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Team Novo Nordisk - Achieving the Dream



Stage 3 – Giro d'Grafton – 60km




1m 54s is the advantage at the moment for Swain/7up Cycling, Bone/Aguardiente, Bialoblocki/Team UK Youth, Silva/Radio Popular and Kennaugh/NFTO



They have opened up a lead of 2m 7s



Swan just cannot keep up with the pace that is being set and is dropping back towards the peleton



A pack containing thirty riders and most of the GC contenders is now in the front being led by Team Optum riders



They enter the final ten kilometres of the race with 2m 10s advantage over everyone else



Fifth on GC Schumacher/Christina Watches has put in a massive attack



39s has he goes under the flame rouge



And he celebrates a great solo victory



1Stefan SchumacherChristina Watches - Onfone1h48'41
2Lucas EuserUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 54
3Byron GuamaAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
4Marc De MaarUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 2'24
5Joseph DombrowskiTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
6Ken HansonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
7Evan OliphantTeam Raleighs.t.
8Raffaele FerraraAero Zero Pro Teams.t.
9Ian BibbyMadison Genesiss.t.
10Michael CreedOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.

11Matthew HolmesTeam Raleighs.t.
12Jeremy PowersJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
13Philip DeignanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
14Rui SousaEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
15Rob BrittonTeam Raleigh+ 4'14
16Alex CandelarioOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
17SĂ©rgio SousaEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
18Martin PedersenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
19Christopher JonesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
20Jeff LouderUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
21Javier GonzalezAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
22Davide FrattiniUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
23Gavin MannionBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
24Giovanny BaezEPM - UNEs.t.
25Alex HagmanJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
26Jonathan BellisNFTOs.t.
27James Lowsley-WilliamsTeam UK Youths.t.
28Gabriel BoneAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
29Marsh CooperOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
30Daniel SilvaRádio Popular - Ondas.t.
31Marcin BialoblockiTeam UK Youth+ 5'55
32Timothy KennaughNFTOs.t.
33Kiel ReijnenTeam Novo Nordisk+ 8'38
34Daniel ReyesTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
35Joey RosskopfTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
36Ryan BaumanBear Development Team+ 10'15
37Diego TamayoAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
38Joseph KukollaOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
39Daniel LloydNFTOs.t.
40Mark ChristianTeam Raleighs.t.
41Alexandre BlainTeam Raleighs.t.
42Jimmi SørensenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
43Sebastian BalckChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
44Jaime CastañedaEPM - UNEs.t.
45Alex PetersMadison Genesis+ 12'00
46Philip MooneyJamis - Hagens Berman+ 18'31
47Taylor Bertrand-BarrettAirgas Safeway Cycling+ 18'57
48Chase PinkhamJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
49Redhouane ChabaneColombia Claros.t.
50Aaron TuckermanAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
51Rafael InfantinoColombia Claros.t.
52Peter CareyAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
53Filipe CardosoEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
54Roger HammondNFTOs.t.
55John MurphyUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
56Angelo FurlanChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
57Simon GaywoodNFTOs.t.
58Mathieu ChioccaAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
59Michael ShererOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
60Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
61Mitchell Lovelock-FayChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
62Cesar FonteEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
63Ivan CasasAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
64Jake HalesTeam IG - Sigma Sports.t.
65Carlos AlzateAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
66Matthew JonesTeam IG - Sigma Sports.t.
67Sean MazichJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
68Felix BaurAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
69Alexandre DarvilleBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
70Richard TanguyTeam UK Youths.t.
71Cheyne HoagOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
72Frank TraviesoBear Development Teams.t.
73Peter SalonBear Development Teams.t.
74Connor O'LearyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
75Marco CunhaEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
76Matt WinsteadAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
77Cody CampbellAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
78William MuñozColombia Claros.t.
79Camilo MoyanoColombia Claros.t.
80Abdelbasset HannachiColombia Claros.t.
81William DuganTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
82Joe EldridgeTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
83Soelito GohrColombia Claros.t.
84Alex BowdenTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
85Eric SchildgeJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
86Shem RodgerNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
87Andrew MagnierNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
88Michael NortheyNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
89Lee DavisNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
90Andrew TennantMadison Genesiss.t.
91Jorge CastiblancoEPM - UNEs.t.
92Liam HolohanMadison Genesiss.t.
93Gabe VarelaJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
94André TremblayBear Development Teams.t.


1Stefan SchumacherChristina Watches - Onfone4h25'29
2Lucas EuserUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 42
3Byron GuamaAguardiente-Antioqueno+ 1'06
4Ken HansonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 2'16
5Marc De MaarUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 2'44
6Ian BibbyMadison Genesiss.t.
7Raffaele FerraraAero Zero Pro Teams.t.
8Joseph DombrowskiTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
9Michael CreedOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
10Evan OliphantTeam Raleighs.t.

