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Weekly News #8

We're back with another update on this week's news - and this week, we've quite a lot new and updated databases for you :)

PCMGeeks releases their first DB
Even though the Danish website, PCMGeeks, has had quite a few database projects they had yet to finish one. That, however, changed when the new crew-member, Aab'eren, released "PCMGeeks 07DB" which is a pretty ordinary 2007 database. It contains the updated teams with their new jerseys, including the new Tinkof-team with Tyler Hamilton - and that's pretty much it. If you don't need extra teams and a lot of graphical work, it's worth a try.

Lots of historical databases
At this point, it's actually the historical databases which are the most popular. Lots of different historical databases are currently being released, and this week is a perfect example of that.

First of all, Nono29 released a 2002 DB which are based on the Tour de France of 2002. Therefore, it does of course also contain the tour of 2002 which are true to real life.

We can also welcome the "1903-1996 DB" to the family of historical databases. This DB collects the best riders through the times from each country and places them in their national team. This means that you'll now be able to find out if Armstrong really was a better rider than Eddy Merckx and Hinault ;)

And if you're still not tired of the old stars you can try out the new 1976 DB which - as the name says - brings you back to 1976. It "only" contains the teams and riders from back, but it's still an experience.

The second version of 1997 DB by JanUllrick was also released this week. Like JanUllrick's other historical databases, it contains almost everything to make the game look as much like 1997 as possible. It contains several stages from back then, the original photos, lots of other graphical work - and the teams and riders, of course.
We've also uploaded the latest versions of his two other historical databases, the 2003-one and the one from 1996. Both seems pretty completed, and I don't think we'll see more updates on those two. Both packs contain exactly what I mentioned when I described the 1997 DB - and both are also really worth a try.

Basso will win the Giro 'd Italia 2007
Today, our poll concerning the Giro 'd Italia 2007 ended. And 48 % of you have predicted that the new Discovery Channel-rider Ivan Basso will win the Giro for 2nd year in row. However, according to you, Damiano Cunego will also have a chance. Last year, Damiano Cunego declared that he'll focus completely on the Giro this year which means that he's ready to burn out completely. Ivan Basso, however, will also ride Tour de France which is his primary goal - and that might give Cunego a chance. He got 37 % of your votes.

You can see the full results here: http://www.pcmdaily.com/infusions/member_poll_panel/polls_archive.php

PCM.daily sponsors 1980 database
Today, we decided to sponsor Capstardk's new project, a 1980 database. This means that Capstar from now on will keep you, the visitors of PCM.daily, updated on his project through PCM.daily. Also, PCM.daily will release the database exclusively when it's done.

Capstardk is currently seeking for people to help him with making jerseys. Read more by clicking "Project information".

Site updates
A new poll has been added to the site. Naturally, you can now predict who wll win the Tour de France 2007!

We're trying to improve the website as much as possible, and this week we've made a new function available for you. For those of you who're using RSS-Feeds you can now also add our website. We've added RSS to our News and Downloads-section which means that you can now watch the 10 latest news and downloads without even having to open up the site.

We've also decided to close our Downloads section for non-members. You will now have to register to the website to use our downloads-section. All other functions which were available for guest before are still available without registration, though.

In addition to the 1980 DB which is now a PCM.daily-sponsored project, we will soon be able to present another project. It is still top-secret, and we can ensure you that you will be surprised positively when we present it.

Weekly News #7
NewsI'm very sorry about these very late weekly news, but this week has simply been too busy. However, now, time has come to last week's latest news!

Another Benelux DB
Yet another DB, based on Benelux teams and riders, has been released - one must admit that it's a pretty productive community. This new DB, Belgian Talents DB, is a fine piece of work, containing a whole lot of new (and pretty unknown/ teams and riders, primarily based on Belgian and Dutch nationalities. The DB also contains new stages and tours which the young boys from Belgium normally would go through during a season. In addition to that you'll - of course - also get a new set of textures so you can enjoy the shirts of the new teams.

So, if you're interested in the upcoming elite of cycling, this DB is really worth a try. A lot of work has been put into the DB, and it's without a doubt a great addition to the community.

PPDB will be released soon
Okay, it might not be the final version which is released soon, but a beta version will definately be released around this time, according to the main leader of the PPDB-project, PlakkerNL: "Don't make yourself nervous guys, a beta-release will be around here very soon. Just hold your horses."

However, this could also indicate that we will not see a public release for at least another month. But we can always hope that it's worth the time ;)

New 2007 DBs in progress
The most visible 2007 DB - except for the ones already released - are currently the Ultrabase 2007 DB. It's made by the Belgian community member, Joekill, along with PatrickCM. Currently, we don't know much about the project, but the screenshots released looks good. The DB will - of course - contain all the ordinary teams, but they're also working on implenting smaller teams as seen in the PPDB.

