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First PCM/TDF 2016 Screenshots
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

#1 | Eden95 on 20. May 2016 11:54
Workshop support will be interesting.
#2 | matt17br on 20. May 2016 13:35
Those screenshots make it seem so much shittier than the past years whilst it really isn't Pfft

I am so baffled by their way of advertising the game every f*cking year, since PCM 11 they have done everything but improving graphics in a significant way, and what they do is showing the goddamn graphics all over. For f*ck's sake focus/cyanide! Show people what you really did modify!

No wonder it's selling less and less over the years. They radically changed multiplayer, 3 weeks from release and no one except us beta testers have a clear idea about what has really changed because there's no definite info. How is that possible? How is it possible that the most reliable source of PCM news is info leaks from people breaking NDAs when there's less than a month left?

Even though this really is a major improvement from PCM 15, if it's not advertised any decently, it will end up even worse in sales. And I doubt they can make up for the absolutely lacking way they've done it so far in the remaining few days.

Rant over.
#3 | TheManxMissile on 20. May 2016 13:39
As i said, you can go to the Focus website and get more information. Still vague there but they basically give you the game blurb for TDF and PCM.

There they make a much bigger deal out of the changed multiplayer and a rough summary of other changes, which are mostly standard.
It sounds good because perhaps it means they've focused on making the game good rather than adding ever more broken features.

Hopefully Focus will give us a better idea of changes between now and release.
Or they should hire me to manage their press releases... please give me a job Focus!
#4 | matt17br on 20. May 2016 13:51
Ok, and I assume you're talking about this right? http://focus-home...cial-games

But the problem is that in both of their Facebook/Twitter SM accounts they only showed the screenshots and totally scrapped the focus news article. No trace of info on the Cyanide forums either. There's only something on the focus site.

If I weren't a beta tester, in all this time before today, my impression would have literally been of no changes. There's so many worthy improvements they could have listed/showed/given an insight on and they just show the typical TDF screen with WT teams? F*ck off.

How is any PCM fan/potential PCM player supposed to find out about those changes when they're not minimally publicized if not thanks to sites like daily with 2 weeks from release?
#5 | TheManxMissile on 20. May 2016 14:32
This is why Focus need to give me a job in PR!
#6 | Thatguyeveryonehates on 20. May 2016 15:18
Hopefully we can do be a pro mode with a real rider this time
#7 | weirdskyfan64 on 20. May 2016 16:47
Steam Workshop would be brilliant- I could finally download a DB instead of just beating around the bush. Online needed to be reformed as well- difficult to actually enter a game.
I couldn't be bothered to buy PCM 15, but this game's something I could get behind.
#8 | Ian Butler on 20. May 2016 18:00
is there really no other news about the new PCM? No interview, list of features or whatever?
#9 | Shonak on 20. May 2016 18:50
Will you guys have a gamesplanet cooperation again with new PCM, to save some bucks?
#10 | TheManxMissile on 20. May 2016 19:27
#8 Nothing else yet but time to start keeping an eye out for more and more info. If i see anything i'll throw together a News articel.

#9 Someone find SN!!!
#11 | FMulleague on 20. May 2016 20:15
Do we actually have a release date rather than a space of 30 days? Can we pre-order it? Does anyone outside the PCM community know about it? They need to start a pretty big advertising campaign to attract customers. It would really aid the future development and online experience.
#12 | Naxela on 21. May 2016 13:39
Only reason why i buy the game each year is due too the work people make on this site. If it wasn't for the expansion packs and frequent updates i wouldn't bother to buy. That being said i don't expect much from Cyanide, if they make some tweaks i will still buy it.

But i'm seriously starting to wonder about the amount of work they put in their project each year. Besides those minor tweaks in AI performance there is nothing new. How hard can it be too make the AI transfers more realistic in a year, there is so many minor additions to add too the manager aspect of the game but every year it's the same thing. Yes they made a new mode "be a pro" but even that was not ready too be released... Multiplayer functions is a big problem still, after 3-5 years or so.
#13 | TheManxMissile on 21. May 2016 15:49
#12 Good job they've completely re-done the Multiplayer. Honestly there'll be a few bugs, there always is, but it should be better and for the first time since PCM11 or so i'm interested to use Multiplayer.