11Philip DeignanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
12Matthew HolmesTeam Raleighs.t.
13Rui SousaEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
14Jeremy PowersJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
15Jonathan BellisNFTO+ 4'22
16Martin PedersenChristina Watches - Onfone+ 4'34
17SĂ©rgio SousaEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
18Alex CandelarioOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
19Christopher JonesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
20Marsh CooperOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
21Gavin MannionBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
22Jeff LouderUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
23James Lowsley-WilliamsTeam UK Youths.t.
24Gabriel BoneAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
25Giovanny BaezEPM - UNEs.t.
26Javier GonzalezAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
27Davide FrattiniUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
28Rob BrittonTeam Raleighs.t.
29Alex HagmanJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
30Marcin BialoblockiTeam UK Youth+ 6'15
31Kiel ReijnenTeam Novo Nordisk+ 8'58
32Joey RosskopfTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
33Daniel ReyesTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
34Timothy KennaughNFTO+ 9'20
35Alexandre BlainTeam Raleigh+ 10'27
36Jimmi SørensenChristina Watches - Onfone+ 10'35
37Joseph KukollaOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
38Daniel LloydNFTOs.t.
39Sebastian BalckChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
40Jaime CastañedaEPM - UNEs.t.
41Mark ChristianTeam Raleighs.t.
42Ryan BaumanBear Development Teams.t.
43Diego TamayoAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
44Alex PetersMadison Genesis+ 12'20
45Daniel SilvaRádio Popular - Onda+ 13'05
46Philip MooneyJamis - Hagens Berman+ 18'51
47Chase PinkhamJamis - Hagens Berman+ 19'17
48Rafael InfantinoColombia Claros.t.
49Michael ShererOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
50John MurphyUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
51Redhouane ChabaneColombia Claros.t.
52Cesar FonteEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
53Cheyne HoagOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
54Angelo FurlanChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
55Mitchell Lovelock-FayChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
56Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
57Roger HammondNFTOs.t.
58Connor O'LearyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
59Andrew TennantMadison Genesiss.t.
60William DuganTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
61Joe EldridgeTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
62Andrew MagnierNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 21'13
63Richard TanguyTeam UK Youth+ 21'46
64Marco CunhaEfapel - Glassdrive+ 22'22
65Eric SchildgeJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
66Jorge CastiblancoEPM - UNEs.t.
67Gabe VarelaJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
68Ivan CasasAguardiente-Antioqueno+ 24'32
69Alex BowdenTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
70Taylor Bertrand-BarrettAirgas Safeway Cycling+ 25'06
71Aaron TuckermanAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
72Peter CareyAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
73Sean MazichJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
74Shem RodgerNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
75Lee DavisNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
76Liam HolohanMadison Genesis+ 26'20
77Felix BaurAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 26'32
78Michael NortheyNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
79André TremblayBear Development Teams.t.
80Mathieu ChioccaAtlas Personal - Jakroo+ 27'48
81Filipe CardosoEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
82Jake HalesTeam IG - Sigma Sports.t.
83Frank TraviesoBear Development Teams.t.
84Carlos AlzateAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
85Matthew JonesTeam IG - Sigma Sports.t.
86Peter SalonBear Development Teams.t.
87Alexandre DarvilleBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
88Camilo MoyanoColombia Claros.t.
89Abdelbasset HannachiColombia Claros.t.
90Cody CampbellAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
91Simon GaywoodNFTOs.t.
92Matt WinsteadAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
93William MuñozColombia Claros.t.
94Soelito GohrColombia Claros.t.


Ken Hanson - Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies


Joseph Dombrowski - Team Novo Nordisk


UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team


Well i suppose we are all riding for Joseph Dombrowski now then

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I hope to see more from 7 Up! Smile
Great stage from Joseph & Nice win by my old friend Schumacher from Christina's

If you're interested in weird music:
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Good stage for Joseph, he might finish in top 10 if not top 5 Smile

Ripley - You never know Wink

Tamijo - I thought you might like the Schumacher win Smile

DiCyc - A top five would be nice but there is only one stage to go Wink



Stage 4 – Waukesha Carl Zach Cycling Classic – 57.8km




Dombrowski/Team Novo Nordisk has gone out on the attack with the hope of climbing up the General Classification



Unfortunately for him the peleton don't want to play ball and soon have him caught



Riders at the back are struggling to stay in touch because of the pace being set at the front



Race Leader Schumacher/Christina Watches is at the front staying out of trouble as yet another attack goes off the front



The rider in question was Davis/Node4 Giordana and he has managed to get his lead to the minute mark



A touch of wheels near the front of the race sees a lot of riders hit the tarmac and many following are unable to avoid it but more importantly the Yellow Jersey of Schumacher is one of those who is involved


Oblivious to what is happening behind Team Novo Nordisk have already formed there train in readiness for the finish



Davis can only watch as the shortened train rides past him and into the final kilometre



And it turns out great for the team as they deliver Reyes to his first ever win as a Professional



1Daniel ReyesTeam Novo Nordisk1h14'35
2Kiel ReijnenTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
3Joey RosskopfTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
4Joe EldridgeTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
5Lee DavisNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
6Jaime CastañedaEPM - UNE+ 1'05
7Ken HansonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
8Alex CandelarioOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
9Simon GaywoodNFTOs.t.
10SĂ©rgio SousaEfapel - Glassdrives.t.

