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[PT] Aegon - Lavazza 2017
roturn wrote:
Imo the teams that have been ahead of me (Festina, Vesuvio, Becherovka, Aker) likely finish ahead of me again while Pendleton`s, Puma, Evonik really could be dangerous to pass me. So goal is top10 only.

Definitely agree with SotD that your team is looking very impressive now, a certain contender for at least a top 5. As it stands now (with limited overview and no training), I see you as a favourite for the podium, together with Festina and Becherovka. That can of course change. Well done on transfers this year!

For the quoted part, I can guarantee you Aker - MOT won't be a factor near the top of the standings. It's Guldhammer, Trentin and Kristoff to score any major points for me if we should manage that this season, with many other riders having potential of scoring a lot less than leaders, but more than pure domestiques. I'm just hoping it will be good enough to avoid relegation, as it would be kind of a shame to go from 4th place two years in a row to relegation Pfft
Riders coming, riders going - Part 3

First of all, no other rider leaving the team. Hence the core is staying and being carefully build around.

But we have incredible 5 riders yet to present. First a young German sprinter, who got the last contract of the season with us. Phil Bauhaus will be our main sprinter in Avenir as also being leadout in some races for Swift or Groenewegen. He is young and surely still has to learn a lot but we thought it`s a good addition for our sprinter squad.

Then a big number of 4 riders are coming on a loan contract into our team. As usual we try to offer at least 2 riders the opportunity to ride on PT level. This year we even found twice as many and are happy to welcome riders from all over the World really.

Martin Weiss is a good puncheur with a decent sprint and hence will be one of the riders we expect to take part in several breakaways. It`s his last step to made and he will go back to Sauber after the season.
Krisztian Lovassy is the 2nd rider coming via a loan. He should be a decent classic sprinter after this season and seeing our cobbled squad, he might actually have quite a lot of freedom this season as there is no rider to really work for.
Lawson Craddock coming from Aeropostal was a rider we were happy to get early on as first loaned in rider actually. He is decent on the climbs and good against the clock. Hence a good option for stage races and hence the Grand Tours.
German Anibal Orue is not from Germany actually but as with our other loanies we use to get them from all over the World and while having a rather strict National focus for the other riders, we are very happy now to say that we had riders from all over the World with our loanies now as all continents saw at least one rider with our team as South America was the last missing piece.
Seeing he is the Paraguyan National Champion, we might also look to get a colourful jersey for him. He is coming from Team Azteca for this season and actually is our shared best cobbler.
Rider Presentation 2017

Stage Racers


We are very happy to announce you our stage racers for the 2017 season and even more that it`s 3 of the top4 from the Netherlands and hence absolutely going towards our main sponsor Aegon.
Keizer and Olivier reached the top10 in last years GT already plus winning a stage each in those and we hope to see this being repeated.
With Dekker we have won a very experienced stage racer, who will make us even more dangerous in those kind of races.
Last but not least Koep, who will work as helper in many races and as his personal highlight he continues his series from 2016 to race all 3 GTs in one season.



Since our beginning we used to have strong sprinters (in most seasons). Since last year we have one of the best, which was impressively shown on many days. Swift stays with us and will hopefully repeat his successful 2016.
His team around him will be stronger even as Sbaragli and Van der Sanden remain as his main leadouts and later got his final "upgrade".
And not to forget Groenewegen, the fastest Dutch on the planet, who really jumps into the top sprinter area now and will get many opportunities for himself to aim for his first PT stage win but also occasionally will make a dangerous duo with the Brit.



The hill area was okay last year but surely could have been even better. Hence De Bie will come back stronger we hope fighting for more consistent top10 spots and maybe a win here and there. His allround skill set should help him in classics and stage races.
Villella often will be his lieutnant for the hard races but also once again has the chance to go stage hunting which successfully worked last season including a GT stage, while Thurau basically is doing the same on a lower level.



Our allrounders are basically our cobblers as well, though it wouldn`t really be correct.
Boom as our big team leader can everything basically, maybe not the fastest sprint but he uses to do well from small groups as well. He can top15 in hilly stage races, climb decent enough, timetrial very well and also ride on the paves. Hence he will obviously once again go for the Tour of Northern Europe podium and maybe grab his first win there after years of close beatings.
His young "trainee" Bovenhuis has the perfect coach here and should also do well in those kind of races, even though the cobbles clearly are his main part.

Time Trialists


Dumoulin is back and will lead our pure time trial department. Yet another rider from the Netherlands high in the lists.
In especially for the numberous TTTs he will be just as important as last years Portugal prologue winner Frison and new rider Barth.
In addition we expect them to be active in breaks.



