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[HCD] Historical Cycling Database - 1989

Hello everyone !

HCD team and PCM France are pleased to introduce you in our new historical db project for PCM 2013, we will come back on 1989 year, one of best ever for cycling lover !

HCD 1989 will contain :
- All riders from professional teams
- Additional free agent
- More than 70 professional teams
- All jerseys teams in HD / PCM 13 format
- Mini-jerseys for all teams
- Equipments for all teams
- Road frame and TT frame for all teams
- Cap and helmet of 1989
- Calendar with respected date of 1989
- Jerseys leaders of 3 major tours
- Riders-photos for all teams
- 1989 backgrounds

In additional, if we have the possibility :
- Stages of all major tours of 1989
- Stages for others races of 1989 (Paris-Nice, Dauphiné, etc…)

HCD – Staff :
- Perot / Nicolas_Portal / Mig / Alex89 / Neoroswell

If you are intersted to help us, you are welcome !
Edited by perot on 04-07-2013 12:58
A DB1989,good idea!!!Good luck!!!Wink
I mede a version of the 1989 Tour de France for PCM2013.
Last year, I made the same work for PCM 2012. I started modifying the files posted by Nicolas Portal for PCM 2011. This is an almost-completely-renewed-version, using the new features of the Stage Editor and some map and photo from the web.
I hope it could be useful for your db.
Please let me know for comments, issues and suggestions. Thank you!

Here is the LINK to the Stage Discussion Forum, where you can find the download links, more details and further updates:

Edited by marlak on 24-07-2013 16:46
marlak wrote:
Here is a version of the 1989 Tour de France for PCM2013. I posted it in the Stages Discussion Forum too.
Last year, I started modifying the tracks posted by Nicolas Portal for PCM 2011. This is an almost-completely-renewed-version.
I hope it could be useful for your db.
Please let me know for comments, issues and suggestions.
Thank you!

I divided the stages into two files.



Hi !

Thanks a lot for this 2013 version, we were working on it, it will be helpful !
do you made the stages by your own ?

The db is still in progress for information, we are in the Jerseys part, 17 HD jerseys have been made for 76 teams, we are still working on it

When jerseys will be finished, we will start the 3D equipments

The database part is ready

we are also starting to work on stages
Edited by perot on 23-07-2013 16:26
I can try to make some jerseys if you like
Hi Perot!
I already made a version of the 1989 TDF last year, "cleaning" the zcts-files posted by Nicolas Portal for PCM 2011. This is explained in the PCM 2012 Discussion Forum too. Of course, I asked him if I might post the files.
I'm not a stagemaker, it was the first time I used the Stage Editor.
This year, I begun converting the 2012 stages, but then I changed completely some of them, according to the maps posted by NP two years ago.
Now, I've updated the 21th stage, so you're linked to the whole discussion in the Stage Forum now.
If you wanna improve some stage and you need the PCM2013 zcts-files, let me know,
Looking forward to this! My uncle gave me old VHS tapes that he recorded of the 1989 Paris-Roubaix and Tour de France, and that was my introduction to cycling. Gunna be great to finally play it!
This looks awsome.
Thanks for your comments !

I will contact you if I need help regarding jerseys ;-)

HCD team is looking for people who can handle stages and db matrix !
Please pm me if you're interested
Edited by perot on 31-07-2013 09:21
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Posted on 26-05-2018 01:21
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Hallo! I made an update for the 1989 TDF. Now, the version is 2.0
Here is the link where you can download the 2 files:


In this version, wind was fixed and some stages were improved (the stage n. 16 was totally renewed).

I didn't know you were working on the 1989 TDF, I hope you like this attempt.
In order to let you improve or use wherever you want these files, I uploaded the zcts files in the same post.
That's all now. Have a nice day!
Edited by marlak on 06-08-2013 00:44
in order to make one point about db progression :

- Jerseys HD : 23 /74
- Mini-jerseys : 23 /74
- Database is over, some adjsutment to do
- 3D : Headband as Delgado is done
- 3D : TT helmet is done

Work in progress :
- 3D : Old helmet
- 3D : Road frame
- 3D : TT frame as Lemond one
- 3D : Road and TT wheels

So, still a lot of work regarding the grafical part, but once jerseys done, we will be able to do the things faster !

Your proposal for jerseys is still okay ?
Edited by perot on 08-08-2013 15:55
1989 was a great year for cycling here in Portugal. The Volta a Portugal (Portuguese Tour) has 22 stages and 15 portuguese teams. If you want, I can help you with states or other stuff. Smile
All help is gladly welcome for sure!!! I have some data about the portuguese races
How is the proyect ? I Hope well I Would like to know if the caps will work in the game Grin
Still on progress !

I suppose yes they will, I only make TT helmet and headband for now
that remains of the project? can see pictures?
I can try to make some jerseys if you like

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How is the proyect=?
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