11Filipe CardosoEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
12John MurphyUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
13Martin PedersenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
14Michael NortheyNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
15André TremblayBear Development Teams.t.
16Roger HammondNFTOs.t.
17Byron GuamaAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
18Lucas EuserUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
19Daniel LloydNFTOs.t.
20Alexandre BlainTeam Raleighs.t.
21Ryan BaumanBear Development Teams.t.
22Matthew HolmesTeam Raleighs.t.
23Angelo FurlanChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
24Jimmi SørensenChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
25Cheyne HoagOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
26Jorge CastiblancoEPM - UNEs.t.
27Marcin BialoblockiTeam UK Youths.t.
28Michael CreedOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
29Michael ShererOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
30Raffaele FerraraAero Zero Pro Teams.t.
31Richard TanguyTeam UK Youths.t.
32Gabriel BoneAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
33Cesar FonteEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
34Rui SousaEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
35Connor O'LearyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
36Shem RodgerNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
37Redhouane ChabaneColombia Claros.t.
38Ivan CasasAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
39Philip DeignanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
40Giovanny BaezEPM - UNEs.t.
41James Lowsley-WilliamsTeam UK Youths.t.
42Javier GonzalezAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
43Camilo MoyanoColombia Claros.t.
44Carlos AlzateAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
45Rafael InfantinoColombia Claros.t.
46Diego TamayoAguardiente-Antioquenos.t.
47Alexandre DarvilleBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
48Jeff LouderUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
49Liam HolohanMadison Genesiss.t.
50Alex BowdenTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
51Daniel SilvaRádio Popular - Ondas.t.
52Ian BibbyMadison Genesiss.t.
53Alex HagmanJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
54Sebastian BalckChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
55Jonathan BellisNFTOs.t.
56Evan OliphantTeam Raleighs.t.
57Peter SalonBear Development Teams.t.
58Andrew TennantMadison Genesiss.t.
59Stefan SchumacherChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
60William DuganTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
61Rob BrittonTeam Raleighs.t.
62Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
63Timothy KennaughNFTOs.t.
64Marc De MaarUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
65Alex PetersMadison Genesiss.t.
66Davide FrattiniUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
67Frank TraviesoBear Development Teams.t.
68Aaron TuckermanAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
69Abdelbasset HannachiColombia Claros.t.
70Marsh CooperOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
71Mitchell Lovelock-FayChristina Watches - Onfones.t.
72Mathieu ChioccaAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
73Christopher JonesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
74Chase PinkhamJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
75Jake HalesTeam IG - Sigma Sports.t.
76Marco CunhaEfapel - Glassdrives.t.
77Philip MooneyJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
78Matthew JonesTeam IG - Sigma Sports.t.
79Eric SchildgeJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
80Matt WinsteadAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
81Gabe VarelaJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
82William MuñozColombia Claros.t.
83Joseph KukollaOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
84Sean MazichJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
85Jeremy PowersJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
86Soelito GohrColombia Claros.t.
87Cody CampbellAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
88Felix BaurAtlas Personal - Jakroos.t.
89Joseph DombrowskiTeam Novo Nordisk+ 4'11
90Peter CareyAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
91Andrew MagnierNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 4'40


1Stefan SchumacherChristina Watches - Onfone5h41'09
2Lucas EuserUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 42
3Byron GuamaAguardiente-Antioqueno+ 1'06
4Ken HansonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 2'16
5Raffaele FerraraAero Zero Pro Team+ 2'44
6Michael CreedOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
7Matthew HolmesTeam Raleighs.t.
8Ian BibbyMadison Genesiss.t.
9Philip DeignanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
10Marc De MaarUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.

