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Pro Cycling Manager 2017 Development
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

We have been contacted by Cyanide that asked, if possible, to send them PCM 2017 suggestions as development of the new game will start very soon.

In other words this is your opportunity to contribute directly in the new game by proposing new features, that will be directly sent to the developers to get more visibility. Suggestions can be of multiple kinds but main direction of new game development will be the multiplayer mode (all the rest will be improved, so if you have ideas, please write them down). 

Please make sure you categorize them in your post under this nomenclature:

Pro Cyclist

To do this, post your suggestions in this thread.

Thanks in advance!

#1 | TheManxMissile on 31. August 2016 12:46
Hooray, multiplayer! Just what we've been wanting for years. Forget the poor AI, almost non-existant realism, lack of depth to Career, endless bugs, frankly awful stage editor. We need another updated multiplayer right after a big update multiplayer that came after a big update multiplayer.

You know what Cyanide, i'm glad you get no money from me these days.
#2 | Avin Wargunnson on 01. September 2016 09:16
And you say i am grumpy. Pfft

Cyanide is laughable, i wont never ever buy a product from them in the future and all my relatives are banned from buying that instead of me too. Smile

There is brutal downward spiral from PCM11 and if the will not return to that and built on it, the whole series are doomed.
#3 | Ian Butler on 01. September 2016 11:59
#4 | NTTHRASH on 02. September 2016 08:24
#5 | jserna735 on 02. September 2016 11:02
First off, this post was made to improve the game, so instead of complaining about what problems it has now, help contribute to try and maybe make a better game going forward.
#6 | Oggmeista on 02. September 2016 23:13
They really want to know...the first feature that HAS to be included if they don't want to loose another regular customer FOREVER?

Put the damn FULL REPLAY feature bck in the game...it was there on initial release but now on patch 1.5xx they decide to basically destroy it...wtf???

Second an option to have a FULL SCALE race and not just a scaled down version which is less than 1/10th scale

Improvement's on the goddam commentary, i mean how much can these licenses really cost, there is no rival cycling game on the market!!! at least not yet... How about Phill Liggott? or some other decent commentator

The racing....Why is it nobody ever attacks mid race? just mornong and then again about 2/3 rds........real riders don';t ride like that they are not robots
As well why is it even non GC riders with no GC teammate, ever want to relay with you?, if you are in the GC....I mean why would it concern then, they are out to do the best for them not to help the race leader or best placed AI team/rider

Why does the game always try to make it that your water is low at the end of a stage even if you refilled virtually as late as you can?

1st persom View ...and make the actual riding more important to the race ie brakes...racing line etc

Another attribute.......Riders skill in wet conditions this could be applied cumultively with downhilling etc.....and change the chances of a fall...and ability on flat mountain etc

This one would be too much too ask but a multiplayer mode where you race 1 rider in a stage of a major race of up to a full quota of competitos made up of human and AI ...though potential for as many human riders as possible

Keep pro cyclist mode but Enhance it...it is a very good feature of the game with great potential

Capability to have a fukk relay..where all a teams riders would contribute
#7 | matt17br on 03. September 2016 12:18
#6 why don't you post all those suggestions where they belong then instead of complaining in the comments section?
#8 | Oggmeista on 03. September 2016 15:57
I have havn't I, still doesn't mean I am far from satisfied with the state of this years product though does it?
#9 | jserna735 on 04. September 2016 05:29
the word "this" posted above is link to the thread where you put your suggestions.
#10 | Dusen on 04. September 2016 11:24
I guess i won't be buying next years realease either.
#11 | alvaro_96 on 07. September 2016 09:26
Hi! I was wondering if they can put to choose a helmets sponsor in the career, like with the frames and the components
#12 | Oggmeista on 09. September 2016 03:24
@Jserna75....Ok i got it now thx for the tip...
#13 | colmenarcycling on 16. December 2016 01:25
Hello team,

First of all thank you very much for your efforts. PCM has reached to be a great game due to your hard work. Year after year has improved the game, now I want to share with you some ideas and suggestions to try to improve PCM 2017. I hope my suggestions can be useful.

Please keep in mind that this is the result of hundreds of hours of gameplay in the last editions of PCM, of watching game-plays from different users and many hours thinking about how to improve my dear Pro Cycling Manager.

let's go


In my lowly opinion, the most important thing is that every stage, every tour, every day in PCM can become different. I mean that in the same stage, played several times, the experience can be very different, for example if you decide to always attack at the same point or decide to always climb with effort bar instead of following the attacks or start the sprint always in the same point or if you take part a breakaway on all the times that you play the stage. The result of actions can be different, not always the best option is the same decision in the same place. So if you do the same, you receive different results.