Hopefully this year without any big single player changes, just lots of tweaks, it should be a lot better game out of the box. Obviously you'll still need Daily to get the best out of the game but i'm hopeful you need us to make it playable.
#14 | baseballlover312 on 21. May 2016 22:03
I mean, they've never had great media exposure. i only even foudn the game by specifically searching for pro cycling tour de france game" back in 2011. But this is terrible. Just horrible.

I mean, we keep hearing about how great this new multiplayer is, but where the information on what the hell it is? I'm not blaming you guys, I'm blaming Cyanide and Focus. We're like a month to release! We need to know what the game includes!
#15 | jandal7 on 22. May 2016 06:07
Seems like they're taking the right steps, however small, in terms of be a pro, as well as.. is that... please be... listening to me right at the end? Honestly, probable no. Honestly pretty crap release, telling us nothing and showing us screenshots that nobody cares about. Workshop sounds good though.
#16 | florian96 on 22. May 2016 09:45
Seeing those first pics doesn't really give a clue about what`s coming up.
But maybe some interface and Menu Pics are following to get more impressions.

This 2016 edition is more realistic, thanks to its graphical improvements, new sceneries, clearer interface, improved relaying of information, and a more advanced AI that takes into greater consideration cyclists' physiological abilities and also improves shape and behaviors during breakaways.
Reading this on focus gives me some hope for the 2016 Game, but as we all know, reading this text and see the result in-game is a big difference.
#17 | Shonak on 22. May 2016 12:49
@Matt: Will the transfer issue be fixed?
#18 | matt17br on 22. May 2016 13:34
If you are talking about the 30+ riders in a tean issue, it has been addressed and probably fixed (you never know), if you are talking about the unrealistic transfers advancing with years, they don't seem interested in fixing it.
#19 | Shonak on 22. May 2016 14:34
Yeah I meant the former, good to know. Thanks. I'm tired of editing the teams every damn season Wink
#20 | clamel on 24. May 2016 16:14
I still look for news that they fixed their limits on so many things.
Having limits on how many helmets/frames/wheels/glasses and such is just in-sane. If they say they put a lot of weight on graphics they should put that limit much much higher...
If this ALL the great stuff made on websites can be fitted into the game and enhance it graphically hugely.

Same with race_rules. For heavens sake getting a realistic startlists on many races is not possible in career mode thanks to this. They should incorparate the limit of teams and riders for each race in same table as all other important info for race, STA_race.
Naturally make the memory problems if too many teams and riders are in the DB, so don't limit teams to about +200. Make it possible to add EVERY cont team that is in RL and races.
It's all about programming smartness with memory. Take a long look at the increased limits that has been made with FM over the last 4-5 years. That game has gone from some 10,000 footballers to over 250,000 being able to play.

Then of course, I shouldn't be forced to make XML class files. That's Cyanides work to get this correct for races they include in the DB. Same they should make it possible to separate inrermediate sprint competition and plain Point compettion, as many races do. That's not an Einstein prorgramming, but obviously everything is about TDF. Not even the complicated sprint points selection in Giro is handled. Improve this Cyanide and not a lot of Fantasy stuff.

A small stat I have been waiting for a long time is race intelligence. If not known, make it depending on how long you been a pro and how many big race you have in your CV.
That could be important on how races are developed IMHO.

But then perhaps Cyanide shrinking sales do result in worse programming and fewer folks to making the game. Finally they might hit the wall and fold.

Lets hope not !!!
#21 | Avatarium on 10. June 2016 14:41
Not sure if this is reported anywhere else but --

Steam Page :- http://store.stea...pp/408760/

New Home Page :- http://letour-gam...m/game/pcm
#22 | zachbastian on 19. June 2016 13:53
For the third time, I advise people NOT TO BUY this game yet! DONT BUY before it has been fixed. If ever getting fixed. Why admin delete my post??? CENSUR.
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