[table=100%][11 Rui Sousa Efapel - Glassdrive s.t.
12 Evan Oliphant Team Raleigh s.t.
13 Jeremy Powers Jelly Belly p/b Kenda s.t.
14 Jonathan Bellis NFTO + 4'22
15 Alex Candelario Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies + 4'34
16 SĂ©rgio Sousa Efapel - Glassdrive s.t.
17 Martin Pedersen Christina Watches - Onfone s.t.
18 Gabriel Bone Aguardiente-Antioqueno s.t.
19 James Lowsley-Williams Team UK Youth s.t.
20 Giovanny Baez EPM - UNE s.t.
21 Javier Gonzalez Aguardiente-Antioqueno s.t.
22 Jeff Louder UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team s.t.
23 Christopher Jones UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team s.t.
24 Marsh Cooper Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies s.t.
25 Alex Hagman Jelly Belly p/b Kenda s.t.
26 Rob Britton Team Raleigh s.t.
27 Davide Frattini UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team s.t.
28 Joseph Dombrowski Team Novo Nordisk + 5'50
29 Marcin Bialoblocki Team UK Youth + 6'15
30 Daniel Reyes Team Novo Nordisk + 7'33
31 Kiel Reijnen Team Novo Nordisk + 7'41
32 Joey Rosskopf Team Novo Nordisk + 7'45
33 Timothy Kennaugh NFTO + 9'20
34 Alexandre Blain Team Raleigh + 10'27
35 Daniel Lloyd NFTO + 10'35
36 Jimmi Sørensen Christina Watches - Onfone s.t.
37 Jaime Castañeda EPM - UNE s.t.
38 Ryan Bauman Bear Development Team s.t.
39 Sebastian Balck Christina Watches - Onfone s.t.
40 Joseph Kukolla Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies s.t.
41 Diego Tamayo Aguardiente-Antioqueno s.t.
42 Alex Peters Madison Genesis + 12'20
43 Daniel Silva Rádio Popular - Onda + 13'05
44 Joe Eldridge Team Novo Nordisk + 18'12
45 Philip Mooney Jamis - Hagens Berman + 18'51
46 John Murphy UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team + 19'17
47 Michael Sherer Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies s.t.
48 Roger Hammond NFTO s.t.
49 Rafael Infantino Colombia Claro s.t.
50 Angelo Furlan Christina Watches - Onfone s.t.
51 Cheyne Hoag Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies s.t.
52 Cesar Fonte Efapel - Glassdrive s.t.
53 Redhouane Chabane Colombia Claro s.t.
54 Chase Pinkham Jamis - Hagens Berman s.t.
55 Connor O'Leary Bontrager Cycling Team s.t.
56 Eric Young Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies s.t.
57 Mitchell Lovelock-Fay Christina Watches - Onfone s.t.
58 Andrew Tennant Madison Genesis s.t.
59 William Dugan Team Novo Nordisk s.t.
60 Richard Tanguy Team UK Youth + 21'46
61 Jorge Castiblanco EPM - UNE + 22'22
62 Marco Cunha Efapel - Glassdrive s.t.
63 Eric Schildge Jamis - Hagens Berman s.t.
64 Gabe Varela Jamis - Hagens Berman s.t.
65 Lee Davis Node 4 - Giordana Racing + 24'01
66 Ivan Casas Aguardiente-Antioqueno + 24'32
67 Alex Bowden Team Novo Nordisk s.t.
68 Andrew Magnier Node 4 - Giordana Racing + 24'48
69 Aaron Tuckerman Airgas Safeway Cycling + 25'06
70 Shem Rodger Node 4 - Giordana Racing s.t.
71 Sean Mazich Jelly Belly p/b Kenda s.t.
72 Liam Holohan Madison Genesis + 26'20
73 Michael Northey Node 4 - Giordana Racing + 26'32
74 André Tremblay Bear Development Team s.t.
75 Felix Baur Atlas Personal - Jakroo s.t.
76 Filipe Cardoso Efapel - Glassdrive + 27'48
77 Simon Gaywood NFTO s.t.
78 Carlos Alzate Aguardiente-Antioqueno s.t.
79 Mathieu Chiocca Atlas Personal - Jakroo s.t.
80 Alexandre Darville Bontrager Cycling Team s.t.
81 Peter Salon Bear Development Team s.t.
82 Camilo Moyano Colombia Claro s.t.
83 Frank Travieso Bear Development Team s.t.
84 Jake Hales Team IG - Sigma Sport s.t.
85 Matthew Jones Team IG - Sigma Sport s.t.
86 Abdelbasset Hannachi Colombia Claro s.t.
87 Cody Campbell Airgas Safeway Cycling s.t.
88 Matt Winstead Airgas Safeway Cycling s.t.
89 William Muñoz Colombia Claro s.t.
90 Soelito Gohr Colombia Claro s.t.
91 Peter Carey Airgas Safeway Cycling + 28'12/table]


Ken Hanson - Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies


Matthew Holmes - Team Raleigh


UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team


Well that was a great last stage by the boys today and congratulations to Daniel Reyes for his first professional win
A perfect day !

If you're interested in weird music:
Tamijo - The first four over the line was a brilliant day for us but we would have preferred the Overall win. Still a win is a win though Wink
Can and will always hope for more, but as You say a win is a win.

If you're interested in weird music:
Tamijo - Too right Wink



Eindhoven – 48.6km



Caleb Fairly
Gary Sutton
Julien El Fares
Alexander Efimkin
Ben Swift
Peter Stetina
Tejay Van Garderen
Tyler Farrar