Another 2007 DB in progress is the PCMGeeks 07DB. It'll not be larded with everything, but it'll contain what is needed to run a pretty realistic 2007 DB - the new teams and riders. It's expected to be released around the start of February.

Titan05-project searching for beta testers
Titan 05 is a pretty ambitious project which will try to relive the 2005 season. It'll contain everything - stages, riders, teams, real faces of the riders, etc., and the project is now searching for beta testers to look through the DB.

It's expected to have around 130 teams with 2500 riders. It's set to be released late April, and if you want to test the database, send your application to me and I'll pass it on to T-Photon who's the project leader.
Weekly News #6

Another week has passed, and we're as always ready to update you with the latest news on the PCM-scene.

New version of the RSM News DB
Last week we reported you about the RSM News DB 2007. Since then, it has grown and has become quite popular. Today, the 1.2-version was released, fixing a few issues. First of all, the transfers have been updated up until the 21nd of January. It also includes the jerseys which were missing in the former database, and it adds two new teams.

Find the DB in our Downloads section.

Contract bug finally fixed - Save Game Editor 1.2 released
Another try to fix the contract bug in the Save Game Editor by Jape has been initiated. With the release of 1.2 version the contract bug should now definately be solved. Also, this new version can handle larger DB's, f.e. the PCM Spain pack.

Try it out by finding it in our Downloads -> Database Editors section.

Benelux DB - update for PCM Spain's DB 2
As we reported last week, a Benelux version of the PCM Spain DB has been released. Today, a small update to it was released, fixing a few issues with the stats. It's not a major breakthrough, but if you're a first time user, try it out.

Download link: http://www.pcmdaily.com/downloads.php?cat_id=1&download_id=107

Site updates
As you might have noticed you'll now see a "Latest Downloads"-panel in the right side of this website. This way, you can easily see what we've uploaded for you, and how many times it has been downloaded.

We've also changed the design of the Web Links-section. It now looks pretty similar to the Articles-section - and much nicer than before. Check it out! :)

We've also experienced a bit of downtime which was somewhat expected (see "Weekly News #5"). It should be over now, though.

Cyclocross Manager 2006 released!

The much awaited first version of Cyclocross Manager 2006 has now finally been released. The original released even had a bug which meant they had to reupload it, but it should be fine now.

The Cyclocross Manager 2006-pack is a very innovative project which changes your road cycling game into a cyclocross game, f.e. by having the real riders and teams of the cyclocross world. It also contains c. 100 new stages which are true to real cyclocross races, sponsors, pictures of the riders - and a set of new textures to make it all look more like cyclocross than road cycling.

It's definately worth a try if you're tired of the original game. The gameplay is - of course - pretty much the same, but with totally new stages, teams and riders the game should be worth trying again.

Click read more to see a couple of screenshots.
Download it from our downloads section by following this link: http://www.pcmdaily.com/downloads.php?cat_id=1&download_id=105

Weekly News #5
NewsHello and welcome to the 5th edition of the Weekly News - and this time we do actually have something to report about ;)

Cyclocross Manager to be released today
After a week's waiting and still no DB, the team decided to set a new release date: Today, the 14th of January 2007 23:59. With two passed deadlines, we can't be sure, of course, but we can always hope...

New 2007 database
As mentioned on our forum, a new 2007 DB was released yesterday by a German group of DB-makers - but don't worry, Ullrich is not overrated like he is in other German databases - he's not even in the database.
The team has focused on realism, and since Jan Ullrich doesn't have a license he has simply been removed. Other features are of course updated teams with transfers updated up until the 1st of January 2007.

The database, RSM News DB 2007, can be downloaded from our Downloads -> Database-section.

Benelux DB - update for PCM Spain's DB
A new unofficial update for the PCM Spain-DB has been released. It updates to original 2006 DB to a 2007-DB, meaning that the teams now have been updated with the transfers they've made. Also, a couple of new teams has been introduced, primarily teams from the Benelux-area. However, it does also contain teams from other countries, f.e. Hamilton's new team, Tinkof from Italy.

Remember that the DB is unofficial (meaning that it's made by one outside the PCM Spain-team), and that you need the original two packs to use this one. All three can be downloaded from our Downloads -> Database-section.

Expected down time?
I was told by my host that the site's SQL-server might could be down during this weekend, but since I haven't experienced anything at all it's either delayed - or I've been lucky.
If any other has experienced down time, we're sorry ;)


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