Arguably we weren`t able to get the biggest talents as we had considered pre transfers as some strong riders from the Netherlands had been on the market but by going for experience and scoring potential, the way was different. That said we still got 3 riders with some potential.
Bauhaus already can support our sprint preperations and just like Van der Sanden will become stronger in future. Still being very young he also will sprint for us in Avenir.
Another Avenir rider is Ciccone. The young Italian is expected to be a good climber for the future while van der Hoorn is simply a beast on the flat with decent skills on the cobbles. So a rider, we are very happy to have.



And finally our loanies. 4 of them this season and also some that are rather important for us. Weiss as helper for De Bie but also with chances in breaks, Lovassy and Orue as helpers/leaders even in cobbled races and Craddock as stage racer to support in the big races. We are happy to have them all and hope to improve their chances for the future with this experience on high level.

Full Team

Loaned out

Here the full team. 23 riders in total of which we have 9 from the Netherlands incl. many of our leaders.
3 riders from Italy even though here surely some improvement in leadership is wanted in seasons to come.
2 from Belgium and 4 Germans as Neighbours.
And obviously 1 big Brit to probably take the most wins.
The loanies as said before from all over the World.

And not to forget Sven Nooytens, our only loaned out rider. Now you might ask, why we did loan out our best cobbler, a former top10 PT classic rider?
Well answer is easy. Without a real leader on that terrain and some depth in lower areas, we decided to let him go and ride for a big cobbled leader and then we hope to get one leader next season when he is needed a lot more.
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It's a really nice looking team you have managed to put together here mate! Very unusual to see only 3 unmaxed talents there, and IMO a bit of a mistake to splash a lot of money for Dumoulin instead of making Daan Olivier 80MO, but I'm not complaining Smile

I will be looking very eagerly at how your sprint setup is going to work, as Coquard basically have a similar rider to Sbaragli next season as his main leadout and it looks as though the secondary guys resemblances van Sanden a lot (Bouglas, Stocker and Farantakis) in the future. If it works for Swift, I guess it could work for Coquard aswell, otherwise I'll have to reconsider my options next year. Also very pleasant to see that Swift wasn't made 85SPR, which atleast keeps him on 84 until he starts decreasing Pfft

Well...training Olivier to 80 was the plan. Pfft

But no offers came for my transfer list and then I decided to go for Dumoulin late in transfers...just afterwards I got the offers that I was waiting for. So rather bad luck and Olivier had to live with smaller training instead.

Regarding Sbaragli. Unfortunately the game not 100% using him as I would as player. Hence losing some of the potential if sprint is "only" 77. So might have to train him +1 +2 later I guess.
That sprinting duo makes me a little bit jealous...
And I guess those leadout could work well, as in PCT last year even if I though we had the strongest leadout other teams did it better with weaker riders..

Atleast my team will beat you on the cobbles, hopefully Pfft

Keizer, Dekker and Olivier is a nice trilogy aswell.
De Bie would have fit perfect in my team with his fellows belgians born 1991 :lol:
Will again be tough to beat you this season.

Olivier = Bongiorno so Herklotz+Nerz+Arndt need to remain close to Keizer+Dekker.
De Bie and Kelderman are very similar now.
I hope Ciolek+Demare can keep up with Swift+Groenewegen somehow.
Hopefully Boom won't outscore Blythe again.
S√ľtterlin will be better than Dumoulin.

So overall there's not that much between us at first sight, with your leaders likely to outscore mine, but my depth being slightly better. It's gonna be fun. Smile
www.rent-herbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/deutschland-flagge-klein.jpg 17-03-2013 www.rent-herbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/deutschland-flagge-klein.jpg

www.rent-herbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/deutschland-flagge-klein.jpg 22-03-2015 www.rent-herbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/deutschland-flagge-klein.jpg

January Preview

The season is about to kick off and the Aegon team already is preparing in training camp. It`s "just" January but the early month is already hugely important for us as you will see further below.

But first of all the 2017 Team Goals. After failing heavily with high set goals in 2016 and hence a big budget cut, we decided to go more safe this year to "recover" from that.

Team Goals

Tour de FranceStage Win
Tour of Northern EuropeTop 3
SAA Tour AfriqueWin
Liege Bastogne LiegeTop 3
PT StandingsTop 5

The Tour de France remains an important race for us and hence might see our strongest squad. But even though last year our top10 goal there worked out well, we decided to aim lower. It`s "only" a stage win goal there and as Ben Swift won a triple there last season, this is the way we want to repeat.

Then Tour of Northern Europe. Lars Boom must be our man there and with Bovenhuis he gets very good support for such an allrounder event. He was close to the win several times and hence getting a podium there is wanted minimum.

Now the race that was won last season already. SAA Tour Afrique was downgraded to PTHC but still remains high on our wish list. Perfect race for Swift and hence despite expecting a super packed startlist from both PT and PCT, this is the race we want to win once again.

Last but not least Liege Bastogne Liege podium? Crazy, yes. But we couldn`t go too low neither and with De Bie having a good preperation we hope for some kind of "surprise" there.