Edited by sutty68 on 10-01-2017 15:59


Eindhoven – 48.6km



1st place - Radioshack Leopard


2nd place - Omega Pharma - Quickstep


3rd place - Sky Procycling


1Nelson OliveiraRadioShack - Leopard1h07'34
2Ben KingRadioShack - Leopards.t.
3Jesse SergentRadioShack - Leopards.t.
4Jens VoigtRadioShack - Leopards.t.
5Yaroslav PopovychRadioShack - Leopards.t.
6Ben HermansRadioShack - Leopards.t.
7Jan BakelantsRadioShack - Leopard+ 16
8Julien VermoteOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 27
9Peter VelitsOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Teams.t.
10Bert GrabschOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Teams.t.
11Gianni MeersmanOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Teams.t.
12Guillaume Van KeirsbulckOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Teams.t.
13Danny PateSky Procycling+ 39
14Joshua EdmonsonSky Procyclings.t.
15Christian KneesSky Procyclings.t.
16Ian StannardSky Procyclings.t.
17Vasil KiryienkaSky Procyclings.t.
18Peter KennaughSky Procycling+ 43
19Joost Van LeijenLotto Belisol+ 46
20Bart De ClercqLotto Belisols.t.
21JĂĽrgen Van de WalleLotto Belisols.t.
22Gaetan BilleLotto Belisols.t.
23Marcel SiebergLotto Belisols.t.
24Adam HansenLotto Belisol+ 47
25Jérôme PineauOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Teams.t.
26Wilco KeldermanBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
27Steven KruijswijkBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
28Jos Van EmdenBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
29Rick FlensBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
30Bram TankinkBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
31Xabier ZandioSky Procyclings.t.
32Iljo KeisseOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 50
33Tom LeezerBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
34Robert WagnerBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 53
35Kenny DehaesLotto Belisol+ 56
36Tom DumoulinGiant Shimano+ 1'07
37Thomas PetersonGiant Shimanos.t.
38William ClarkeGiant Shimanos.t.
39Albert TimmerGiant Shimanos.t.
40Nikias ArndtGiant Shimanos.t.
41Bert De BackerGiant Shimano+ 1'08
42Grega BoleVacansoleil - DCM Pro Cycling Team+ 1'10
43Marco MarcatoVacansoleil - DCM Pro Cycling Teams.t.
44Wesley KrederVacansoleil - DCM Pro Cycling Teams.t.
45José RujanoVacansoleil - DCM Pro Cycling Teams.t.
46Lieuwe WestraVacansoleil - DCM Pro Cycling Teams.t.
47Thomas DamuseauGiant Shimanos.t.
48Huub DuynCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
49Christoph PfingstenCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
50Bas StamsnijderCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
51Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
52Dylan GroenewegenCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
53Evan HuffmanAstana Pro Team+ 1'12
54Andriy GrivkoAstana Pro Teams.t.
55Alessandro VanottiAstana Pro Teams.t.
56Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Teams.t.
57Valerio AgnoliAstana Pro Teams.t.
58Romain ZingleCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
59Rudy MolardCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
60Egoitz GarcíaCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
61Jan GhyselinckCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
62Adrien PetitCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
63Wouter MolVacansoleil - DCM Pro Cycling Teams.t.
64Takashi MiyazawaTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
65Evgeni PetrovTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
66Michael MørkøvTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
67Mads ChristensenTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
68Manuele BoaroTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
69Rick OttemaCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
70Andrey ZeitsAstana Pro Teams.t.
71Tristan ValentinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1'14
72Mats BoeveCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
73Stéphane PoulhièsCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
74Jonas Aaen JørgensenTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1'16
75Pim LigthartVacansoleil - DCM Pro Cycling Teams.t.
76Christopher SuttonSky Procyclings.t.
77Nathan HaasGarmin - Sharps.t.
78Jakob RatheGarmin - Sharps.t.
79Thomas DekkerGarmin - Sharps.t.
80Lachlan MortonGarmin - Sharps.t.
81Martijn MaaskantGarmin - Sharps.t.
82Tom Van AsbroeckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1'18
83Jasper De BuystTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
84Kenny De KeteleTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
85Tim DeclercqTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
86Stijn NeirynckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
87BenjamĂ­n NovalTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
88Julien FouchardCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1'21
89Ramon SinkeldamGiant Shimanos.t.
90Jonathan CantwellTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1'22
91Kenny Van HummelVacansoleil - DCM Pro Cycling Teams.t.
92David TannerBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 1'25
93Bob SchoonbroodtCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
94Kenneth VanbilsenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1'27
