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PCM - Giro 2011 announced
Pro Cycling Manager 2010

According to the Italian website multiplayer.it, Halifax, the Italian distributor of Pro Cycling Manager, will release a special Giro d'Italia 2011 version of Pro Cycling Manager 2010. It's set to be released at the beginning of this year's Giro d'Italia that takes place in May.

With the version, you will get a 2011 database along with the 2011 Giro d'Italia stages. And perhaps more interesting (for the Italian customers), a pair of Italian commentators will make its way to PCM, voiced by Andrea de Luca and the more familiar Paolo Savoldelli.

Obviously, the screenshots aren't really new, neither is the trailer, but hey - it's worth taking a look anyway.

Whether it's enough to persuade the Italians to buy PCM10 - well, that will be interesting.

(Originally, this article confused this announcement with Pro Cycling Manager 2011. You can read the original article by clicking Read More)

Thanks to Emmea for the tip.

Original article:

For as far as I can remember, Pro Cycling Manager has been released around the end of June, often on the 20th.

However, that may now change, according to the Italian website multiplayer.it. The site states that the game (or at least the Italian version of it) will be renamed to "Pro Cycling Manager - Tour of Italy 2011" and is set to be released "at the start of the Giro d'Italia".

Does that sound crazy to you? Perhaps, but the information is backed up byanother website.

The two sites also reveal that Italian commentators will be included, voiced by Andrea de Luca and the more familiar Paolo Savoldelli.

And lastly, but perhaps just as important, the websites also present a bunch of screenshots and a trailer, the first for Pro Cycling Manager 2011 (or, well, Pro Cycling Manager - Giro d'Italia 2011).

We're still unsure whether this is a special Italian version of the game. In theory, it could be a limited version, sort of like the Gran Turismo: Prologue for Playstation 3. It could also be PCM10, but with a 2011 DB, the 2011 Giro-stages and Italian commentators - we don't know yet, but we'll be trying to get in contact with Cyanide and get a proper response.

Update: To Cycling-Manager.eu, Clément Pinget, who's the Project Manager of PCM, says that he do not wish to comment right now, but that "it's not Pro Cycling Manager 2011". Oh well - anything else would have been quite sensational.

Thanks to Emmea for the tip.

#31 | titleist82 on 04. March 2011 08:55
Wow... Cyanide customer care is way too surprising. After releasing a game almost un-playable, few patches that don't solve most of the major bugs (and introduce a new huge one aka sprint bug), they come to a fansite insulting their own clients skeptical about one of their projects. that's funny.

Are they going to make pcm2010 unfortunate buyers pay for this giro 2011 pack (made-up of stages created by the community) ?

Will some of the bugs present in 2010 version be solved in this release (sprint bug, wrong salary budget calculation after season 2, no intermediate and kom sprints by riders in breakaway, riders that refuse continuosly to renew their contract even after july just to mention a few ones).

As far as I know Cyanide and their logic after having bought all CyM and PCM versions since Cycling Manger 1, I sadly expect answers to questions above to be yes and no, respectively.
#32 | Rin on 04. March 2011 11:03
to all the guys who are always complaning and say it's for money : take some time to create your company (like failerFX tried) and just do it, no ?
if it's so easy to criticize, it should be easy to make it better.

I think it's the customers right to complain if something is wrong or could be better, when it's in a proper way.
Make it yourself isn't a good argument, you earn your money with that while other people earn their money otherwise in things they can do.
You can create a game (I have no idea of program a game) and so should be able to react to customers complains (again: if it's in a proper way) to react like "Bullshit" isn't a proper way of reacting to some complaints which should be simply ignored as they disqualify themselves.
You could react to complaints for example with bringing a lot of more depth/care into/to the manager part (ok there is the sponsor/rider values but I hope there would be more depth into that part of the game as I think the other parts of the game like graphics are definetly ok maybe you have there something which isn't known at the moment)
I have to say that I am playing a lot more as a manager than as a 3d player, so a lot of the changes you made the last years (graphics, bottles etc.) doesn't affect my "gaming" as a manager but I recognize the changes to the 3d part as they were a big step
#33 | wackojackohighcliffe on 04. March 2011 12:52
That comment about FaileFX shows that, regardless of the fact that they were rubbish, cyanide depend on a lack of competition. If a truly professional company came in they'd be blown out the water. This kind of you do better attitude is shite, pathetic customer care and childish/unprofessional. Grow up, act like a real company and try to improve the game.

It'll never happen though.
#34 | Tuco the Ugly on 04. March 2011 17:39
Why the hate for Vizle?

Only 209 days before the site launches!
#35 | fenian_1234 on 04. March 2011 19:17
Bullshitting??? Shock Shock

Forget Vizzle.

I'm failing to see how this Giro version of PCM2010 is going to be different from the community made db's that are coming out for 2011......The only difference I can see is $$$$$$$$$.

The game was never finished and a proper final patch released for it - and now it's going to be released again and you're not supposed to react negatively?? Come on.....
#36 | HansiBoyo on 05. March 2011 03:19
talk about milking a product Rolling Eyes
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