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Xero Racing | CT'16 | Sheriff's Roundups
Xero Racing p/b Octagon 2016

22nd November 2015 | Wellington, New Zealand
I checked my notes were in order. I checked my tie was straight, my suit just right. I wasn't used to dealing with these small matters of appearances, but then again, I wasn't used to dealing with the New Zealand Government. Or a subsidiary of it, at least. I gulped. This was their reputation to uphold. With Kiwibank leaving cycling for a while back there, and Bewley running evermore rampant, how many tricks did our showpony have? On the home front, how do Octagon stop themselves being left behind?

I step out into the light. Representatives from our sponsors, guests, important people from Cycling NZ, wearing looks of skepticism, looks of hope, nerves, all for their own various reasons. And goddamnit, it's my job to tell them what they have been working towards the last few months, what it will look like, why it isn't a waste of money. After all, there's another option out there. The very name of our natural rivals hangs over us like some bad horror movie ghost, waiting to feast upon those who dare utter the words. It's silly, in my opinion. It's not we don't think rivalry is a good thing, it's just been thrust upon us.

The mic is on. I've no excuse not to start now. I open my mouth and know that this is it. I'm here.

The Primary Sponsors

These are our men with the money. Our sugar daddies, if you will. But they're no random rich sheikhs. These companies all have a passion for the sport, and, just as important if not more, the project itself.


About: Octagon is the sports and entertainment marketing division of the Interpublic Group (IPG). The IPG is one of the "big four" advertising companies and so being sponsored by the South African arm of the sports arm of the IPG is a smaller deal but with big background.
Contract Until: 2016
Focus Nations: South Africa, Africa*

Octagon will help us get our name on the backs of buses, billboards, wherever, in our target countries. Good for publicity, finances and fans.


About: The overnight success that is Xero is now a international company still based in little ol' NZ. They develop online accounting software for small businesses (like our own?)
Contract Until: 2017
Focus Nations: New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain (minor), United States (very minor)

Xero stepped in at the last minute, but should be a great asset for the team. They'll be welcoming to the idea of sponsoring us, at least.

The Secondary Sponsors


About: Has nothing much to do with either government but helps bring New Zealand and South African businessmen and women together. Not related to the NZABC, a NZ-government approved company with the same values who unfortunately said no.
Contract Until: 2017
Focus Nations: South Africa, New Zealand, Africa (minor)*


About: Another government-backed, state-owned sponsor, Kiwibank is a subsidiary of New Zealand Post. Of course as many of you know they were involved as a title sponsor for Becherovka, one of the best teams in the world. They left as the team pursued a more Slavic focus, and want to start helping building a team from scratch where no pesky Eastern Europeans will give them the boot.
Contract Until: 2018
Focus Nations: New Zealand


About: My Food Bag is another hotshot emerging modern Kiwi company, an online food delivery service philosophising in “Eating food from the ground, sea or the sky. A sure-fire way to enjoy food the way nature intended, with less preservative, salts and a host of other artificial things. With recipes being focused on bringing natural ingredients forwards as the heroes”. We will help spread the word as they hope to develop this message with local (not always possible for us) and free-range produce.
Contract Until: 2017
Focus Nations: New Zealand, Australia

*The choice of flags here means nothing

Edited by jandal7 on 19-08-2017 11:17

TomScully79 SPR, 77 PRL75.31Leader210,000
JonathanSalinas77 MON74.33Leader80,000
TomDiggle77 HIL74.08Leader130,000
SimonClarke79 SPR, 78 ACC73.74Lieutenant50,000
GeremieNzeke76 HIL73.73Lieutenant145,000
OleHirschlein77 MON73.72Lieutenant140,000
MatthewLloyd75 HIL72.75Domestique55,000
AleksandrEfimkin76 HIL72.29Domestique50,000
MarvainKossouhorouLow 70s everything72.08Ultra-Domestique50,000
TomDavison73 HIL, 73 PRL71.50Domestique75,000
TimothyGudsell73 TT, 72 SPR69.74Domestique50,000
JamalidinNovardianto74 ACC, 74 FTR69.44Talent/Free Role50,000
KimOk Cheol70 SPR67.20Talent10,000*
NilsSchomber74 PRL66.41Talent10,000*
JordanSchleck67 MON64.90Talent70,000
JeanHelwani67 TT, 67 PRL63.85"Talent"0**

