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Weekly News #17

Even though I have been a little ill last week we still have the weekly news to do ;)

Story round up
Last week was a little sad for our newly started story section. The most viewed story, the T-Mobile Story by Alex134, was stopped because of a PCM-reinstall. We also had to say goodbye to the Red Bull Cycling Team-story by SportingNonsence, because it was too time-consuming.

On a more positive note, Crommy has now started his 2nd story. The new one is about Credit Agricolé and is more visually based than any other story so far. Check it out here.

Want to start a story yourself? Go to our story-forum.

New, interesting 2007 DB
Another 2007 database has been released. I haven't heard other people mention it, but it does actually seem quite good and substantial. "Stanosbase07" is made by a Dutch forum member called Stanos Libre, and it contains - apart from the traditionals, of course - lots of graphical extras, the new World Championship-route, new sponsors, manager photos, 2007 calendar, etc.. The only con seems to be that the race names are in Dutch.

The DB is currently not available from PCM.daily, but it has its own website where you can find a lot more information and the download link. The website is in Dutch, but it should be partly understandable. Visit it here: http://www.stanoslibre.com/

05 Titan DB to be released soon
A pretty ambitious historical database project is close to be released. The Titan05 Database will be a database based on the year of 2005 and will contain around 140 teams, 2500 riders, new equipment, more secondary sponsors, criteriums and much more.

The beta has just been released to the beta testers. It's expected to be released around the end of May.

Another ambitious 2007 project
As announced on our forum, the German CyM Team has decided to make a 2007 database. With the database, they will open up a new website which - apart from hosting their database - will contain articles about how to make jerseys, databases, and more.

The database will contain a huge rider pictures pack, real faces of a lot of the riders in-game, 2007 race calendar, 2007 profiles / editions of a lot of races, and a lot more.

You can read more on our forum or by clicking here.

Rasmu89 finishes his DB
Yep, it actually happened. Rasmu89 has announced that the v5 patch for his 2007 DB is the last one, and he considers his database completed .... but (yes, you guessed it) - a bug has just been found with the salaries, and that requires a new patch to be released.

Whenever he's done we will host his complete project here. But as long as the DB has a new patch out every day we will just wait until it calms down ;)


Thanks a lot for reading. And since you have used time on reading the above I have a little gift for you ;) During this week, we - the crew - hope to announce a new initiative which we have been working on for a few weeks. Look forward to it - it's innovative :)

RSM News DB 2007 1.4 Released!
DownloadsA new version of the database voted the most popular in our last poll has been released.

RSM News DB 2007 1.4 includes even more updated transfers and includes the new 2007 UCI race calendar. The update also comes with updated versions of Paris Nice, Tirreno Adriatico, Tour de Suisse and many more.

It has been uploaded to our database and can be downloaded from the following link: http://www.pcmdaily.com/downloads.php?cat_id=13&download_id=120
Two new articles

Our two crew members, Alex153 and SportingNonsence, have worked on two new articles for you. SportingNonsence has given his look upon the upcoming Tour de France. He look at the different PT-teams and their chances of having success. In addition to that, he also guess at who will be given the different wildcards and a top-10 overall prediction.

Give it a read by clicking here.

Alex153's article will be a monthly tradition. Each month, Alex will write about the upcoming Pro Tour-races and give us an idea of what to expect. This month is quite long since we have seven PT-races.

Check it out here.

(Both articles can be found in "Off Topic-articles")

Weekly News #16

Hello and welcome to this week's news. I hope you all got through the "false" April-news and still have confidence in the news we bring ;)

The April Fools
As expected, we were not the only ones who tried to fool our visitors. All around the PCM / Cycling-communities people were "fooled" (some better than others). PPDB announced that they would release a 3-in-1 Diamond Database which would bring the Amateur 2006 Season, the professional road season and the 2006 cyclocross season into one database. That would be possible because of a new program which could switch between three databases. The DB would be released between 8 and 9 am. Sunday morning - and Sunday morning, it was announced that it all just was a joke ;)

Later that day, a forum member of PPDB, Mutabor, announced another april fools' joke. According to the joke he had managed to disassemble the code of PCM, making it possible to change PCM in all areas - f.e. by removing StarForce, extending the database, etc..

PCMNorge.com also tried to fool their members. According to the site owner Cyanide had invited all their fan sites to a meeting at Cyanide's head quaters. To the "trip" the sites could bring one of their active members if they wanted to. To be choosed for the trip you had to write a message to PCMNorge's owner and tell him why you should be the one to go.

One of the funniest - in my opinion, that is - was made by PCMBenelux who at their frontpage announced that they would change the forum design. When entering the forum you noticed that everything had changed into a pink, Valentine-alike design. That lasted for the entire day ;)

PCMGeeks.dk announced that they would release a 2007 "Titan" DB which would include 2500 riders and 150 teams, 150 new races and lots of new equipment. As with the PPDB-joke the DB was only going to be available between 17-18 pm.

The last one I managed to find was at the German website Cycling Manager.de. One of their members announced that the PCM 07-demo had been released and provided links for the demo. These links directed us to the PCM2-demo, though ;)

Finally Cyclingnews.com released a special edition of their news announcing that the 2009 tour prologue would be held in a shopping mall in Dubai, and would finish up an indoor ski slope. Among others they announced that Milan-San Remo would be extended t 400km and that Paris Roubaix will have an added points race. Click here  to read the full story.

The most popular DB is ...
Throughout last month we had a poll running about the DB you used. With 297 votes it was by far our most popular poll, and after PPDB Europe 2006 had been in the lead for a very long time the RSM News DB 1.3 finally overtook PPDB at the end and won. RSM News DB 1.3 is simply the most popular DB at PCM.daily currently. It took 25 % of the votes while PPDB Europe had to be content with 24 %.
A bit surprisingly PCMGeeks 07 took the 3rd place with 14 % of the votes. PCM-Spain's 2006 DB took 4th with 12 %. Also, it's worth mentioning that 13 % of you used another DB than the ones mentioned.

Panaflex suggested a new poll about who will win the Paris-Roubaix. That one has now started and will run until the start of the race. If you have any poll suggestions feel free to use our forum :)

German 2007 DB released
The 2007 databases simply keep on coming. Earlier this week, the German forum member Schütz (very German name, indeed :P) released the first version of his 2007 DB, Schütz DB 2007. It includes the basic stuff like the teams and names of 2007, but it does also include a new 2007 racing calendar, new 2007 photos of the riders and new season goals for the teams.

Read more and download it by clicking here!

World Championship in PCM2 still needs registrants
It seems like Japere's WC in PCM2-project isn't as succesful as it should be. He has now announced that the start will be postponed because of the lack of registrants - so if you're interesting in winning PCM2007, Loki or Winter Challenge (all games made by Cyanide) you can register by clicking the link below.

Go to the registration link - click here.

PCM.daily League gets going again
Our new crew member, SportingNonsence, kickstarted the PCM.daily League again with beating the - until now - undefeated PCM.daily League Champion Chuck. More games have been played after that, and Chuck has also revenged his loss by beating SportingNonsence in Milano - San Remo yesterday.

If you want to play a game yourself and participate in the league, just read the rules and create a topic in our forum. That way you might end up on the top of the standings.

You know it's April Fools' Day when...
NewsApril Fools' Day!

Thanks to SportingNonsense for his great article on the new PCM's "features" and
to me, Panaflex, for providing an appropriate eye-catcher (the covers).

April Fools Day

Johan Museeuw as the cover athlete? Yes, when pigs fly!

Click read more to read the full list of far-fetched figments, ermm I mean features.



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