For that the game can be more realistic, different. AlI riders should have to their own strategy and take their own actions. For example, a rider may prefer to attack on the first slope, another may prefer not to follow the attacks and climb up to own pace, another example, a sprinter may prefer to start his sprint faraway, other one maybe prefer to wait until last km to start the sprint. Moreover riders' decisions and the director day planning, depend of the overall standing and stage kind. I mean is not the same a stage with 5 ports as a stage just with a port at the final of the stage. Then is a different situation , therefore a different strategy if rider is the 3er or if the rider has lost 20 minutes in GC. i hope my explanation could be clarify for you. Smile

IA in the last edition has been improving a lot, now the riders are more intelligent and they do not attack in all the stages and they are thinking in Overall Standing, saving energy for future stages and they are more carefully to arrive at the finish line with energy. In PCM 2015 was enough climbing in a good rhythm without follow the attacks to overcame the rest of riders when they were without energy and died, two or three km before the arrive. Congratulations for this,team, it is a huge achieve.

Some things to improve IA is as follows:

- Colocation: Favorites or best riders sometimes start the incline or sprint very bad set up in the peloton and they waste a lot of energy trying to be in a correct place
- TeamWork: some teams strategies are missing, for example send into breakaway to a rider in order to help the leader later. when leader will attack later ,pulling him to get time to rivals (like Chaves or Aru did in La Vuelta) or double attack, two riders at the same time(or try to provoke cut in the peloton when there are strong wind.

- A very typical IA error is celebrate a victory too quickly and another rider pass him in the sprint.

- Sometimes if you are not between favourites of the day, when you start the sprint others cyclist react too late, the same happens sometimes when you attack 5 or 10 km to arrive.

- On the sprints you can block the IA set up in his trajectory and they stopped suddenly his speed and you do not provoke a fall or are punished by organization for dirty sprint (as Modolo in the last Giro or Zakarin in Romandie for example).

- Who are relaying? is very important because sometimes you cane see 1st in GC or mountain jersery, point jersey, young jersey, pulling or a sprinter relaying in a flat stage (waste energy for sprint). Squads should manage it better.

Breakaways has been improving in PCM 2016, now is more realist, however sometimes you can see in the breakaway at the same riders day by day, instead of try to save energy (when yesterday they took part in breakaway )in order to try to attack another day with more energy and more possibility to fight to win the stage. Another thing is the time that the pack permit to the breakaway. Just I finished a Giro (in my career) and in two stages the winner advantage was more than 10 minutes and in another one 56’ Please check this problem.

Regarding Breakways the system is better, but you can cheat IA, you just put effort to relay but when you are in the second position you go to water o put hold position and you go back again and for the machine you are collaborating but really you do not are facing to the wind never and you can save more energy that your breakaway colleagues.

If in a breakaway there is a popular rider or a favourite for the stage, the rest of riders should are watching to him, of course in groups riders will relay if they can get advantage (fight for stage or get some time against rivals) usually they will leave responsibility of the group to the favourite one or better in GC. If in a breakaway there are more than one rider of the same team, the rest give tothe cyclist of this team more work than to rest of breakaway members.

Would be more interesting option that you can ask for relays to others riders even if you can contact to others directors to ask them to pull of Peloton and vice versa.

*A usual trick of players is put a rider in the breakaway in order to avoid put riders to work to catch breakaway. IA should learn about this tactic.

Now races of three weeks are more realistic. In my opinion should be more differences between this races and another ones. i mean you should feel (many more on the Tour) that the rhythm is different an other races. Breakaways should have better riders, win should be more difficult because all the teams want win a race, get a good position for a sprint or to start the last port of the day should be not too easy as now, because all the teams wants to set up in the best position their leaders or sprinters. Of course if a rider has as goal win a stage maybe he should try to save energy in mountain stages to attack other day with more energy and maybe the teams change strategy if the leader lost more time in GC and try to save energy to attack when he is feeling better in other stages. In general Races are now more real, for example time difference between winner to 10rd in Time-Trial and also in overall standings at the end of Tour, Giro, Vuelta is very similar to real results. Just maybe difference in finish line in walls is necessary to re-check to be the times more real.

The last stage of Grand tours should be a party day, there should be no attacks until cyclists have completed the first tour of the circuit. I missing the typical images with champagne with maillots winners or yellow jersey with his workmates. I think cycling supporters will appreciate if this is included in PCM 2017. Usually in the last stage is the same time for all the riders.I missing that the winner and teammates do not celebrating the victory.

Also Queen Stage (the best stage of the race) must be more fought than others stages because it is more prestigious and all riders want to win there. I like very much the idea of the Giro that score the stages 1-5 depends of difficulty of the stage. For Example a flat stage is one and Queen Stage is 5.

Time out of stages I think should depend of average speed of the winner. It’s would very good that if you can see to know if your riders need to speed up in order to not be eliminated of the race (of course IA riders should know it too).

Another issue that maybe do double check is 3 km protection for falls. For example in the Giro that I have finished, in the stage 17 the pack arrived 56 minutes after the winner. The pack has been not eliminated, because if not the race continues with just 7 riders. But in the last km had a fall and Aru (2nd in overall) and blue jersey have been fallen with other 30 riders and they were removed of the race. I think is necessary a protection for falls in the last km as real races. Of course is making sense that the stage before a High Mountain or after three hard stages bunch (specially leader’s colleagues need a calm stage because they need a rest).