**Loaned in, actual wage 50,000
Edited by jandal7 on 11-10-2016 23:42

2016 Official Goals

Giro del CapoTop 10SUCCESS
Tour of SouthlandWinFAIL - Top 10
Herald Sun TourStage WinFAIL - Top 3
Barcelona ClassicTop 5SUCCESS+ - Top 3
i65.tinypic.com/2m2dl5w.jpgTeam StandingsTop 10FAIL - 11th

Short-Term Goals
- In 2016 place a solid CT ranking and develop young talents from our focus nations in particular
- Increase the popularity of all divisions of Cycling in NZ.
- In 2017 promote and come out trumps in the Oceanic CT battle.
- In 2017 continue to develop our younger riders.
- Have a team 75% from our focus countries

Medium-Term Goals
- In 2018 Survive in PCT and continue to develop riders.
- Survive with an at least 65% focus nations team

Long-Term Goals
- Promote to PT
- Max Out talents and develop new ones
- Sign Sam Bewley before he declines
- Establish ourselves as the Premier NZ and eventually Oceanic Team
- Establish NZ as more than just Bewley and Sergent, a global power.
- Keep the national focus and Xero ideals throughout our time in professional cycling


Home Race
Goal Race

10/2 Clasico San CristobalC2
1/2-6/2 Benelux ChallengeC2HC
17/2-28/2 Tour of the Middle EastC2
21/2 Geraardsbergen-BosbergC2HC
25/2 Gisborne GPC1
27/2 San Marino Hill ClassicC2HC
10/3-17/3 Tour of SouthlandC2
18/3-22/3 Tour of BulgariaC2HC
25/3 Betonexpressz GPC2
1/4 Busan GPC2HC
11/4 Tour of AlmatyC2
19/4-28/4 Tour de LangkawiC2HC
22/4-25/4 Tour of AzerbaijanC2
1/5 Barcelona ClassicC2HC
2/6 Sachsen-Anhalt ClassicC2HC
4/6-8/6 Circulo de JuarezC2
17/6-22/6 Giro del CapoC2
22/6 Barbuda Birdmen ClassicC2
2/7-8/7 Tour de PologneC2HC
8/7-13/7 La Tropicale Amissa BongoC2HC
19/7 Volcan de Agua ClassicC2
25/7-29/7 Tour de SlovenieC2
5/8-11/8 USA Pro Cycling ChallengeC2HC
31/8 Tatranska KlasikaC2HC
1/9-5/9 Herald Sun TourC2
3/9 Acropolis CupC2HC
24/9 GP YekaterinburgC2HC
4/8-6/8 Tour du FasoC2
18/10 Zuri MetzgeteC2HC

Edited by jandal7 on 07-04-2017 23:29
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Stages and GCs


25/2Tour of the Middle EastStage 9Jonathan Salinas


10/1Clasico San CristobalClassicTom Diggle
3/2Benelux ChallengeStage 3Matthew Lloyd
18/3-22/3Tour of BulgariaGCJonathan Salinas
10/7La Tropicale Amissa BongoStage 3Jamalidin Novardianto
11/7La Tropicale Amissa BongoStage 4Tom Scully
26/7Tour de SlovenieStage 2Tom Diggle
29/7Tour de SlovenieStage 5Tom Diggle


21/2Tour of the Middle EastStage 5Simon Clarke
10/3Tour of SouthlandStage 1Tom Davison
11/3Tour of SouthlandStage 2Simon Clarke
17/3Tour of SouthlandStage 8Jamalidin Novardianto
20/3Tour of BulgariaStage 3Jonathan Salinas
25/3Betonexpressz GPClassicSimon Clarke
26/4Tour de LangkawiStage 8Jamalidin Novardianto
28/4Tour de LangkawiStage 10Timothy Gudsell
1/5Barcelona ClassicClassicSimon Clarke
20/6Giro del CapoStage 4Tom Diggle
6/7Tour de PologneStage 6Tom Diggle
25/7Tour de SlovenieStage 1Simon Clarke
1/9Herald Sun TourStage 1Tom Scully

Minor Classifications


22/4-25/4Tour de AzerbaijanKoMTom Davison
4/6-8/6Circulo de JuarezKoMTimothy Gudsell
8/7-13/7La Tropicale Amissa BongoYouthJamalidin Novardianto


2/7-7/7Tour de PologneKoMMathew Lloyd
25/7-29/7Tour de SlovenieKoMTom Diggle
25/7-29/7Tour de SloveniePointsTom Diggle


10/3-17/3Tour of SouthlandKoMJamalidin Novardianto

Other Races


31/10Ugandan National ChampionshipsRR & ITTJordan Schleck
31/10Central African National ChampionshipsRR & ITTMarvain Tognama Kossouhorou




4/1Bay Crits (Pre-Season)Stage 4Simon Clarke

All layout thanks to Mre, obviously Smile

Here it is, thanks to bwiggins.


