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Xero Racing | CT'17 | March
Booker wrote:
As has been mentioned, a very mixed bag. I think that is a fair assessment for most teams not named Repsol-Honda.


You started the month greatly, and you were looking really good in Tachira, after Anton's stage win, but Bennett crash destroyed your month, and losing your goal in Tachira as well Frown

Anyway, being in the top5 of ranking in the first month, but you might be second if not for Bennett crashing - i would never let you be first Wink - is well enough to kick off the season

PCM17 Story:i.imgur.com/WcUbe3d.pngCEPSA - ESTRELLA GALICIAi.imgur.com/WcUbe3d.png

Manager of [MG] Repsol - Honda

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

@Abhishek - Yeah a lot of emotions in one short month Pfft Was certainly a podium on the cards the way he rode the first five days, so hoping he can do well in Trentino, yeah.

@trekbmc - It looked so good Pfft Yeah we're banking on a positive February to give us the momentum to maintain some promotion form throughout the season Grin

@Booker - Haha that's true Pfft February should be a month of opportunities for us, with a good start for Stijn, a restart for Bennett, and Roux hopefully carrying on his form in our biggest race of the year Grin Trentino should be fun, best of luck to your fellas there Smile

@Aquarius - Yeah the first 6 days of our month were amazing, the last 6 not so much. The loss of a goal hurt for sure Sad Top 5 is at least on track, you're correct, if below where we were looking for.

February Review
TUnfortunately the team seemed to think my view of our highs and lows was positive, presumably due to the fact that I said that they had good moments which I didn't say that much last season. Thankfully those highs were even higher than last month, and our lows not as low. This was a good month, really. Let's get going
Barcelona Classic
4th of February | Top 5 Race Goal | C2



Onodera in the morning breakaway


Clarke in the train but too far back


A decent finish, 8th for our man

1Yoeri HavikKulczyk - DMTEX4h33'48
2Mohamed Harrif SallehSauber Petronas Racings.t.
3Raúl Granjel CabreraAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
8Simon ClarkeXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
20Jamalidin NovardiantoXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
37Stijn VandenberghXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
42Tom DavisonXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
68Rei OnoderaXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
75Carl Ngamoki-CameronXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
84Hamish SchreursXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
125Dylan KennettXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
A fairly anonymous sprint from Clarke, 8th is acceptable really, probably the bare minimum. Certainly less dissapointing than the Great Ocean Road Race where he should have easily made the top 5 in that group. Onodera making the morning breakaway is very nice to see as well.
Giro del Trentino
16th-20th of February | Top 3 Race Goal | C2HC



Nzeke further demonstrates his newfound mastery of the mountain breakaway - Stage 2


The trio get to work trying to control the race. Ultimately ended in dissapointment - Stage 2


Kennett in the breakaway - Stage 3


Bennett attacks with over 40km to go - Stage 4


And again after being caught with 5km left - Stage 4


After a quick radio chat, Salinas starts his own GC work behind Bennett - Stage 4


A victory for Bennett, whilst Salinas makes it a 1-2! 6th and 3rd on GC now - Stage 4


Salinas limits his losses to 5th on GC but Bennett can't do the same - Stage 5

1Pierre Paolo PenasaKulczyk - DMTEX19h07'54
2Denys KarnulinThe Balkan Cycling Project+ 5'52
3Rafael VallsRepsol - Honda+ 7'09
5Jonathan SalinasXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 10'08
14George BennettXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 13'23
31Igor AntónXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 19'37
78Marvain KossouhorouXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 36'35
80Geremie NzekeXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 36'56
81Egidijus JuodvalkisXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 37'18
156Dylan KennettXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 1h40'25
162Rei OnoderaXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 1h43'33

Not our greatest hour really. Stage 1 was expected and we knew we'd have to make up time but stage 2 really sucked - not one of our riders could follow the favourite's attacks and so we ended with Salinas and Bennett close on either side of the top 10. Stage 4 they both felt very good and it ended with a perfect stage for us really, a 1-2, both inside the top 6 and the potential for a massive points haul. However for reasons unknown they were very bad on stage 5, giving us overall a dissapointing finish. Salinas in 5th is a nice result though really and the stage win a decent consolation. A tale of what might have been.
21st of February | Top 5 Race Goal | C2HC