And with PT Standings looking very well last year and imo an improved squad with Dekker, De Bie, Groenewegen likely improving our team, I think going high for a top5 is difficult but not impossible.

Badaling International Tour of Qatar
Sean De BieLeader Ben SwiftLeader
Davide VillellaLieutnant Dylan GroenewegenLieutnant
Björn ThurauSupport Kristian SbaragliLeadout
Jasper BovenhuisSupport Geert Van der SandenLeadout
Martin WeissSupport Tom DumoulinSupport
Giulio CicconeSupport Frederik FrisonSupport
Krisztian LovassyDevelopment Jasper BovenhuisSupport
Phil BauhausDevelopment Marcel BarthSupport

20th only in Badaling International in 2016 definitely needs an improvement. We really want a top10 minimum here as De Bie should be able to do this. That said, hill classics use to have the very best of all teams at the start.
Villella and Thurau are the main support and will basically be with most race days of De Bie.

In Qatar it`s all about the GC win. Swift is a fast sprinter, might be fastest. Last year Degenkolb jumped above him but he used to have the better leadout with Kluge and Mohs while Groenewegen rarely was linked to Swift`s schedule.
Now Iberia has lost Mohs and replaced with Zabel and hence a bit weaker I`d say while our team improved with Groenewegen and Van der Sanden. So should be a lot stronger and also the experience from last year`s Qatar with a strong leadout made us send Groenewegen here as well as first support rider.
There's a very good chance that all those goals will be reached! Nice team and well put together. I'm a bit surprised to see you actually use Groenewegen as a leadout for Swift. But not having a top top leadout I guess it will be a good move.

To be fair on Groenewegen. A 82 sprinter with good backup stats can`t be used as leadout only. Most races he starts as my sprint leader. But races such as Qatar just needed a top top leadout and while Sbaragli with his high flat/77sp combo or Van der Sanden with 73fl/79sp would be okay, those high speed finishes in pan flat races needed the double.

Last year I went with Swift-Sbaragli-Van der Sanden (77sp) and it was not enough to beat the 2x80+ combination of Pokerstars. Hence the change in some races.

If Groenewegen/Swift work just half as good as I am hoping on last 1-1,5km only I think it should be a nice duo. Main job now for the other two to bring them together until this point but I think Sbaragli is the ideal rider to do so.
Dylan Groenewegen - His way to the top



It all started back in 2013. Groenewegen at 20 years only signed a pretty good 125k contract with PCT team Team UPC - Boehringer-Ingelheim. Always good to ride for a small home team in the early years. He was a decent sprinter already but obviously still needed to learn a lot.

His first ever pro race then appeared to be the Australian sprinter event Down Under Classic. Pan flat and perfect opportunity for him. In fact it was a talented team with Boy and Danny Van Poppel or Teunissen as well. Leaders though was veteran Tom Veelers.
Young Groenewegen ended up in 27th position which is kind of impressive and was just the start of his career.



Groenewegen has learned well from his leaders and made a nice little step forward. Not yet winning material but surely a decent leadout already and showed some very good recovery skills and the skills to survive some hillier sprint stages.
He remained with the team, that went under the name Team Hornbach in 2014. The team clearly was a sprinter paradise as basically 2/3 of the team were mainly focussing on the flat stages.

He now couldn`t learn a lot more from his former leaders Veelers, Lorenzetto, Priamo or Boy Van Poppel and basically was as fast as those. Hence the team went for a new sprint leader with Anthony Lavoine, one of the PCT/CT top sprinters and a nice rider to learn from surely.

He couldn`t really make a step this year in terms of results and was often in later half of the peloton but he had some opportunities for himself in C2 events, where he also got his first top10 stage result in the New Zealand Cycle Tour and actually winning the bunch sprint for 7th on that day.



The end of 2014 was a hard time for him as the team folded and he was left without a contract. Though as one of the very best sprint prospects on the market, he probably never was too worried.

And with Rothaus - Aegon changing their focus even more on the Netherlands by changing to Aegon - Lavazza, the 22 year old was the big target for the team after relegating from the PT to the PCT.

This was kind of lucky for Groenewegen as he was immediately the team`s top sprinter and leader for the flat stages. With Alex Krieger and Kristian Sbaragli he got decent support for many stages as well but the times has changed a bit and competition was incredible in that division with Ciolek, Cavendish, Avelino, Boonen, Ahlstrand or Kupfernagel.

The season was an up and down for him really with some solid results such as the 8th in the Berlin Pro Race and Eneco Tour and some decent stage performances throughout the year. But one thing always was sure before the season started. He won`t get enough of experience to make his last step as there was simply no one in the team, he could learn from.

With the team doing extraordinarily well though his motivation also went up in the late season when promotion to the PT was basically secured.
In autumn he first got a 6th in the GP Moscow against PT sprinters being ahead of riders such as Swift.