Edited by jandal7 on 26-06-2016 03:54
Follow us on Twitter for cheap laughs at my expense

Edited by jandal7 on 22-01-2016 11:44
Luis Leon Sanchez
Why am I not surprised you have gone with a NZ based team?
It'll be difficult for you in the transfer season with quite a few small teams and a very limited market, hopefully you can have more success than other Kiwi teams in the past!
Good luck in your debut season, and I hope you can eventually achieve the long-term goals Wink
Manager of Minions in MG and Peugeot in ICL
Avin Wargunnson
Bewley? Okay. Pfft

Welcome to the game jandal, great job with nicely looking HQ. bwiggins made a nice work with a jersey, that should be somewhat easy to spot. Good luck in 2016, you will need it with your crowded focus areas. Smile
I'll be back
@LLS - Hehe, maybe because I'm a nationalistic patriot if there ever was one Pfft Thanks for the well-wishes, it will be hard but I'm sure we can divide and conquer for now, my African secondary focus should help me out there Wink

@marco - Thanks a lot, and yes they are some ambitious goals, but I hope to achieve them someday Grin

@Avin - Our #1 star, why not? It's most certainly a long-term goal, for a few years down the track yet Wink Thanks for the welcome and the compliments, bwiggins certainly did a stellar job Grin Thanks again, and yep, it's going to be tough in NZ this season Wink
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"
07/11/17 - Croatia14 said "Everybody told me how much of a great season I am having. Jokes after 3 good stages in TDU were funny, now they are not anymore."

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [CT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK
The Carbon Throne

Gonna be so confusing now that you changed your team name, so it has p/b in it like me. Two NZ with fairly similar names! Pfft

Wiggo and Simon Gerrans!
Nice opening post sets the scene nicely and good to see an intention to be in the game for the long term.

Great jersey by bwiggins.

Best of luck in the transfers, hope NZ manages to produce lots of new talents Wink.
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
@bwiggins - Just for unnoficial purposes, presented by a sports marketing company makes sense and its a lot of what they will be doing for us anyway. But yeah Smile

@D2B - Thanks a lot, especially from a guy with an awesome HQ start like you that means a lot Grin Hopefully we have some fresh blood from NZ soon or it will get dry fast Wink and bwiggins is just amazing Pfft
Edited by jandal7 on 05-01-2016 23:30
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"
07/11/17 - Croatia14 said "Everybody told me how much of a great season I am having. Jokes after 3 good stages in TDU were funny, now they are not anymore."

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [CT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK
The Carbon Throne

Approve! Grin
Ian Butler
Well, well, Jamel (or whatever it was) has come to the ManGame Grin
Good luck, man, I'll be rooting for you in the CT!
Great opening post, I am really looking forward to see what you can do in CT considering you'll have a fierce opposition in transfers but especially how you'll update your HQ. That's a great start!

Best of luck Wink
Manager of pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ged.png Generali - EDF pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ged.png


Liking the HQ Smile
@Dippo - Thanks Grin

@Ian - i used your godsent Jamal Kuriba in CX, what do you want now Pfft Cheers, means a lot to have a fan Pfft

@matt - Wow, thanks a bunch! Will try to keep this HQ updated, maybe not regularly in February time but certainly its a goal of mine throughout the year. Yep, it's tough down under for riders at the moment, again my African focus helps take off the heat but not much.

@sutty - Cheers! the_hoyle did an amazing job with the banners Grin
Edited by jandal7 on 10-04-2017 00:23
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"
07/11/17 - Croatia14 said "Everybody told me how much of a great season I am having. Jokes after 3 good stages in TDU were funny, now they are not anymore."

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [CT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK
The Carbon Throne

I was really thinking your team would be Venezualan, quite surprising that you went with New Zealand Shock Pfft

Nice HQ Though and good luck dominating the season with Bewley on your side. Grin Pfft


"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

"Bonhauui Coillsed with Damare in many occasions." - Some guy on CN

Credit to Ripley, all of the credit ever to Ripley.
Love the shirt and HQ, good luck.

Signing Bewley whilst also showing NZ consists of more than Bewley, uh.. thats gonna be a some real big goals Wink
Unleash the Landa

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
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