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The PCM Prediction/Fantasy Season has began!
NewsAnd so it begins!

Less than 2 days ago I posted this topic launching the fantasy season. Taking in all the races in the default database each participant chose a team and 25 riders from several categories, in the hope of picking the best squad.

SportingNonsense, Crommy, Doddy13, Panaflex, SidGarcia, Addy291, Frink_RSA, CrueTrue, Dejacobs and RobbieMcewenFan.
These 10 have chosen their squads and will take part, if you are not one of them you may still enter but be quick, you will not gain any points from races that have taken place before you pick your team, so as to avoid cheating.

The Riders
Inevitably some riders were picked a lot so I have decided to post the full stats of some of the popular riders.
Click here to see the top riders

How to Keep Informed
The best way to keep informed would of course be to regularly check the topic, although I plan to announce the standings before the season begins Le Tour and then again at the end as the official results are announced.

Good Luck!
Weekly News #15
NewsSorry for the delay, but as you have noticed we have been busy with hiring new crew and securing you the very first news on PCM3 ;) PCM2 is still the game we play, though, so here's the weekly news from around the PCM community.

Malware reports
I've noticed that some files are told to be infected with Trojan:Win32. This is a problem which only happens with the free antivirus program, Avast!. I've tested the "infected" files with several other anti virus programs (including Norton, AVG, Kaspersky and another one), and none of them says that the file is infected. Therefore, I've concluded that it is a problem with Avast! - not the files ;)

Site reaches 1000 members
During the last week we finally reached the magical 1000 members. To me, as the site owner, that means a lot and is really motivating. I would like to thank all our members and the crew of the site. I hope the progress will continue, so that we can become even more active than we already are. It is, of course, our ultimate goal to be the best and most active PCM-website on the internet.
Again – thanks a lot! :)

Site improvements
As you know we are constantly evaluating the website, simply because there’s always something which can be done better. This time, we have decided to remove the restrictions on our Articles-section, meaning that non-members now also can read our articles.

Our new British crew-member, SportingNonsence, has already proved to be of much worth. He has created some new icons for our Screenshot section and has also contributed with a couple of new screenshots.

Check them out by clicking “Screenshots” in the menu.

More new background
As you might have noticed we have added three new backgrounds to our download section. One of them is showing pictures of the popular Formula One driver Felipe Massa and it's definitely worth trying if you're a Formula One fan and want to mix your interests ;)

You can get them by clicking "Downloads" -> "Backgrounds"

Shirts package released
It's been a long time underway - actually, ala_blanca announced his project on PCM.daily on the 4th of February – but now it’s here: The Ultimate 2007 Shirts Package. It includes hundreds of new 2007 shirts, including both normal and champion-jerseys. Currently, it’s only a 0.5 version so there’s still a lot of work to do.

Get the pack from our Downloads -> Graphics section.

New fix for PPDB Europe 2006
After the Final Release PlakkerNL still thought he had to fix one thing: The Invitation System. This is what the official descriptions says: "It takes care of the invitationsystem for the 3 Big Tours, your emails are now accepted and the messages that the Tours are closed for subscription are gone.
Also you will now have the exact 2006 wildcards in all Pro Tour races. You can ask for one yourself by simply applying in the calendar-screen, no longer by email.
This new system also eliminates the chance of crashes in the 6th or 7th year, where the original Cya-system becomes very vulnarable for crashes"

Get it from our Downloads -> Databases – 2006 section

Vardavagor's Season Planner v1.1
Last week, a German season planner was released. It can be used to keep track of your riders’ condition, so when you have typed in the details your entire season is planned ;) The program is in English and can also be used to change the racing schedules of your riders.

You can download it from our Downloads -> Misc.-section

Forum initiatives
Since we opened a forum for stories some of our members have decided to tell you about what’s going on in their careers. For example, you can read about Red Bull’s investment in the cycling scene (written by SportingNonsense) or Crommy’s 2012-team Cycling24. They are both really exciting and can be read in our Stories-section: http://www.pcmdaily.com/forum/viewforum.php?forum_id=18

Two prediction games have also been started. The first one is started by doddy13 and is based on the real world of cycling. You have to predict the top three of the Pro Tour-races and will be given points according to your prediction (compared to the real results).
Read more here: http://www.pcmdaily.com/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=11&thread_id=202

The other one is made by our own SportingNonsence. That one, however, is based on Pro Cycling Manager results. Except from that the concept is pretty much the same as doddy13’s. You can read more here:
Pro Cycling Manager 07/08 Interview!
Other GamesIt's finally here! The very first information about the upcoming version of our favorite game, Pro Cycling Manager. We have been in talks with one of the Cyanide employees, Clément Pinget, and that resulted in an interview which give you an idea of what is to be expected from the new 07/08 version.

To read the exclusive interview with Clément Pinget just click the "Articles"-link the left menu.

... Have a pleasant day ;)

PS. We will of course have our traditional weekly news later.
Downright Nonsense!

Hey there,

 It’s been quite an exciting week for cycling fans all over the globe.
We've witnessed Contador running rings around Rebellin en route to Nice, Klöden  Making Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan as well as Freire getting the better of “Ale Jet” and “Tornado Tom”

Welcome SportingNonsense
More importantly though, I’m glad to announce that SportingNonsense has joined our staff here at PCM.daily. He’s a 15-year-old student from Great Britain who’s been playing PCM 2006 and its predecessors for more than 2 years and has doubtlessly gained a great deal of knowledge about this game. 

2007 Databases
On a completely other note, we’re expecting the release of numerous 2007 databases in the near future among others by French Cycling Event team (link), team PCMSpain  (link), team Ultrabase (link) as well as German database savant Schütz.

We will of course follow up on these stories in our Weekly News (which will be posted on the 26th)

Panaflex joins the crew!

I'm proud to introduce a new crew member: Panaflex. He hasn't been a member of this site for long, but with his great knowledge about PCM, his linguistic skills and his helpfulnes it's obvious to everyone that he's a perfect guy to have in the crew. 
Panaflex will help out on a lot of different areas. Since he's a part of many different PCM-communities he's able to "catch" news from other parts than the English-spoken, and hopefully that will benefit you, the members. Also, we are currently working on a new initiative which he will be a big part of.

About Panaflex:
He's a 22-year-old German, living in Berlin, but studying International Business Adminstration in Frankfurt, Germany. He speaks a lot of different languages, and that, as I mentioned before, makes him able to participate in other PCM-communities than the English ones.

Still searching, though
Even though we have hired one doesn't mean we are done hiring. If you feel like being a part of a growing PCM-website send me an application in which you explain why we should hire you and what you can offer. You can contact me by sending me a private message (PM) or by clicking "Contact" in the left side.


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