.

The break was finally reeled in with over 20 km left. This meant that the stage would end in a mass sprint, so Euskaltel - Euskadi began to organize its riders for a sprint train. The team brought strong sprinters to the race due its relatively flat profile. They arranged themselves in the following order; Aitor Galdos, Iñaki Isasi, then Koldo Fernández de Larrea.

The Euskaltel - Euskadi sprint train.

The effectiveness of the sprint train drew the attention of Oscar Freire who ominously was on the wheel of Fernández de Larrea. However, Freire's legs didn't seem up to the task today. The effective lead out of his teammates gave Fernández de Larrea the stage victory. His and his team's first of the season.

Fernández de Larrea leads the sprint around the final corner.

Fernández de Larrea crossing the line first.

Stage Results:

1 Koldo Fernández de Larrea Euskaltel - Euskadi 3h35'02
2 Ă“scar Freire Rabobank s.t.
3 Allan Davis Quick·Step s.t.
4 Gerald Ciolek Team Milram s.t.
5 Matthew Goss Team Saxo Bank s.t.
6 Iñaki Isasi Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
7 Aitor Galdos Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.

8 Christopher Sutton Garmin - Slipstream s.t.
9 Daniele Pietropolli LPR Brakes Farnese Vini s.t.
10 Bobbie Traksel Vacansoleil Pro Cycling Team s.t.

19 Javier AramendĂ­a Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
66 Alan PĂ©rez Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
70 Markel Irizar Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
89 Jorge Azanza Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.

1 Javier AramendĂ­a Euskaltel - Euskadi 4 4
2 Adam Hansen Team Columbia - High Road 1 1
3 Brian Vandborg Liquigas 1 1

1 Koldo Fernández de Larrea Euskaltel - Euskadi 25 25
2 Ă“scar Freire Rabobank 22 22
3 Allan Davis Quick·Step 20 20

1 Koldo Fernández de Larrea Euskaltel - Euskadi 3h34'56
2 Ă“scar Freire Rabobank + 2
3 Leif Hoste Silence - Lotto + 3
4 Kevin Van Impe Quick·Step s.t.
5 Allan Davis Quick·Step + 4
Edited by Cerrano on 06-10-2009 20:54
very nice report...hope you recognize it´s easy to win for you and switch to hard very soon Wink
Good start
When Nothing goes rigth, go left...
beagle: Thanks. I do plan on upping the difficulty to hard soon. I am still fairly new to PCM and to the team.

ursul: Thanks.


Stage 2: Hanhdorf - Stirling: 148 km


Again classified as a flat stage, the second stage of the Tour Down Under should be a little more interesting. The three hills at the end of the stage, including an uphill finish may be a challenge for the sprinters to deal with.

In the first half of the race, no breakaway was able to truly establish itself. A group of 8 riders, including Edvald Boasson Hagen (Team Columbia), Gregory Rast (Astana), and Sylvain Chavanel (Quick·Step), was quickly pulled back in.

Javier AramendĂ­a tried to attack as well, but was never able to establish anything concrete. He also failed in gaining maximum KOM points, as Alessandro Ballan (Lampre) made his presence felt for the first time this season wearing the rainbow jersey.

AramendĂ­a can't compete with the Ballan's pedigree on the only mountain sprint of the stage.

Things were quiet until the peloton hit the first of the three hills. Here, an attack by Bert Grabsch (Team Columbia) was launched. His sudden attack left everyone in its wake. However, this ultimately hurt him, as he was alone against the field with a great deal of the race left.

Grabsch managed a 4 minute lead before succumbing to fatigue in the Australian sun.

The hills and the heat took their toll on the Euskaltel riders as well. With the exception of Koldo Fernández de Larrea, who was being protected all day, the rest of the riders were near the end of their stamina. This would mean, no sprint train could be formed. Fortunately, Fernández de Larrea found the wheel of Eros Capecchi (Fuji - Servetto).

Fernández de Larrea aiming for his second victory of the early season.

Unfortunately, the uphill finish was too much for the Basque sprinter, who could never overtake the young Italian. As well, Nico Sijmens (Cofidis) managed to cross the line first. Also, I unfortunately forgot to get a photo of the finish Rolling Eyes

Stage Results:
1 Eros Capecchi Fuji - Servetto 4h04'11
2 Nico Sijmens Cofidis, le crédit en ligne s.t.
3 Koldo Fernández de Larrea Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
4 Murilo Fischer Liquigas s.t.
5 Simon Gerrans Cervélo Test Team s.t.
6 José Iván Gutiérrez Caisse d'Epargne s.t.
7 Sylvain Chavanel Quick·Step s.t.
8 Kurt-Asle Arvesen Team Saxo Bank s.t.
9 Stijn Devolder Quick·Step s.t.
10 Greg Van Avermaet Silence - Lotto s.t.

