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Updated DB and Training List 2017
viking90 wrote:
Atlantius wrote:
viking90 wrote:
Yeah, my priority suggestion for next season is in there now and looks like the rider I would have suggest aswell.

Time to make the planner finitio in the next day.

Sounds worrying Wink

Well I would maybe had him at 85 maxed in his main stat but I needed to be a bit realistic so I´m happy how he looks now, to bad you cant make a late signing Pfft

The most realistic for him would definitely be 79/80 in all starts, perhaps just 73/74 in mountain and sprint :lol:
I am very unhappy with the current file. The addition of f.e. that second Luxembourgian guy and the South Korean superstar were completely unnecessary. In my eyes if any of such stattings should be justified (Areruya and Gidich are reasonable, maybe not in that extend, but still okay), they should come via the suggestion thread. There are people putting 10 hours of work into suggesting halfway realistic riders from lower tier nations, which remain almost unnoticed. On the other side, several unexplainable riders get in the db for no reason, team-, nation-, results- or suggestion-wise. That is just some strange MG ethics, especially looking at the stat inflation issues.

Sorry for the text that may be both over the top and written in a moment of big issues with understanding the ideas.
Why are stagiares marked in the Division column and not the stagiare column?

About the riders: I really appreciate some Asian top talents being added. Gidich and Min were also suggested in the stats suggestion thread by Eden already, so it's not like the suggestions are totally overlooked. Croatia, I don't understand how you think Areruya is reasonable and Min not. After all he won the Tour of Korea, aged only 20. Pfft
Maybe doesn't seem like exceptional much, but when looking for good (East) Asian talents, there are hardly any more promising. What I don't really understand, though, is someone like Wirtgen added with these insane stats, when there are definitely better talents from the (Benelux) region.
But I'm sure all those stats will anyways still be revised, so this discussion is kind of pointless now. Grin
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Besides some of those most obvious trainings done to the top riders, there's a few really really exciting ones such as Trentin to 81 COB, which will make him into a crazily good all-around rider and constant top 5 scorer in cobbled classics. Not that he wasn't already, but this frankly makes me happy Smile

Lutsenko to 81 hill is something I really like as well, he's one of my favourite riders in the db stats-wise and has the potential to be a top 3 puncheur with more training in the next couple of years. PT will be great to follow this year, that's for sure, and I suspect not just that Smile
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I'm quite happy to defend adding a Luxembourg rider with stats that max to 78 MO and 80 TT. In a world where the Schlecks have been two of the top riders in a decade, where there has been a top Luxembourg PT team throughout, and in the context of there not having been any PT leader talents ever having been added in 10 seasons, and not really a 2nd tier rider since Kirsch and perhaps Jungels, who must have been added at least 5 seasons ago.

Yes, he could currently get to 82 TT, but that will be fixed. And clearly, all teams have every possibility of signing him and any other rider added.

Lots of riders will decline by the time new riders max out. Ive made future MG dbs in the past when putting the hours in to adding new ones, no reason this cant be done for next season too. Some overall deflation will be healthy, but add no 80-maybe 81 max riders, and deflation would likely be too strong, leaving a few isolated riders streets ahead.
Thanks for the work behind the scenes!

Those easter eggs help to stay DB addicted now that the transfers are over Smile
Slagter is missing from the Training list and havent got upgradet stats in the db either.
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Updated the DB in first post.

- Microjerseys for Teams in extra tab
- Microjerseys for all Riders in coloumn C

Ian Butler
jt1109 wrote:
Ian Butler and Sancor are going to wet themselves for next season when they see that DB , I'm assuming these free agents are for the U23 races?

I already did Grin
Next year's tranfer period, we know what we're shooting for!!!
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