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PCM.daily Awards: Here's the winners!

Ladies (if any...) and gentlemen... with the winner of Ballon d'Or having been announced, it's now time to proceed to the real awards, the one that y'all actually care about: the PCM.daily Awards 2013!

With 28 awards being handed out, it's the biggest 'show' yet. More chances of winning, more chances of taking more than one trophy home. Or, for the glass hallf empty-people, more chances of being utterly disappointed.

But let's get straight to it, beginning with the cycling awards.

Thanks a lot to emmea for the userbars for the awards winners. Much appreciated.

Cycling Awards

Classic of the Year: Milano - Sanremo (46 %). Runner up: Paris - Roubaix (30 %)

Stage (non GT) of the Year: 6th stage of Tirreno - Adriatico (71 %). Runner up: 5th stage of Tour Down Under (13 %)

Race (non GT) of the Year: Tirreno - Adriatico (51 %). Runner up: Eneco Tour (20 %)

Grand Tour Stage of the Year: 20th stage of Giro d'Italia (38 %). Runner up: 13th stage of Tour de France (37 %)

Grand Tour of the Year: Tour de France (38 %). Runner up: Giro d'Italia (37 %)

Team of the Year: Movistar (32 %). Runner up: Omega Pharma - Quickstep (27 %)

Surprise of the Year: Michal Kwiatkowski (45 %). Runner up: Christopher Horner (21 %)

Rider of the Year: Vincenzo Nibali (35 %). Runner up: Peter Sagan (29 %)

Management Game

Race of the Year: Tour de France (46 %). Runner up: Paris - Roubaix (31 %)

Team of the Year: Team Gazelle (53 %). Runner up: Tinkoff Bank / Wikipedia (24 %)
The DubbelDekker-led Team Gazelle has made an immediate impact on the Continental division since joining prior to this season. Despite being an all-new team, it's dominantly leading its division and can even compete with most Pro Continental teams.

Manager of the Year: roturn (38 %). Runner up: aidanvn13 (24 %)
roturn has been keeping the game going when SportingNonsense has had other things to do, has reported a lot of races, all of high quality, while keeping his own team thread up to date with interesting news. A huge contributor to the game.

Site Awards

Download of the Year: Lachi's Editor (44 %). Runner up: Jacky Durand's Sponsor Kits (26 %)

Database of the Year: PCM.daily's Expansion Pack (42 %). Runner up: PCM.daily's 2013 DB (35 %)

Stage Maker of the Year: Stylus (52 %). Runner up: emmea (22 %)
A dominant win for the Italian who dethronizes Pellizotti2 and keeps the double time winner emmea on safe distance on his way to the award.

Graphic Artist of the Year: anderspcm (50 %). Runner up: Jacky Durand (19 %)
The Dane's win was never really in danger, and anderspcm is thus rewarded for his great graphics work, primarily jerseys, throughout the year of 2013, not to mention his excellent team packs.

Jersey Designer of the Year: anderspcm (52 %). Runner up: aidanvn13 (20 %)
Despite arguably tougher competition, anderspcm takes his 2nd award in style. He may not be the most productive, but you can't put a finger on the quality of his works. Worth noting that he breaks Will007's dominance, having won the last 3 years.

Site Initiative of the Year: Weekly News (44 %). Runner up: Story of the Month (17 %)

Forum Thread of the Year: Sky Doping/Hate Thread by TheManxMissile (49 %). Runner up: General Career Discussion by Jesleyh (25 %)

Funniest Screenshot of the Year: Zombie Apocalypse! by Stromeon (69 %). Runner up: Time Advantage by Waghlon (15 %)

One-Rider Story of the Year: The Comeback by Mresuperstar (56 %). Runner up: Salvatore Puccio by andy222c (26 %)
Mresuperstar's story won the Story of the Month award back in November, but now takes the grand prize, taking over from 'A Tale of Two' that won last year.

Team Story of the Year: Nordic Cycling by Atlantius (34 %). Runner up: Team Type 1 by sutty68 (24 %)
In a relatively close race, Atlantius' Nordic Cycling, which has previously won the Story of the Month award in August, comes out on top.

Story Writer of the Year: Mresuperstar (33 %). Runner up: Ian Butler (29 %)
Three votes tips the award in favour of Mresuperstar who thereby takes the Stories Double. Also worth noting that no one has ever managed to win this award two years in a row.

Avatar of the Year: cactus-jack (45 %). Runner up: jt1109 (30 %)

Betting Champion of the Year: mbjerten (24,020 PCM$). Runner up: mosquito51 (5,800 PCM$)

Funniest Member of the Year: cactus-jack (36 %). Runner up: issoisso (35 %)
They fought it out until the very end, but it is a Norwegian that takes the very first award in this category by just two votes ahead of issoisso.

Most Helpful Member of the Year: lluuiiggii (61 %). Runner up: Lachi (20 %)
The Brazilian takes yet another dominant win and keeps the award that he won for the first time last year. Few will argue against this, considering lluuiiggii's help in all areas of the site.

Admin of the Year: Rin (28 %). Runner up: Pellizotti2 (20 %)
In a close contest, it is one of the newcomers in the crew that runs away with the top prize. The man of ideas and the man of downloads, Rin, wins with 4 votes ahead of Pellizotti2.