25 Aitor Galdos Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
28 Markel Irizar Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
65 Iñaki Isasi Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
88 Javier AramendĂ­a Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
98 Jorge Azanza Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
104 Alan PĂ©rez Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.

1 Javier AramendĂ­a Euskaltel - Euskadi 1 5
2 Alessandro Ballan Lampre - N.G.C 2 2
3 Brian Vandborg Liquigas 0 1

1 Koldo Fernández de Larrea Euskaltel - Euskadi 20 45
2 Nico Sijmens Cofidis, le crédit en ligne 22 31
3 Ă“scar Freire Rabobank 8 30

1 Koldo Fernández de Larrea Euskaltel - Euskadi 7h39'05
2 Eros Capecchi Fuji - Servetto + 2
3 Ă“scar Freire Rabobank + 3
4 Nico Sijmens Cofidis, le crédit en ligne + 4
5 Allan Davis Quick·Step s.t.
Edited by Cerrano on 07-10-2009 03:49
Nice report , nice screenshots.Keep it up!
Do you think you can hold with Fernandes on penultimate stage?
Jerseymaker from Russia


Awesome start!
Batista15: Thanks.

Maximka: I'm not sure. There are a couple of guys like Ballan, Ignatiev, Gutiérrez that I am worried about in Stage 5. Fernández is pretty decent on hills and hopefully I can give him enough protection to make it through without losing too much time.

chrica04: Thanks.


Stage 3: Unley - Victory Harbor: 136 km


Stage 3 presented much of the same as it is pretty flat. Once again Koldo Fernández de Larrea was to be counted as one of the pre-stage favorites. Unlike the previous stage, there is no uphill finish to deal with. Additionally, it was Euskaltel - Euskadi's plan to send Javier Aramendía in the break to consolidate his hold on the KOM jersey.

A large break away formed today. Totally 22 riders.

Javier AramendĂ­a was able to win the first mountain sprint before the peloton pulled the break away back in. A break of that size was too dangerous for any of the teams to allow it to gain any significant time gap. However, Edvald Boasson Hagen, who has been very active in the breaks so far, and Tomas Vaitkus (Astana) made a bid for the stage victory.

The two riders working to fend off the peloton.

However, the combined work of the peloton made it impossible for the riders to gain more than 3.5 minutes and once again, the stage would end in a mass sprint. Unlike yesterday, the Euskaltel riders had enough energy to form a sprint train in an attempt to shoot Fernández de Larrea to another victory.

The E-E sprint train in a dominant position with 3 km to go.

Showing mid-season form, the sprint train was extremely effective as it muscled its way to first position with 3 km left. With 1 km to go, Iñaki Isasi helped propel Fernández de Larrea forward. Then, disaster.

Fernández de Larrea crashes with victory in sight.

Coming around the final corner, Fernández de Larrea crashes, hard. Additionally, Allan Davis and Matthew Goss also go down in the chaos. This seemingly opened up the door for Oscar Freire, but he does not seem to have the legs in this first race of the season. Thankfully, Fernández de Larrea was able to get up in time to avoid any time splits. Bobbie Traksel (Vacansoleil) was able to avoid the carnage to win the stage.

A close finish leaves Freire out in the cold again.

Stage Results:
1 Bobbie Traksel Vacansoleil Pro Cycling Team 3h20'31
2 Nico Sijmens Cofidis, le crédit en ligne s.t.
3 Greg Van Avermaet Silence - Lotto s.t.
4 Ă“scar Freire Rabobank s.t.
5 Martin Elmiger AG2R La Mondiale s.t.
6 Sébastien Chavanel Française des Jeux s.t.
7 Baden Cooke Vacansoleil Pro Cycling Team s.t.
8 Vicente Reynès Team Columbia - High Road s.t.
9 Aitor Galdos Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
10 Iñaki Isasi Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.

34 Koldo Fernández de Larrea Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
64 Markel Irizar Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
82 Jorge Azanza Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
145 Javier AramendĂ­a Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
151 Alan PĂ©rez Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.

1 Javier AramendĂ­a Euskaltel - Euskadi 2 7
2 Alessandro Ballan Lampre - N.G.C 0 2
3 Tomas Vaitkus Astana Cycling Team 2 2

1 Nico Sijmens Cofidis, le crédit en ligne 22 53
2 Ă“scar Freire Rabobank 18 48
3 Koldo Fernández de Larrea Euskaltel - Euskadi 0 45

1 Bobbie Traksel Vacansoleil Pro Cycling Team 10h59'35
2 Nico Sijmens Cofidis, le crédit en ligne + 1
3 Koldo Fernández de Larrea Euskaltel - Euskadi s.t.
4 Eros Capecchi Fuji - Servetto + 3
5 Ă“scar Freire Rabobank + 4
You have start fast and win fast! great!
When Nothing goes rigth, go left...
Good team and good story!
good story. Hopefully you can keep Sammy Sanchez after his season.
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