95Andrew FennOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Teams.t.
96Glenn O'SheaAn Post - Chainreaction+ 1'37
97Nico EeckhoutAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
98Shane ArchboldAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
99Aaron GateAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
100Pieter GhyllebertAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
101Steven Van VoorenAn Post - Chainreaction+ 1'39
102Kieran FrendAn Post - Chainreaction+ 1'41
103Mark McNallyAn Post - Chainreaction+ 1'43
104Caleb FairlyTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
105Gary SuttonTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
106Julien El FaresTeam Novo Nordisk[/b]s.t.
107Alexander EfimkinTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
108Ben SwiftTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
109Peter StetinaTeam Novo Nordisk+ 1'45
110Brian BulgacLotto Belisol+ 1'47
111Tejay Van GarderenTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
112Michael Van StaeyenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
113Ruslan TleubayevAstana Pro Team+ 1'50
114Tyler FarrarTeam Novo Nordisks.t.
115Davy CommeyneAccent Jobs - Wanty+ 1'59
116Benjamin VerraesAccent Jobs - Wantys.t.
117Stefan Van DijkAccent Jobs - Wantys.t.
118Nicolas VogondyAccent Jobs - Wantys.t.
119Roy JansAccent Jobs - Wantys.t.
120Staf ScheirlinckxAccent Jobs - Wantys.t.
121Baptiste PlanckaertCrelan - Euphonys.t.
122Koen BarbéCrelan - Euphonys.t.
123Frédéric AmorisonCrelan - Euphonys.t.
124Maxime VantommeCrelan - Euphonys.t.
125Joeri StallaertCrelan - Euphonys.t.
126Reinier HonigCrelan - Euphony+ 2'00
127Jarl SalomeinTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 2'01
128Grégory HabeauxAccent Jobs - Wantys.t.
129Joeri BuekenCrelan - Euphonys.t.
130Emiel DolfsmaRabobank Development Team+ 2'03
131Nick Van der LijkeRabobank Development Teams.t.
132Marco MinnaardRabobank Development Teams.t.
133Ivar SlikRabobank Development Teams.t.
134Lars Van der HaarRabobank Development Teams.t.
135Frank DresslerTeam Differdange - Losch+ 2'05
136Gediminas KaupasTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
137Sascha WeberTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
138Johan CoenenTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
139Sjef De WildeTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
140Myron SimpsonTeam Differdange - Losch+ 2'06
141Martijn TusveldRabobank Development Teams.t.
142Etienne van EmpelRabobank Development Team+ 2'08
143Paavo PaajanenTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
144CĂ©sar BihelTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
145Merijn KorevaarRabobank Development Team+ 2'11
146Kevin PeetersCrelan - Euphony+ 2'18
147JerĂ´me GilbertAccent Jobs - Wanty+ 2'20
148Sjors RoosenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 2'23
149Daan MeijersCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
150Jasper HamelinkCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
151Bram De KortCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
152Jochem HoekstraCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
153Geert Van der WeijstCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 2'25
154Koen BouwmanCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
155Evert VandrommeVentilair - Steria Cycling Team+ 2'30
156Joaquim DurantVentilair - Steria Cycling Teams.t.
157Francesco Van CoppernolleVentilair - Steria Cycling Teams.t.
158Tim VanspeybroeckVentilair - Steria Cycling Teams.t.
159Joeri CalleeuwVentilair - Steria Cycling Teams.t.
160Jeff LuytenVentilair - Steria Cycling Team+ 2'32
161Stijn DevolderRadioShack - Leopards.t.
162Michaël CoolsVentilair - Steria Cycling Teams.t.
163Mike TerpstraTeam 3M+ 2'41
164Lewis RigauxTeam 3Ms.t.
165Michael VingerlingTeam 3Ms.t.
166Frederik VerkinderenTeam 3Ms.t.
167Joren SegersTeam 3Ms.t.
168Wouter WippertTeam 3M+ 2'42
169Tom GoovaertsTeam 3M+ 2'43
170Sean De BieLeopard - Trek Continental Teams.t.
171JesĂşs EzquerraLeopard - Trek Continental Teams.t.
172Kristian HaugaardLeopard - Trek Continental Teams.t.
173Fabio SilvestreLeopard - Trek Continental Teams.t.
174Eugenio AlafaciLeopard - Trek Continental Teams.t.
175Timothy DupontVentilair - Steria Cycling Team+ 2'45
176Sven Van LuijkCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
177Daniel KlemmeLeopard - Trek Continental Teams.t.
178Maxwell DurtschiLeopard - Trek Continental Team+ 2'46
179Peter-Jan PollingMetec-TKH Continrntal Cycling Team+ 2'48
180Thomas RabouMetec-TKH Continrntal Cycling Teams.t.
181Job VissersMetec-TKH Continrntal Cycling Teams.t.
182Niek Van GeffenMetec-TKH Continrntal Cycling Teams.t.
183Nico HesslichMetec-TKH Continrntal Cycling Teams.t.
184Joaquim GregĂłrioMetec-TKH Continrntal Cycling Teams.t.
185Piero BaffiLeopard - Trek Continental Teams.t.
186Maxime AnciauxWallonie - Bruxelles+ 2'58
187Fabio PolazziWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
188Jonathan DewitteWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
189Tom DerniesWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
190Laurent EvrardWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
191Julien StassenWallonie - Bruxelles+ 2'59
192Joop De GansTeam 3M+ 3'51
193Amaël MoinardBMC Racing Team+ 4'27
194Manuel QuinziatoBMC Racing Teams.t.
195Stephen CummingsBMC Racing Teams.t.
196Larry WarbasseBMC Racing Teams.t.