New Member of the Year: Shonak (27 %). Runner up: 547984 (26 %)
If any of the other polls were close, it's nothing compared to this won. Shonak wins with 1 vote ahead of 547984 and just 3 votes down to the rest of his competitors, Dippofix and welker3257. But a win is a win - just goes to show how lucky we've been in terms of new members last year.

Member of the Year: lluuiiggii (40 %). Runner up: Jesleyh (17 %)
Being extremely helpful and making the PCM.daily databases that's been used by pretty much everyone around this site, it's difficult to compete with lluuiiggii who wins for the 2nd year in row.

#1 | jseadog1 on 13. January 2014 22:04
Congrats all
#2 | TheManxMissile on 13. January 2014 22:09
Some really close votes, and some absolute runaways... Classic Daily Awards...
Grats to all the winners of course, you all obviously deserve them
#3 | Jakstar22 on 13. January 2014 22:15
Congratulations Guys. You guys really deserved them
#4 | 547984 on 13. January 2014 22:24

Yeah I just thought about that, I cannot imagine women being on a cycling manager forum. Pfft
#5 | emmea on 13. January 2014 22:28

#6 | Luis Leon Sanchez on 13. January 2014 22:28
true 547984.......very true......
#7 | Shonak on 13. January 2014 23:07
Congratulations to all the winners, and also congratulations to the nominees once more. Smile
#8 | Mresuperstar on 13. January 2014 23:42
Congrats to all the winners! Never would have thought when I joined the site that I would win the story writing double. It's really an honor. Thank You. (That's the best acceptance speech I got.) Smile
#9 | CountArach on 14. January 2014 01:10
Why wouldn't women be on this site? That's a fairly sexist assumption.

Congratulations to the winners.
#10 | aidanvn13 on 14. January 2014 05:11
Very happy with two runner-up results Grin There's absolutely no shame in coming up second to Roturn in MG and anderspcm. Congrats to all who won an award Smile
#11 | Jesleyh on 14. January 2014 05:54
4 nominations, no win.
Anyway, doesn't matter, even runner-up in Member of the Year, pretty awesome Wink
Congratz everyone!
#12 | Ian Butler on 14. January 2014 08:40
#11 6 nominations, no win
I've been slapped in the face Frown
Congrats to all winners, though. Especially the graphic double by anderspcm!
#13 | Stylus on 14. January 2014 09:50
I'm very happy for the result! Thanks to you all!
#14 | anderspcm on 14. January 2014 13:21
Great to see I won two awards, and congrats to all the other winners, seems like ´"I got "many of them right" Smile
#15 | Ollfardh on 14. January 2014 14:06
A few others deserved to win, but I guess the majority has spoken Wink
#16 | cactus-jack on 14. January 2014 16:45
Nominated for two awards, and two in the bag! Two for two, yay! Grin

Thanks to those who voted for me, I am quite surprised about the avatar-award aswell as the "Funniest member" since my main contribution here is just cocking about.

Now, how do I get those spendid golden bars of triumph as a signature?Angry
#17 | Ian Butler on 14. January 2014 17:49
Yeah, I'm buying a block calendar with a joke a day. Going for Funniest member 2014 Pfft
#18 | Lachi on 14. January 2014 18:16
Congrats to all the winners.

@Ian Butler: Maybe you should focus on one area. Just joking. Being nominated 6 times is big enough.

@cactus-jack: Right-click the bar and copy the image link. Then do it like this:

Or if you want to link to a thread:

#19 | Stromeon on 14. January 2014 20:46
Is it intentional that the banner for Funniest Member of the Year has misspelled the word 'Funniest'? :lol:
#20 | cactus-jack on 14. January 2014 20:54
@Lachi: I did do that, but I don't get an image link, I only this: "http://pcmdaily.com/news.php?readmore=866#comments".
#21 | Lachi on 14. January 2014 21:14
This would be your image

#22 | Will007 on 14. January 2014 21:22
Congratulations to all winners! Smile
#23 | cactus-jack on 14. January 2014 23:11
@Lachi: Thanks alot, do you mind providing me with the link for "Best Avatar" aswell? I don't know what the problem is, but I just can't find the link for the photo.
#24 | admirschleck on 15. January 2014 00:29

#25 | 547984 on 15. January 2014 03:24
@#19: Yes. :lol:

And I've always wondered how to link a image with a link at the same time, lol
#26 | cactus-jack on 15. January 2014 08:35
Thank you oh so much!
#27 | Ian Butler on 15. January 2014 09:19
Writer's Block Edition about the story awards is out now!
#28 | admirschleck on 15. January 2014 09:19
#26 No problem , man. ;)

#25 It's like this

So, my signature (for example) is looking like this

It looks a bit complicated because of huge linkgs, but it's simple.
#29 | Dippofix on 15. January 2014 19:03
#30 | supertanel on 15. January 2014 20:31
Congratulations Stylus! http://www.pcmdai...y/wink.gif
P.S. I'm marcello (Cycling Manager Italia) http://www.pcmdai...y/grin.gif
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