The falls is part of the cycling. But sometimes falls seem a little random.

A lot of falls is caused for nervously of the pack (in real races). I mean for example mostly falls happens in the first week in Grand Tours (Vuelta, Giro, Tour) and mainly in the French Race. It is because in that races the rhythm is faster than in other Races and the fight for the position is biggest. Strongest moves and the contacts with the other riders cause falls.

The descents is when the riders falls a lot in the real races.In the game there are falls in ascents that is very unreal. I think is important that falls depends of the difficult of the descent and the speed. For example if you descending with 90 effort in a descent very difficult and is raining you are in a danger of fall. Of course if the rider is good in descents must manage better the bike, therefore the lowest stats riders must assuming more risk than the better riders in descending to get the same speed.

Another maybe improvement would be when a falls happens, after a moment's you should see in what grade the rider is damage for example in a scale 1-10.

Of course this year I note the important of the weather in falls. This is a very good point.

With this elements I think that could be more realist!

Mechanicals issues with bikes and punctures would add a strategy interesting issue, because if you have a Colleague near can take his bike if you do not have a workmate near, you need to wait to the assistant car.

Injuries and Illness when a rider is not feeling well it should subtract stats. Now you can win a stage with a ill rider. Maybe the system can tell you in which grade the rider is damage for example in a scale 1-10

Mountain Points Sprints

Usually when riders are in a breakaway and a climb, they always are attacking when 3 km left to the summit

I think this make not sense. The rides waste a lot of energy when they don't want escape of the colleagues of the group, just want to sprint for mountain points. And of course as it is an attack, the speed of the game is stopping (it becomes to be very weary). Maybe the way to resolve it is that the users can sprint as point jersey.

Riders with a lap lost

When a stage or race go by urban circuit, riders with a lap lost disturb the riders that are fighting for the victory. There are a lot of inconveniences:

- They block to riders in the lead group in a sprint o during attack
- Is not possible for player to differentiate between lapped riders and the riders of lead group

This is very disappointing for players.

Please see the video below to understand it (see 25:15)


Honestly just occurs to me two solutions:

-Eliminate riders with a lap lost
- Seeing with a lap lost riders in a way that could be easy to know which riders are with a lap lost riders and which ones is taking part of the lead group.


Many times happens in the game doesn't works properly when the game pick up time or when no.
In the flat stages usually, although a rider arrive in a breakaway with clear distance with the main group the game give the same time. However in the mountain stages the game pick up time even when you arrive clear in the main group.

Please see the image attached to see the differences. In flat stage Contador is the same time than main group and in the mountain Contador lost 30” to pocket.

Please see the images below:








Maybe this is the stage type that clearest could be improved. In individuals time-trial you are feeling that you cannot take part of the strategy, just you need to watch the energy to hold with until the finish line (Team Time-Trial you can take more decisions).

A good point maybe could be that you are able to select which pinions and gears you set up in your bike for Time-Trial and you can select the gear in each area of the stage. You with it you will be able to select smallest to save energy or highest one to go faster or medium one to as Intermediate option. Another thing that I think could be great is the option to change the bike in TT Mountain you can use a aerodynamic bike for flat area and change to a lighter bike for climbing area. You lost time in the change but maybe in the finish line you can recover the time lost.

IA in TT usually in the first part of TT stage go full effort and the final part they are broken because they do not handle his energy correctly so usually your rider lost time in the first part, but you can take in 10 km even 2 minutes because IA is dead in last kilometres. Other issue is no all the riders should fight fullest the stage, for example sprinter, domestiques and non Time-trial specialists maybe prefer to save energy to fight future stages.

Also will be great if in TT you have information regarding incline percentage and see full classification of all time point controls (now you can see just best 20)-


Graphics has been improving a lot last editions, it comes in the correct way, just maybe sometimes camera angles is not very optimized and you can see the cars run over cyclists or cyclists pass over fans…

Logos, sponsors, fences and podiums custom, in Great Races should more realist. For example in the final podium you it would see maillots winners together, all riders of the best team together in the podium or best three classifieds in GC (as Tour, Giro, Vuelta) with Milan, París and Madrid at background would be very cool. Real trophies and medals for top three in Olympics and World Championship. This could make different each podiums.

Comments and music is not the best of the game thi is clear, there is a long range of possibilities to improve this aspect.

Finally a advice could b improve game experience. It occurs to me that would be great if when happens something important in the race, you can see the event in a little area of the screen (sprints, attacks, falls...)

And please in the comments try to pay special attention to favourites to win stage, to win race and top 10 in GC ( is not necessary for example advice if Igor Anton cannot follow the rhythm of the pack).

NOTE: I think will be cool If in last 10 km (in example) the system remember favourites for the stage in the screen.

This is all for the moment I will write more suggestion for Career and Pro Cyclist modes. Thank you for your attention and read my suggestions. I know that the text very large but is the process of a lot of hours thinking how I can apport my ideas in order to do better my favourite game.

Thank you very much for making enjoy a lot of people!

El Pirata
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