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Focus opens the official PCM11 website
Pro Cycling Manager 2011

It took a while, but Focus has now decided to open up for the official website of PCM11. The link is as always cycling-manager.com.

The website doesn't bring much new, but it's mentioned that it will be possible to pre-order the download version of the game on the 15th of June - so mark you calenders, friends.

Speaking of the download version, PCM.daily is working on making a deal similar to last year where you can buy the game and support PCM.daily at the same time. Unfortunately, it's not possible to get a price reduction for the PCM.daily members (or anyone else, for that matter - the price is fixed, we've been told), but we may be able to come up with some other interesting initiatives.

More news on this soon :-)

#1 | TomBoonen007 on 10. June 2011 18:28
Yes! Very good news!
#2 | lluuiiggii on 10. June 2011 19:56
What will be the price for the download version?
#3 | mimic1337 on 10. June 2011 22:01
Demo ? soon? any one got a answere on it?
#4 | evilhumer on 10. June 2011 22:05
I really doubt there will be a Demo, hasnt been in years
#5 | jseadog1 on 11. June 2011 00:27
Price & Release Date?
#6 | maclosky on 11. June 2011 00:33
so excited!
#7 | mowinckel91 on 11. June 2011 11:18
#8 | BouBBox on 11. June 2011 11:41
wbesite \o/
#9 | cactus-jack on 11. June 2011 12:32
Just wondering, how does the pre-order work for the download version? You pay, but you can't download it untill the 30th? I mean, it's not like their gonna run out of the download version...
#10 | 0buKKaKe on 11. June 2011 13:53
cactus: you pay, you download, but you are not able to access the game until the date.
#11 | mowinckel91 on 11. June 2011 14:06
Could be any date from 16th to 30th
#12 | Concuze on 11. June 2011 15:01
As I remeber, you are able to download the game 3 days before the release. If that is right, we should be able to play around the 18th. But that is just guessing.
#13 | supercameron on 12. June 2011 12:45
how big is the download file?
or how big was it last year?
#14 | roturn on 12. June 2011 13:12
It was 3,4gb last year. I think it might be bigger this year as there weren`t many different stages in PCM10 due to the new stage format. Now they had more time to create more.
#15 | petz_e on 13. June 2011 01:24
Do they still use their silly DRM system for the download version. If so, I can only recomend to stay away from the download version and wait for the retail version. 2 years ago I bought the download version and I was provided with only 3 activations for the game. Because I re-formatted the computer and bought a new one I quickly was out of activations and I needed to contact the devs for an additional activation. It took almost a week until they agreed to give me one last activation. The game is useless now, because I cannot activate it anymore. No such problems with the retail version though.
#16 | valverde321 on 13. June 2011 01:47
No offence but, that is a very minor issue just to stay away from the download version.

Oh no, you couldn't play for a week. Rolling Eyes

I'm sure there's worse things that can happen, and plus Cyanide isn't a very big company, if everyone illegally downloaded the game instead, there woudln't be a game each and every year, so they must do things to prevent that from happening.
#17 | iambennyboy on 13. June 2011 10:35
I couldn't even find PCM in a retail store. dowloaded version is so much better so you dont have to put the cd in each time :lol:

however if your cd goes for a walk, you have to buy another one to re-place it while you can download another copy of the game under your name for free. I had my download link expired but i email for another link they replied back in 24hrs of my message was sent. Im hoping this will be their finest yet Cool
#18 | CrueTrue on 13. June 2011 10:43
#15: The provider of the download version has been replaced with a different company.
#19 | supercameron on 14. June 2011 02:14
thanks guys, but i think i might go with the retail version. I'm in Australia so I doubt any shops will stock it so hopefully ebay will work out fine
#20 | adrilopez on 14. June 2011 14:10
Where are the requisites of Pro cycling manager 2011? Please, someone I can hang here the requisites? thank you
#21 | camucho on 15. June 2011 02:20
I think the requisites would be the same of PCM 10.
What will be the price of the download version?
#22 | Alakagom on 15. June 2011 08:03
You'll probably find out today.
#23 | adrilopez on 15. June 2011 22:06
I find the requeriments of pro cycling manager 2011 Grin
The requeriments are in this web:
The lenguage of the web is spanish, but it is an easy understand it.
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