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PCM Velogames Championship 2018
Welcome to the 2018 PCM Daily Velogames Championship

Following the relative success of last years competition, it will be returning again this year in pretty much the exact same format as last year.

The format is simple. Simply enter the PCMDaily leagues set up for each of the games throughout the year (https://www.velog...). At the end of each game the top 25 teams will be awarded points from 25 to 1. Double points will be awarded for the 4 larger games of the year (Spring Classics, Giro, Tour, Vuelta). Any minigames, such as the Tour de France's "King of the Mountains" competiotion, will also count towards the overall totals. At the end of the year the member with the greatest number of points will be crowned the PCMDaily Velogames Champion 2016.

Only a few rules to note:

-Please ensure you use the same user name for each game. If you use different usernames then points will be allocated to that name only. I don't have time to reconcile different usernames to the same individual. I will be more strict with this rule this year. Please ensure you use the same user name throughout the competition if you wish for all of your points to be allocated to the correct person. If you make a slight spelling mistake then I am happy to review this, however usernames which are completely different will not be amended and your points will be split between the different usernames. You are free to change the name of your team as much as you want.

-Please note I do not take responsibility for setting up PCMDaily leagues for the various races. We are usually quite good at setting up leagues and I will try to ensure that the leagues are advertised in this thread so you know which leagues to enter. Hopefully once people become aware of this competition/thread they will automatically start putting the details of the league into this thread.

-If I become aware of more then 1 league for a race I will advise which one will be used to score points in this thread.

-You don't need to enter every game throughout the year. Obviously you will simply not earn any points for races you do not enter.

-Multiple Teams - I noticed that some players entered multiple teams in competitions last year. You may enter as many teams as you wish providing you use a different username for each team. Points will be allocated to each of your teams based upon their user name as per the normal rules. If however you use the same username for multiple teams you will not score any points for any of your teams.

- Bonus points will be allocated to players finishing in the top 100 of the overall Velogames league as follows (Double bonus points for the big 4 games):
Overall Winner = 25
Top 5 = 20
Top 10 = 15
Top 50 = 10
Top 100 = 5

I will try to provide an updated league table after each game but this will be very much dependant on free time at my end.

I think that's about it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good Luck


Current League Table (Top 25 Only)

Nathan 35
Omloop 29
Lord Di Lego 28
Dominox 27
Johnys 26
Squire 20
Gustavovsky 19
Purepasd 18
Abysmo 17
SN 16
cio93 15
alexkr00 14
fjhoekie 13
FreitasPCM 12
KemboTony 11
roturn 10
Peter Murphy 9
Alexandre Vilao 8
Strydz 7
Bst222 6
emre99 5
Ian Russell 4
Jotace 3
LaChouffe 2
Andrej 1

Previous Overall Winners

2016 - Ian Russell
2017 - Ian Russell

Previous Individual Game Winners

Tour Down Under
2016 - Ian Russell
2017 - fjhoekie
2018 - Nathan

2016 - Strydz
2017 - Alex Wyman

2016 - Ben
2017 - Clamel

Spring Classics
2016 - Smowz
2017 - Timo

Tour de Romandie
2016 - Roturn
2017 - Kid Bengala

Tour of California
2016 - Squire
2017 - Juan Carlos

Giro d'Italia
2016 - Sergi Carbonell
2017 - emre99

Criterium Du Dauphine
2016 - Strydz
2017 - Strydz

OVO Energy Womens Tour
2017 - Clamel

Tour De Suisse
2016 - Lobselej
2017 - Gargatouf

Giro Rosa
2017 - Gargatouf

Tour de France - King of the Mountains
2017 - Ian Russell

Tour de France
2016 - Ian Russell
2017 - Gavin Marsden

BinckBanck Tour (Previously the Eneco Tour)
2016 - Clamel
2017 - Alexkr00

Volta a Portugal
2016 - Spilak23
2017 - Sano

Vuelta Espana
2016 - Luis
2017 - Lord Di Lego

Tour of Britain
2016 - Gargatouf
2017 - Dominox
Edited by ringo182 on 23-01-2018 13:37
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
Hi all

With the TDU due to begin in a couple of weeks I thought now would be a good time to open up our 2018 PCM Velogames Championship thread to get any potential issues ironed out before the season starts.

Rules are the same as last year. Please have a quick read through the opening post and let me know if you have any questions. I'll be updating the opening post throughout the season as usual with updates on the scores. Last year's top 25 is currently being shown for reference.

I'll be trying to advertise the competition a bit more openly this year to try to get more players involved, mainly as an attempt to get someone to finally beat Ian Russell Smile.

Anyway, this thread will be the place to go for all discussions Velogames related throughout the coming year. Hopefully there will be some good chat as usual.

Anyway, good luck.

Edited by ringo182 on 02-01-2018 14:00
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
I'm in from the start of the season this year! Grin

last one i started just with tour de Suisse
Will be participating again and suck in most of the races again :lol:
Manager of Minions in MG and Peugeot in ICL
Don't think I've had a good velogames since 2014 Dauphine to be honest.
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



Still have never won a PCM Daily velogames league despite over 40 attempts, but am proud of that 9th place overall from 2017. I'll be trying again this year.
PCMDaily Velogames Participant - 2016
PCMDaily Velogames Participant - 2017
Big thanks ringo182 for putting this up again, o'course i'm in, can hardly get much worse that last season Embarassed

A story of Birth : Friendship : Love : Rivalry : Pain : Racing and Death

I'm in!
I have only done well in this game maybe two or three times, but nevertheless I'm participating just for the fun of it, and because every competition needs a last place. Smile
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Posted on 25-02-2018 19:49
Bot Agent

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Thanks Ringo, back for another year of hope over experience Smile
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Decided to open the Tour Down Under League:

Code: 465401626
Nice to see Smile I am also in. I am looking forward - especially for the classics Pfft
Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.
Cheers Roturn. Let the game begin Smile
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
Going to try this one as well. Prepare for utter dominance of the bottom half of the classifications!
Manager of pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/prp.png Porto - Prio pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/prp.png
Just wondering how I got 5th last year lol, anyway I will do a full season and hopefully a top 3!

Name = Nathan
Teamname = CT Glory
Nathancouw attached the following image:
How nice this is back. Thanks mate for setting it up once more.
Lets see if anyone can topple the impossible Ian Russell from his throne.

I try hard not to mess up my Username and teamname which made it a bit troublesome for you last year Ringo. Embarassed
Got a bit of honour to defend with 3 ind race victories over the last 2 years. Better not miss vital "extras" this time, like the KOM in TDF.
Every point will be needed to finish as high as last year I guess, and I better not get into a slump at the end of the season as then.

Do remind me not to questioning any addition of womens races. After all I did win one of them knowing next to nothing about them.
Luck Favors the Brave, or something similar

Best of luck to you all mates

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Rolling Eyes

"If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."
17 teams entered so far. Keep em coming Smile
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
Reminder as well to ensure you get your name and team name the right way round. I note Alexkr00 seems to have them the wrong way round at the moment.

As advised, if you use different names for each race your points will be scored against that particular name only. You can change the name of your team as much as you want, it's the players name that needs to be constant.

"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
Thanks. Clearly not something I did on purpose Smile
alexkr00 wrote:
Thanks. Clearly not something I did on purpose Smile

Just thought I'd let you know to avoid you missing out on points.

Good luck all
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
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