Vandenbergh rolls over in a silent 9th

1Guillaume Van KeirsbulckGoldcorp - Nordstrom Rack5h09'26
2Jempy DruckerPhilips - Continental+ 32
3Gregory HugentoblerSauber Petronas Racings.t.
9Stijn VandenberghXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 1'03
28Jamalidin NovardiantoXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 2'34
36Carl Ngamoki-CameronXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 4'53
65Marvain Tognama KossouhorouXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 8'46
72Hamish SchreursXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 11'20
87Tom DavisonXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 12'07
144Anthony RouxXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 18'39
146Matthew LloydXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
Vandenbergh was dropped early but recovered. He made the group behind Van Keirsbulck but didn't have the legs to make a move or do much in the sprint. Top 10 is still decent but a tad dissapointing. We hope for better in the flatter cobbled races.
Gisborne GP
25th of February | Win Team Goal | C2HC



Roux attacks!


Bennett attacks following Roux's attack!


Roux follows an attack following Bennett's attack following Roux's attack!


Bennett follows the attack Roux followed, following Bennett's attack following Roux's attack!


The attacking pays off as our duo starts their sprint for the win!


Bennett takes the win for the home crowd!

1George BennettXero Racing p/b Octagon5h33'03
2David BoilyWorld Cycling Centres.t.
3Maxime MonfortTeam Reddits.t.
4Anthony RouxXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
33Tom DiggleXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 1'06
99Marvain Tognama KossouhorouXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 4'48
103Geremie NzekeXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
115Tom DavisonXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 6'30
123Matthew LloydXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
144Hamish SchreursXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 8'42
What a fantastic result! Not in our wildest dreams did we imagine such a great race - we were aggressive, smart and most of all WE FREAKING WON WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The crowd was a great size and they all enjoyed our home rider Bennett's win - the climber showing these puncheurs how it's done. Roux needed a couple more meters to make it onto the podium but fourth, helping Bennett and making the first attack was a great result for him too. Our biggest goal achieved and our home race won. Perfect
Loanee Watch

Our loaned-out riders this year are Jordan Schleck and Nils Schomber, both of whom race for Statoil Pro Cycling. February saw a variety of races for them, all with a steep learning curve. Schomber was 135th but a decent help to his team in Barcelona whilst Schleck, unfortunately, didn't feel too good in Italy where he had to abandon on stage 4. They joined up for the Geraardsbergen-Bosberg classic where neither fared to well either. However they have got some experience riding hard races and helping their team, and have continued their development. We just hope for maybe an easier March for the duo.
Screenshot of the Month


Taking the lead of the stage and GC fights - Credit to roturn
Rider of the Month

He had some big dissapointments but our team's best ever result and another stage win to boot don't lie...


Goal Race, Home Race, Home Crowd, Happy Crowd - Gisborne GP

George Bennett
Total RoTM Wins | 1
RoTM Wins This Season | 1
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I just noticed that you have Kennett and Bennett in one team and for some reason it made me grin harder than I should Pfft

Looked like a decent/mediocre month where you missed the targets in the first three races closely but a brilliant home race overshadows everything to finish the month in style. Congrats !

A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

High highs and Low lows for you still, at least Gisborne made the month finish really great, with such an amazing result! Smile Especially after such bad luck with Bennet collapsing in Tirreno.


"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
@knockout - Haha I've been waiting to make that joke myself Pfft Yeah Gisborne made me ignore the dissapointments in February for now, a pretty average month I guess overall.

@trekbmc - Never a dull moment (except flat races Pfft)! Yeah It was the best finish we could have hoped for and some redemption for GB for sure, hope it's more of the highs for him from now on Pfft
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
17/05/17 - Paul23 said "Coquard will help Froome win the Tour"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [CT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK

George Bennett!! <3

Surely a great win in Gisborne. Nice one for the reporter as well Smile
Nice little update! Nice taking home the team goal in Gisbrone with a great little ride from Bennett!
Non-Pcmgraphical request center:http://pcmdaily.c...ost_471564
Great end to the month for you. A win in the home race is incredible Grin

For the rest of it, you might have missed your targets but the team was consistently near the top. Looking good for the step up!
@tsmoha - What a man! I'm sure his former manager is proud Grin

@whitejersey - Thanks! Pretty big little ride Pfft Yeah feels good to take home the biggest goal!

@Abhishek - A perfect day to cap off February! Yeah a bit short but consistency is key - hard to fall behind if we grind away at the points. Yeah we're on track, but one race at a time Wink
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
17/05/17 - Paul23 said "Coquard will help Froome win the Tour"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [CT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK


Rankings Update

After two months and races on most terrains the rankings are starting to become a little bit clear. Some teams still haven't kicked off whilst some are way ahead. A lot to even out but some interesting stories already. Let's see our place in the madness.

1pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing p/b Octagon354
2pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kul.pngKulczyk - DMTEX352
3pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/hrc.pngRepsol - Honda280
4pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/phc.pngPhilips - Continental266
5pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/azt.pngAzteca - NBCSN224

Well what a shocker! We're top of the league! We're focused on the next few months but this little surprise has been cause for a bit of celebration and boosted morale at the HQ. We didn't expect to edge into the top spot but we'll take it. Despite our definite, immediate, fall from the title-elect spot, the manager can only dream of what might happen if the team gets more results he's actually positive about the ungrateful bastard.
11pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing p/b Octagon3542514,161699
22pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kul.pngKulczyk - DMTEX3522713,041565
33pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/hrc.pngRepsol - Honda2802511,201344
44pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/phc.pngPhilips - Continental266279,851182
55pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/azt.pngAzteca - NBCSN224239,741169

Of course with not so many RDs so far it's basically the same here. Take note of the PpRD - we're on track for "promotion numbers" of about 10PpRD so it's all okay so far.
1Pierre Paolo PenasaITApcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/kul.pngKulczyk - DMTEX197
2Rafael VallsESPpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/hrc.pngRepsol - Honda180
3Denys KarnulinUKRpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/bcp.pngThe Balkan Cycling Project110
4George BennettNZLpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing110
8Anthony RouxFRApcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing82
16Jonathan SalinasVENpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing63
30Igor AntónESPpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing43
48Simon ClarkeAUSpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing27
67Stijn VandenberghBELpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing17
109Geremie NzekeCMRpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing6
161Marvain KossouhorouCAFpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing2
162Jamalidin NovardiantoINApcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing2
175Tom DavisonNZLpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing1
176Dylan KennettNZLpcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/0r8.pngXero Racing1

Four in the top 30 and two in the top 10 - our hilly classic winners - is very pleasing to see and obviously is the main reason why we're in first (though technically it's Jams' two points which gives us the edge - despite a slow start he's still our hero). Bennett with the C2HC win in Gisborne and a stage in Trentino makes it into the top 5, another record for us. 11/17 of our riders already with a point to their name is pleasing, with Clarke already on track as well. Only big big dissapointment so far has been Diggle, who has taken inspiration from Said Haddou and taken up the mantle of the red and white jersey in CT Where's Wally 2017,

4th January 2017 | Cape Town, South Africa
I didn't expect fronting up to Octagon to go very well for us after the minor disaster of our South African focus again being shafted during transfers but this was going worse than I had foreseen.

'Look, I am very disappointed with the situation too, Mr. De Vrijs-' I stammered.
'I don't really care how you're feeling at this point.' the big South African man said cooly, 'But next year better see some god damn improvement. People will start to think you don't even care about us. And we are, in the end, putting the most money into the team.'
'And we're very grateful for your contributions to the project and we promise that we will hire-'
'I know what you've said, but here's the endgame: One: The team promote. You have to achieve the vision we set out now after failing your end of our deal anyway. Two: The South African focus is much stronger next year. Failing these will see us not renew our contract as a title sponsor. Clear?'

1st March 2017 | Wellington, New Zealand
Well the MGUCI have released the second rankings updates and for the first (and probably last time in our team's history, we lead the CT. I haven't been generally overexcited about most of the racing thus far but there's no denying we've had some big highs. The win in Gisborne has had a great effect on publicity and the Kiwi sponsors were rapt with it. That should tide them over, especially with Bennett taking it out. Not that promoting won't hurt our relationship with them.

Octagon are happy with the season: Despite some bad moments and invisible ones, we're pretty marketable right now with the racing we've seen in the hills and Trentino Stage 4. Obviously, we're on the promotion path and I feel pretty good about it. We'll drop from the top but we're doing well enough and I believe in this team if we just focus. That's part one. We'll have to do our best with a hopefully PCT budget to get some South Africans, especially if the Project: Africa rumours are true. I hope they don't go but it would perversely help us. But that's 8 months away. All about the racing right now. That, and thinking about Mr. De Vrijs makes me want to cry.

