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ICL18 - General | Scouting!
Won one and lost one who wouldn't be eligible for the dev team anyway, so I think I have my scouting for next season done.
Manager of Minions in MG and Peugeot in ICL
Got the biggest Swiss talent so I'm extremely pleased about that one. Smile
Unfortunately no one else but there are hopefully still some possibilities for that.
Credits to the_hoyle for my avatar.
Yeah, we got 0 riders! And missing on signing one by just 5 (wherever it's the game's currency Pfft )

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Wow... I severly underpaid in that second round.. Got 1 at least...

PostNL with that smoove Florian Diederich signing! Nice work dude
Keeping up the Suntory tradition of overpaying for pot 7 sprinters Smile

Also managed to get the best cobbler on offer to eventually fill our rather large hole in that department.
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Bikex wrote:
Sorry about Zappino trekbmc, that was a really close one. You probably still are happy with your result. Wink

Ouch, same offer and an awesome rider. Sad

You're right, I can still be really happy, Rasmussen is really great, Pot. 7 18 year old who happens to be a future cobblist, couldn't be more happy. Smile Glad to see the big risk on Karpati turned out okay, he'll add to the solid TTT team I'm accidently building, while the other big risk of mine who I missed, Backasch, turned out worse.

Meyer is going to be a big rival for Spagnoli. Pfft


"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

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Hm one pot 6 and the obvious loss to the pot 6 french sprinter to Suntory. They bid 100 more than me so that's D2B on a spending spree for Suntory Orangina, extending his U23 tyranny. Wink At leaset I havn't seen a pot 7 spanish guy in the field yet. I hope there is still someone slumbering in the depths of unscouted territories. Cool
Unleash the Landa

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
I mean, despite looking at previous DBs, I have no real idea if a 18yo pot 6 climber is worth anything in the long run in this game with a mid-60s starting average...but Bosch has overpaid riders before I came, so why not continue Pfft
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www.rent-herbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/deutschland-flagge-klein.jpg 22-03-2015 www.rent-herbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/deutschland-flagge-klein.jpg

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As usual, my silent bidding went horrible Pfft One bid lost by 10 is tough!
Wow... I severly underpaid in that second round...

I'd say others overpaid while you were being reasonable. Smile I may very well undervalue talents, but the winning offer in my case was nearly three times what I was prepared to pay.
Lesson: dont send your bids without looking at your scouting file. I wasnt convinced in Schulz' stats and wanted to bid very little over the minimum but accidently confused him with another talent. :lol:

A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Good, the Caribbean team got the Caribbean talent. Let that be a lesson to you!
Will riders who have already been hired be marked/deleted in my scouting table or will I manually have to check?
Lost quite a lot of bids, but at least signed two Po6 talents including one from Canada Smile
Holowesko story
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Stages (Requests closed)
Startlist Packs 2017


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I have now updated all reports of teams that told me to do so. If I have missed you please drop me a PM
I have decided to scrap one signing round, so now you actuallly get to do 2 rounds of Scouting before the next talents are signed. Also I have updated the Wage column to now show if a rider is signed by a team already.
I have no luck. Jealous to see what young riders others have found, I've only found rubbish, except for two riders Ollfardh bid (too much) on. I don't even know who to scout closely in the next round, everybody's too weak and/or has too many negative impressions.
Ripley wrote:
I have no luck. Jealous to see what young riders others have found, I've only found rubbish, except for two riders Ollfardh bid (too much) on. I don't even know who to scout closely in the next round, everybody's too weak and/or has too many negative impressions.

Similar issues here, seems like full Latin America isn't exactly blessed with talent this year...
Team Cymru Wales would like to welcome the following talents to the team for next season :

- Coentro Caetano
- Martin Hamilton
That Hamilton guy is quite good actually!
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Ollfardh wrote:
That Hamilton guy is quite good actually!

Lets hope he delivers the goods Cool
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