15th place - Team Novo Nordisk



Have to say i am not that happy today, i expected a much better showing from the guys
I feel your pain, TTT is %&%%&///#¤#

Decided myself that i will have to sim those, otherwise im sure my team wont survive in the world tour.

If you're interested in weird music:
Tamijo - I think I may follow your decision and sim these as well because I totally suck at these
Ya, So annoying to spoil a good stage race with a horrible TTT

If you're interested in weird music:




Adam Blythe


Tejay Van Garderen
Peter Stetina
Joseph Dombrowski
Caleb Fairly


Javier Megias


Alessandro Bazzana


Julien El Fares


Aldo Ino Ilesic

Edited by sutty68 on 16-01-2017 17:17
TTTs are a game within the game, in PCM 2009 I had the patience to be quite successful with them in 3D mode, they need a lot of micromanagement and good knowledge just how hard to push with each rider, recording everything with pen and paper... but I've given up on them as well, PCM devours enough time as it is and the simulated results seem fair.
Ripley - Me and patience don't go together well so I may have to just stick with simulating
Edited by sutty68 on 14-01-2017 19:21




Monmouthshire - 38km



1 - Chris Froome - Sky Procycling - 51'29


2 - Bradley Wiggins - Sky Procycling + 28


3 - Alex Dowsett - Movistar Team + 1'14


4Wouter SybrandyTeam IG - Sigma Sport+ 2'20
5Tom SouthamMG Maxifuel+ 2'44
6Mark CavendishOmega Pharma - Quick·Step Cycling Team+ 2'45
7Michael CumingRapha Condor - JLT+ 2'52
8Thomas FaiersTeam UK Wales+ 3'00
9Graham BriggsTeam Raleigh+ 3'06
10Erick RowsellTeam NetApp - Endura+ 3'08

11Daniel FleemanNFTO+ 3'09
12Matthew RoweTeam UK Wales+ 3'10
13Peter WilliamsTeam IG - Sigma Sport+ 3'15
14Simon RichardsonNFTO+ 3'17
15Robert PartridgeTeam UK Wales+ 3'18
16James SampsonMG Maxifuel+ 3'20
17Tomas Swift MetcalfeCarmim - Tavira+ 3'22
18Yanto BarkerTeam UK Waless.t.
19Dean DowningMadison Genesis+ 3'29
20Dale ApplebyTeam UK Wales+ 3'31
21Richard HandleyRapha Condor - JLT+ 3'35
22Jonathan Tiernan-LockeSky Procycling+ 3'37
23Hamish Robert HaynesEddie Stobart Pro Cycling+ 3'39
24Jonathon MozleyTeam UK Wales+ 3'45
25Steven LampierNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
26Luke RoweSky Procycling+ 3'47
27Rhys LloydTeam UK Wales+ 3'54
28Kit GilhamNFTO+ 3'55
29Matt GreenMetaltek-Knights of Old+ 3'56
30Gruff LewisTeam UK Waless.t.
31Thomas MurrayBianchi Lotto Arbitrage+ 3'57
32Will StephensonRapha Condor - JLT+ 3'58
33Oliver RossiEddie Stobart Pro Cycling+ 4'02
34Matt CronshawTeam IG - Sigma Sport+ 4'04
35Elliott PorterRapha Condor - JLTs.t.
36James SpraggTeam Hope Factory Racins.t.
37James MillardMetaltek-Knights of Old+ 4'10
38Matthew GeeMetaltek-Knights of Old+ 4'11
39Jack PullarMadison Genesis+ 4'14
40Scott ThwaitesTeam NetApp - Endura+ 4'16
41Ian WilkinsonTeam UK Youth+ 4'17
42Marc PerryMetaltek-Knights of Old+ 4'19
43Christopher WhorrallTeam IG - Sigma Sport+ 4'24
44Ross EdgarTeam IG - Sigma Sports.t.
45James McCallumRapha Condor - JLT+ 4'26
46Daniel DuguidTeam Hope Factory Racin+ 4'27
47Russell DowningTeam NetApp - Endura+ 4'28
48Tom LastNFTO+ 4'30
49Jonathon McEvoyTeam NetApp - Endura+ 4'31
50James MossTeam IG - Sigma Sports.t.
51George AtkinsEddie Stobart Pro Cycling+ 4'32
52Brennan TownshendMadison Genesis+ 4'37
53Sebastian BatchelorTeam Hope Factory Racins.t.
54Sebastian BaylisMadison Genesis+ 4'40
55Greg MansellTeam UK Youths.t.
56David McGowanMG Maxifuel+ 4'43
57Richard HepworthNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
58Andrew GriffithsTeam IG - Sigma Sport+ 4'45
59Edward LaverackRapha Condor - JLT+ 4'48
60Matthew HigginsEddie Stobart Pro Cycling+ 4'50
61Adam BlytheTeam Novo Nordisk+ 4'51
62Simon HoltTeam Differdange - Losch+ 4'54
63William BjergfeltMetaltek-Knights of Old+ 4'58
64Thomas MosesTeam Raleigh+ 5'01
65Alexander KingDowner EDI Mining Cycling Team+ 5'07
66Chris SnookMadison Genesiss.t.
67Joshua HuntTeam UK Youth+ 5'11
68Joseph PerrettTeam IG - Sigma Sport+ 5'22
69Christian VarleyNode 4 - Giordana Racings.t.
70Nathan EdmondsonNode 4 - Giordana Racing+ 5'32
71Ross CreberNFTO+ 5'50




Chattanooga – 35.6km



1 - Tom Zirbel - Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies - 50'41


2 - Christian Vande Velde - Garmin - Sharp + 4


3 - Tejay Van Garderen - Team Novo Nordisk + 10


4Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopard+ 11
5Evan HuffmanAstana Pro Team+ 15
6Danny PateSky Procycling+ 26
7Ben Jacques-MaynesJamis - Hagens Berman+ 32
8Andrew TalanskyGarmin - Sharp+ 37
9Nathan BrownBontrager Cycling Team+ 41
10Thomas PetersonGiant Shimano+ 54