March Preview
Quieter month for us in March with only six race days across two races. We have a slim lead to defend but given Kulczyk will probably outperform us on all 6 days our goal is really just to make it out with a few points #banflatracesinCT
14-18th of March | Stage Win Race Goal | C2HC



StijnVandenberghFree Role
JamalidinNovardiantoFree Role

Clarke is here in what is likely to be the biggest meeting of sprinters in the CT thus far. However GC points are probably out of the question, though MTK, Kennett and Jams are all capable of a couple on a good day. The man himself has a lofty stage win goal, but only because saying "podium stage" sounds really unambitious.
25th of March | Top 5 Race Goal | C2



JamalidinNovardiantoFree Role

Much the same squad lines up for the second cobbled classic of the CT calendar, with Onodera replacing Clarke the only change. We're hoping for a decisive race which could happen but we could also be looking at a sprint, in which case we're screwed. Otherwise a top 5 or 3 from Stijn is expected to try pick our points tally up for the month a bit.
Not the perfect race calendar in March, still the potential for points is there. The Project: Africa Rumours are very interesting on top!
Yeah we're hoping for some surprising or overachieving racing to get us some decent points Grin And of course if they do disband it would effect us but not really considering it yet Pfft
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
17/05/17 - Paul23 said "Coquard will help Froome win the Tour"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [CT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK

Already announcing transfer targets publicly after leading the February ranking? Do I smell the danger of complacency? A bad March pointswise is expected so good luck getting back to the top afterwards Wink

A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

@knockout - No complacency, African focus will be on the radar with or without promotion. Guess you missed all the one-race at a time stuff Pfft But yes not a great month for our chances here...

March Review
I was expecting a below average month. I was dissapointed.
14-18th of March | Stage Win Race Goal | C2HC


1Richard Laningo LaizerAndorra Cycling Project18h58'34
2Welle JallaysProximus CT+ 3
3Stefano AgostiniRepsol - Honda+ 6
47Simon ClarkeXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 2'48
55Stijn VandenberghXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 2'57
63Marvain Tognama KossouhorouXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 3'23
116Carl Ngamoki-CameronXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 8'09
135Egidijus JuodvalkisXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 10'08
136Jamalidin NovardiantoXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 10'09
148Dylan KennettXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 11'45
176Rei OnoderaXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 19'44
A terrible race here, no life in the team with no results, no breakaways and next to no or even no points. Not good.
25th of March | Top 5 Race Goal | C2



Schreurs in the first iteration of the breakaway


After the first break was caught Kennett joined a second move


In a bunch sprint Kennett is our best finisher in 12th, earning us a few consolation points and himself some compliments from the commentator.

1Sam HarrisonWorld Cycling Centre4h29'46
2Marco BrusProximus Continental Teams.t.
3Yoeri HavikKulczyk - DMTEXs.t.
12Dylan KennettXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
19Jamalidin NovardiantoXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
22Stijn VandenberghXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
40Carl Ngamoki-CameronXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 1'33
61Hamish SchreursXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 3'40
77Egidijus JuodvalkisXero Racing p/b Octagon+ 8'30
78Rei OnoderaXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
79Matthew LloydXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.

A pretty dissapointing race but with not many attacks to speak of an expected finish. A solid enough number of points with three scoring riders but not enough really. Kennett did a great job to make the breakaway and also finish pretty strongly to take 12th, even for a non-cobbler such as himself it's an achievement to even be in the front group.
Loanee Watch

Our loaned-out riders this year are Jordan Schleck and Nils Schomber, both of whom race for Statoil Pro Cycling. March only saw the former race as he took the the startline of Bayern-Rundfardh. He was a bottle carrier for his team and personally managed to keep himself off the bottom place on GC by about 20 positions.
Screenshot of the Month

This will not be awarded in aid of me making a big point about how invisible we were this month.[/small]
Rider of the Month

He didn't suck which secured him the crown. But really a solid effort to overperform and salvage something from Kuurne earned this boy the award...


In the break - Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne

Dylan Kennett
Total RoTM Wins | 1
RoTM Wins This Season | 1
I love those reviews! Eventhough the month was unsuccessful, young talents once more showed their future capabilities.
A shame not to see Xero racing up towards the front much this month, though April should see that change significantly. I'll imagine the San Marino Hill Classic will be your lads' time to shine.
Think that your month could have been ever worse. You could not have scored any points in Kuurne Pfft Anyway, you'll stay on the promotion places after this month, so will more hilly races to come in the following months you'll recover soon :lol:

PCM17 Story:i.imgur.com/WcUbe3d.pngCEPSA - ESTRELLA GALICIAi.imgur.com/WcUbe3d.png

Manager of [MG] Repsol - Honda

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

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