Then in his last race of the year he finally was able to celebrate his first win and it was a fantastic one in Paris - Tours, when he totally smashed the competition.


Paris - Tours1st
GP Moscow6th
Berlin Pro Race8th
Eneco Tour8th
Olympia`s Tour17th
Baltic Chain Tour15th
Stages1x 2nd, 2x 3rd



As said previously, he remained as unmaxed rider but got his first PT season with the team and as "teacher" the team signed no other than Ben Swift, one of the most successful sprinters of all time and multiple stage winner in his Vesuvio years before.

Hence what could go wrong? Well probably the fact that while being a decent PCT sprinter, the competition in the PT was too high for him still as Degenkolb, Bewley, Mohs, Kristoff, Van Stayen, Guarnieri, Kennaugh, Ciolek, Cavendish and many more were ahead of him.

Though he learned by riding against those and got his first two Grand Tours with the Giro and Vuelta. In later he actually showed some of his talent by finishing 2nd on day 1 already and then 3rd on the 14th stage. Both stages actually won by Jurgen Roelandts.

He then had yet another great GP Moscow and repeated the 6th from the year before but other than that not really much for his palmares.

GP Moscow6th
Vuelta Stages1x 2nd, 1x 3rd



The team stayed up in the PT and hence the now fully maxed Groenewegen was expected to be able to challenge a lot more. He still has a couple of stronger sprinters ahead of him but he definitely was one of the top10-15 sprinters in the division and with Swift staying with the team at least one of them he wouldn`t meet too often.

With two top sprinters the scheduling was mainly seperated and hence also the other top sprinters did meet Swift more often than Groenewegen. In fact only in Qatar and Moscow both ride together. And while Moscow, which was an important part of Groenewegen`s rise is not raced yet, in Qatar it did work pretty good with 2 stages and the 2nd in the GC for Swift with Groenewegen being his leadout.

After Qatar he started in Tirreno - Adriatico, which was mainly just to get rolling for him. His main goal this season was the GTs Giro and Vuelta as in the year before.

And the Giro started nicely. On the 2nd day already he was celebrating his first ever PT win and this against some really top sprinters.
And it wasn`t all yet as he did repeat this on the 7th stage as well making him one of the top Giro riders this year.

After a short break he then went to the Vuelta a Espana and eyes were looking on him now a lot more. But he kept cool and took yet another 2 stage wins on days 2 and 6 followed by 4 more podiums in the race. So definitely made a huge step forward and arrived at the top sprinter level. Most impressive actually that he acchieved all this without a real leadout as Sbaragli and Van der Sanden followed Swift`s season.

Giro Stages2x 1st
Vuelta Stages2x 1st, 2x 2nd, 2x 3rd

2018 is yet a total unknown but one thing is for sure. Dylan Groenewegen will stay with the team and then trying to continue this progress. At 24 years of age only he still has a lot to reach and there seems to be no limit for this guy.
Question might be if he can complete the GT triple by winning a stage in the Tour de France as well. One day surely, but if already in 2018 is as said, an unknown yet.
I cant hide that I¬īm jealous about his GT stage wins this season looking at Ahlstrand result, I did not plan as good as you and did not send Ahlstrand to Vuelta but seeing Dylan taking two stages in Giro and Ahlstrand only managed podium twice as 3rd.

But congrats on your sprinting season so far even if Swift crashed out TdF.
Yes. Right now seems Groenewegen was the better pick.

Weird to see as Ahlstrand or Zabel looked more promising earlier on and won a lot more in PCT for example.

Still think all of them will have successful careers on PT level and once being trained here and there having nice fights against each other.

Once Groenewegen taking over the main sprinter role from Swift, it might be interesting if he can also do well in big sprint fields such as Qatar or the classics.
Definitely need to consider well at what time I make this swap as Swift`s points are vital for my team and none of my young riders (Groenewegen, De Bie, Olivier) can replace those without at least 2 years of training.
Ya what a Vuelts he had Smile

A story of Birth : Friendship : Love : Rivalry : Pain : Racing and Death

Not only the Vuelta. Pfft

Just checked the rankings.

Team Points3,2%14,5%

In the Giro alone he scored a bit more than in the full 2016 season. The Vuelta obviously was even better being ~150%.

So yes, finally being maxed, was vital for my team. In especially as I couldn`t expect Keizer being as strong as in 2016 TdF with his KoM rant or Olivier with his 2016 Giro 3rd week.

By the look of it Groenewegen about collects their points now together with Dekker. But still the rankings seem to have other teams improving more. So I need another good results in the races to come such as Praha Karlovy, TONE, Tasmania, Lombardia, Moscow and the TTT.

Actually having good hopes for all those and only 1-2 remaining events should see me not scoring very well.
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