11Alex HowesGarmin - Sharp+ 56
12Matthew BuscheRadioShack - Leopards.t.
13Ben KingRadioShack - Leopard+ 1'00
14Peter StetinaTeam Novo Nordisk+ 1'03
15Joseph DombrowskiTeam Novo Nordisk+ 1'08
16Larry WarbasseBMC Racing Team+ 1'11
17Connor O'LearyBontrager Cycling Teams.t.
18Tom DanielsonGarmin - Sharp+ 1'12
19Michael CreedOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 1'13
20Ian BoswellSky Procycling+ 1'16
21Scott ZwizanskiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 1'17
22Philip MooneyJamis - Hagens Bermans.t.
23Chad BeyerChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 1'18
24Jason DonaldManzana Postobon Cycling Team+ 1'21
25Jakob RatheGarmin - Sharps.t.
26Christopher JonesUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 1'23
27Jeff LouderUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 1'30
28Lucas EuserUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 1'32
29Ryan BaumanBear Development Teams.t.
30Frank TraviesoBear Development Team+ 1'34
31Oscar ClarkHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 1'36
32John MurphyUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 1'41
33Charles Bradley HuffJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 1'44
34Joseph KukollaOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 1'45
35Timothy DugganTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1'46
36Ken HansonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 1'49
37Julian KyerBissell Cycling+ 1'50
38Chase PinkhamJamis - Hagens Berman+ 1'51
39Robert Sweeting5-Hour Energy+ 1'52
40Cheyne HoagOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
41James Stemper5-Hour Energy+ 1'58
42Nathan WilsonBontrager Cycling Team+ 1'59
43Gabe VarelaJamis - Hagens Berman+ 2'01
44Jeremy PowersJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 2'02
45Bobby LeaCompetitive Cyclists.t.
46Sean MazichJelly Belly p/b Kendas.t.
47Alex HagmanJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 2'05
48Thomas SoladayOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 2'09
49Jason McCartneyBissell Cyclings.t.
50David Williams5-Hour Energy+ 2'10
51Bjorn SelanderOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 2'11
52Taylor TollesonChipotle - First Solar+ 2'13
53Scott Stewart7-Up Cycling Teams.t.
54Adrian HegyvariUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 2'14
55Peter CareyAirgas Safeway Cycling+ 2'18
56Eric SchildgeJamis - Hagens Berman+ 2'20
57Aaron TuckermanAirgas Safeway Cycling+ 2'21
58Alexandre DarvilleBontrager Cycling Team+ 2'23
59Cameron CogburnChipotle - First Solar+ 2'26
60Joshua BerryLa Pomme Marseille+ 2'28
61Emerson OronteJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 2'29
62Wade WolfenbargerBear Development Teams.t.
63Tyler WrenJamis - Hagens Berman+ 2'30
64Jackson Stewart7-Up Cycling Teams.t.
65Phillip MannManzana Postobon Cycling Teams.t.
66Matt WinsteadAirgas Safeway Cyclings.t.
67Ryan EastmanBontrager Cycling Team+ 2'31
68Christopher ButlerChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 2'32
69Tanner PuttBontrager Cycling Team+ 2'35
70Benjamin WolfeJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 2'39
71Kyle WamsleyJamis - Hagens Berman+ 2'40
72Peter SalonBear Development Team+ 2'41
73Caleb FairlyTeam Novo Nordisk+ 2'45
74Taylor Shelden5-Hour Energys.t.
75Matt LipscombHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 2'49
76Craig LewisChampion System Pro Cycling Team+ 2'50
77Shawn Milne5-Hour Energys.t.
78Michael StoopCompetitive Cyclist+ 2'51
79Andrew DahlheimBissell Cyclings.t.
80James DriscollJamis - Hagens Berman+ 2'52
81Ian BurnettJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 2'53
82Logan LoaderCompetitive Cyclist+ 2'54
83Andy BakerHincapie Sportswear Development Team+ 2'55
84Phillip GaimonBissell Cycling+ 2'57
85Paul MachCompetitive Cyclist+ 3'01
86Sam JohnsonCompetitive Cyclist+ 3'03
87Robert Lea7-Up Cycling Team+ 3'08
88Tim Swain7-Up Cycling Team+ 3'11
89Pat LemieuxChipotle - First Solar+ 3'13
90Tyler Stanfield7-Up Cycling Team+ 3'16
91Max Jenkins5-Hour Energy+ 3'19
92Alder MartzHincapie Sportswear Development Teams.t.
93Gregory DanielBontrager Cycling Team+ 3'20
94Jonathan Patrick McCartyBissell Cycling+ 3'21
95Robert BushLa Pomme Marseille+ 3'30
96Morgan SchmittJelly Belly p/b Kenda+ 3'51
97Daniel HollowayCompetitive Cyclist+ 3'52
98Cole HouseBear Development Team+ 4'03
99Tim Reinhart7-Up Cycling Team+ 4'10
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